Education Secretary in Brazil Gets F in Geography and Pink Slip

Maria Helena Guimarães de Castro In Brazil, the governor of the richest Brazilian state, São Paulo, sacked the Secretary of Education following the printing of thousands of school books with maps of South America which ignored the existence of Ecuador, inverted geographically Uruguay and Paraguay and showed Bolivia sharing territory with Paraguay.

An embarrassed governor and presidential hopeful José Serra was forced to give Maria Helena Guimarães de Castro the sack, not only because of the public outrage at such errors but also given the millions of dollars a reprint with the correct maps of the books would cost.

The book was intended for all sixth graders (public and private schools) and was to be distributed in Brazil's richest state which contributes with a third of the country's GDP and has a population of 42 million.

In the books' maps Ecuador on the Pacific, between Peru and Colombia did not figure and the name of landlocked Paraguay was given to Uruguay, which has hundreds of kilometers of beaches stretching from Argentina to Brazil.

Paulo Renato de Souza, a former federal Education minister and currently a member of the Lower House will take over Castro job.

In an attempt to downplay the "academic" scandal, Ms. Castro said that Souza would have "a better image ahead of the 2010 presidential election."

"He has a greater political influence," said the disgraced Castro.

Governor Serra from the opposition Social Democrat party is tipped as a favorite to win the 2010 presidential election in Brazil when the second term of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and his Workers Party comes to an end.



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  • Shelly1

    [quote]The Netherlands, number 6th. ! [/quote]


    The Netherlands, 6th!

    Go AJAX!!!!!

  • Shelly1

    Argentina ranked 27th according to aes
    Damn, those Argentines are clever people. Now, the nationalistic Brazilians get your panties twisted once again! Let the bitching begins!


    Brazil ranked 46th, next to Tonga! The Netherlands, number 6th. !

    😀 😀 😀 😉 😉 😉 😥 😥 😥

  • Shelly1

    You may have dyslexia, but I totally understood you.

    Very informative, I especially like this:

    [quote]with half the population of the US brasil has 2 times the murder rate and as many people in jail [/quote]

    And my favorite

    [quote]how much held money i you banks caused the death of people from starvation , lack of medical supplys .clean water ??????? [/quote]


    Tell me about your banks, aren’t they having some issues? Your bankers have been advised not to travel to the U.S. Care to tell us why?

    My uncle (married my dad’s sister) is from you country, Steiner surname. Tell me one thing, what did you do with the money from all the jews?

    The Swiss, they have blood in their hands, drug money into their banks, a criminal-run enterprise

  • Ch.c. is stupid

    Ch.c. is one stupid lost old soul
    You speak German…

    Oh yes right… You don’t speak German… what you speak is Swiss German, that is not a proper language, and you speak it terribly cause French swiss are incapable of mastering German Swiss…

  • …..

    forrest allen brown
    [quote]THE public schools in the US are poor , why to many school board members telling teachers how to teach [/quote]

    Oh yes, public schools in America are poor and you are a living example of that… I can hardly understand what you write here… is that English ?

  • forrest allen brown

    aes & chc
    as i have said before

    THE public schools in the US are poor , why to many school board members telling teachers how to teach
    what it takes to pass the minum scores test not to pass well but just make the cut.

    Chc the US imports drugs because the laws on selling the base mix are in place and up held so you go to jail
    for just having them , and spend 3/4 of your time in jail before you can get out

    the wars well keep politicans out of them and the press out and there would be little to no time it would be over
    as long as the wars go on people like you make money on stocks , and tv ads.

    the poverty industry is geting larger as the government takes from the working people and gives to thoes whom choose not to work , it has gotton so bad that the poor feal they deserve a higher life style than thoes working to suport them

    as far as the death sentence
    with out the fear of death or time in jail there is no fear of breaking the law
    with half the population of the US brasil has 2 times the murder rate and as many people in jail
    while 40% of people in jail in the US are ileagles and 22% on death row

    look to the islamic countries they have death and even cut off your hands if you rob some one
    look at other countries the police just kill whom ever they want
    little to no control what so ever
    how many bankers went to jail in your country for hiding drug money . arms sales money , political theft money
    or keeping the jews from getting there money back after WW2 ( none you say ) good laws
    you tell me what is worse being robed at gun point , or having the banking industry of a entire country
    making money off ill gotton gains for so many years .
    how much held money i you banks caused the death of people from starvation , lack of medical supplys .clean water ???????
    be happy that very few people lok at it as i do

