Beauty Who Turned Obama’s Head Is a Brazilian from Rio

Obama and Mayara Youngsters from emerging countries as well as those from the industrialized nations got together in L’Aquila, in Italy, at the same time the leaders of the G8 were helding their summit. The group of youngster known as “Junior 8” – J8 – is discussing among other themes poverty and global warming.

On Thursday, July 9, a representative of each national delegation had the opportunity to meet the leader of their own country for a picture.
The Brazilian representative, the carioca (from Rio de Janeiro) Mayara Tavares, a 16-year-old beauty on its way to meet Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, caught the eyes of a discreet Nicolas Sarkozy and a much less discreet Barack Obama, the presidents of France and the United States respectively.

The picture showing Obama’s covetous gaze at the girl’s derriere has become very popular in the Internet. The site Drudge Report made fun of the scene with the headline: “Second Stimulus Package.”  The American president was shown again close to the Brazilian beauty in much more circumspect pose (see above).

The J8 site thus describes the girl:

“Mayara Tavares is 16 and lives in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She inherited from her grandmother and father a passion to take part in community action and social movements and has been an activist in her community fighting for children and adolescent rights. She has recently acted as a community researcher interviewing other adolescents in the community about their lives and how it feels for them to be growing up in the shantytowns of Rio de Janeiro.

“Through this work she became part of a National Platform for the improvement of poor communities situated in large urban centers, an initiative carried out by UNICEF in Brazil. She also became a member of the Youth Forum in her municipality and hopes that she can continue to engage her peers in this work.”

Lula gave Obama a Brazilian soccer jersey autographed by the Brazilian team’s player, at their morning meeting. Lula gloated about the June 28 soccer match between American and Brazilians in which the US lost 3-2 after having 2 points of advantage at half time.

“Hey, look at this,” Obama said of the jersey. “Beautiful. All right, wonderful. I like that.”

Robert Gibbs, the White House spokesman, later said that the US president ended his session with Silva by vowing, “We will not lose a two-point lead again.”


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  • tiffany


  • Frank

    Are you kidding me?
    Once again, we have a President who is more interested in the ass of a 16-year old then doing the right thing for our country. He is nothing but an imposter. Another black guy with a “velvet tongue” but with zero abilities in the leadership department. God help us all.

  • Eduardo

    I got somehow impressed after reading all of this because it has some quality work and insight. Conclusions you made on your own, so thats very valuable for readers like me.

  • ngockonvang

    Hey folks, calm down, relax. If the guy took a peek at girlÀ‚´s material, that means he is healthy, normal. What else would you rather have, a shit eater?

  • Candly

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  • Spiffy

    Please tell me it ain’t so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ritzy hotel, downtown Sao Paulo about 1800hrs on a Saturday afternoon.. Knockout blonde, miniskirt, high heels, athletic legs, medium but very firm bust, narrow, hard abs, a derrier to ache for with a face made for movies and Jolie lips, about 35 years old walks into the bar of a high dollar hotel by herself. The place is full of foreigners (Americans, Argentians, Canadians, Englishmen, Germans etc.) Other women are already there and still entering. The made for movies gal draws some looks but not much….Why? She has that deer in the headlights look,….yup, American, no doubt about it. I win 100 US on that one. What does this mean? Indeed, there are many beautiful American women, not more nor less than anyplace else (if I had to say, I would say that Kazakhstan women are the most beautiful on the face of this planet, my misguided opinion of course) Back to it…..every body thinks that the women in his country are the most beautiful, pretty natural, I reckon. the American knock out bombshell that walked into the bar wasn’t comfortable with her sexuallity, with her looks, no confidence, nice to look at but there were 30 others in that place that were not so good looking but looked at men like men look at women, that is to say sizing us up. That is what makes Brazilian women so appealing, they “ain’t afraid of theyselves boys”. There are exceptions to every rule, of course but at the end of the day, what the hell does it matter if Obama looked at the end of a girl? Just means he is not too different from me and even if I didn’t vote for him the first time, I might just vote for him the second time. The fact that he will do a double take at a nice body don’t mean nothing. What means something to me is that the guy tries, how many of us can say we will put our cock on the block with our careers like he has? OUR president Obama has got some brass to put up with our bullshit and keep on keeping on with what he thinks is right. The fact that he might like the looks of some chick is just an adder.

