Brazil’s Path to First World Is Strewn with Crime, Pollution and Diseducation

Polluted Tietê To be able to build a nuclear bomb was to hold elite status, whether or not they would be used.  They are good to have around to prove you can build one, a gaudy display of the international nouveau riche.  With time, the atomic bomb lost its luster and it was good just to be the nouveau riche economically. 

Such is the case with Brazil, at least wanting to be one of the nouveau riche.  Up until this present generation, its history is one not conducive with the first-world, dabbling in Socialism and juntas, with occasional heroic but hero-worshipping dabblings in democracy doomed to fail. 

President Lula's effort to pay off the International Monetary Fund was a large step to joining the First World and hoisting Brazil at least into the status of the nouveau riche. 

Brazil, however, has a long way to go to escalate from the emerging BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) economies to the G8, or perhaps the G9.  On the one hand, it has large strategic oil reserves and all the amenities of luxury.  On the other, it is plagued with crime and pollution almost inconceivable. 

For instance, anybody who bears the trappings of a tourist is not safe outside the narrow confines of the tourist.  If the goal of attracting tourism is to encourage spending, then Brazil is failing miserably.

Crime is not an issue that will go away easily, both from the people as well as the police perspective.  It is a leftover from the control economy of the past.  As the Brazilian economy grows, many of these problems will subside because of the emerging middle class.  In addition, the Brazilian government must learn to resist the need to control the economy and trust its people (as well as quit taking bribes). 

The other side of the crime issue is education.  Paying families for their children to stay in school only poisons the learning environment for those willing to strive for an education.  It amounts to free day care for the future thugs of Brazil. 

Paying them for minimal standards might make them more accountable.  It is dangerous enough in the public schools of Brazil for both students and teachers.  Don't make the schools crime factories. 

The more daunting problem is the Dante-like pollution that plagues all of Brazil.  Just a short drive from Guarulhos International Airport to downtown São Paulo reveals the horrors of the pollution problem.  The Tietê River seems a radioactive-green.  Trash is strewn about the rivers and the streets to indifferent excess. 

Air pollution is so bad that I can take a knife and cut out a slice to take home.  In Guarulhos, a stroll through downtown's shopping district has more trash on the streets than shoppers.  Not only does it look poorly to the eye, but shows that Brazilians have no pride for their country. 

We need to take ownership of the streets of Brazil for our health and safety as well as our pride.  Right now, Brazil seems like an atomic power and a bomb has been dropped on the streets of Brazil.  We shouldn't accept third-world status as far as our streets are concerned.

Economic disparity and education woes eventually will take care of themselves as Brazil becomes more affluent and the government takes a lesser role in the economy.  If Brazil is to become a member of a future G9, we need to be a more attractive investment opportunity other than natural resources. 

We need to take our appearance to the next level as a nation, not only for the sake of others but for a beauty we can call our own, like the people of Brazil. 

Pedro Primavera is a freelance writer.  You can reach him at


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  • Angelina

    I love it
    i love Angelina Jolie too mach.

  • Angelina

    I love it.
    I love Angelina Jolie

  • forrest allen brown

    Gabriel glad to here you like texas and or the USA for all our bad points
    you should send this to Ogobal or some other news paper .

    my wife and i move about the world and she has been to Texas , and 11 other states and
    9 other countries .
    and in her words wants to have nothing to do with brasil other than making sure her
    mom & dad are some what safe .

    how do you like UT and the other schools you have been to and seen
    fatima found it hard to beleive that the schools were big and clean & quite
    not kids running around all over the place .

    and if someone bumps into you they say most the time i am sorry .
    people hold open the doors for people they dont even know .
    most shops are quite and clean

  • Gabriel

    My grandmother is 80 years old and can therefore not move about as easily as my mom or myself. In an attempt to make things less difficult for my grandmother, my mom and I took turns helping her walk about, she was bumped into harshly, struck from the front and back several times by passersby. Not once did someone excuse himself or herself or apologize until my mother and I made it clear that what they did was unacceptable.

    Later, in the food court, we were shocked to see the amount of trash people left at their tables (possibly justifiable, given the fact that the trash cans were overflowing), but what came next nearly revolted me.

