Film by US Missionaries on Brazilian Indians Infanticide Called a Fake

Hakani Survival International, an international movement in defense of tribal people is accusing the makers of a controversial film of inciting racial hatred against Brazilian Indians. The charges are being made to mark the UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, March 21.

The film, "Hakani", has been watched by more than 350,000 people on YouTube and claims to be the true story of a Brazilian Indian child buried alive by her tribe. Survival argues the film is faked, that the earth covering the children's faces is "actually chocolate cake", and that the film's claim that infanticide among Brazilian Indians is widespread is false.

"People are being taught to hate Indians, even wish them dead," says Survival's director, Stephen Corry, in an interview about "Hakani". "Look at the comments on the YouTube site, things like, "So get rid of these native tribes. They suck", and, "Those amazon mother f***ers burying (sic) little kids, kill them all."

"The film focuses on what they claim happens routinely in Indian communities, but it doesn't," Corry says. "Amazonian infanticide is rare. When it does happen… it is the mother's decision and isn't taken lightly. It's made privately and secretly and is often thought shameful, certainly tragic."

"Hakani" was directed by David Cunningham, the son of the founder of an American fundamentalist missionary organization called "Youth with a Mission", which has a branch in Brazil known as Jocum. Corry argues that the missionaries try to downplay their involvement in the film.

"You're invited to give money to UNKF, but you aren't told what the initials mean (it's part of the mission)," Corry says. "The evangelical involvement is not mentioned at all. Even if you download the full film, the credits are unreadable, so you can't tell who is behind it."

Corry says the film is part of the missionaries' campaign to pressure Brazil's government to pass a controversial bill, known as "Muwaji's law". This would force Brazilian citizens to report to the authorities anything they think is a "harmful traditional practice" – a law which would "foster witch-hunts", "roll Brazil back centuries" and "could bring catastrophic social breakdown".


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  • forrest allen brown

    Columbus had 3 with him
    as the crown sent them
    they were there to minster to the boat crews
    only after they came back and gave there reports the the pope
    on the gold and life styles of the people did the church requier
    them on all other tours .
    they were also known to be the book keepers to the pope and crown
    as very few of the men could read or write .

    most were spanish birth , some itilan , very few french or english

  • Ric

    There were no Christian missionaries or churchmen in Columbus-discovered territories until 1519 nor in Cabral- discovered territories until 1549, so far as is known.

  • Ric

    As Usual
    We learn from you, F.A.B. Had not realized that those Latin missionaries you make reference to were in reality white Anglo-Saxons.

  • forrest allen brown

    old school think back into the history of brasil and mexico
    just about any place the church went in the 1400 to 1500
    were latin missioaries shoveing the word of
    god down there throts .

    while having sex with them in the dark
    is that saving them or teaching them

  • Ric

    Yes indeed, and what’s more, one can say the most outrageous things about WAMs (white anglo missionaries, not With A Mission only) with total impunity, since they evidently have no ACLU, NAACP, Bnai, or other, legal defense groups at their service, except for a few guys like Gibbs who are not to be taken seriously because they stay within the law and the canons of good taste.

    In short, enjoy, since WAMs are like manatees, no natural physical defense systems.

  • vld

    I meant i’d like to see the day when I will hear Americans similarly expressing such critic against its own country as the poster did against the evangelical missionaries … disregarding Chomsky, I can’t recall hearing one American criticizing the past century of American foreign policy especially in Latin America. GB and the evangelicals are scapegoats for all the flaws from now on.

  • forrest allen brown

    and use it to kick out all the brasilians that are
    the bane of (Miami, LA, NY, Chicago etc),
    even going to the jails send them all back to brasil
    as we all know 40% of the US jails are foregin people trying to
    live by there rules in a country with rules

    but what is worse killing the babbies off or JUST WALKING DOWN THE STREETS

    AND COSTA have you lived long enough to know thies
    to country men that mock god
    (President of Brazil ):

    The Presidential campaign, he said if he got
    500,000 votes from his party, not even God would
    Remove him from Presidency.

    He got the votes, but he got sick a day before
    Being made President, then he

    Brazilian composer, singer and

    A show in Canecio ( Rio de Janeiro ).

    Smoking his cigarette, he puffed out some smoke
    Into the air and said:’God, that’s for
    Died at the age of 32 of LUNG CANCER in a horrible

  • Ric

    Well, vld
    You are obviously a very intelligent, perceptive person.

  • vld

    George F Naryshkin Ric
    It’s not cruel killing someone for the reason they have an impairment, it’s unhuman. I don’t think Indian tribes would allow any white person to film them in a ritual like that, indigenous people were deceived in the past and can be deceived now, after all us Brazilians are deceived everyday… I’d love to see the day an American will express openly the same acid critic toward their nation’s century imperialistic foreign policy

    I agree religious people are a menace but your list of crimes related to them is over the top. They are crooks, manipulators of the lowest level who deceive people whose education and mental abilities require a great deal of improving.

  • Ric

    So What’s The Surprise?
    Everyone knows that most of the people in prison today are white Anglo-Saxon missionaries. What liars and swindlers they are. Corrupt, druggies, porn kings, boozers. I unconsciously reach for my wallet every time I pass one on the street, even though this kind of profiling is illegal.

