Brazil President Celebrates Carnaval Tossing Condoms to Crowd

Lula at Rio's Carnaval distributing condoms Minimum clothing plus bubbles, feathers and glitter exposing spectacular bodies blended to offer the first night of parades in Rio do Janeiro's Carnaval, as the city's samba schools battled for top honors in what Brazilians proudly consider the world's largest party.

The first night of parades lasted from Sunday into early Monday morning with Brazilian celebrities and slum dwellers dancing side by side and with the presence of President Lula da Silva the first president in some fifteen years to attend the Rio parades.

Taking place over two nights, the parades feature the top 12 samba schools competing in front of 80,000 spectators at the Sambadrome stadium. The winning school, which is announced on Wednesday, receives no prize but earns bragging rights and massive attention from the local news media.

The reigning champion, Beija-Flor, paraded early Monday with an elaborate presentation on the history of mankind's relationship with water and bathing. The school used 7,000 liters of water on its floats, in the form of waterfalls, fountains and a pyramid that mid-parade was transformed into a beach. Beija-Flor has won five of the last six titles.

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, dressed in a white shirt and Panama hat, stayed until early dawn, five in the morning and was accompanied by his wife Marisa, the governor of the state of Rio do Janeiro, the mayor of the city and other ministers and authorities.

"Marvelous," said Lula when asked about the parade. However he also had messages: "No excess drinking; drink responsibly, drink socially and don't drive; please enjoy yourselves but with no violence or knocked-out for driving."

Later the Brazilian president also took the anti-AIDS campaign into his own hands when he began tossing out condoms to Carnaval revelers early Monday.

A presidential spokesman says Lula wanted to show the importance of Brazil's campaign to prevent the spread of AIDS. Brazil is handing out 65 million free condoms this month; that's up from the usual 45 million.

Brazil is buying 1.2 billion condoms this year for its program, making it the world's biggest government buyer of prophylactics. The spokesman talked on condition of anonymity.



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  • jan

    Lula Is great
    I do like parade , carnivals and condoms, I love classical music, national park, clean cities and well kept contry, gentle and well educated people like Switzerland. And I love Luta , bexuse is he a real Brazilian, smart, inteligent, and has been always on right side. Together with Chavez he knows how does sulfor smell and where to find a devil. That is not a quality of European politicians.
    Anyway, Carnival in Rio must be much better then 5th avenue parades. Best wishes to Brazil and beautiful Paraty.

  • peacemanlda

    arguing over condoms
    I find all of your comments concerning Lula throwing condoms quite interesting, but the real threat I see here is the comments by Augustus hoping for the intervention of the military in Brasil politics and policy. That would have a much bigger effect than Lula throwing condoms.

  • Augustus

    limitations typing in this blog …. : and P together
    Obviously the link will not be properly posted because of the symbos associated with one of the above emoticons
    too bad

    : and P together = 😛
    above Pt-br-RepÀƒºblica_Federativa_do_Brasil.ogg

  • Augustus

    Attempting to provide correct link
    Hopefully this will work out…Àƒºblica_Federativa_do_Brasil.ogg

  • Augustus

    With the exception of the Guianas (which native languages are English/Dutch/French), Brazil is the only PORTUGUESE speaking country in South America, and comprises about 3/5 of South America…
    [quote]Brazil [b](Portuguese: Brasil),[/b], officially the Federative Republic of Brazil (Portuguese: RepÀƒºblica Federativa do Brasil), is a country in South America. It is the fifth largest country by geographical area, occupying nearly half of South America, the fifth most populous country, and the fourth most populous democracy in the world. Bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, Brazil has a coastline of over 7,491 kilometers (4,655 mi). It is bordered on the north by Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana and the overseas department of French Guiana; on the northwest by Colombia; on the west by Bolivia and Peru; on the southwest by Argentina and Paraguay and on the south by Uruguay. Numerous archipelagos are part of the Brazilian territory, such as Fernando de Noronha, Rocas Atoll, Saint Peter and Paul Rocks, and Trindade and Martim Vaz.
    [b]Brazil was a colony of Portugal [/b] from the landing of Pedro ÀƒÂlvares Cabral in 1500 until its independence in 1822. [b][i]Initially independent as the Brazilian Empire[/i][/b], the country has been a republic since 1889, although the bicameral legislature; now called Congress, dates back to 1824, when the first constitution was ratified. Its current Constitution defines Brazil as a Federal Republic. The Federation is formed by the union of the Federal District, the 26 States, and the 5,564 Municipalities.
    Brazil is the world’s tenth largest economy at market exchange rates and the ninth largest in purchasing power. Economic reforms have given the country new international projection. It is a founding member of the United Nations and the Union of South American Nations. A predominantly Roman Catholic, Portuguese-speaking, and multiethnic society, Brazil is also home to a diversity of wildlife, natural environments, and extensive natural resources in a variety of protected habitats. [/quote]

  • Ric

    Let ‘Em Eat Cake
    Hypocrisy? One set of rules for the great unwashed electorate (everyone) and another for me? In short, would Marisa be comfortable if her husband got tanked every carnaval and had sex, condom or not, with anyone and everyone in sight? Whether you answer Yes or No, assuming you know them well enough to answer the question, you loosey gooseys lose.

    Slop the hogs. Throw the live mice to the oncas. Give the bones to the wow-wows. Throw mama from the train a kiss. And don’t forget the rubbers for the hedonists. None of them can help themselves. Just don’t get out there among them and do it with them. And unlike Itamar, be careful about upskirt fotos while up on the pal-anky with chicks who are know for getting with the program.

  • carlos wutke barwick

    AWESOME !!!!! way to go Lula !!!! I would do he same and pay families not to have more than 2 kids… also free spading i would do….