    The three of us sat down to get something to eat, I stood up to order food for myself and my mother/grandmother, when I returned to our table a woman was pushing her purse down against my side of the table as if to signal that she was trying to claim the table for her party, disregarding the presence of my mom/grandmother. I said ‘EXCUSE ME’ as loud as I could in her ear to signal to her that the table was in fact occupied by a third person, who was not going to let her bad manners go unnoticed.

    The behaviors of those mentioned above were revisited later throughout the trip in such places as the highly acclaimed cultural mecca of Lapa and Copacabana districts, both nightmare locations for tourists. Aside from the intense amounts of trash/pollution, both areas are highly unsafe. I literally feared for my life several times throughout the trip.

    I discussed those issues with many locals during my three-week stay, and while many-but not all admitted to recognizing the gravity of the problem, most of those I spoke with seemed to disagree with the source or solution for Rioˢ۪s downfall.

    It appears that everyone always wants to blame the government for how disgusting and disrespectful people are, and while I don’t rule out the fact that a corrupt and indifferent system can have detrimental effects on society, responsibility is something that needs to come from the people themselves. People need to stop relying on the government for their poor ethics.

    No one needs the government to tell them that bumping into people carelessly, throwing trash in the streets, or being disrespectful is wrong. Even if kids’ parents aren’t teaching them to pick up after themselves and act as civilized beings, as we grow older we understand the extent of our actions.

    As far as crime rates, I can understand that the government has a huge part of responsibility for Brazil’s high inequality index, but there are many countries in the world that prove that old excuse wrong, i.e. India.

    Some will say that certain actions are acceptable because they can attributed to cultural norms, however, much of older generation of Brazil is disgusted by the current situation. So is this a cultural norm? Why find excuses for an obvious problem that will only perpetuate the disgusting trends?

    Some of the people who posted on the blog are embarrassed by the fact that the article is exposing the truth about their beloved city to the world. Instead of hiding the problem, talk about what needs to be done to fix it. Next time you witness one of the above mentioned occurrences make your disapproval known, otherwise soon enough Rio will be completely destroyed.

  • Gabriel

    University of Texas Student
    This is going to be ugly…

    As a 22 year-old student who migrated to the US from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 12 years ago, and has since then visited the country, I feel like I have substantial reason to agree with this article’s blatant truth about the embarrassment Brazilians have created for themselves.

    For those of you who disagree with the article’s honesty, take a moment to realize it and let the truth be known. Fix the problem, don’t hide it.

    Last Christmas I flew to Brazil after a seven-year hiatus. It was the first time I had returned since a junior high trip and still managed to experience culture shock. Why? Because people have no respect or pride for what they have. The country is falling apart along with its inhabitants.

    My last visit to Brazil plagued my mind and heart from beginning to end, beginning with airport facilities and staff.

    The customs portion of the airport was filthy, outdated, and disorganized with the personnel to match.

    Much of the staff seemed bothered to be at work, and what’s more, a woman from the customs team (who was sitting in a chair for most of the process) got up to yell at an American man for trying to open a closed off chain (there was a huge maze of a cue that was practically impractical to move about with airport luggage carts) while complaining that ‘in his country’ he would have been arrested for such audacity. Keep in mind this was a day before Christmas and he carried only a backpack and a heavy cart full of toys, I’m assuming to distribute to impoverished children from [i]her[/i] country. This woman represented the face of the unprofessional and unfriendly customer service industry of Rio.

    Next, the bathroom was despicable, made of frail/cheap materials, and toilet paper so thin it looked transparent. Outside the airport things didn’t look much better.

    The facade of the airport was physically falling apart, it seemed like it hadn’t been maintained since the 1970’s, a foreshadow of what was to come-what stuck me the most was the ride from the airport to my grandmother’s house.

    Polluted roadways, rivers, bays, beaches plague the majority of Rio. The favelas (slums) have grown exponentially into troubled poverty-and-crime-stricken districts, hiding much of all that’s left of the city, at least for now, some of its natural wonders. To make matters worse, those who inhabit the slums of Rio (the majority impoverished blacks and immigrants from northern Brazil-victims of the system) are not the only ones to blame for trashed city streets. In fact much of the middle class is known for carelessly leaving trash on beaches, throwing trash in the sidewalks and out of car windows.

