Brazil Senate Scandal: Secret Bank Account and Private Bunker for Sex

Senate bunker in Brazil
Brazil's Senate – whose president José Sarney, a former president of
the nation, has been accused of corruption -  apparently has a secret
bank account operating millions of US dollars and a private "bunker"
for a few, with facilities for "intimate" dates, according to reports
in the São Paulo and BrasÀ­lia press.

A man of total trust of Sarney and other senators, and head of the administrative staff of the Upper House, Agaciel Maia, was who opened in 1997 the secret bank account which has operations totaling US$ 80 million that so far remain unaccounted for or how they were spent, revealed Brazil's largest daily Folha de S. Paulo.

The disclosure further complicates the situation of conservative Senator Sarney, a close ally of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and whose removal or resignation has been demanded by the opposition. The funds for the account, which remain unregistered for the Brazilian Government Spending Monitoring System, apparently originated in resources for the Senate staff.

Senator Sérgio Guerra from the opposition Brazilian Social Democrats said "the squandering of senate money is outrageous; nobody can understand why a staff of 10.000 is needed in the Upper House and the purpose of a US$ 1.3 billion annual budget".

Dozens of accusations have been made against Sarney who was president of Brazil from 1985 to 1990 and is now a vital ally of Lula in the Upper house.

"Sarney is a lame duck; he's lost all authority and legitimacy," said Arthur Virgí­lio head of the opposition Social Democrat Senators.

Two weeks ago Lula brushed aside the criticisms arguing that the attacks on Sarney by his peers in the senate were "a legislative issue". However last week he was forced to get personally involved and called Sarney to his office when he promised him the support of the Workers Party benches. This in spite the fact several senators wanted him to quit or suspended.

Apparently Lula argued that the senate coalition between the Workers Party and the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party of Sarney was essential to have legislation passed and to reach presidential elections of October 2010.

This weekend the magazine í‰poca published a report saying that the former manager of the Senate and close ally of Sarney, Agaciel Maia had ordered the construction of the "bunker" inside the Congress palace.

According to the article, the 130 square meters loft had computers, flat screen television sets, erotic literature and furniture suggesting it was used for "intimate dates".

Sarney has been president of the Senate three times since 1995 when he was first elected to the Upper House. In that time he and his close group, consolidated their political and administrative grip over the Senate, according to í‰poca.

Maciel who was administrative manager of the senate for 14 years was forced to resign last February when it was discovered he owned a mansion valued at US$ 2.5 million.



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  • Eugenio

    Brazil The biggest cleptocracy wordl wide!
    I’m a brazilian one and I live at my own country. However, I cannot be a deaf person and be silent about certain barbarity that devastates Brazil. All the country are asking for senator Sarney resignation, but as it is president of the greater party that supports Lula’s government,he’s being protected for the prersident staff. By the way: Lula is silencing the press and fortifying left movements as Hugo Chavez do it. I fear that the democracy is at risk in Brazil.

  • DU 48

    Another bad day at the office,Sir Ney.
    The Sarney Foundation has contradicted Sir Ney’s Senate denial of responsibility,(Estado online,11 July).

    Central Bank and the Federal Police have released documents showing movement of clandestine funds from Sir Ney’s Italian account held in Banco Santos just before its collapse. Edemar ‘El cid’ Ferreira ( ex-Banco Santos director) was with Sir Ney in Venice in June 2001.(Estado online, 11 July from Veja magazine).

    J da S- like you, I don’t know who will take over the Presidency of the Senate but the old walrus should jump before he’s pushed. Maybe they should ‘rotate’ the Presidency, if they can’t find somebody who’s got a clean sheet.-difficult I admit!

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Sir Ney is sailing very close to the wind: imminent capsize? [/quote]

    I don’t think so , DU. Just read my question directly addressed to you in the sister site

  • DU 48

    Update: Sir Ney’s latest: ‘J.Sarney’s Foundation’ Scam -Sacred money! Holy cow!
    More than ONE million reais from PetroBras is supposed to have found its way to Sir Ney’s private ‘Foundation’ in which is included preserving a CONVENT.
    However, on closer inspection it seems nothing or very little has been spent on refurbishment. Empresas fantasmas -non-existent businesses linked to the ‘foundation’ have also been found to have swallowed up most of the money.

    Sir Ney is sailing very close to the wind: imminent capsize?

  • ch.c.