  • asp

    joao and augustus
    joao, far out, that lula was flying over head…i was meeting with some important people also, so i had do turn down crashing the presidetial apearance

    augustus, thank you so much for naturalising me, since im on the run from the cia and police federal….i trust no extradition papers will be signed…like the cuban boxer , miami wont send him back……

  • João da Silva

    [quote]that dont look like costas style in that post above there… looks cut and pasted…[/quote]

    No, it was Dr.Costa himself.Nobody can imitate his style.He just forgot to give best regards and sign. 😀

    Talking about Mayors, P.M., etc; did you get to see our President today? He saw me from the Army chopper he was riding. He recognized and waved at me and I waved back. I am seriously thinking of changing my party affiliation. Even though I was invited for the meeting, unfortunately I had to decline as I had to meet other important folks.

  • Augustus

    That has never been his style
    He is either busy, or having difficulties adding entries here….

  • João da Silva

    [quote]I would never have “behaved” in that fashion….[/quote]

    That is one of [i]our[/i] greatest qualities or defects depending on who evaluates us. 😉

    Do you think Ch.c is doing “CÀƒº doce”? 😉

  • Augustus

    coitadinho… further comments
    Joao…. I had not forgotten the word – how could I? even not using PORT every day…
    I was just expressing great surprise that you said I should have behaved that way…. thus implying (the meaning must have changed)
    I would never have “behaved” in that fashion….

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Coitadinho??? I must consult my dictionary immediately[/quote]

    I think you forgot the word. The nearest English equivalent is “Poor little thing” or “underdog”. It is a powerful expression that can be used to feel really sorry for a person or sarcastically describe him.Some months ago I read an article written by somebody whose name I forget. He was saying that our labor laws treat workers as “pobre coitadinhos” when in reality the hard working Brasilians want the government to help generate more job opportunities and not to treat them as retards!

    I don’t think that you read a very interesting article published by Augusto Zimmermann in the sister site. You will enjoy reading it and the comments:


  • Augustus

    Joao??? I just re-read a comment above… curious
    It appears you have written
    [quote]If Augustus had played “coitadinho”, instead of revealing his aristocratic background , he wouldn’t have received so much flak [/quote]
    I bad your pardon??? Huh?
    Coitadinho??? I must consult my dictionary immediately, for that word must certainly have changed meaning since last time I checked with the Accademies of “Letras” in Lisbon and Brasilia 😀
    Vicounesses and Barons would turn in their graves…. LOL LOL LOL
    [i][b]Das wÀƒ¼rde niemals geschehen!
    Àƒ‡a ne se produirait jamais !
    Isto nunca aconteceria ![/b][/i]

  • Augustus

    Actually Joao should be a Prime Minister….
    Why not up the ante and make it a country? LOL
    Kind of a fun thing…

  • Augustus

    Next in order – Sherriffs Office
    Border Control
    Citizenship test (pverridden & automatically granted to ASP naturally :-))
    Residency rights (under Costa surveillance) to Ric 🙂
    Now a vote required: Death Penalty??? I suppose that falls under Joao’s territory 🙂
    What about “coerive inquiry of prisoners….????? Hummm… 😉

  • asp

    joao, the mayor….has a nice ring to it….
    ill look forward to your term in office….

    that dont look like costas style in that post above there… looks cut and pasted…

  • Costinha

    POSTED: Dead or Alive!
    The new sheriff in town, Sir Augustus, passes his first decree:

    Anyone bringing the carcass of À¢€œDouble-DotÀ¢€Â to the city jail, will be awarded a lifetime supply of condoms (all sizes available except PRICK).

    All inquires welcomeÀ¢€¦.

    God Mess Amerika

    PS: And please donˢ۪t kick the dog answering by the name of CHC.

  • Ignight

    Guido rocks! And so does Lula!!
    A president throwing condoms to the crowd?! Thats awesome! Even Obama or Brown don’t have that kind strength.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]for sure we have differant points of veiw on certain things, like the value of afro brazilian culture. and, i respect his veiws on islamic fundementalism, but, im not as extreme.[/quote]

    Yeah, I understand your point of view. I am not radical either. Having traveled to many boondocks of the world, I have become tolerant to other cultures, religions, etc; I appreciated the good food, music and hospitality of people of the lands I visited. As we have discussed before, you can not lump all the people together and call them “stupid”, “ignorant”, etc;

    If Augustus had played “coitadinho”, instead of revealing his aristocratic background , he wouldn’t have received so much flak . BUT…BUT…, he is an authentic person. You cant change him.

    BUT…BUT…, he will make a good sheriff under my command. 😀 😉 😉


  • Augustus

    Well, well, well What is the FIRST ACTION OF A SHERIFF???
    I know… Set up a committee of surveillance
    then a Bureau of Investigation…
    Issuing ID cards to everyone…
    and required that everyone inform when leave town- IN fact let’s inpose an internal passport program.

  • Augustus

    Bruno – Boy Voyage!!!
    Have a Wonderful time in the old Continent…
    Hopefully London, Paris and Amsterdam are included in your intinerary, even though… ANY PART of that Continent is fantasic under my eyes From Moscow to Lisbon // From Dublin to Istanbul. Again, enjoy it.
    Please make sure you check out whenver you return!

  • João da Silva

    Thanks Guido. Your essay was rich in substance and full of details which every single blogger in this thread will appreciate.

    Any well paid jobs for members of the “Big Family” in your ministry?

    [quote]At least one must mature first before anything![/quote]

    Sane advice to “Double-Dot” and I hope he listens to it. Peace to you too.