    Earlier bloggers tried comparing Rioˢ۪s pollution to factories in the U.S., and while that form of pollution is horrid, nothing can be more easily controlled than an impulse to physically pollute the ground we walk on. Pollution by private plants and inappropriate sewage systems are problems the citizens need to proactively fight about with the government, push for publicity.

    The shopping malls are no exception to the trash and lack of respect of the people. One day my mom and I decided to go to a nearby shopping mall in the Tijuca district and were appalled with what we experienced.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Great article on Brazilˢ۪s Economic Outlook[/quote]

    The “Source” of the article referred to is WSJ. Some stats are slightly skewed. But one paragraph that caught my attention was the following:

    [quote]But Mr. Guerra said his party is betting that the economic downturn will hurt Ms. RousseffÀ¢€™s chances. À¢€œShe will not be there in 2010 as the candidate of success and the candidate of growth, because the success will end,À¢€Â he said.[/quote]

    Guerra is right.

  • junior

    Great article on Brazilˢ۪s Economic Outlook
    I found this great article intitled ‘Article – BrazilÀ¢€™s Economic Outlook Becomes Focus in Political Battle’. It’s really interesting and poses some interesting questions for Brazil’s economy. Cehck it out –

  • ch.c.

    .. Look at America, they are the biggest polluter in the world .. their factories pump shit into the air every second… China also fails miserably trying to grow without pollution
    Somewhat wrong….IDIOT !
    China is by now the world biggest POLLUTER…despite having a fraction of the U.S. GDP !!!!!!!

    Your cities are just full of dirt and garbages everywhere you go to !
    More or less the same for your 7000 kms of beaches.
    And I have not included yet your industrial pollutions…where the name of the game is….EVERYTHING GOES TO RIVERS AND OCEAN !!!!!!!

    The USA has not built ONE oil refinery in several decades.
    Why….in your view ? Lack of money, technology ? Doubtful.

    And Brazil is speeding up building new oil refineries…TO EXPORT MORE OIL DERIVATIVES SUCH AS GASOLINE…TO THE USA !!!!!
    Guess who is going to pollute the most, in the not too distant future. The one producing gasoline or the one importing gasoline ?

    Eventually you should check who on earth pollute the most….on a per capita & per output basis !
    Tsssk tsssk…this is not the USA….contrary to the World Disinformation Medias !

    IT IS…….SAUDI ARABIA !!!!!!!!!!!! GUESS WHY !

    Hopefully you understand why Florida and California are against new oil exploration, production and oil refineries !!!!!!

    Lets already applaude the newer mega oil production in Brazil !
    Even if you produce 8-10 millions barrels per day (unlikely in the next 20 years, even with Petrobras own estimates)..YOU CAN HAVE A CLUE OF YOUR FUTURE POLLUTION !

    Sadly even such a high production would still NOT MAKE YOU AS WEALTHY AS SAUDI ARABIA….ON A PER CAPITA BASIS !!!!

    Not only Saudi Arabia population is a fraction of Brazil, but their production costs are a fraction of your Tupi fields !

    Last but not least, Venezuela has already far more proven oil reserves than Brazil. Does that make them wealthy and a developed
    nation ?
    Same for Iran, Algeria, Russia.
    Many wealthy (but undeveloped) middle east oil producing nations produce only oil and some derivatives using developed nations technology…..unless proven otherwise !
    What else do they produce ? What else can they produce ? NOTHING !

    And the same is as true for Brazil ! Even Your grains productions are due to foreign companies inputs…such as grains seeds, pesticides, fongicides, tractors, harvesters, transportation trucks, etc etc.
    Let me even include that most of your grains EXPORTS are due to foreign companies such as Cargill, Bunge, Archer Daniel, Louis Dreyfus, etc etc

    Brazil STILL doesnt even have a car manufacturer, when the other BRIC nations ALREADY have their own !

    As a mega nation, Brazil is the least technologically developed in most industries !

    Hard to swallow…but so true !

  • ch.c.

    I absolutely cannot see why Bolsa Familia creates “crime factories” from the schools
    SO RIGHT !