    Me…a Red ?
    Nooooo certainly not !
    I am white not brown like you ! Sorry Joao.

    And politically I have no color, I am just in favor of the under priviledged that Brazil leave on the side.
    You have proven time and again by now that the Da Silva are in favor of leaving the under priviledged where they are : IN FAVELAS…AT BEST….OR IN HUTS….. AT WORST !

    Hopefully you too, once, will get the Bolsa Familia for you and your family !
    And you will finally know what represent a hand out (as you said more than once)….. of less than Us$ 30 CENTS per family member…PER DAY POR 3 DELICIOUS MEALS….AS YOUR UNCLE INIACIO…. STATED TIME AND AGAIN !
    And sure with that Generous hand out you will also have to buy shoes, clothes, medicine and provide shelter, electricity for you and your family.

    Ohhh Joao….No kids ? Then you would not even be entitled to…THE BOLSA FAMILIA !!!!!

    Why dont you already applaude the Da Silva….Generosity ?

    In my “elementos” country as you stated, rich or poor parents, receive about US$ 180.- per month…per child. And the amount grows with the age of the children. Regardless if one or the two parents are employed or not !

    And if for whatever reason you are unemployed and no longer entitled to unemployment benefit, both the federal government and the state goverrnment where you reside come in to help you.
    A SINGLE adult will get about US$ 1000.- per month….PLUS have his rents PAID….PLUS have his healhcare insurance PAID !!!!!!!
    Ohhh and we have no slums in my “hell” contrary to your “paradise”.

    And people will get more if married without children in charge and of course even much more if married with children in charge !!!!

    We leave no one on the side in the country of “elementos” as you stated, contrary to the “superior ” country that you belong to where its minority elite cant stop scratching its navel for their good behaviours and governances.

    Enjoy your polluted paradise, very smelly and stinky, physically and mentally degraded !

    Viva BR (for Banana Republic…disguised in a Democracy) and its leaders… starting with INIACIO and all the Da Silva, Amaral, Sarney…just to underline a few names….You Joao Da Silva….has applauded more than once since you became a regular member of this site…and probably years earlier !

    😀 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Or one having a family name such as…Da Silva…for example !
    smilies/grin.gif smilies/wink.gif[/quote]

    At least, this member of “Da Silva” family is willing to admit that he is an illiterate, unlike the recently self proclaimed “Fuerer” of MST , who doubt found his degree in a detergent pack for 99 cents in the corner grocery stores in one of the “shaddy” suburbs of Geneve. 😉 😀

    What a shame, what a shame. Never ever imagined that a respectable and dignified Swiss fellow blogger would turn into a “Red”. 😥 😥

  • ch.c.

    Ohhh and as to Bunker for intimate sex…….
    with plenty of Pampers for those enjoying retracing their youngest childhood years.

    And a zone for those enjoying sex ONLY with minors or children.
    So that they can publicly say they are against sexual tourism.
    Sexual tourism is prohibited in Brazil…not locals sexually addicted to minors and children. Who ever saw a Brazilian Politician complaining about that ? A Brazilian lifestyle and…pass time !

  • ch.c.

    Unless she/he is a card holding member of the MST
    Or one having a family name such as…Da Silva…for example !
    😉 😉

  • jon

    Lula in Playboy nd now this!!!!!!!……..things are getting tawdry in the nation’s capital 😉 😉

  • PT

    Does this actually surprise anyone?

  • João da Silva

    [quote]And never ever trust a brazilian, as innocent as he/she may appears,[/quote]

    Unless she/he is a card holding member of the MST. 😀 😉

  • ch.c.

    Two weeks ago Lula brushed aside the criticisms arguing that the attacks on Sarney by his peers in the senate were “a legislative issue”
    Robbing Hook said something very similar at the start of the vote buying scandal !
    He is brushing aside just about everything…WHEN HE is the Master of all the corrupted people Brazil has.

    Furthermore on the “Lula argued that the senate coalition between the Workers Party and the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party of Sarney was essential to have legislation passed and to reach presidential elections of October 2010.”


    FILTHY PEOPLE always have filthy tricks to arrive at their ESSENTIAL FILTHY GOALS !

    Brazilians, until proven otherwise, LOVE to cheat, lie and hide. This is part of their lifestyle incrusted in their genes.
    And never ever trust a brazilian, as innocent as he/she may appears, should remain a motto for anyone doing business with a brazilian….also until proven otherwise.

    Viva BR…….the Banana Republic !

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