  • Guido

    Lula – A Great Example to Society
    Honestly, President LulaÀ¢€™s action demonstrated lots of respect, responsibility, education, care, and love to the Brazilian people. ItÀ¢€™s very well known that during carnival the infection of HIV rises very sharply because people do have more unprotected sex due to the use of substance abuse (ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, etc). While under the influence of such substances, people can disregard the usage of condoms and easily get infected with HIV and other STDs. Therefore the more infected people, the more the government will have to provide for anti-viral drugs, not to mention the years of life that the young adult will not enjoy anymore. Sadly the adult life will be cut short despite the anti-viral drugs. I see the action of throwing condoms an act of being responsible to oneÀ¢€™s son, like saying: À¢€œHey kid, if you are going to have sex, make sure you protect yourself, as I love you and I want you to live much longer to enjoy many more carnivals.À¢€Â I see Lula being a responsible father. Brazil is his nation and Lula is a responsible individual. ItÀ¢€™s 2010 and I think itÀ¢€™s so cool to have a President who is so open and so proud about his background and donÀ¢€™t let negative comments like some of those in here stop him from arriving at the top. Amazingly, all of the top American magazines and newspapers, such as The Economist, New York Times, The Washington Post, mentions Lula as a hero. He has done great things to this country and we are very proud to have Lula as our President. The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) would hope to see this same action in other parts of the world where the HIV virus is spreading like crazy and where society is criminalized for even speaking about sex. ItÀ¢€™s about time to have such a progressive, liberal President to throw condoms at a partying crowd. And itÀ¢€™s so sad that some people still has the courage to block the progress of our world and still want to keep us all the his own little stupid box. Sorry, America is a great country and I love America but one must know how to use the AmericaÀ¢€™s values to develop the mind, views and ideas of the world. Or one can also live in America and be in the box all his life (but please, be on your own). Living in America or having double citizenship does not make one intelligent. An individual can show his/her intelligence through his/her actions, point of views or how well one can argue one subject by being able to disagree without insulting others, families members, or races. At least one must mature first before anything! PeaceÀ¢€¦ 🙂

  • João da Silva

    [quote]OK… JoÀƒ£o[/quote]

    Costa, thanks for “selecting” me as the Lord Mayor of the city and I will be delighted to assume the responsibility of directing the “affairs” of the city in discreet,but Ordung fashion.My first act after bing sworn in is to issue an arrest warrant on DD which I am sure all the members of our Big Family would appreciate and applaud. BUT….BUT…. my question is if our tough new Sheriff Augustus can commandeer the family pet to go after the outlaw in hot pursuit to track down and bring him dead or alive. This will enable me to declare the mission “accomplished” in my first mandate itself and go for the second.

    My second BUT…BUT…. is that you forgot to include DnB and our Canuck friends in the list. While DnB may barge in without invitation, our Canucks are sure to stage a demonstration in front of our embassy in Ottawa to express their hurt feelings and demand that they formally be invited.

    As for the important Condom issue, let me assure all of you that I will never ever throw Condoms at you during the Swearing in ceremony for I know that you all being a wild bunch are capable of hurling old shoes at me. I may be able to duck like GWB did in Iraq,BUT…BUT…, not here.

    Long live our Republic .

    BTW, what is Ch.c up to?

    Bruno, have a great vacation. ASP, see ya later.

    Costa, I always knew you had a great sense of humor. 😀

  • asp

    boa viagem,bruno
    voce esta certo…

  • Bruno

    [quote]no problem ,bruno, looks like just a semantics mix up[/quote]

    Sorry for that again and please read what i wrote in portuguese because that is for anyone here…

    [quote] there may be more than one person involved… [/quote]

    I have no doubt about that…

    [quote]the bottom line is, those of us seriously here to diolougue, have one thing in common…our love or hate for brazil….(those who seem to hate brazil at least have some experiance or contact with it. ) where doo dot seems to have no viable interest in brazil at all [/quote]

    And You are 100% right about that..

    Once again in English this time, don’t let this site affect your real lives, never get stressed/annoyed because of something which is virtual because in real life we have so many problems already.

    Well dear friends, Im going to relax now..Im going to my well deserved vacation in Europe 🙂 Wish all the best for you all..


  • Bruno

    Caro Augustus,

    De nada primeiramente! E segundo devo dizer, nao se deixe ser atormentado por ninguem aqui.. Eu falo isso por experiencia propria! Eu quase tive um ataque de nervos alguns anos atras e que parei no hospital tres vezes.. Mas, isso foi com problemas na vida REAL! Agora isso aqui e’ VIRTUAL!

    Meu medico me falou que o cerebro nao foi feio para se irritar dia apos dia.. pois isso afeta o seu sono e o seu bem estar.. e como na vida real agente ja tem tantas coisas para se irritar, pra que se incomodar com um palhaco virtual?

    Nao deixe esse negocio aqui de internet sair do computador e afetar sua vida pessoal ai na sua casa! Quando esse palhaco ou qualquer um escrever merda e voce ai na sua casa com sua familia ficar pesando: Ah eu devo ir na internet verificar o que ele escreveu de mim pra dar uma boa resposta pra ele, depois de ter respondido pra esse palhaco.. ai mais tarde no trabalho ah tenho que verificar se ele respondeu merda sobre mim porque respondi pra ele… e vice-versa

    Quando comeca assim voce tem que colocar um ponto final, pois voce vai ficar com ele na sua mente ai na sua casa e trabalho e vale a pena ter um virus de internet na mente? Esse negocio de internet vai atrapalhar o seu bem estar seu , com sua familia, amigos e trabalho pois voce vai ficar pensando o tempo todo o que o palhacao aqui escreveu de voce…

    Acredite, eu falo de experiencia propria por ter quase sofrido um ataque de nervos devido a irritacoes que aconteceram do meu lado na vida e no meu quase ataque de nervos que eu sofri eu perdi todo o controle do meu corpo e virei um vegetal so olhando para o teto por um bom tempo, de forma nenhuma eu daria importancia a uma pessoa ou virus de internet que ninguem conhece que esta flutuando em algum lugar nesse forum..

