UK Prosecution Refusal to Charge Killers of Brazilian Angers Dead’s Family

Jean Charles Menezes's case Following British prosecutors refusal to bring charges over the death of Brazilian citizen Jean Charles de Menezes, who was killed by the London police,  Menezes's  family dropped their legal battle for justice. They said almost four years of relentless campaigning brought them little closer to holding any individual to account for the innocent Brazilian's death.

Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer QC approved a decision not to prosecute any police officers over the shooting. Menezes' cousin Vivian Figueiredo said the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) move was "deeply upsetting."

She said the family will turn their energy to lobbying Parliament on the laws surrounding police accountability.

Ms Figueiredo observed: "We are all in shock and simply cannot understand how the deliberate killing of an innocent man and an attempt by the Metropolitan police to cover it up does not result in a criminal offense.

"We condemn the CPS decision and reject the logic of their argument. The inquest put the truth out there for all the public to see, but the authorities want us to forget the truth to stop us getting justice. But we will never forget."

Prosecutors conducted an extensive review of the evidence presented at the three-month inquest into his death last year. But they found insufficient evidence to pursue the officers who pulled the trigger or those who oversaw the operation for manslaughter or gross negligence.

Menezes was shot dead by two marksmen after boarding a train at Stockwell Tube Station on July 22, 2005, after he was mistaken for suicide bomber Hussain Osman. The incident happened a few days after the terrorist bombing of London.

An inquest jury returned an open verdict last December after hearing three months of evidence. Coroner Sir Michael Wright was criticized in December for ruling out unlawful killing as a possible verdict



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  • LC

    How quickly the topic changes
    Wow, this was an interesting read. I just watched the Jean Charles film and was really shocked at the whole story. Believe or not this was the first time I have heard of this incedent. I’m writting to first off even though after many years have passed, the loss and tragedy cannot be reversed. All in this page have no heart as all seemed to think about their views and racist opinions. People take a minute to think if that was one close to you? How would you react? How would you feel? I bet very hurt and wanting answers from whom ever. I don’t think the problem with Jean Charles case is any different from any millions of deaths that occur every second in the world. However the police according to the facts did not ask before taking a life of a inocent MAN!!! We are in a society that unfortunately is heading in that direction… TOTAL CHAOS. I’m not here to talk about my work, my opinions or even contribute to alot of un thouched hearts. All i have to say is that I hope that if we take a monet to reflect and think that LIFE is a one time show we would live in a more desireable place.

    Jean Charles

    I wish the best of luck to this family that must have gone through a really tough time.

  • xyz

    brazilians out of Portugal NOW
    Brazilians are stupid people, really morons and an uggly race. They are perverts all of them prostitutes thieves parasites.
    They should be put to sleep. Stay in your country retards.

  • Anderson

    Change of topic
    The two countries should stop covering up details.

    On both cases, the case of the death of the young man, and the woman who is said to have been abused

    the end

  • falupa

    Following the guidelines
    This is great… Why is everyone arguing? This has been a big deal for quite some time. I hope that they are able to pull together some stronger tries in the future. I agree this would anger me. There is always confusion about something like this. There is also always danger when traveling abroad.

  • The cure for Ch C

    The point is not that Switzerland is not that the Swiss Government or Swiss people are all shit…that is using the same moronic logic that the Swiss Jackass uses.

    But yeah, maybe he and the rest can see that it is easy to find a bunch of negative stuff about any country and then label all its citizens accordingly.

    I think the CH C Resistance has proven our point 😉

  • It Seems….
    that the Chronicle Herpes Carrier (CHC) dearest, is as welcome here as a condom machine in the Vatican!

    Hehehe… Heil Herpie!


  • Joao2

    The cure for Ch.c and Anderson
    Read these articles.. they are more cultural and really show what’s underneath the skin of swiss people and their shit government:

    Racist Swiss town bows to citizenship pressure

    ‘Racist’ party secures record Swiss vote

    An official report into the process of naturalisation in Switzerland says the current system is discriminatory and in many respects racist.

    Black sheepˢ۪ cartoon ignites bitter row on racism before Swiss election.

    Swiss voters go to the polls on Sunday after a general election campaign marred by riots and accusations of racism.

    Come on you jerk Ch.c bring it on! Your government is shit, immoral and racists just like the swiss people who support them and that includes you idiot

  • The cure for Ch C

    CH C is blind…never critisize another country unless your own is perfect…which is impossible. I’m just glad the majority of people here now are commenting on what a racist idiot he is…seemed like I was the only one for a while.