    – In my country, Switzerland, parents get US$ 180.- per month….per child… ! Amounts are even raised with children ages until they reach majority or start working.

    In France, when U.S. citizens Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt decided to reside to give birth to 2 geminis on top of their 3 kids, they got AUTOMATICALLY
    US$ 2500.- or so, per month from FRENCH BOLSA FAMILIA …. PLUS 1 FULL TIME NURSE…PAID BY THE GOVERNMENT !!!!!

    Has this created “crime factories” ? Not yet….for sure !

    The sad truth is that Brazil crimes factories are due to poverty, racism, social & wealth INEQUALITY….BY FAR THE WORLD WORST…WHEN COMPARED AND ADJUSTED TO GDP PER CAPITA.
    Simple as that and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong !

    Brazil is basically an UNjust society from A to Z !
    And when injustice prevail everywhere, crimes rates can only be much much much higher than least unjust societies !

  • Charles U. Odiase

    Well Written Pedro
    Well written. I do not agree with all your points, but I think you got your position across well. By the way, those of you who criticize a person’s English are just acting as infants. Let us learn to agree to disagree.

  • ch.c.

    laugh…laugh…laugh…laugh…laugh !!!!!
    To the idiot who said “oh yes right, go to America… schools and universities, they shoot people every minute and that hasn’t stopped their economy growth…”. Eventually you should check by yourself but….but…but…..BRAZIL has 5-6 times MORE HOMICIDES RATES THAN THE USA….ON A PER 100’000 CAPITA !!!!!!!


    And it is funny that millions of Brazilians criticizing the USA are ready to pay US$ 10’000.- to be be smuggled illegally in a country they CONSIDER AS MUCH WORSE THAN THEIR OWN COUNTRY !!!!!
    Even more funny when taking the “official” unemplosment rate, somewhat similar in the 2 countries.

    What a shame for Brazil knowing that 50 % of youths deaths, aged 15-24 years, are from VIOLENT DEATHS !

    And also with milliions of street children, 1000 municipalities officially offering sex with minors.

    And with more Trannies than in Thailand. Do Brazilians love to take or be taken….in the rear ?
    For sure Robbing Hook is taking 95 % of Brazilians in their rear. And Brazilians applaude HIM, begging for more, deeper and harsher ! That should explain then why Brazilians also enjoy going with Trannies…to show they can also take someone in their rear.
    The difference being that Robbing Hook takes your money while getting you in your rear, and Brazilians continue to pay Trannies to get them in their rear ! Brazilians love to pay TWICE and even THREE TIMES….WHEN RED TAPE COSTS ARE INCLUDED….BUT NEVER ACCOUNTED FOR !

    And stupid question to the article from reporter “President Lula’s effort to pay off the International Monetary Fund was a large step to joining the First World and hoisting Brazil at least into the status of the nouveau riche.”

    Does that means Argentina who also repaid the IMF is into “the status of the nouveau riche”. ???????
    And are ALL emerging countries NOT with IMF loans also into “the status of nouveau riche” ?????????

    Scratch your head Brazil instead of caressing your navel !
    You are eons away of having “the status of nouveau riche”. Ohhhh yesssss you have your minority elite already rich before Lula election and now even more richer. But that includes 5 % of your population, not more.

    And is it with an annual US$ 10’000.- per capita, PPP adjusted, that Brazil consider itself as a “nouveau riche” ??????????????

    Whoaaaaaaaa ! Especially knowing that in your 6 wealthiest states, the average income per worker is Brl 1300.- or around US$ 500.- PER MONTH OR US$ 6’000.- PER YEAR….in the 6 wealthiest states.
    What about the other 20 Brazilians states ?
    Lets face it again, your average income means what the word average means : AVERAGE !
    This helps the AVERAGE only….NOT THE REALITY……much darker and shameful !

    25 % of your population are under nourrished ! Is this a “nouveau riche” country ?

    😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮

  • forrest allen brown

    the so called english lit
    For all you Lilliputian minded people .