  • asp

    no problem ,bruno, looks like just a semantics mix up
    i had read your portuguese statement and i totaly agree with you and was just trying to put more light on what was going on, what with all the I D stealing going on

    yes, i see how me saying “educated” might sound like i was eulogating someone, but,i meant the guy had enough school education to spell better than me ( for example). but , it falls short of your definition of what a “good education” is , meaning well mannered and experianced

    where understanding how to swipe I D’s may take some computor skill,i consider it a very low form of cyber navigation . where we all are expressing ourselves very hard and sometimes emotionaly, some troll coming in and just taking ID’s and playing games and having self diolougue to entertain himself, is dredging the bottom of the toilet…and, there may be more than one person involved…

    the bottom line is, those of us seriously here to diolougue, have one thing in common…our love or hate for brazil….(those who seem to hate brazil at least have some experiance or contact with it. ) where doo dot seems to have no viable interest in brazil at all

  • Augustus

    hiloarious spot – costinha // Bruno
    I’m in full agreement

    Bruno – Muito obrigado pelo apoio moral
    – Bem vindo a nossa “cyber-Familia”: (as Costinha’s story implies) 😉

  • Double-DotÀ¢€¦ AKA (À¢€¦..0À¢€¦..)
    Here he is, every cubic inch of that spit backwash, having fun with the rest of his inbred family.


    God Mess Amerika,


  • Bruno


    Apologies for thinking you were that Double-Dot, It was not my intention to offend you by saying you are that individual, I just thought for a moment that he had stolen your ID as well.. At the moment, because of his nuisance, it is hard to say who is who !

    I do agree with you in part when you said he is educated because he is messing here in a very well way.. BUT, to me, a good education is more than paper and pencil, in a good education you learn also good values and some morals on how to be a good citizen..


    I was drinking some coffee when I started reading what you wrote and I almost spit it all out… You are soooooo funny 🙂

    It is good to have you here to put some humor on this site !

  • forrest allen brown

    condoms only work when used
    and i most cases the so called macho brasilian man will not use them
    and the young women they say they love dont want to disapoint them
    do as the man wants till she is knocked up and he goes on his marry way

    like DD dad did to his mom
    or lula could be seting up the country for another screwing by his party

    and just look at it this way it is normal in brasil for people to do it so
    if lula is a brasilian he is just normal brasilian !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    not grate , not the best , just a low class brasilian (.)

  • UhmmÀ¢€¦.Who is the Mother Huh?
    LetÀ¢€™s seeÀ¢€¦ I know that Florist A$$ Brown is a cross-dresser while Double-Dot is a cheap transvestite, but theoretically neither can bear children!

    Forget Shelly, she is way too fugly for my taste. Maybe Hillary Clinton??? While Bill is busy sticking cigars up fatty ugly young girls butt, Hillary could fulfill that role.


  • Augustus

    Great Idea… What an Imagination you have!!!
    You mentioned brothers & sisters… Since you are at the head of the table, I suppose you are the Father.
    Who is the Mother? 😉

  • asp

    joao , didnt know you wanted everyone in on the the poll….so
    1)personaly , i dont mind if lula or obama or any head of state throws condoms at the people, just my opinion

    2) i dont agree with doo dot about how lula got elected

    3) i think any military involvement would not be good

    yes, i have been enjoying augustus’s commentaries without whole heartedly agreeing with all of them. i definitly respect augustus, would freely admit he is more educated than i am ,and , admire his courage in the face of 9/11

    for sure we have differant points of veiw on certain things, like the value of afro brazilian culture. and, i respect his veiws on islamic fundementalism, but, im not as extreme. i dont hate lula , but,augustus’s insights into elements of the red flag mentality are always revealing , and,where i am not a hard core aethiest, his veiws on it are wecome when the scriptures guys get too dominant

    bottom line,im sure glad he is on the forum, and, would hate to see him leave

  • OK… JoÀƒ£o
    Condom poll?

    I will take the extra large size. If you don’t believe me then ask Shelly, she will back me up on this one!



  • ItÀ¢€™s All One Big FamilyÀ¢€¦
    I will sit at the head of the table as the family chief, then we have ASP, Bruno, Ana and others as siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins and the like.

    CHC will be the family pet and since he is flea infested, he will sleep outside.

    Augustus will be the local sheriff while JoÀƒ£o the city mayor.

    We will make Ric the local gringo for us to pick on, as Clark will be the local priest who spends a lot of time at his new hobby, pornography.

    Shelly will be the townÀ¢€™s only prostitute, while BobÀƒ£o will play the role of the townÀ¢€™s pedophile babysitter.

    Florist A$$ Brown will be the High School principal, selling dope to students during lunch break, to augment his salary.

    Double-Dot will make the À¢€œ10 Most WantedÀ¢€Â list as the regional bank robber, while Triple-Dot will be his inbred (both of his mom & dad are brother and sister) half-brother.

    Please feel free to add to the list or script for this new novela.

    God Mess Amerika


  • João da Silva

    Dear all,

    You are all losing focus and deviating from the main topic under discussion. Except Costa who took his precious time off to give some Career Counseling to our friend Double-Dot.

    Bruno, ASP is [i]not[/i] DD. He and Augustus have been exchanging friendly views on NYC for months.Our “querido Swiss” is not DD either.

    Until ya all respond to my Condom poll, I am getting off this site.

    Long live our Republic.