  • aes

    1 Hong Kong 107
    2 South Korea 106
    3 Japan 105
    4 Taiwan 104
    5 Singapore 103
    6 Austria 102
    6 Germany 102
    6 Italy 102
    6 Netherlands 102
    10 Sweden 101
    10 Switzerland 101
    12 Belgium 100
    12 China 100
    12 New Zealand 100
    12 United Kingdom 100
    16 Hungary 99
    16 Poland 99
    18 Australia 98
    18 Denmark 98
    18 France 98
    18 Norway 98
    18 United States 98
    23 Canada 97
    23 Czech Republic 97
    23 Finland 97
    23 Spain 97
    27 Argentina 96
    27 Russia 96
    27 Slovakia 96
    27 Uruguay 96
    31 Portugal 95
    31 Slovenia 95
    33 Israel 94
    33 Romania 94
    35 Bulgaria 93
    35 Ireland 93
    37 Greece 92
    37 Malaysia 92
    39 Thailand 91
    40 Croatia 90
    40 Peru 90
    40 Turkey 90
    43 Colombia 89
    43 Indonesia 89
    43 Suriname 89
    46 Brazil 87
    46 Iraq 87
    46 Mexico 87
    46 Samoa 87
    46 Tonga 87
    51 Lebanon 86
    51 Philippines 86
    53 Cuba 85
    53 Morocco 85
    55 Fiji 84
    55 Iran 84
    55 Marshall Islands 84
    55 Puerto Rico 84
    59 Egypt 83
    60 India 81
    61 Ecuador 80
    62 Guatemala 79
    63 Barbados 78
    63 Nepal 78
    63 Qatar 78
    66 Zambia 77
    67 Congo 73
    67 Uganda 73
    69 Jamaica 72
    69 Kenya 72
    69 South Africa 72
    69 Sudan 72
    69 Tanzania 72
    74 Ghana 71
    75 Nigeria 67
    76 Guinea 66
    76 Zimbabwe 66
    78 Democratic Republic of the Congo 65
    79 Sierra Leone 64
    80 Ethiopia 63
    81 Equatorial Guinea 59

  • ch.c.

    To the idiot ….. Independent
    On peut parler FranÀƒ§ais
    Man kann sprechen Deutsch
    Si puÀƒ² parlare Italiano

    What language do you prefer, Mr Teacher ? And to some extend you are dead right that the USA is certainly NOT A DEVELOPED COUNTRY… YOU stated !

    Funny how Americans, from North to South are 100 % sure they have a better education, better economic model than others, better technology, better drugs ! Ohhhh yesssssss……you love heroÀƒ¯n, crack and cocaine. You are the World Best….consumers…of these drugs ! You are not even able to produce these drugs. Importing them is so much cheaper !

    Ohhhhh and as to your famous JUSTICE YOU WANT TO SPREAD AROUND THE WORLD, could you please name a developed countr, EXCEPT THE USA OF COURSE, that still has the death sentence in its CONSTITUTION….AND EXECUTE IT MANY TIMES….PER YEAR ?

    True, Brazil is not on that list. They do it in a better way ! They just kill criminals. No Justice sentence needed.
    And in the worst case, those sentenced to jail are freed after 1/6th of their jail term….FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR !
    Provided they found them guilty first. Thousands of crimes per year OBVIOUSLY remain WITH NO CRIMINALS TO BE KILLED OR SENT TO JAIL !

    Viva Americas !

    The U.S. people are just as impressive as Brazilians !

    Where are the Iraq WMD. The ones you promised and sweared that existed massively, as per your own Central Idiots Agency ?????
    Still looking for them ?
    Whoaaaaaaa !
    And still looking for Obama….the original one ? After having sent tens of thousands of heavily trained & armed soldiers and spent many tens billions of US dollars ?

    Whoaaaaaaaa Impressive America !
    You lost your underpant in Vietnam and Somalia…against untrained farmers !

    Sad reality, until proven otherwise ! And your Defense Budget is going to be US$ 535 billion…in 2009 !
    That should create some more jobs eventually….in the USA ! You really need them !
    The Poverty Industry is already shining everywhere…in the USA ! And it is not going to be any better in the coming years and
    decades !

    Poor Boys ! Poor Cows Boys !

    I love America ! So easy to play against them in the U.S. stocks and commodities exchanges !

    Viva Lula, Viva Obama !
    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

  • Independent

    An independent point of view here.
    I think that Ch.c. is right about cross checking before publicizing it. No questions about it.

    But at the same time, Ch.c. missed what Sant meant when he was questioning À¢€œIFÀ¢€Â it was a mistake or something more serious like sabotage in proximity of an electoral year.

    Ch.c. had the same À¢€œover-view of the factsÀ¢€Â (- like others did), without reflecting a little tiny bit and, unfortunately, Ch.c. was very fast jumping into conclusions, like an 8th grade kid would do. He even missed words on his sentences.
    Periods, commas and paragraphs are supposed to be used well in a context of a brain-storm.
    À¢€œWhere is my English teacher nowÀ¢€Â?