    Here is some enjoyable reading about what others think of Switzerland…plenty of people hate it just as the Swiss Jackass hates Brazil

    Also, if he was so happy in his perfect little country, why would he spend so much time on a website bashing Brazil day after day.

    He may not know it but somebody commenting as he does must be pretty miserable.

  • Joao2

    Why wait if you can undermine Switzerland now ? 😉 😉 😉

    Just go to google and put down on the search there the words: Switzerland or Swiss, racist or racism, SVP or citizenship and read the articles that come up there… You will see how racist swiss people and their shit government can be…

  • Anderson

    I guess you are right
    Lets just hope Brazil gets rich (may take long), and prosperous.

    When we are the ones with the power maybe we can go on (is that the site?) and we can say many undermining things to the Swiss people

    Thanks CHC for making this site entertaining!! 😉

  • Linderman

    I understand
    I do understand why some Brazilians here are very angry with this Ch.c..

    I never have any problem with criticism… you can criticize the American government, my shoes, my car, etc… but once it goes personal and worst general like this idiot said: All Americans are hated everywhere in the world. THEN, GO AND FUCKie YOURSELF BACK TO SWITZERLAND AND STAY THERE Ch.h

  • Celio

    Personal attacks
    [quote]However, because this Ch.c is more like a racist swiss and giving his personal attacks at the end of each one of his criticisms saying things like All Brazilians are idiots.. then He only deserves my, and I believe our, disrespect …

    Yep, I have no problem either with his criticism towards the Brazilian government. The only problem is his personal attacks to the Brazilian People in GENERAL

    But You all know why he does that… It’s because he had a brazilian boyfriend who dumped you…That is soooo sad 😥

    At his age being dumped by his little boy is very painful and it takes a long time to get over it… 😥 😥 😥

    Maybe the goat can make him happy again 😉

  • Bruno

    That is soooooo true!

    As a Brazilian, I feel the same way… If this guy Ch.c or anyone else criticized the Brazilian government, I would be jumping up, sounding the horn of my car and supporting them 100%…

    However, because this Ch.c is more like a racist swiss and giving his personal attacks at the end of each one of his criticisms saying things like All Brazilians are idiots.. then He only deserves my, and I believe our, disrespect …

  • Joao2

    You are missing the point here…

    I believe that many Brazilian people here like me are not against Ch.c’s criticism or anyone else’s criticism… Constructive criticism/debate is good as long as it’s being delivered in a respectful way! Once someone starts debating an issue and goes beyond criticism to personal, general and racist remarks, the whole debate is a joke..

    What Ch.c does here is to criticize (which is ok) PLUS give his own racist swiss touch to his criticism: All Brazilians are idiots, hide, lie, The whole South America hates Brazilians, The World hates Americans, Americans Universities are shit, Brazil is a Banana Republic etc, etc ,etc

    Unless you consider yourself an idiot (which is what Ch.c says that ALL brazilians are idiots) you listen to him and give your support to him… Because I am certainly not..

  • Anderson

    A good thing for all of us is people like you all form this forum who actually seem to understand what Brazil needs.

    So next time some one says something bad about Brazil, i suggest you go ahead and tell it to the world.

    Go to LULA and the congress, make them know we know what they dont want us to know.
    How crapy they rule the country.

    Make huge posters saying how crapy they have been and how bad managers of our money they are

    lets agree… Chc says a lot of crrap, buttt most of the stuff he says is true.

    If we dont allow people like him to say things, we will always end up doing what we already do… which is give policitians plenty of chances to steal as much as they can.

    My advice to CHC is: maybe rethink on some statements you have made about the Brazilian people.
    We maybe ruled by bad awful people who steal money from innocent people, but we are kind people who are looked bad because of a few 5% of us.

  • Joao2

    I can see that finally some americans here started to realize that Ch.c is a racist idiot and what he wants here is to feel loved again LOL… not even with goats he will get that LOL

    Americans take so long to notice things.. even with jokes.. Tell an american a joke and if it’s not about Canadians, they take sooo long to understand LOL but at least some of them started to see Ch.c’s true colors now…

  • Celio

    The goat
    I bet even the poor goat doesn’t want him anymore… it ran away..

