Brazil and US Prepare Meeting Between Presidents Lula and Obama

Amorim and Hillary Clinton During the first official meeting in Washington of a Latin American representative with the highest ranking officer of President Barack Obama administration, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Brazilian government defended political diversity in Latin America and the change of attitude of the region towards the Cuba issue.

Brazil's Foreign Affairs minister Celso Amorim also prepared the ground for what will be the first meeting of President Obama with a Latin American leader, Brazil's President Luiz Lula da Silva, next March, (probably on the 17th) in Washington.

"I tried to underline the significance for the United States of the political-changes moment in the region, the great diversity of changes towards Cuba," said Amorim addressing the press following the half hour dialogue with Clinton, which she had previously described as a meeting of "opportunities and possibilities"

"Brazil suggested to the new head of the US diplomacy to leave aside the "homogenous" vision of Latin America which has been the prevailing policy of the US government in the past," added Amorim. "Mrs. Hillary Clinton took note of everything I said".

The first top level meeting between a representative from Brazil which the US traditionally considers the "natural interlocutor" of the region, with the new Secretary of State was described as "very positive and friendly," and helped prepare for the coming visit of President Lula to his US counterpart Obama in March as well as the G20 summit of rich countries and emerging economies scheduled for April in London.

"United States and Brazil will coordinate their positions regarding the summit in London and repealing protectionist tendencies through a series of meetings of experts leading to G20," said Amorim.

Energy, climate change and fighting poverty are the three axles on which the bilateral relation between Brazil and United States should concentrate pointed out the Brazilian official.

Brazil and the US are responsible for 70% of the world's bio-fuels production, Brazil from sugar cane, the US from corn. Given President Obama's announced intention of promoting alternative energies and cutting oil dependency, Brazil is confident of a strong shared "green" agenda.

"The United States can count on Brazil to develop a new policy towards the region," said Amorim who described as "very positive" the reaction from Washington to the recent referendum in Venezuela, which was won by President Hugo Chavez.

He further indicated that the protectionist allegations against the US stimulus plan (because of the Buy American phrase) were not a point of concern for the two officials.

"For Brazil the priority is the confirmation of the next US Trade Representative, so we can resume multilateral trade negotiations," underlined Amorim. Once his nomination is confirmed "we will address trade issues," and the "diverse interpretations" of the US priorities.

Bilateral trade totaled US$ 53 billion in 2008 with a US$ 2.5 billion surplus for the US.

During the past six years Brazil has had a "pragmatic" and "productive dialogue" relation with the former President George W. Bush administration, but this did not prevent President Lula from openly expressing his sympathy towards the first Afro-American US president.

Furthermore Obama returned Lula's congratulations call on January 26, a privilege very few world leaders can show.



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  • forrest allen brown

    only for thoes whom have total power
    the majestic houses killed off them selves by
    taking any thing they wanted from whom ever they wanted and never getting dirty
    doing it .
    like government today
    taking from the workers and giving it to thoes whom dont work ,
    soon thoes that work get fedup with working for every one elese
    and quit then the government has to tax more to give more and get bigger in its own way
    till soon the tax and spend way of life comes into the real world .
    at that point the government is all powerful
    then the revolution takes over and it all starts over again .

    no thanks better to move on .

    like the catholic church
    at first no coffe as it was the devels drink
    the siphon as it was the devels work
    and to the denile of the killing of the jews in WW2

    let us all move foward cast off the government that taxes to suport its own agenda
    that sets up laws to protect its self

  • Augustus

    Contentious Pages/Troubled Earth/Endless criticisms/Global Warming/Fake IdsÀ¢€¦ And yet Joao / ASP still wonder why I long for the 19th centuryÀ¢€¦
    I have often ended my recent comments in Brazzil.Mag/com with À¢€œI rest my caseÀ¢€Â, for I continue spotting comments which in some twisted fashion appear to confirm (to me) some of the issues I have defended/accused/complained about matters recently afflicting (this blog in particular, as well as the Planet on a larger scale). All issues are simply exceedingly disagreeable, distasteful and/or distressing! All at any rate rather unappealing in the very leastÀ¢€¦ A dreadfully sad state of affairs, which unquestionable exacerbate an overall sense of À¢€œmalaiseÀ¢€Â, fear, and great discomfortÀ¢€¦

    Events and issues were likely to have been assuaged (perhaps significantly so) were the WindsorÀ¢€™s, Bourbons, Romanovs, and Hapsburgs still calling the shots today À¢€“ and had never lost their grip on power (note that I deliberately excluded the Hohenzollerns À¢€“ from Prussia À¢€“ for trouble would always come from that direction if they had somehow been defeated in some À¢€œWar of Emperor around 1884 (instead of World War I in 1914) À¯ÂÅ 