    They should be rounded up. Menace to civilization such as it is. Living on welfare, robbing licquor stores. Most of the unwed mothers and highschool dropouts are children of Anglo Missionaries. This is generally known.

  • ……

    Darling, you are so romantic.. That is my lovely sweetheart !

    Yes, I know i have nothing to worry about us as a couple… We always have great kinky monkey sex, that has always been your fantasy going back to your ape nature not just on this forum but in our bed too..

    Don’t worry about your limp dick darling.. I filled up your Viagra / glue stock last week…

    By the way honey, your mother just called, she said she will be coming over later for dinner.. she also made an appointment for you to see another doctor as I told her your dreams just got worse.. there is no Godzilla from America smashing down buildings in Brazil.. and you should stop with this go back Godzilla, Missionaires etc to America… your dream is not real darling..

    Love you,

  • ……..

    Did you have to bring up the limp dick, honey? You know I’m taking estrogen! My breasts are getting lovelier, and I’m loosing the facial hair. The little limp dick is one side effect of going tranny! You knew that when I started donning your bikinis! As long as we have Viagra, glue, and the mendingos from the neighborhood we’ll always have great kinky monkey sex.

    God bless America



  • Deport all the US missionariesÀ¢€¦
    But keep Sean Goldman in Brasil, the only home he has ever known.

    God Mess America


  • ……

    Costeleta, keep the bed warm honey. After I earn another 50 centavas juggling balls at the intersection
    Honey, don’t forget our bed is always warm: I bought an electric blanket last xmas and I leave it always on in order to improve our sex life as your viagra isn’t working so well

    Love you Costa,

  • ……

    No one wants you here.. just go back to the hole where you came from..

    America was built by brave, decent, intelligent people and America is declining at the moment because of stupid ignorant amoebas like you ..

    GBA that must stand for Game Boy Advanced … Yes he is a kid amoeba with a rotten brain..

  • ……..

    Seriously… I understand
    The film wasn’t faked it was [u]out of context[/u]; the footage was taken in rio de Janeiro where we know for a fact that the killing our young in record numbers is sanctioned by the police and accepted by the middle class. It’s like Logan’s run in reverse. Everyone tries to kill you until you’re thirty, then once you pass that magic number statistically your chance for survival improves logarithmically.

    Costeleta, keep the bed warm honey. After I earn another 50 centavas juggling balls at the intersection, I’ll grab a tube of model glue and be home in a jiffy with mom’s newest implanted trannies for a passionate night of sausage grinding.

    God Bless America,



  • Double-Dot

    [quote]and ignore my brain… [/quote]

    If at all you have one. Shame on you and your likes. America has to put up with vermin like ya.


  • ….

    Yes Love
    Bad, bad, bad Americans.. go away please and leave my sweetheart alone !


  • ….

    Costa love
    You telling me in portuguese that I should sit on a dolly.. well darling, I’d rather sit on your mouth, it would give me more pleasure ..

    Yes, you can send me kisses.. you can kiss me anywhere you want, I’m all yours !

    I love all your arguments! Even though they’re baseless, I will stick to my love’s stupid comments all the way and ignore my brain…

    Love you sooooo much Costa,
    – Costeleta

  • ….

    SeriouslyÀ¢€¦ I just donÀ¢€™t understand!
    Why does the Brasilian immigration allow these american missionary idiots in the country, specially in the Amazon basin? They are probably CIA operatives anyway. Besides, they are not helping the indigenous but destroying those millennium cultures.

    Get out of my country, american a.s.s.h.o.l.e.s., we donˢ۪t need you here preaching to us. If your advice were any good, you would be selling it instead of giving it away.

    Do you want to do Godˢ۪s work? Start in your own cities (Miami, LA, NY, Chicago etc), there are plenty of homeless in desperate need. Clean your house first, before worrying about ours.


  • ….

    Oi Costeleta…. Long time no see!
    Capricha quando senta na boneca, e rebola pru tio, depois voce volta pro zoologico, macaca peidona!

    Beiiiiiijos na ruela,


  • …..

    Yes, whatever you say my love, even though it’s a baseless, no-brain opinion…

    Love you Costa !!!!


  • …..

    Deport Them!
    Throw all those god damn foreign missionaries out of Brasil!



    Whose priorities should concern Us?

    If you have access to video’s, see [b]At Play in the Field of the Lord[/b]. The west likes to take high moral ground on lots of matters but then secretly murders people in prisons, bombs millions [Nagasaki, Hiroshima, the cities of germany, Japan, Viet Nam, …] and they cause millions to die through economic means and filnally, they are outraged by infantacide?

  • Robin

    What ????????? George F. Naryshkin
    [quote]I did not see the Youtube film, but I not need to. It is normal and good for people to limit the size of their tribe. It eliminates the deformed, and keeps a society in numbers that are sustainable.[/quote]

    A child in the film was buried alife (if it’s true or not that is arguable) but you saying if this had happened, it is a normal and good practice ! I wished your parents had limited their family by burying you alife you mother f.u.c.k.e.r Hope you rot in hell soon …

  • George F. Naryshkin

    Stupid religious fanatics immitate the talaban
    I did not see the Youtube film, but I not need to. It is normal and good for people to limit the size of their tribe. It eliminates the deformed, and keeps a society in numbers that are sustainable.
    Religious (mostly christian) people try and enforce thier beliefs on others. It is these religious fanatics who should be put to death. Our world would be a better place.

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