Petrobras Creating a World-Class Technological Park in Brazil

Brazilian Petrobras With the presence of Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and the chairman of Petrobras, José Sergio Gabrielli, Petrobras, the Brazilian state-controlled oil and gas multinational, and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) have inaugurated Thursday, April 30, the Laboratory of Corrosion and Non-Destructive Testing, located in campus Cidade Universitária, in the capital of the state of Rio.

The laboratory will be one of the world's most advanced for testing on corrosion, material inspection and soldering, the highlights being testing and research required for oil production in the pre-salt layer.

The result of a partnership between Petrobras and UFRJ, it has received 26 million reais (US$ 11.9 million) in investment by the state-managed company. By 2011, investment should total approximately 30 million reais (US$ 13.7 million).

According to information disclosed in a press release, the technological challenges posed by the pre-salt layer demand testing in singular conditions, similar to those founding the fields discovered. The laboratory was conceived so as to enable testing at high pressures and temperatures, and with the presence of corrosive fluids.

The construction of the laboratory is part of Petrobras' strategy of investing in experimental infrastructure and human resource formation in Brazilian universities and research institutes, under a model of sustainable relations, by means of the establishment of Networks for technological partnership in areas of strategic interest to the company.

Petrobras is investing around 400 million reais (US$ 183.1 million) a year, since 2006, in 36 different thematic networks, involving approximately 100 universities and research institutes across the country. Thanks to these technological partnership, a world-class technological park for the oil, natural gas and energy fields is being built in Brazil.



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  • ch.c.

    yeahhhhh “World-Class Technological Park in Brazil ”
    Total investment US$ 13 millions…by 2011 !!!!!!

    Hmmmmmmm…..with such an amount invested, doubtful it will be a World-Class Technological PARK !

    A drop in the ocean, nothing more !!!!

    Even Petrobras with their yearly Us$ 183 millions investements in 100 universities AND RESEARCH institutes. Total is only around US$ 2 millions…PER UNIVERISTY/RESEARCH CENTER…ON AVERAGE !!!!!

    You wont go very far with such side pocket money in R&D for so many different projects !

    66 % of your total exports will remain in BASIC COMMODITIES as is the case now, for decades to come !
    And even in your total exports, most of them are due to FOREIGN FIRMS, including your grains made by foreign companies seeds, foreign companies tractors, foreign companies pesticides and fongicides, or cars exports made by foreign companies…IN BRAZIL !!!!!!

    Yeahhhhh…..Viva Brazil…the worst of the BRIC…until proven otherwise !!!!!!

    This said, I remain Bullish Brazil, due to EXTERNAL FACTORS…AS USUAL !

    😀 😉

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