    If these majestic Houses had not À¢€œfallen from graceÀ¢€Â (which indubitably would have included a Orleans & BraganÀƒ§a sitting at the Brazilian Throne (located at the À¢€œImperial Municipality of the Court À¢€“ as Rio was once named), this financial chaos affecting us today (not to mention the great depression of 1929 À¢€“ along with the rise of National Socialism) would not have occurred, simply due to the fact that the past 100 years would have been completely divergent (and therefore distinct) from what we learned from our recent history: there would not have been any splitting of the atom in the 1940À¢€™s, no space travel in the 1950À¢€™s, no transistors in the 1960À¢€™s, no personal computers or micro-waive ovens (LOL) in the 1980À¢€™s and surely no internet at the turn of the Millennium À¯ÂÅ .

    Rather we would, most likely be embarking on 2-day long crossings of the Atlantic in magnificently furnished floating Airships from À¢€œLufthansa, British Caledonian, Royal Air France, and even a modest À¢€œPan AmericanÀ¢€Â Airships. We would have telephones requiring the use of Operators, listen to Radio Broadcasts and send each other telegrams, while using elegant (1940 style) Rail Express Services to travel inside our respective continents (elegantly furnished with the looks of the 1910-1920À¢€™s) À¢€“ LOL
    They would be somewhat faster and more comfortable than the Famous Orient Express of our historical records of the early 20th centuryÀ¢€¦ À¯ÂÅ 

    [b][i]Earth would have been a much more agreeable planet in 2009: much more peaceful, elegant and civilized that what we have in its steadÀ¢€¦

    So says CHC (the Chronicle Herpes Carrier)À¢€¦ His ego is writing checks that his body cannot possibly cash it.

    The only thing I know CHC can guarantee for sure is passing herpes to others!

    Ferment in peace,



  • João da Silva

    [quote]HOW DO YOU KNOW ? [/quote]

    Because I was trained by KGB, MI.6, CIA,RCMP,PF, etc to id impostors . I had the honor and pleasure to meet Inspector Jack Cluso in Paris between my assignments.Did you ever get to meet Jack?

    And never ever again ask me the question “HOW DO YOU KNOW”. 😉 😀 😉

  • ch.c.

    it was an American ably assisted by one or two Brits and a French too

    And to the idiot of Sage ” soon to be worthless swiss frank ” :
    Keep dreaming. Thus far my monkey currency the Swiss Franc and not franK as you wrote went up by 33 % against the crap Brl….. .since mid 2008 ! And even up 10 % against the Euro also since…mid 2008.
    Better yet, the Euro is at 3 % from its 2003 low….against my currency !
    Moreover…the Euro even appreciated against the crap Brl…if you did not know as you proved it.
    And my government has Nooooo need to borrow at well over 11 % contrary to Brazil !
    We are still TRIPLE A…. when the Brl is barely at the lowest investment grade of BBB.
    And Nooooo rating agencies have written anything negative…so far…on my currency !

    I know, I know….idiots like you cant even read a chart. You just proved it….once more….how idiot you are !
    Your brains is filled with ONE dried and rotten feijado.

    Outside of this, ALL Swiss entrepreneurs are going to church daily, burning candles, praying 50 times a day, go visit witches……in the hope of having a WEAKER currency !
    Thus far with….. Nooo success !
    Ohhhh me too ! Just re-read my comments over the last 8 months ! No one has ever been as bullish on the U.S. dollar when tens of millions idiots like you said the U.S.dollar is just worth crap.
    But as I stated that would be for a 2 to 4 years move. The U.S. dollar is crap but only on a secular basis as I stated in my above thread !
    And finally I also stated that the Brl is even more crap than the U.S. dollar ! The Brl lost 99,9 of its value against the already crap U.S dollar….since 1994….if you did not know. And the Brl lost another 99,9 % against the U.S. crap dollar between the early 1980 and 1994.
    And another 2 times 99.9 % during the preceding decades.
    Thus continue to caress your navel. In 15 or 20 years, Brazil is going for a fifth time to take out 3 zeroes on its currency !
    Brazil is not any better than Zimbabwe…until proven otherwise ! The only difference is that Zimbabwe has not taken any Zero out of its currency so far ! Simple as that !

    But dont worry, brazilians and idiots like you will keep caressing their navel when most Brazilians will be millionaires once more…in Brl :
    1 or 3 millions Brl will then equal US$ 1000.- ….just as 4 times in your past !

    Keep reading from your sources ! I know exactly to which ones you refer !



