Brazil Vows Inspiration and Social Change If Chosen to Host 2016 Olympics

Rio 2016 During a presentation for Olympic Family members and international sports figures at Sport Accord in Denver, Colorado, the Rio 2016 Bid Committee outlined its vision for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games they want to hold in Brazil.

Rio's official presentation panel included Sérgio Cabral, Governor of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, Mayor of Rio, Carlos Nuzman, President of the Brazilian Olympic Committee and President of the Bid Committee, Carlos Roberto Osorio, Secretary General of the Bid Committee and Adriana Behar, Rio 2016 Ambassador and six-time World Champion and twice Olympic Silver Medallist.

Brazil is committed to bringing the Olympic and Paralympic Games to Brazil and South America for the first time ever. BOC President Nuzman pointed out his long-standing experience in the Olympic Movement beginning in 1964 as an athlete and continuing as he seeks to deliver a lasting legacy for Brazilian, South American and international athletes through Rio's plans for 2016.

Nuzman outlined what Rio's bid could offer the Olympic Movement: "We can offer a new country and a new continent experiencing the Games. A nation with 65 million people under the age of 18 and a continent of 180 million young people.

"We can offer a very favourable time zone for broadcasters, new markets for sponsors and a stage like no other to host the Games. We can build a bridge from London 2012 to Rio 2016, passing the baton to pursue the mission of inspiring young people all around the world."

Governor Cabral confirmed the extensive government guarantees for the bid and also shared a number of facts about Brazil: "We are the world's sixth largest market for advertising, recently we discovered the world's largest oil field in 20 years and we are the largest exporter of food. All of this in an economy that grew by more than 5% last year and – even given the current climate – continues to grow."

Mayor Paes reiterated the benefits of Brazil hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup for the 2016 Bid and the potential for the ongoing transformation of Rio. "The whole basis of my election campaign and my plans for the city government is the Olympic project and the transformation that goes with it.

"They go together hand in hand and the process is already under way. We in Rio are driven by our belief in sustainable legacy. Rio 2016 will deliver weeks of wonderful sport and many years of inspiration, social change and sports development that will make a difference for generations to come," he said.

Carlos Roberto Osorio provided details of Rio's 2016 Games Plan and outlined the four key Programs the Bid Committee is proposing to improve Games experience and boost every Olympic sport.

"We will enhance the spectator experience by funding a US$ 15 million four-year program to improve sports presentation in partnership with the international federations; we will guarantee full stadiums for athletes and broadcasters by designing a program to fill empty seats with passionate young fans; we will fund a program of 15 live sites to complement our domestic program and celebrate the Games as never before and finally, we will strengthen the connection with young people by building our Olympic X-Park," he said.

Adriana Behar confirmed the Bid Committee's extensive consultation with athletes for the development of the Olympic Village, venue locations and ensuring every athlete from every nation experiences the uniqueness of Rio during the Games.

"I feel so proud to have competed in two Olympic Games and I wouldn't trade those experiences for anything – except to be able to do it all again in Rio. Rio is such a special place to compete. The people, the passion, the beaches, the mountains, the venues – a truly memorable city to host a truly magical Games," she said.

The Rio 2016 team also launched two new films showing the venue plan for the Games and the support given by athletes and officials to Rio's hosting of the 2007 Pan American Games.


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