60 Countries Discuss in Brazil How to Manage Forests

The 4th General Assembly of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is taking place in Manaus, in the northern Brazilian state of Amazonas, with the presence of some 320 delegates from 60 countries.

Most of the participants represent legal logging companies, NGOs or community associations. Interest groups began their work on Monday, December 5. The assembly gets underway today.

"Discussions are focused on around twenty issues, from managing planted forests to controlling lumbering activities," says Sandra Martines, the event’s media secretary.

The FSC was founded in 1993 by 26 countries concerned with setting up a dialogue among economic, social and environmental sectors of society on the management of forest resources.

Today, the organization certifies and sets standards for some 67 million hectares of forest in 65 countries.

The FSC has existed in Brazil since 2002 and presently manages some 3.6 million hectares, that are run by 62 registered companies and community groups in Brazil.

The FSC "Green Seal" certifies that goods come from these areas and are grown and processed through sustainable means.




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