    Im sure the only thing he is at home is his hand

  • CHC…. Do you feel all the love????
    Hehehe…. You better go back to engaging with goats, as you did as a young man.

    Happy fu.ckie fu.ckie

    Luv U man


  • Linderman

    About Ch.c.
    One thing is for certain here:

    This guy is suffering from some sort of mental condition due to his old age


    As written here, he wants to find a big American c_ck on this forum for his old ass

  • Texan

    Where are you Bo?
    Now you see what Im talking about ? This turd here from time to time talks shit about America with his racial hatred remarks…

    I think what he wants is one big american or brazilian c_ck up in his ass

  • USA

    Ch.c is an idiot
    You are such an idiot and a jerk Ch.c. You are the racist here and I believe with the past comments here about swiss people being racists .. THEY ARE

    [quote]Brazilians are following the same dirty path! Just READ THE PAPERS IDIOTS [/quote]

    The only thing dirty here is your old ass.. Most people like Americans otherwise they wouldn’t be coming here to travel and live.. What you wrote is just your racist worthless opinion..

    I believe you had an American boyfriend too and your American boyfriend must have dumped you too.. everybody seems to have dumped you..

    This website is about Brazil you piece of shit. You must be an old man living your last few years and trying to make people’s lives as miserable as your pathetic life..

  • ch.c.

    Oh Yes Americans…..
    Americans are the most hated in the world YES ! Everybody knows that, no need to mention it! from west to east, EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY hates them

    Brazilians are following the same dirty path! Just READ THE PAPERS IDIOTS

  • Agusto

    I agree…
    I lived for many years in England! I got my first degree at an University in England and where I used to live (a small english town in North England) people were very nice and I told them I was Brazilian, they couldn’t stop talking about it.. about carnival, traveling to brazil, beaches and the people.

    My Professor at university told me he was buying an apartment in Brazil and the Brazilian people are the most friendly people he’s ever met..

    Traveling around Europe also people were very welcoming towards Brazilians… a friendly country in which its people us Brazilians are European descendants or Asians etc…

    I’ve also travelled a lot in South America of course… and people from south america were also very welcoming.. Chile, Peru, Bolivia etc.. They even tried to communicate with me in Portuguese… also when I traveled to Canada, I met some Argentineans … and I repeat Argentineans and they were the loveliest people I’ve ever met during my trips…

    I believe hate is everywhere of course.. in different forms and shapes.. Like said here, the Americans are probably the most hated because of the war which is disgusting .. never hate someone because of his nationality… that is awful..

    While living in Europe, I noticed that many Eastern Europeans hate Switzerland because they have indeed this government SVP which was called by the media of many countries RACIST even some swiss called them racists… Yes, many swiss people are racists towards foreigners… Ive travelled to Switzerland too and I find the swiss people very cold and unsociable … They have their inner circle of friends (all of them swiss) and most foreigners living there find difficult to make friends with swiss people..

    I am so not surprised that I am hearing from this Ch.c. saying that brazilians are hated… he is swiss and that’s typical of many swiss people to hate other nations…

    To me, I find this subject really disgusting even to talk about… to discuss who hates who and who likes who based on someone’s passport… Just a racist person like this swiss guy here and many of his kind in Switzerland to bring this subject up for discussion….

  • Anderson

    Braziliand unpopular???
    I had lived in the United States for 10 long years, of which i may have a little regret
    I love both countries, Brasil slightly more .

    I know one thing!!! Brazilians are loved everywhere. Some people may hate the fact that Brazilians who actually get a chance to study as much as foreigners are smarter and wiser.

    I have proof of that. As many Brazilians in the US are actually doing better than their fellow Americans.

    In my entire 10 year US span, i have heard I love Brazil from Americans, Mexicans, Peruvians, Europeans, South Americans, and a few number of Portuguese (rs). Which is strange because only in the US do the Portuguese really hate Brazilians, I guess its because Brazilians just got there and already are living better than a lot of Portuguese families.

    I have heard girls who would only date Brazilian men, and men who would only date Brazilian women.

    I do not understand how we go from most loved people in the world to most hated through CHCS eyes.

    Lets make a poll CHC, you would be surprised to see how well Brazil does.

    Good luck on finding a new boy, i suggest Portuguese. And I hope you never get to live in Brazil again, and if you already are, I hope you get deported.

    If you want to help, help. If not just shut the H.. up.
    You see we need to change, yes we doooooo, but thanks a lot we dont need to hear how bad we are from people who arent doing anything to help.