  • João da Silva

    [quote]love him or hate him, better to have the real ch c posting[/quote]

    He is not the sort of person who wants to run in a popularity contest, which he is bound to lose. Lord Augustus will lose too 😉

    BUT….BUT….Ch.c is a capitalist with social conscience. Probably he will get into arguments with our “Labor Kangaroo Court” which doesn’t give a shit about the labor. He is the real responsible opposition operating out of Geneve, like Lord Augustus who is currently imprisoned on the Manhattan Island. 😀

    Cheers to you all.

  • asp

    thank god the real ch c is back
    it was getting too hairy there for a minute

    love him or hate him, better to have the real ch c posting

  • sage

    ch.c currency analyst
    ch.c forgot to include the soon to be worthless swiss frank in his currency analysis.
    i w/n be surprised to see switzerland join the euro.
    and dont forget the fundamentals supporting the us $ & japanese yen are non-existent

  • João da Silva

    [quote]I dont know what you heard about Paula and his boy friend……so be please be more expicit !
    From here, heard nothing about her boy friend being an accomplice or not.
    And Paula was definitely NOT pregnant at that time ! Just another typical brazilian style lie so that everyone would take even more her side.
    From the investigation it looks like, so far, that Paula commited self mutilation to have the government PAY HER $ 40 K to 80 K for having being harmed (loss of 2 children) since of course those guilty whould have not been found…as they did not exist ![/quote]

    The Brazilian press (the important national newspapers) gave a fair coverage to it and also reproduced the inflammatory declarations made by the President and your friend Celso immediately after the news came out. In all fairness, many criticized the over reaction of these two gentlemen. I just asked the question about Marco Trepp, because he refused to give any interview and left ZÀƒ¼rich. But many of my friends thought your President Hanz Herlz (?) was more diplomatic and advised the press and others not to consider this isolated incident as a diplomatic crisis between Switzerland and Brasil. I think that Paula will not be jailed but quietly deported. Hope she doesn’t return to Brasil as a heroine and stand for some elected post in 2010. 🙁

    [quote]And as to faked IDs as you said, how do you know that this sheep is NOT a Brazilian ? [/quote]

    No, it was an American ably assisted by one or two Brits and a French too.No right thinking Brazilian in this blog will launch attacks on Lord Augustus. You are a different issue, though. :D. When you have time go through the comments in the next article:”Brazil President Celebrates Carnaval Tossing Condoms to Crowd”

    [quote]I was away for nearly a week !
    Have I missed part of this Brazilian TV drama novela ? [/quote]

    Were you in the U.S. of A again? Yes, you did miss a big novela. BUT…..BUT……. Costa has written a script for a new novela under the above mentioned article. It is just hilarious. 😀 😉

    Keep the stats and facts coming. Just avoid classifying [i]all[/i] the Brasilians ,Liars, Cheaters,etc; You know as well as I do that it is not true. 😀


  • ch.c.

    Joao !
    I dont know what you heard about Paula and his boy friend……so be please be more expicit !
    From here, heard nothing about her boy friend being an accomplice or not.
    And Paula was definitely NOT pregnant at that time ! Just another typical brazilian style lie so that everyone would take even more her side.
    From the investigation it looks like, so far, that Paula commited self mutilation to have the government PAY HER $ 40 K to 80 K for having being harmed (loss of 2 children) since of course those guilty whould have not been found…as they did not exist !
    Typically Brazilian style ! Just look who Brazilians are suing for the Amazon plane crash.

    And as to faked IDs as you said, how do you know that this sheep is NOT a Brazilian ?
    Because of his own pseudo…swiss little boy ??????? Hmmmmmmm !
    And I dont recall that this bastard also launched personal attacks against Lord Augustus. I was away for nearly a week !
    Have I missed part of this Brazilian TV drama novela ? 😮
    It is not the personal attacks that bothered me, but more stealing my pseudo.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Where is CHC (Chronicle Herpes Carrier)?[/quote]

    Here he is. 😀


    BUT…..BUT…. the ones who faked IDs including yours and launched personal attacks on Lord Augustus and your good self were not Brazilians. 😉 😀 😉

    BTW, what role did the Swiss boy friend of the Brasilian lady lawyer accused of self mutilation play in orchestrating this drama? Be a sport and share with us the gossips. 😉

  • ch.c.

    and the number of US citisens robed and beaten in brasil at carnival this year was not even …etc…!!!!
    Normal…this is Brazzzzzzziiiiiil.
    But when a Brazilian does auto-mutilation in a foreign country, all the political elites, the President, the medias and the citizens…complain about….RACISM !
    Never ever, never ever, never ever…the other way around, when foreigners in Brazil are killed, raped, cut in piece, robbed or beaten !

    Why ? Welllll…you better remember : NEVER EVER TRUST A BRAZILIAN. HE IS EDUCATED TO CHEAT, LIE, HIDE, STEAL, ROB, BEAT AND KILL !!!! And Brazil is also well known for their Trannies like Costinha, their 1000 municipalities offering OPENLY sex with minors, their corruption and finally getting—TOTAL IMPUNITY ANYWAY !