  • asp

    cat, you are so far off
    intelignece has nothing to do with education

    i guess you just dont get what i am saying

    im saying its ridiculas to peg doo dot as a trailor park un educated hick

    and people are trying to make like he doesnt have an education. obviously he does, and you have to crack someone’s e mail pass word to use their name to post. the ch c imitator used ch c’s id, not the guy who used a capital C, but the one who used exactly the name ch c uses, that means he found out ch c’s password

    im not saying a computor hack is inteligent, but they had to get educated to get those skills, im not complimenting this guy, just trying to shine a light on what kind of person he is and what is really going on

    about college education, what i am saying to you or anyone else, it doesnt mean anyone is superior to anyone else ,and there are just as many ass holes in college as in blue collar or umemplyed people.after all , every mother fucking banker and politition that has brought down the usa has come from a highly college educated background, and look what the fuck they did

    and you may be very well educated, bruno, but you arnt very intelegent if you think im doo dot

  • Bruno

    One last thing, Double-Dot
    [quote]there are plenty of people with college educations who are obnoxious pigs[/quote]

    What is your problem with people with college educations? Just because Augustus was very well-educated in BRAZIL (not in USA) you are so jelous ! If you go to his school in Brazil maybe you will be inteligente as him one day !!!

  • Bruno

    ASP or should I say Double-Dot?
    [quote]lets face certain realities…[/quote]
    [quote]the guy is not from a trailor park….he is from an educated background, with basicly correct spelling ( educated background doesnt mean shit to me,there are plenty of people with college educations who are obnoxious pigs [/quote]

    Oh yes, he is very intelingent, well-educated, with computer skills like you said just because he is faking IDs, no need to be inteligente, no need to be well-educated and no-need to have computer skill to write someone’s ID in the name field on this website!

    You are Double-Dot!!!! Costinha is right, you have a problem here and Augustus is 100 times more inteligent and educated than you so please face it and don’t disturb people here!

    Augustus and others, That was what I was talking about ID stealing, but it is easy to tell who is who

  • asp

    well, yeah, bruno , and,lets face certain realities…
    the guy is not from a trailor park….he is from an educated background, with basicly correct spelling ( educated background doesnt mean shit to me,there are plenty of people with college educations who are obnoxious pigs , from america and brazil and europe ) , he has computor skills, enough to fuck with i d ‘s , and, i would agree with you, he is just trying to fuck with any one he can get a rise out of…and likes to cut and paste peoples statements into other i d a, or parodies of forum contributors .

    and, if he isnt actualy triple dot and the fake double dot and fake dnc and fake ch c, it just means there are other crazy dick heads lurking , also

    the guy is basicly just a forum fucker, likes to fuck with forums

  • Bruno

    Be aware
    Be aware of Double-Dot using other IDs … Let’s all ignore this prick !

  • Bruno

    E mais
    Nos comentarios dele naquele artigo do garoto americano no brasil, ele ate chinga os britanicos, nao apenas os franceses… Esse rapaz pra mim nao e’ um racista contra gente pobre ou terceiro mundo, ele ta chingando tudo que e’ europeu tambem.. ele e’ um debil mental mesmo SEM DUVIDAS !!!!!!!

  • No Banana Talk HereÀ¢€¦
    [b]Dear Double-Dot:[/b]

    I feel a trace of your jealousy towards your superiors, I mean, Augustus. Donˢ۪t hate the guy because he outperformed you in your own native country, as you said. Yes, technically you could be President and he cannot. However, between you and me, we know that will never happen, even in your wettest dreams.

    And donÀ¢€™t use the race-card to blame others for your own miserable failures, thinking that somehow you are better then others; unless of course, you are talking À¢€œChewing Tobacco Spitting Contest,À¢€Â IÀ¢€™m sure you would do well in that department.

    I think your frustrations germinate from your lack of education and your own inability to compete in this global economy?

    Try to learn English well before attempting other languages, develop some people skills (remember KKK philosophy will not work here), or basic wholesome manners (I donˢ۪t mean square dancing either). That way, in 10 years, you could become McDonaldˢ۪s Employee of the Month!

    Consider getting your GED and then, maybe a technical school for things like, office management (filling & phone skills), or something like sanitary engineering and the like. Double-DotÀ¢€¦ make your mama proud!

    [b]Dear Sir Augustus:[/b]

    You need to give that poor guy a breakÀ¢€¦ The bank is repossessing his re-painted 1967 Chevy Pickup, the mortgage company is foreclosing on his Double-Wide trailer, the cops are after him for DUI, wife beating and child pornography, his unemployment checks ran out, and he has no money to buy cheap beer. Have mercy on that good old boy!

    God Bless and Save BrasilÀ¢€¦ And God Mess and Slave Amerika,


    PS: Chronicle Herpes Carrier (CHC), Up Yours!

  • Bruno

    Caro Augustus
    Seja censato amigo!

    Nao se estresse com esse rapaz aqui na internet nao!!! NAO VALE A PENA !!! As merdas que ele falou de mim antes nao me afetaram porque, fora os artigos aqui sobre o Brazil, o resto nao e’ vida real.. ninguem conhece ninguem aqui.. entao nao vale a pena voce entrar num bate boca com esse demente aqui…

    Ele so esta aqui so pra se divertir com as grosserias dele ja faz um TEMPAO…

    Por exemplo, se voce for no artigo aqui sobre o garoto americano que esta no brasil voce vai ver que o ultimo comentario e’ dele e que ele diz la que ele desejaria que o Hittler tivesse bombardeado Paris e destruido tudo… A crianca so esta se divertindo com qualquer assunto, nao apenas Brazil ou 3rd mundo como ele diz.. e’ qualquer pais, qualquer coisa que o demente acha divertido zoar…

    Se agente parar de dar cordas pra pessoas assim, alem de ser melhor para nos pois nao estariamos nos estrassando com pivetes, essa disgraca vai cansar e parar… Ele parou de me torrar quando comecei a ignorar ele.. Faca o mesmo amigo e nao se esstressa com bobagens de um demente mental…

  • Double-Dot

    This creature here called Augustus apart from being RACIST and a LIER is making serious accusations about someone’s character! You are such a low character ! Never thought you would go that low, that shows your superior education is based on lies!

    If you are going to make serious allegations about me that I am part of an organized group in America you’d better be damn right about it because from ACCUSER, you can be the ACCUSED as false allegations are punishable by law !