    I was born in Texas i did not jump the river , as so many of you lesser minded people think

    costa is the president of your so called love affair for bashing the US so i offer up myself to
    open attacks on my self to see and watch how small minded all of you are .
    and the education all of you have .
    you hate the US but yet you go the school there .
    you hate the US but yet you write in English .
    You hate the US but yet you get a tourist visa and never leave
    you hate the US but yet you live there .
    you hate the US but you want out handouts
    you hate the US but you demand rights from it you don’t have in your own country

    like the USA & in Brazil if people would spend more time doing something to right the wrong
    instead of bitching about it they would booth be better places ( don’t you think )

    yes the US has a long way to go but in 265 year ti has achieved more than BRAZIL
    ever has or will in another 200 years .

  • Ric

    Bolsa Familia
    Is it free? is it diurna, (held during daylight hours)? Does it involve some kind of care for the children involved?

  • jakob

    Some comments
    Some comments:

    – those “strategic oil reserves” that you mention are deep under the seabed, and it still isn’t clear whether it’s economical or not to extract that oil. So bragging about those reserves is at least dubious.

    – what do you mean that “crime is a leftover from the control economy from the past”? If the truth were so simple! I, on the other hand, think that crime in Brazil is SYSTEMIC, and thus stems for many different reasons, like bad schools, inequality, racism, provincialism, and lack of culture.

    – you say that “many of these problems will subside because of the emerging middle class”. This is dubious as well, again. It could well happen that the current crisis decimates the middle class further.

    – I do not agree that Bolsa Familia amounts to “free daycare”. At least those kids stay in school, instead of wandering around. I absolutely cannot see why Bolsa Familia creates “crime factories” from the schools.

    – TietÀƒª and polution in Brazil – as I understand a TietÀƒª restoration/rehabilitation project is under way, and the last time I was in Sao Paulo the progress was clearly visible. There are other places that are more critical that TietÀƒª, in my opinion that’s the Guanabara Bay that nowadays is merely a huge, rotten cesspool, with all that sewers unloading directly into the bay. It’s an absolute ignominy and a crime against nature.

  • Ric

    Is a term coined about 20 years ago by the USA Afro community to describe free public education which fills black kids heads with concepts that are wrong historically and damaging interms of their future success. The thought is that by more ethnic studies they would have more successful lives, an unproven concept. The term is meaningless as used in this article.

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    Now, you’re getting me angry honey 🙁 You promised me so many times you were going to jump over that fence into America and then buy me a ticket to join you and start a new life outside the jungle here in civilization.. but it’s just been promises so far..


  • Lurker

    Thou shall be named hypocrate!
    [quote]their campaign is to choke any other opinion not sympathetic to theirs[/quote]

    It’s like Charles Manson accusing Jeffrey Dalmer of being cruel.

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    Costeleta my dear, it appears there is an impostor here! Another puss infected mind trying to emulate a sane Brazilian. Tell the truth my vaginally infected Rio-pro, tell them all that only I lord Costinha, the ladyboy one week from being a post OP tranny, is the only Costinha

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  • Double-Dot

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    It is good sometimes to come out and discuss these things with other people.. My boyfriend (Costa) and I have a good relationship despite of all this..

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  • Anderson

    forrest allen brown
    This guy is the typical economic migrant to the US.. He managed to cross the Mexican border into America and once there he works too hard cleaning bathrooms too hard and all the time that prevents him from enrolling into an English school..

    Then he pretends he is a well-educated high superior than the other brazilians.. it makes no difference living in America or in Brazil if you’re going to clean bathrooms there.. the only difference is some extra cents in the pocket, your education, as seen here, hasn’t changed a bit so why look down on other brazilians and imagine yourself as not being brazilian anymore?

    Let me ask you a question: what’s the difference between cleaning bathrooms in Brazil and now in America? Do American bathrooms smell any better ?

  • The Teacher

    forrest allen brown
    [quote]the only way to take ownership of your streets is to take back your government .
    teach school kids the right way to do things
    and in about 5 genarations you will get there

    you had better get ready for costa to start hateing you as you
    spell out the truth[/quote]

    Yes, I can see you were taught at school to do things in the right way… you murder the English language in ways never seen before… so who are you to say such a thing about education ? or are you using yourself as an example of bad brazilian education ? In that case, I would agree with you !