    And to Joao :
    I keep smiling on your question. Because how Robbing Hook and his gangs that include your medias know for sure TO WHOM Obama returned other Presidents congratulations ??????
    Hmmmmm ! Just think about it ! This is typically brazilian boasting style…as usual !

    More important than this is Obama budget proposals. EVEN IF ALL his proposals are approved, IN 10 YEARS the total country debts
    will still DOUBLE….using Obama OWN numbers !
    Welllll…welllll…Joao….remember what I told you already LAST YEAR : the U.S. Dollar is in a SECULAR downtrend.
    But still—-I remain U.S. dollar bullish…for the time being…probably for at least one year or two !!!!! time, news. facts and prices will tell !
    Hopefully you also remember when well before all this meltdown I stated to you the Euro zone problems, not only within the
    OLD europeans countries but including the newer ones and also all the other Eastern Europeans Countries NOTin the Euro !!!!!

    NOW—it is coming on the surface ! It will cost them dearly !
    Just refer to my many comments made to you on this subject.

    Hopefully you understand why I am bullish U.S. DOLLAR since last year : because The Euro is even worse, and not because the U.S. dollar is good ! Simple as that..with my usual 😀 😉 😀 😉 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 !
    And dont forget this : ALL South Americans currencies, MOST Asians, Eastern europeans, middle east and african currencies are even WORSE than the BAD EURO !!!!!
    You can already see it with nearly all of them : they weakened even against the BAD EURO, which itself weakened against the BAD U.S.dollar !
    Now even the Japanese yet is bad against the U.S. dollar, despite it was strengthening until a month ago !!!!!!
    And in Europe the worst of the worst is the Brits currency
    Joao, Joao…..simply take very long term charts going back to 1970.
    THE SECULAR TRENDS ARE QUITE CLEAR ! No country has reversed its secular currency trend.
    AND FORGET the 3-5-6 years trends that never ever reflect the FUNDAMENTAL SECULAR TRENDS.

    Wealth is the result of using our own brains better than the others, not what some have in their grounds.
    As I stated at the peak of oil prices : are we in a PoP or a PoP ?….Peak oil Production or Peak oil Prices ? Now we know ! smiles.
    And about the commodities being pillaged by wealthy nations, I also stated more than once that in 30-50 years these same junkies or their children will repeat…..WE WERE PILLAGED IN THE PAST…TODAY IN 2050…..OIL IS AT $ 600.-….. WHILE PRICES WERE AT AROUND $ 100.-……. IN 2008 !!!!!!


    And it is not only the GDP growth rate that makes someone more wealthy. We have to ADD/SUBSTRACT THEIR CURRENCY APPRECIATIONS/DECLINES……over many many many years….not just 3-5-6- !

    ENJOY !


  • Where is CHC (Chronicle Herpes Carrier)?
    You all probably heard the expression “Out Walking the Dog:….

    Well… CHC is being walked!


  • Florist A$$ Brown À¢€“ The Stupider
    Florist portrays incomprehensible stupidity rather than plain dumb ignorance:

    [b]À¢€œshow OBAMA brasil is trying lula should bring GOLDMANÀ¢€ÂÀ¢€¦[/b]

    Keep dreaming sunshine kid (with a second grade education!)À¢€¦ Your stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

    First, the boy stays in Brasil with his family and where he belongs.

    Second, thatˢ۪s a Brasilian internal affair and quite frankly, none of your business.

    Third, Brasil is not in the business to appease the american f.u.c.k.e.r.s.

    Fourth, place the following words into a well known phrase: O.F.F. F.U.C.K.

    God Mess Amerika,



  • forrest allen brown

    lula had better be ready for protest in the US
    to many people have seen the lack of enforcement of laws by brasil towards to US.
    lulas love for castro ,chaves ,morlas ,
    will be seen as a block to brasil on any form they may want to complain about

    and the number of US citisens robed and beaten in brasil at carnival this year was not even
    taken note of in brasilian news papers .
    but known in the US to any one whom can read .

    to show OBAMA brasil is trying lula should bring GOLDMAN his son with him when he comes to visit

  • Costinha

    POSTED: Dead or Alive!
    The new sheriff in town, Sir Augustus, passes his first decree:

    Anyone bringing the carcass of À¢€œDouble-DotÀ¢€Â to the city jail, will be awarded a lifetime supply of condoms (all sizes available except PRICK).

    All inquires welcomeÀ¢€¦.

    God Mess Amerika

    PS: And please donˢ۪t kick the dog answering by the name of CHC.

  • João da Silva

    Your turn to comment. 😉

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