    You are such a low disgusting individual that you first said I was a kid then I was a Brazilian supporting Lula’s party, then a Brazilian spy and You say Im back again to be American… That only shows to everybody here you know nothing about me and nothing about anyone else here too! You are making up stories as you go along because that makes you sleep better at night with your banana beside your pillow!

    The point is, You don’t have a fucking clue who I am and where I live… You don’t even know If Im in American soil to accuse me to be part of a group in Texas… NEVER BEEN THERE.. You are just trying to get some attention here because you are a little butterfly which can’t handle some truth ! And the Truth is YOU ARE THE RACIST HERE… because you tell people here how superior your education and upbringing were and you are not equal to Brazilians and all Im saying is you are far too stupid to have had a good education.. not smart enough and many people can see that here !

    I hope that more people see that your “superior attitude/education/upbringing and class” is just an illusion of a sick mind…

  • Free Condoms? They Have Small, Medium and Large!
    Sorry Double-Dot, no À¢€œPRICKÀ¢€Â sizesÀ¢€¦

    God Mess Amerika,



  • CHC – Chronicle Herpes Carrier

    Perhaps we can arrange with Double-Dot to execute on your behind. I am sure he will not mind, he seems to be a great fan of you!



  • What you have here isÀ¢€¦ Good OlÀ¢€™ Fashion American Diplomacy
    Loud, obnoxious, stupid, ignorant, illiterate, insensitive, uncultured, disliked and foremost, american, portrayed here by our friend Double-Dot.

    Yes, Double-Dot embodies all the attributes of the ugly american, despised everywhere they go on this planet. I donˢ۪t like them, you donˢ۪t like them, nobody likes them! They represent blind greed, violent means and inhuman methods.

    Their flag is burned often, their coward soldiers kill unpunished, their government cowardly oppresses the poor and they will not stop short of anything. Thatˢ۪s the american stereotype. Thatˢ۪s the american way!

    But fear not, because that ship is sinking and sinking fast, just sit back and watch the rats drown themselves. Double-Dot just remind us of its ugly presence among us.

    God Mess Amerika.


  • Augustus

    [u][i][b]Several bloggers in have recently been repeated afflicted and abused by a certain element whose most comment alias is Double.Dot. He seems to be particularly engaged into antagonizing non-Americans and particularly those of use who reside in the United States.

    After some originally misplaced theories, suggested by various regular contributors to this blog, I decided to conduct some additional research, and recently came across a very serious and dangerous threat to the United States of America, since the election of Mr. Obama. It consists of an Extreme Faction of the hideous KKK whose recently alliance with other Racist Militant elements in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and other southern/southwestern states have declared war against all foreigners, particularly those of Jewish, Latin American, and African background. They are compose of mostly very low class, uneducated WHITE TRASH, whose sole mystical way to elevate themselves of their sordid low-birth condition, is to base a fictitious À¢€œsuperiorityÀ¢€Â based upon race.

    Well, I think all of us should make an effort to bring this dangerous elements to the attention NOT ONLY of this blogÀ¢€™s management, to also to various US agencies which monitor the activity of HATE GROUPS in America, of which this LOWLY undesirable element, recently know as Double- Dot is unquestioningly either a member or a sympathizer (if not an outright infiltrator who acts on this Extremist GroupÀ¢€™s behalf on blogs managed in the USA by non-Americans of certain background. Given this blogÀ¢€™s title À¢€œBrazzil.comÀ¢€Â I fear it became an obvious target.

    It disgusts me having even spent a second of my time arguing with such Trash of incalculable malice, who FAILS to recognize that we are all born ALIKE as Human Beings (but STOP being alike from the moment of birth onwards, as they are inculcated Hatred by their uneducated parents and families who teach them the glories or White Race superiority INSTEAD of Moliere; sabotage instead of calculus, malice instead of Greek Philosophy!


    Augustus Severus [/b][/i][/u]

  • Double-Dot

    You think you are very smart, don’t you? Your education is as high as your Brazilian bullshit ego..

    What you wrote in this 3rd world language can be easily translated on an online translator website moron, now I know it’s about me… However, that proves once again how great your education was! You are as smart as a little chimpanzee jumping up for its banana and as coward as a frightened little chicken to avoid writing shit about me in English… Are you sure you are even a man ?

    God bless America

  • João da Silva

    [quote]chama o nosso querido swiss aqui de africano,[/quote]

    Congrats Mein Kamaraden. The first time I am hearing someone paying compliments to you!!!!!. And don’t [i]pretend[/i] you don’t understand Porutuguese. 😉 😀 😉

  • Double-Dot

    Other languages here
    I don’t think people should be allowed to write in Spanglish here…

    and coming from this dangerous four-footed beast called Augustus, Im 100% sure it’s more shit about me that he doesn’t want me to know.. That only proves how low he can get.. If you have something to say about me, tell me in an 1st world language so I can understand, you idiot !

    God bless America

  • João da Silva

    [quote]I find all of your comments concerning Lula throwing condoms quite interesting, [/quote]

    Glad that you found them interesting, but you haven’t expressed your opinion. My Question#1:

    Do you think that it is appropriate for the head of a state to throw condoms at his subjects ?

    Question#2 : Double-Dot has explained why the Brasilians deserve what they have as their President. Do you agree with him or disagree?

    [quote]Augustus hoping for the intervention of the military in Brasil politics and policy. That would have a much bigger effect than Lula throwing condoms.[/quote]

    Question#4: Positive or negative effect?

    Thank you so much for your cooperation (anticipadamente) in responding to my questions.