  • Bruno

    Brazilians the most hated in south America
    Answering this idiot who says Brazilians are the most hated people in south America!

    Well, according to the statistics the Americans are the most hated in the world! They come at the top!

    Switzerland is the most hated among eastern European citizens who find the Swiss law and especially SVP (their government) racist!

    The other European countries find Switzerland to insignificant and neutral to bother to think about it!

    Because of people like most Swiss people and this ch.c that the world is so unequal with so much hate!

    Once an American friend of mine told me: I think the Americans are the most hated in the world because of the war etc! My reply was if someone hated you because of your passport you are carrying your pocket this person doesn’t deserve being called a person more like a disgusting pig!

    So if someone hates me before knowing me just because of my passport this person is not worth my attention! Many Swiss people are like that! That is why ch.c constantly says that brazilians are hated and he enjoys saying that!

    Many Swiss are like especially the one from SVP so no surprise he uses this word hate a lot!

  • Celio

    The maid here
    [quote]My part time maid is earning more than most full time Brazilian workers[/quote]

    He sounds like a very generous man.. I wonder if this maid is just doing house work? And No “extra” work at night included?

  • Joao2

    Two faced people are the worst !!!! So, Im not going to waste my time with this cocksvagina Double-dot, he is in a dilemma here: lick Ch.c’s ass or tell the truth about him!

    Ch.c, Im not racist towards your sexual preference, If I was I would be a swiss citizen so I don’t give a shit about who/what you like in your bed with you: men, women, dogs or horses, I don’t care…

    [quote]As to my job or income…..dont worry either ! [/quote]

    You work? Income? Don’t you mean retired and pension? you said, in another article, in the early 70s you were doing business (crap business i bet)… but with a simple math calculation that tells me your work is posting shit here every day from your retirement home 😉 that explains how you manage to find sooooo much time to come here, it’s grandpa’s hobby 😀

    [quote]My part time maid is earning more than most full time Brazilian workers[/quote]

    Is that worth it for her? I mean is working for a perverted miserable old man worth so that money ? I’d rather starve….

  • triple dot

    What’s going on here?
    Is this forum still about debating events happening in Brazil ?

    [quote]Double-dot don’t be a two faced idiot !!!! You were making fun of Ch.c and now that he condemned you, you go back on your words.. HAHAHA [/quote]

    Yes, he is a double faced idiot, hence the name DOUBLE. He’s been playing games here all the time: pretending to be other people and posting things here in other people’s names, posting silly comments that he only understands, insulting people, saying stupid things then afterwards saying it wasn’t him etc, etc, etc. I think he’s enjoying messing with people here as he clearly has no knowledge and nothing better to do!!!!!

  • PA

    “She said the family will turn their energy to lobbying Parliament on the laws surrounding police accountability”.

    Well she should lobby the brazilian parliament/media outlets, etc. which is need of it most, typical brazilian un-common sense.
    Now that they have 2 cents to rub together they feel powerful, what a joke.

  • Joao2

    Double-dot don’t be a two faced idiot !!!! You were making fun of Ch.c and now that he condemned you, you go back on your words.. HAHAHA

    Playing games, I see……

  • Double-Dot

    Esteemed Ch.c.,

    You misunderstood my intentions… I was defending you against the enemy’s army surrounding this forum…

  • Celio

    [quote]And I am certainly not gay or tranny.
    And I am certainly NOT a pedophile having sex with minors like millions exist in Brazil…WITH TOTAL IMPUNITY ! [/quote]

    I can’t speak for others, but I believe people don’t give a shit about who you are and what your sexual orientation is… what you do behind closed doors, it’s your business, if that is with a boy, a girl or even a dog or perhaps a combination of the two or all of them.. it’s your damn business… I am not racist against homosexuals or bi-sexual people… I believe in freedom to choose the path of your own life above of all…

    The funny thing is you being dumped by your brazilian boy.. like you yourself said before… 😉 Sure he was right to dump you… 😉

    [quote]And in my country we dont allow street children…contrary to Brazil. [/quote]

    First of all, put the midget word between my and country please…. and commenting to the above statement: Of course you don’t have children in the streets in Switzerland …THATS IMPOSSIBLE… if there were, they would be all dead frozen in ice 😉

  • ch.c.

