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Brazilian Reporters Threatened When Investigating City Hospital

Eduardo Alencar hospital's parking lot A reporter and a photographer from the daily A Tarde, from Salvador, the capital of the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia were prevented on December 29, 2008, from leaving a hospital parking lot in Simões Filho, a city in the Bahia state countryside.

Reporter Marjorie Moura and her colleague Eduardo Martins were blocked by two municipal security guards identified as André and Grilo, for over 30 minutes. They went to the Municipal Hospital Eduardo Alencar to investigate a complaint about the hospital's facilities that had been filed by surgeon Rogério Mendes.

While the reporter interviewed a group of nurses and doctors who work at the hospital and confirmed the lack of basic conditions for proper patient care, the photographer took pictures of the hospital's façade.

As he was taking the photographs, he was accosted by a security guard who made him display his authorization to photograph the area. An argument ensued during which the security guard threatened the photographer with a piece of wood.

The security guard never hit the photographer, but every gate in the parking lot was closed to stop the newspaper's vehicle from leaving.

After they were finally allowed to exit the parking lot, the newspaper crew filed a complaint with police about the incident.

The doctor who originally filed the complaint about the hospital had previously contacted the Federal Road Patrol and the Military Police to warn them about the potential risks faced by possible accident victims if they were to be taken to the hospital.

According to a report published by A Tarde on December 30, the surgeon who filed the complaint was extremely worried because the hospital does not have the most basic medical supplies, including surgical gloves, laboratory services or an X-ray unit.

"I went to the Simões Filho Police Station and talked with the deputy sheriff about the possibility of being myself held liable for criminal lawsuits on account of the lack of conditions for proper care during my work shift," the doctor said.

Former mayor Edson Almeida's term in power ended on the first day of the new year and the hospital board of director's responsibility ended at the same time. According to the newspaper report, the hospital personnel mentioned that the situation worsened after the county's election results were made public in October.

Workers from both the hospital and the municipal health department have told the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (ABRAJI) that a new hospital board of directors has not yet been appointed.


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  • ch.c.

    Forrest…you are so right !
    One of the only politician expelled from the Senate (or Congress ?) was the one who revealed it all : Jefferson !

    Nearly all of the others found guilty by the investigators were PARDONED….IN A SECRET VOTE…..by the other lawmakers politicians as corrupted as the ones they pardoned.

    So disgusted, most investigators resigned.

    Viva Lula….Viva Lulaa….Viva Lulaaa

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    in june 2005 lula
    said there would be no coverups , corruption ,money laundering , bribery .
    allowed in his adminstration .
    he even appointed a corruption Czar to count the money for him ???

    you have to feel sorry for the ones whom realy care about what people think about brasil

    but you also have to blame other countries as they dont hold brasilian government to the
    fire when something is done to one of its own , includeing robery of tourtise , murder , rape ,
    as we all know the gringo in brasil is a sorce of money and has no rights in brasilian courts
    along with its lower class cicisens

  • ch.c.

    Who is surprised ?
    In Brazil disclosing the truth…is dangerous !

    Because….. cheaters always cheat, liars always lie, hiders always hide ! Proven….once more on Brazilians !
    And as long as they keep this mentality in their blood, in their genes, in their daily lifestyle, NEVER EVER TRUST…A BRAZILIAN !!!!

    What they like the best ? Caressing their navel, boasting themselves, and show their apparent good performances.
    And to keep that Braz-zero Mega Ego, they are ready to do everything, including manipulating their own stats !
    They are even willing to swear on their children heads, that they dont cheat, lie or hide anything or to anyone.

    Typically the mentality of real LOSERS !

    They are addicted to loans from foreign countries, addicted to foreign technology, foreign know how and expertises even
    to grow their grains they are so proud of !

  • bo

    In Brazil….
    You will be robbed and be expected to keep quiet!!! That is the attitude. Shut the fuck up and like it! 😉

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