  • Bruno

    Essa criatura Dois Pontos infelizmente e’ Americana! A disgraca estava me torrando a paciencia em outros threads aqui que deixei de aparecer aqui por um tempo.. Ele so’ esta torrando a paciencia de todo mundo aqui.. Se voce ve em outros threads aqui ele chama o presidente Lula de MR Chavez, depois de Lula, chama o nosso querido swiss aqui de africano, chama os comentarios dos outros de merda, disse que o Brazil deveria ser invadido,ele sempre diz deus abencoe a america outro thread ele disse deus abencoe os estados unidos da america latina, inclusive torrou a paciencia de outros Americanos aqui..

    Esse merdinha aqui e’ dai dos Estados Unidos e ele deve ser um moleque..
    E’ so parar de responder pra ele que ele cansa… Se voces ficarem respondendo so vao dar mais corda pra ele enxer o saco!!!!!

  • Augustus

    l’EspÀƒ©rance me reste”.
    I rest my case…

  • Augustus

    Estou quase seguro que esta pessoa intoleravel cujo nome e’ Dois Pontos e’ um agente disfaÀƒ§ado de americano.
    FaÀƒ§am atenÀƒ§ao, pois esta criatura provavelmente representa o “enemigo disfarÀƒ§ado”…

    [quote]L’ennemi se dÀƒ©guise en l’Ennui
    Et me dit : “A quoi bon, pauvre dupe?”
    Moi je passe et me moque de lui.
    L’ennemi se dÀƒ©guise en la Chair
    Et me dit : “Bah, retrousse une jupe !”
    Moi j’Àƒ©carte le conseil amer.

    L’ennemi se transorme en un ange
    De lumiÀƒ¨re et dit :”Qu’est ton effort
    A cÀƒ´tÀƒ© des tributs de louange
    Et de Foi dus au PÀƒ¨re cÀƒ©leste ?
    Ton amour va-t-il jusqu’ÀƒÂ  la mort ?”
    Je rÀƒ©ponds : “l’EspÀƒ©rance me reste”.

    Apollinaire [/quote]
    Wilhelm Albert WÀ…‚odzimierz Apolinary de WÀ„…À…¼-Kostrowicki, known as Guillaume Apollinaire
    He is among the foremost poets of the early 20th century, he is credited with coining the word surrealism (which is what we have been experiencing around here lately…

  • Double-Dot

    [quote]Your billion or more condoms is more a myth (lie) than reality. More a mirage than miracle ! [/quote]

    How can anyone be sure he was tossing condoms anyway???? It could be bananas because that’s plentiful in the country and Augustus said bananas are the main brazilian dish….

    God bless America

  • João da Silva

    [quote]But for sure, Brazilians have a big mouth as to their SUPER sexual performance : you swallow everything Robbing Hook and his gangs are telling you, and you expect the world to swallow your sexual superiority.[/quote]

    Thank God you are still alive after your trip Cologne. BUT…BUT…what is it all about these folks stealing the IDs of others in this site and spreading malicious rumors about your sexual preferences ?

    Another question: If Hanz Melrz had tossed condoms at YOU and your fellow citizens, what would be your reaction?

    P.S: I am conducting an opinion poll among all our fellow bloggers from other countries. Thank you for your cooperation. 😀 😉

  • ch.c.

    “Brazil is buying 1.2 billion condoms this year for its program “


    With big fanfare , in 2005, Robbing announced the free distribution of….. 1 billion condoms ! PURE LIE
    With big fanfare, in 2006, Robbing announced the free distribution of….. 1,5 billion condoms ! PURE LIE
    With big fanfare, in 2007, Robbing announced the free distribution of—– ?? (I dont recall) condoms ! PURE LIE
    With big fanfare, in 2008, Robbing announced the free distribution of…… 1,2 billion condoms ! PURE LIE

    Even worse than the above, for 2004……
    ” August 12, 2004
    Pedro Chequer, Brazil’s AIDS director, announced Wednesday that the nation plans to distribute 3 billion free condoms annually to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS. The condoms will be distributed mainly to the poor and the young.”

    FACTS :
    – December 26, 2008…as per articles on this site
    “Last year, Brazil’s Health Ministry bought 406 million condoms.” Feel free now to trust their BILLION condoms !

    – “[Jan 12, 2007]
    The Brazilian Ministry of Health does not have the capacity to reach its goal of distributing one billion condoms annually as part of a campaign to fight the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in the country, Mariangela Simao, coordinator of the National Program to Combat HIV/AIDS, said in a statement on Wednesday, DPA/Monsters and Critics reports (DPA/Monsters and Critics, 1/10). According to Simao, the government in October 2005 sought funding from the World Bank for the purchase of one billion condoms, but that funding was not approved until October 2006. Simao also said that the government does not “have the conditions to review the quality of such a large number of condoms,” adding that federal agencies are able to inspect 60 to 80 million condoms monthly, EFE News Service reports. In addition, Simao said that there are some internal problems with the campaign, including delays in deliveries of condoms and failures of companies contracted to provide the condoms to pass quality control tests. According to Simao, the health ministry hopes to distribute 500 million condoms this year, up from 251 million in 2005 and 253.7 million in 2006.”

    In my humble view this is an irrefutable proof that…NEVER EVER TRUST ROBBING HOOK AND HIG GANG PROMISES…until proven otherwise !

    Your billion or more condoms is more a myth (lie) than reality. More a mirage than miracle !

    Stupid question to Brazilians, heteros or gays : DO YOU HAVE SEX ONLY…..ONCE PER QUARTER OR SO ??????
    Another myth about the Brazilians sexual prowess… also until proven otherwise !

    But for sure, Brazilians have a big mouth as to their SUPER sexual performance : you swallow everything Robbing Hook and his gangs are telling you, and you expect the world to swallow your sexual superiority.


    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

  • Double-Dot

    What are you saying ? Sorry, I don’t read Greek ….