    And to Double Dot !
    Ohhh you too is a Cocksvagina…with your vagina in your rear ?
    You could then alternate with Cockstinha !
    S(HE) IS ALREADY IN LOVE WITH YOU….and waiting impatiently to meet you in person.
    Otherwise she is going to free a petty….. pheromone drift….to attract your attention.

  • The Truth HurtsÀ¢€¦.
    CHC À¢€“ Chronicle Herpes Carrier, the gayman with itchy genItalia living north of Italia.

    Herpie, if you’ll stop telling lies about us, I’ll stop telling the truth about you. You know, denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

    Ferment in peace,


    PS: Texan CowboyÀ¢€¦. Bla bla bla to you 2, BBQ Baba.

  • ch.c.

    I know that truth always hurts…whatever way you explain it !
    That is why Brazilians dont like to hear the truth from me.
    Because Brazilians always CHEAT, HIDE OR LIE !

    And I am certainly not gay or tranny.
    And I am certainly NOT a pedophile having sex with minors like millions exist in Brazil…WITH TOTAL IMPUNITY !
    And in my country we dont allow street children…contrary to Brazil.

    And we dont have DEATHS SQUADS, who are basically police forces without uniform, cleaning the streets of innocents children.
    How do they clean ? simple…they just kill them !

    Last but not least :
    DONT WORRY for who I love or not, and dont worry for who love me or not !
    As to my job or income…..dont worry either !
    My part time maid is earning more than most full time Brazilian workers….whenever they have a job.
    To my knowledge, as per the IBGE the average wage is around Brl 1200.- per month. And that average is only for the 6 wealthiest cities and provided you have a registered job. Othewise the national average is MUCH MUCH MUCH lower.

    Also, what is sure is just ask any South American who they like the least in South America…and the winner is….BRAZIL !
    FEEL free to ask that question to people in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela or…..just name it !

    Ohhhhh and as long I am…..”TOTALLY COMPLETELY 100% RIGHT”….. I feel very serene !

  • Linderman

    Is this a dating site ? HAHAHAHA

  • Double-Dot

    [quote]Hey, Can’t anyone find Ch.c another brazilian gay boy to make him happy and shut him up ?[/quote]

    I would be his boyfriend gladly but it all depends on how much he has in his pocket 😉

  • ….

    Ch.c. just needs some love
    Hey, Can’t anyone find Ch.c another brazilian gay boy to make him happy and shut him up ? It’s clear he is not capable of finding another one.. so if anyone of you guys know any brazilian boy who would be interested in being with our dear Ch.c, please let him know… that would make the miserable old chap here smile again 😉

  • Celio

    Yes, shame on our police… they still have a lot to learn…

    and of course, shame on Ch.c who can’t deal with the fact he was dumped by his brazilian playboy 😀 😀 😀 Love is a horrible thing..

    Now I have to pay the consequences here with his insults because of his boy…. Where his ex brazilian boy comes from in Brazil, and what he did to turn this swiss guy into a fruitcake, I wonder 😉 😉 😉

  • Joao2

    I agree
    Im 100% Brazilian…

    and I agree with everybody here… even Ch.c., even though he is a jerk, idiot, racist, loser and he’s here just because he was dumped by his brazilian boy and can’t get over it… However, I do agree with him that the shame is on our police… and that’s something that we all Brazilians are aware of, like it or not and we feel terrible about it…

    Shame on our media too which put so much focus on a cases that happened to 1 brazilian abroad and forget the hundreds that happen here.. If the media brought all these forgotten cases in Rio up, it would help to convict cops and others and stop all this impunity..

  • Texan

    [quote]Nobody is interested in your white trash stupid opinion! [/quote]

    You’re wrong there… look for yourself.. many people got interested in my opinion….

    Well, Im not going to argue with people who put their love to their country above their brain… because you have no arguments to contest what’s being said here.. just insults…

    I don’t like the way Ch.c acts here and also heavily criticized his attitude… but he is TOTALLY COMPLETELY 100% RIGHT… What he wrote here any brazilian would agree with him… and you know any brazilian would agree…. That is a fact.. You disagree just now because foreigners are saying it…

    Many people die in Brazil by the Brazilian police all the time and the media there got tired of writing it … one Brazilian happens to die by mistake and they go on and on and on non-stop for years and years….