    [quote]and in about 5 genarations you will get there [/quote]
    [quote]you had better get ready for costa to start hateing you as you
    spell out the truth[/quote]
    SPELLED OUT THE TRUTH -> haven’t you learned the past tense yet ?
    [quote]yes the US in dirty [/quote]
    YES THE US IN DIRT .. no “Y” there.. or you could say, the US is a dirty place (that’s if you want to use Y)
    [quote]but at least it is trying to clean its self up[/quote]
    BUT AT LEAST IT IS TRYING TO CLEAN ITSELF UP… itself all together…
    [quote]does the truth hurt ROBIN & costa[/quote]
    is that a question or a statement? if it’s a statement (mostly like to be a statement) you say The truth hurts or The truth does hurt ….

    Then you talk about education.. hahahahaha..

    By the way, are you pretending to be American?? Cause I read in a previous thread you said you are from Texas.. oh yes who do you think you can fool here ? or maybe you are from Texas cleaning toilets after jumping the Mexico-US fence or there is a favela somewhere in Rio called Texas..

  • Anderson

    Brazil should create a law enforcement team that hand out enormous tickets to people who throw trash out the window, perhaps this way they could cut back on tax for normal people

    by the way we need enforcement on:

    Speedometers, trash thrown out the window, vehicle inspections, thug lookout, survailance for neighborhoods and investigators to catch all crook bribe takers.


  • Robin

    Let me tell you something about the Truth here , forrest allen brown
    The truth only hurts when the truth is understood well… you are not competent enough in English not even to get your point across, let alone to write about your supposed truth.. and that is not my fault .. I’d suggest you to post something here in another language..

    Yes, Brazil has a long way YES.. but then talking about pollution, crime in schools as a barrier to economic growth is just nonsense from a weak journalist …America is well-known for its school-college shootings plus dirty streets full of graffiti and the country ranks as the biggest polluter of all and that has never stopped the economy from growing… not even the war that they started has stopped the economy from growing… now a weak journalist express his personal opinion saying these things are related to economic growth .. oh yes prove it …

    These things, crime, pollution, have to be reduced yes.. but reducing it or not it won’t make any difference to the country’s output as America is the biggest example…

  • forrest allen brown

    yes the US in dirty
    but at least it is trying to clean its self up .

    while brasil keeps building on top of itself and not laying pipe to move the human waste away
    in any form

    does the truth hurt ROBIN & costa

  • Robin

    Some comments here
    forrest allen brown,

    You should improve your English.. It’s really painful to understand you..

    [quote]It is dangerous enough in the public schools of Brazil for both students and teachers. Don’t make the schools crime factories. [/quote]

    oh yes right, go to America… schools and universities, they shoot people every minute and that hasn’t stopped their economy growth…

    [quote]Air pollution is so bad that I can take a knife and cut out a slice to take home. In Guarulhos, a stroll through downtown’s shopping district has more trash on the streets than shoppers. Not only does it look poorly to the eye, but shows that Brazilians have no pride for their country. [/quote]

    Has this guy ever been to New York or Beijing ? Two cities of the two biggest economies in the world.. They are as polluted as hell… The thing is GROWTH COMES WITH POLLUTION .. that is the painful truth.. Look at America, they are the biggest polluter in the world .. their factories pump shit into the air every second… China also fails miserably trying to grow without pollution

    I think we do have a long way to go, especially when it comes to education.. you are perfect example that our education is really poor as you are a shit journalist

  • …..

    American Diseducation
    Florist A$$ Brown… The perfect example of that and what ignorance does to humans.



  • …..

    Eu concordo com vocÀƒªÀ¢€¦ Infelizmente esta Àƒ© uma verdade no realismo Brasileiro. Mas a sua opÀƒ§Àƒ£o de botar À¢€œnossa roupa sujaÀ¢€Â na frente da gringalhada, eu nÀƒ£o concordo!



  • forrest allen brown

    Pedro Primavera

    you could be like the blogger in irqu sent to jail and then died .

    the only way to take ownership of your streets is to take back your government .
    teach school kids the right way to do things
    and in about 5 genarations you will get there

    you had better get ready for costa to start hateing you as you
    spell out the truth

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