    God bless America

  • asp

    your arguments loose a lot of credibility , doo dot
    to just lump every one in brazil into the catagory you did, just sounds ridiculus , provincial,prejudiced, ignorant,and, juvenial…

    i mean i dont know you , or, how old you are, where you have been etc, but, you sound like you just got away from your parents home and into the dorm…

    and, there is a lot of id stealing going on here now…maybe you are a computor hack, your writing sure is hack writing…

    god save america (blessings just aint going to cut it)

  • Costinha

    That is right too À¢€“ Part 2
    Double-DotÀ¢€¦ The Maggot Larvae from the US of Amoeba.


    You toad-lickin’, hound-kickin’, snot-flickin’, inbred swamp spawn!

    God Mess America


  • Double-Dot

    That is right too
    [quote]I find all of your comments concerning Lula throwing condoms quite interesting, but the real threat I see here is the comments by Augustus [/quote]

    I totally agree, this creature which calls himself Augustus wants people here to see him as a very educated superior being.. yeah right, educated being from Rio, that doesn’t exist!

    I really hope your country does well with the bananas so Brazilians stop flooding into America to steal our jobs…

    God bless America

  • Double-Dot

    God bless America

  • Costinha

    Stop talking like you are shi.tting razor blades out of your camel toe BIG a.s.s, a sure way to f.u.c.k. yourself-up in that lopsided chimp-behind with a slimy banana sideways. From now onÀ¢€¦ If we want your monkey-brained opinion we will rattle your cage.

    Double-Dot is the old sausage, fizzing and sputtering in his own grease.

    God Mess America

    PS: Hehehe

  • Double-Dot

    Furthermore Augustus,
    You are a very ignorant person.. you think that I care about Brazil and its president..? I don’t give a shit man!

    And you don’t give a shit about Brazil either, because IF YOU DID, you wouldn’t be here in America wasting money from taxpayers and trying to help Brazil with some comments on a website!

    If you care, go back to Brazil then !!!!!

    Brazil is just monkeys and trees even the name Lula sounds like a pet name… so how do you expect a monkey to govern over monkeys ?

    All I am saying he is right! That is how 3rd world countries are governed, just give the people what they want to receive and keep them quiet and happy! He is being very smart!

    However, some monkeys, though, weren’t very happy with their bananas and decided to immigrate to America !!!

  • Double-Dot

    You are totally missing the point here! Im not against nor Im in favor of your president’s actions.. However, I believe what he is doing here it’s totally right..

    I know your brain is not advanced enough to understand anyone’s point here, but let me put it this way:

    What this president is doing is giving bananas to the monkeys… So he seems to be very smart, give to the people what they want and make them all quiet and happy.. That’s how one can govern Brazil..

    However, one big monkey wasn’t happy at all because he feels he is superior breed and came here to America (New York) so he can earn more thus buying more bananas..

    Make a track of bananas in New York and you will see this big monkey here following it with his mouth full of Banana skin…

    God bless America

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Lula throwing free condoms is a crass attempt to break the 86% popularity level and hey for a few minutes that particular night he may have achieved that[/quote]

    Jon, letÀ‚´s say that Stephen Harper had something like it and CBC or any other CDN TV channel had broad casted it, what would have been the reaction of the Canadians including that of “Cure for Ch.c” ?

  • João da Silva

    [quote]And the comments above must not be coming from any of the millions of poor people who were helped by Lula’s actions.[/quote]

    Please list all his [i]other[/i] actions. You sound like Marta Suplicy. 😉

  • João da Silva

    [quote]This president is just encouraging the use of condoms for people to avoid AIDS etc.. [/quote]

    Excuse me Double-Dot. If Bill Clinton, GWB,BHO or the Queen of England had tossed condoms to the public at large from their respective “camarotes”, what would have been your reaction?

    Would you have said “God Bless America with free condoms”?

  • Augustus

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Double-Dot

    That is right
    This president is just encouraging the use of condoms for people to avoid AIDS etc..

    This person here (Augustus) is criticizing Lula because he is just too ignorant to see that Lula, by throwing condoms, he was trying to get some attention to the problem of AIDS!

    This Augustus is criticizing Lula’s campaign against AIDS etc because probably he is as promiscuous as a brothel full of prostitutes.. maybe he was a rent boy in the past!

    God bless America

  • Ana

    Oh, please. I’m Brazilian and there’s no embarrassment in his actions
    Kudos for the condom throwing! There are girls as young as 11 (at least of whom I know personally) who are having babies in Brazil and AIDS and other STD’s are all over the place so it’s a good thing that he’s encouraging people to protect themselves and others.

    And the comments above must not be coming from any of the millions of poor people who were helped by Lula’s actions. The guy’s not perfect but he’s helped a lot of people who really needed help. And isn’t the country thriving? If socialism were a bad thing Scandinavia would be in shams.

  • jon

    Lula throwing free condoms is a crass attempt to break the 86% popularity level and hey for a few minutes that particular night he may have achieved that 😉 😉 😉

  • Augustus

    I stand corrected by the last entry
    his (LULA’S) deeds represent an embarrassement to the Brazilian pride [u][i][b]AND[/b][/i][/u] a threat to Brazilian Liberty!

  • ..

    [quote]his deeds represent either an embarrassement to the Brazilian pride OR a threat to Brazilian Liberty![/quote]

    Or [i][b]both[/b][/i].

  • Augustus


  • Augustus

    Shame and embarrassement is all which the reproachable behavior of the current president of Brazil, so popular among the masses due to his low birth, low education and apparent pride about his lower class backgroud, which his deed could not, in any case conceal. As someone who holds the Brazilian citizenship – by birth – I am IMMENSILY ASHAMED by the conduct of this man, whose socilialist, popullist and comunist underlings and simpathizers appears to start behaving similar to that disgusting, even more questionable northern communist neighbor HUGO CHAVEZ…. HOPEFULLY the Brazilian military continues watching Lula’s shameful conduct in every way reproachable: his deeds represent either an embarrassement to the Brazilian pride OR a threat to Brazilian Liberty!

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