  • US Mama

    Idiot Democrats
    I was going to come on here and say big deal if he looks at her back side. It’s a guy thing. Probably the only thing I’d understand from him.
    But THEN I get to reading the statements of some very ignorant obviously Democratic people. HELLO! When are you guys going to stop blaming Bush and realize your ‘OH so savior’ is voting in TRILLIONS of dollars in deficit! Do you UNDERSTAND what deficit is kiddos? DEFICIT means lack! Can we say not enough money kids? You think Republican’s are trying to bury the US? We are trying to make cuts. Yes, cuts hurt. If you were making $50 K a year and spending $90 K a year, shouldn’t you make cuts? Even if it meant a smaller house or things that you wanted you didn’t get to have! I am SO tired of the hand out programs of the BIG government and on top of that all is OBUMMER! He’s gone next year so enjoy him while you can!
    Also, just cause we don’t like Obama, doesn’t make us racist! It means we look at a person for their intelligence and policy. Of which he is seriously lacking! Dropping ‘f’ bombs and calling us names doesn’t make you sound very smart either.

  • anonymous

    more ridiculous Brazilian boasting. Do your really believe this trash? She may be considered gorgeous in Brazil, but Americans have different views of beauty, so don’t assume she would even get the kind of attention she would get in Brazil in the US. But more importantly, what silly gossip and slander against Obama, who is much classier than many world leaders. I can’t believe he would stoop to such a thing: staring at a 16 year old girl. Yeah, this is just the kind of silly fantasy nonsense Brazilians like to believe about their country. Please, whoever wrote this, go back to school, and not one of those pathetic “colleges” where you pressure the teacher to give you and grade of an “A” because your rich daddy paid a lot to get you in the school, but a real good journalism school if they exist in Brazil and study how to do in-depth professional investigative journalism and not this trash that resembles the kind of neighborhood gossip and slander that little old ladies love to whisper to each other about their neighbors.

  • John Galloway

    I do not think she was that much, the women are much better looking in the USA

    I know I have been places where guys are looking at ladies and when I finally catch a view of what they

    are looking at, the girl would make me throw up…..everyone does not have the same tastes, and little baby

    did nothing for me…..And would think Obama was just being a man and looked….our otherprevious President

    likes men better, it is a Republican thing….they have caught several of them in bed in Florida

  • John Galloway

    Obama gave her a look, but he is our President, the best and doing a great job……the fag and idoit we had for the last 8 years really messed this country up……Bush could not even get the family dog give him a lick, all Republicans are RACISTS….Bush started two wars, and big tax cuts for the rich and sent middle class jobs to China…..his 8 years really raped the USA, wall street and the banks running wild….CEOs making millions and Americans being killed in his blood for oil wars…..W the worst ever

  • fabio

    YES, WE CRÀƒ‰U!!!!
    Yes, we CRÀƒ‰U Chicago, tokyo and madrid!!!
    Go Rio de Janeiro!!….Brasil is only country of the world that have the biggest natural resources!!! And with more technology power and investments we will be the best country OF THE WORLD…the super power of the future, Brazil!!!….YES, WE CRÀƒ‰U!!! LULA IS THE MAN!!!

  • Bill Pizani

    Hey folks, calm down, relax. If the guy took a peek at girlÀ‚´s material, that means he is healthy, normal. What else would you rather have, a shit eater?

  • João da Silva

    [quote]She’s only pretty…
    written by Obama, July 10, 2009
    from “behind”!

    Raimunda…..feia de cara, boa de bunda! [/quote]

    You are a very popular commentator, Sr.Obama. You got 35 votes, mine included. 😉

  • Drumbum

    Typical sleaze journalism of the right. Anyone seeing the video knows right away that he was not looking at the girl but back to he large step. The photo has been discredited by some more honest news sources. This is what the right does these days. Just like Sean Hannity cutting a sentence in half to misrepresent it as something it is not, the publishers of this photo and the above article are deliberately, intentionally lying to you. They know the truth but they also know that many of you are stupid enough to believe anything they tell you. Do 10 minutes of research on your own on this and then ask yourself why do you keep listening to sources that you know repeatedly lie to you. They are calling you stupid here and for many of you they are right.