    What happens to those people killed by the police in the slums in Rio? They get forgotten! The Brazilian media sometimes mentions 10 or so people were killed in Rio by the Police.. They don’t even mention names anymore because as Ch.c pointed out here being killed there has become normal… no investigation or whatsoever… and that’s something that all Brazilians agree, especially the ones in Rio…

    So go on with your bla bla bla bla bla bla..

  • Is that the convicted Child-Molester?
    Hi there Bo(bÀƒ£o)À¢€¦ How are you spending your time in the slammer productively? I bet lots of fudge packing, right? You poivoit!

    Anyhow, BobÀƒ£o, you are as hopeless as trying to slash your way through your mother’s hairy gash with a pair of nail clippers.

    Good day,


    PS: Chronicle Herpes CarrierÀ¢€¦ Up Your BUTTÀ¢€¦BUTTÀ¢€¦.BUTT

  • ch.c.

    To Bo and your “Cockstinha”
    in my view a Tranny is a “Cocksvagina”
    Vagina being in their rear…of course !

    😀 😉 😉

  • ch.c.

    It was horrible the death of an innocent man of course… but the Brazilian media making such an issue out of it is rather ridiculous ….
    And many many many MORE INNOCENTS Jean Charles were killed by the SP and Rio police forces, when these forces in more than one occasion had to fight these cities chaos.

    Conclusion :
    – One Jean Charles innocent killed by “error” by a foreign police force outside Brazil becomes a….- NATIONAL TRAGEDY.
    – 500-1000 Jean Charles innocents killed YEARLY by “error” by brazilian police force in Brazil is….. NORMAL AND THE NORM. And of course Noooooo investigation and or jail sentence is ever made.

    Last but not least :
    – Where are the Brazilians murderers having killed the many FOREIGNERS ?
    Such as Sister Dorothy’s killers.

    Lets face it, BRAZIL name starts by BR….such as Banana Republic !

  • bo

    toolio and texan right on the money!! And hey!! If it isn’t our old friend Cockstinha!!! They were talking baaaad about brazil weren’t they cocker?? Meanies! They just need to cover their eyes, ears, and mouths, like the three monkies, hear no, see no, talk no! 😉

  • Hey Texan Redneck Baba…SOB
    Why don’t you go back to your doublewide trailer, fry some spam, wash it down with some goat pee, then chew some tobacco as desert. Nobody is interested in your white trash stupid opinion!



  • Texan

    Toollio, I was going to write the same, you got here first LOL

    I know London very well, I’ve been there many times plus I have some relatives living there… The English police is very competent… Some facts about England:

    Owning a gun has been forbidden in England for ages not even the police are allowed to carry one in the streets and getting illegally access to one is virtually impossible;
    Gun crimes are extremely rare… the only crimes and let me say few that happen in England knives are used;
    Even the terrorists in England can’t manage to find a gun in the country… they have to build bombs instead…

    The only time the English police, the special police that is, use guns is in cases when the lives of many people are at risk.. Terrorism… then, the special police has to make difficult decisions in order to prevent what happened here in America…. the death of hundreds of people from different parts of the world including immigrants from Brazil…

    It’s funny to read in Brazilian newspapers, things like: We are shocked and they tried to cover it up bla bla bla… It was horrible the death of an innocent man of course… but the Brazilian media making such an issue out of it is rather ridiculous …. so many innocent people die in Brazil by the Brazilian police.. and that doesn’t need covering up.. it’s all open.. no one does anything about it…

  • toollio

    –Ms Figueiredo observed: “We are all in shock and simply cannot understand how the deliberate killing of an innocent man and an attempt by the Metropolitan police to cover it up does not result in a criminal offense–

    If she wants to understand this, perhaps she should take a look at similar killings in her home country. Killing innocents and covering it up is a Brasilian police pastime. That doesn’t mean that what happened to her son is right, or less horrible. But consider what would have happened to him in his homeland if here were running away from police–for any reason whatsoever.

    Given the number of civilians killed by police in Brasil in any given year, I’m willing to bet there are a thousand “Jean Charles” cases here every year. Yet they never get the kind of coverage in Brasil as this one has. The reason, of course, is that Brasilians are especially fond of pointing out that the bad things that happen in their homeland also happen elsewhere. The difference is that they happen in Brasil at a rate that far exceeds that of just about anywhere else in the world.

    At least the Jean Charles case was reported, and an investigation took place. Agree or disagree with the results, but realize that had this happened in Brasil, there is a good chance it would have gone unnoticed. And it certainly would not be investigated.

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