    I understood that what was being said was the matter of the fact that it is not sabotage at a printer level or a computer level.
    We all know that nowadays nobody would compose a new map from ground zero and run chances of misplacing the words, or even wasting time on doing it.
    These maps are very well known and pre-built through the years and, there are plenty of them available to be used free from several different sources, without even being necessary to claim copyrights for/by the authors. You can find it available anywhere even from the previous publications from the same authors, that did not have any mistakes either.

    Now in relation to the other subject, that unfortunately links to me as I am an engineer and it brought me memories that are not so nice to remember either.

    Both countries unfortunately collects series of Engineering disasters, and may be I should list some to bring the arrogance of Ch.c. down to, again, what is sometimes called ignorance level.
    May be we should not forget Minnesota bridge collapse.
    Or, the major disaster that occurred in Kansas City, Missouri, killing 114 people for the Hyatt Regency Hotel Walkway Collapse.
    The crater in the metro construction killed 25 people.
    But again, does it depend on the brains of who is hiring, who is constructing or who is driving the job?
    Or, the political Party that hired this construction? Is it the same Party that was initially referred to by Ch.c.?

    Oh.. Yes and I agree with Sant.
    I think it is more complex than it seems like.

    But at this very moment, I can firmly conclude that Ch.c. stands for Childish Criticism.

  • ch.c.

    Is it just a SIMPLE mistake of someone that does not know/understand geography, does not know how to À¢€œplayÀ¢€Â with Word and Windows,
    Sorry junkie, we are not talking about Word or Window, but about the borders and the existence or not of countries !
    What is the relation with a SIMPLE mistake as you stated or Word & Windows ?????

    Furthermore, it seems to me that before an education book to be printed for scholars by an Education Ministry, several people are supposed to check the accuracy of what is GOING TO BE PRINTED…by definition !
    Therefore sacking “only” the Education Ministry of SP…DOES NOT ANY SENSE !
    Those who commited these errors, and those who controlled before giving their OK to print….ARE STILL IN PLACE.
    Thus you could easily figure out how good or bad will be the next scholars books !

    This was neither Sabotage or a mistake as you stated, BUT SIMPLY TOTAL IDIOTY AND INCOMPETENCE….AT ALL LEVELS !

    jUST THINK ABOUT IT “maps of South America which ignored the existence of Ecuador, inverted geographically Uruguay and Paraguay and showed Bolivia sharing territory with Paraguay”


    Is your name Santo Idiot ? Wellll…they have a job for you…well paid…at the Education Ministry in SP !

    It reminds me of the Brazilian EXPERTS, not so long ago, after a plane crash, who sent to the USA the Black Box.
    Welllll…it was only part of a…WING !

    It also reminds me, the SP huuuuuggge crate in your SP metro construction !
    Has this beautiful hole been filled by now ? With rainwater….eventually ?
    You could have a diving school !

    IMPRESSIVE…THESE BRAZILIANS ! Stay proud…as usual !

    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

  • Sant

    Comments Generated by a …
    It is so simple to view the tip of an Iceberg that sometimes we wonˢ۪t think or understand a little bit further the consequences it may result or bring to us.

    Is it just a simple mistake of someone that does not know/understand geography, does not know how to À¢€œplayÀ¢€Â with Word and Windows, or is it just a conspiracy theory that involves sabotage of a political Party?

    It is known that on political games, it involves not so clear rules or not so honest participants into a fight. They will use dirt, and will distort words and the general population will be only thinking of the amenities and the stupidity of the players.
    In fact, sabotage may be running freely and À¢€œpeopleÀ¢€Â may see À¢€˜the tipÀ¢€™ of the iceberg. This iceberg may be painted in blue in the Pacific, or green in the Atlantic À¢€“ For those not following, I am using figure of speech.

    A lot more is happening, and unfortunately À¢€œthe peopleÀ¢€Â always will want to use this kind of comedy for pure entertainment and will oversee the bottom of the real matter.

    Simply Sabotage or a mistake?
    Oh, pleaseÀ¢€¦ think before responding.
    Something like this on an electoral yearÀ¢€¦.? Hua hua huaÀ¢€¦

  • ch.c.

    Hey hey…just imagine……
    …..if Lula would have been the Secretary of Education !
    He could have not even placed Brazil at the right place…in South America map !

    Last but not least :
    – Does Brazil Education Ministry just prints THOUSANDS COPIES of geographical books…FOR THE TENS OF MILLIONS SCHOLARS ???????
    – I bet this and other Education Ministry officials also got their SP University licence…from a detergent pack !
    – No doubt, that before getting the OK to print these books, they were first reviewed and approved by tens of officials “in charge”.
    – I also bet, it was not a Brazilian who discovered the “missing” country in your geographical books.

    Viva Brazil ! Be proud !
    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

  • Craig B.


  • forrest allen brown

    do brasil not beleive in proof reading
    and who printed the books .
    or wrote them ?????????????

    no QC what so ever !!!!!!!!!!!!

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