  • The Editrix

    What she is feeling?
    “Can any one comment on what the girl is feeling after all this publicity and persons like Obama and Sarkozy gazing at her butt?”

    I’d say satisfaction that the revealing dress worked so well and she got all the attention she, or rather her arse, clearly doesn’t deserve.

    Why are “conservatives” not asking what her parents thought that they let a girl that young strut her behind, barely concealed by a flimsy bit of cloth, at an international political gathering?

    I’d never thought that I’d ever say anything nice about Obama but the brouhaha about an instinctive and healthy male reaction just shows what a bunch of sexually repressed weirdoes Americans are.

  • asp

    im so happy obama is the president
    the fucking republicans have raped the usa, they have stretched the rectum of america to the limit and have sent it on a path of decline no one can easily bring back

    you little whiners need to just get the hell out of the way .you bitches have been whining and flailing away at obama before he even took office. you all licked the ass of george bush while he led the invasion on iraq based on hype and lies , then you voted him in again.

    this photo bullshit is so fucked up. if you look at the film , its obvious he isnt dogging the girl. anyone can look for a second at anyone, only uptight bitches are making any kind of hoopla out of this for nothing….get a fucking life

    thank god for obama, he is trying to set the usa back on the right path.his only fault is trying to unify and apease disgusting pathetic repbulican ass holes who only want to tank the usa

    and they need to get the dollar firm and strong. that is what americans need to be doing, get congress and polititions as scared as hell of not being re elected if they cant get the dollar stronger. somewhere back there we sold our american souls to china and didnt even know it. these fucking republican greedy bastards pushed this unregulated shit to the limit even if they werent the only ones involved. only blind stupid idiots dont see this and arnt retching from nauseating vomit at what has happned to the country at their hands

  • Pradeep

    What she has to say?
    Can any one comment on what the girl is feeling after all this publicity and persons like Obama and Sarkozy gazing at her butt?

  • Tim

    I am not a supporter of Obama, however, let us b fair. A review of the tape clearly shows that he is not gazing upon the Latin beauty. Cheap shots take away from legitimate concerns about the President’s agenda.

  • Sample Personal Statement essay

    Good from afar… but far from good
    She may be good from afar (or behind) but far from good LOL

    Anyway, to each his own. Regardless, that video of Obama stepping down disproves the whole “Baby got Barack” theory. Sarkozy, with his craning neck, on the other hand… lol

  • Ken Oglesby

    This will in all probability be the ONLY time the messiah and I see eye to eye.
    That is a VERY nice bottom.
    I don’t blame him for looking.
    I’m very certain he was not the only one.

  • shawn

    I disagree with just about every Obama policy there is…but this story just means he’s a normal guy and I can relate to him on this one…would you rather have a fag in office?

  • Jezzika


    We see the reality now… he’s just a ‘regular dumb guy… looking for a little butt action.
    You can dress ’em’ up like a ‘cool dude, and give him a title of ‘President{…
    and new we know he just is a pretender … and bows to Saudi royalty, too.

    This is not my President.
    No Class… No senxe, No ability… The ’emperor’ has no clothes….
    And. he is destroying the United States of America in the world….
    2010 cannot come soon enough.

    Was he really born in Kenya????? if not…PROVE IT.


  • Matt

    Video tells more
    I’m not an Obama supporter but to be fair, when viewing the video it doesn’t appear that he’s gawking at her behind. He might have made a glance at it – and with a backside like that, what guy wouldn’t? – but the still picture makes it look a lot worse than it really is. Frankly, Obama is making enough mistakes in his misguided policies for plenty of criticism. This is a huge waste of time. The press would spend their time more wisely covering Obama’s huge policy blunders.

  • Obama

    She’s only pretty…
    from “behind”!

    Raimunda…..feia de cara, boa de bunda!

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