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Less than a Quarter of Brazilians Have Internet Access

Brazilian Internet Café, know as Lan House in Brazil According to Ibope/NetRatings statistics for the year 2008 published in the business daily Valor, Brazil has 43 million Internet users. Brazil is expected to end 2009 with some 50 million people having Internet access, the equivalent of close to 26% of the population.

The number of cybernauts could be even greater since the statistics included only people over 16 with Web access from home, workplaces, schools, libraries and Internet cafes, the newspaper said.

"The last two years were periods of very strong growth for the Internet, a phase that won't be repeated in 2009, but the country will undoubtedly keep up a good rhythm of increased access," the coordinator of the technology research center of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation, Fernando Meirelles, told Valor.

The growth in the number of Brazilian cybernauts comes chiefly from the poorest sectors that previously had no access to the technology, as well as by the increase in points of access in the home.

Up to last November, the number of people living in places where there was a computer with Internet access increased to 38.2 million, a 73% growth over the last two years, according to Ibope figures.

Of the cybernauts, 59% say they have Web access in their homes, compared with 21% at work, 15% in Internet cafes and similar establishments and 4% at school.

With regard to frequency of access, 44% said they visit the Web several times a day, 20% once or twice a week, 19% at least once a day, 12% three to five times a week and 5% a few times a week.



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  • falupa

    Internet access
    Internet is such an important aspect to developing countries. This is why it is so important to expand internet access in Brazil, especially if Brazil wants to be an economic power in the future. I know that Microsoft was trying to pull in aid especially to younger internet users learning how to use the internet.

  • ch.c.

    John Miller !
    Wrong !
    They did not say 59 % of HOMES but 59 % of people !
    ” Brazil has 43 million Internet USERS. Brazil is expected to end 2009 with some 50 million PEOPLE having Internet access, the equivalent of close to 26% of the POPULATION.”
    Also “Of the CYBERNAUTS (NOT HOMES AS YOU SUGGEST), 59% say they have Web access in their homes, compared with 21% at work, 15% in Internet cafes and similar establishments and 4% at school.”

    Your maths can then not be correct.

    As to having Internet access, most have it either from Internet CafÀƒ©s and/or office, not from homes !

    And as to the size of Brazil, I just remind you that 70 % or so of the population reside within 100 miles from the coast.

    And your “Is there room for improvement? Yep”

    I agree, in view of the sad stats !
    Brazilian Internet Stats are not any better than some African countries.

    Somewhat funny that an old timer like John Miller working in telco in Latam and residing there for 13 years cant read properly
    the officials stats.
    I can only suppose that a long stay there, and brains become sleepy and lazy.
    Unless that brain was not much developed and found no job in his own country.

    😀 😉 😉

    May be John should have used the following maths….IN VIEW THAT ” Brazil is expected to end 2009 with some 50 million PEOPLE having Internet access, the equivalent of close to 26% of the population.”…..MULTIPLIED BY 4,2 residents per HOME,

    Sorry…sorry John ! I used your own maths !

  • John Miller

    Another way of looking at this
    Another was of looking at this 59% saying they have Web access in their homes, is that an avg home has 4.2 occupants.
    So this would yield about 90Million people having access to internet. That seems more like my own humble experience as an internet user in Brasil.
    I for one see no shortage of internet (wifi, cable, DSL, other) in Brasil, but like any large country, remote regions are always dis-advantaged in this regard, this has nothing to do with Brasil, it is just a statement of fact that remote users all over the world have a tougher time getting onto fiber or wireless connections.
    Is there room for improvement? Yep. And with ANATEL’s oversite, this is being addressed, not as fast as everyone would like, but it is being done. 3G rollouts in Brasil have almost all been completed to comliment the continuing expansion of fiber and DSL. In 2009, Wimax licenses will also increase competition and coverage in Brasil and provide a 4th alternative internet connection service.
    But hey, what would I know, I just work in the telco industry in Latin Ameriuca and live here for the past 13 years.
    There are obviously far more knowledge people than me on this topic.

  • ch.c.

    Falupa….you are so right !
    Robbing Hook should then think to have more affordable PCs.
    Such as reducing the interests rates on monthly installments, actually at over 50 %…PER YEAR !

    In developed nations, the sales pitch is… buy 3 pay 2
    In Brazil it is…buy 1 pay 2 for sure, but eventually 3

  • ch.c.

    Of the cybernauts, 59% say they have Web access in their homes !
    59 % out of 38 millions equals 22,4 millions people with home access.

    Or stated otherwise, 11,7 % have Internet access from home. And 88,3 %…without home access !!!

    Wellll…that is not any better than some African countries.

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