Brazilian Jet Delivered to Dubai Comes with High-Speed Internet

Embraer Legacy 600 Embraer, the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer based in the city of São José dos Campos, in Brazil's southeastern state of São Paulo, delivered a jet to a client in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, earlier this week. The aircraft was received and will be operated by company Titan Aviation.

The jet, of the Legacy 600 model, is meant for private use, and the owners' names were not disclosed. Titan provides aviation services such as management, freight, sales and leasing of aircraft, as well as human resources for the operations.

Since June last year, Titan's fleet already included a Legacy 600 jet, and should incorporate a Lineage 1000 jet in 2012. The business jet that was delivered this week is configured to transport 13 passengers in three different, comfortable environments.

The Legacy 600 is also equipped with High Speed Data (HSD), which enables passengers to browse the Internet, view e-mails, among other services.

In a press release issued by Embraer, the general director of Titan, Sakeer C. Sheik, stated that the company's clients have been active passengers of the Legacy 600 for several years now, a fact that contributed for the company's choice of purchasing the same model.

"The Legacy 600 jet offers much comfort to passengers, and has the ideal flight range for our clients," he said.

Titan will operate the new jet in airports such as London City, in the United Kingdom, due to its capacity for steep flights. The Legacy 600 is the largest business jet authorized to operate at the Cannes Mandelieu Airport, in France. Presently, more than 170 Legacy 600 jets operate in 25 different countries.




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