Brazil Suggests that Neighbors Break Patents to Fight Swine Flu

Tamiflu The leaders of Argentina and Brazil speaking during the Mercosur summit in Paraguay, suggested Friday, July 25, that developing countries should be allowed to lift patent rights so they can produce more vaccines to battle the swine flu, the A/H1N1 virus flu pandemic.

"It would be very advantageous to propitiate a kind of lifting or suspension of the patents law because the World Health Organization has recognized that we're dealing with an epidemic," Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said in her main speech to Mercosur leaders.

Failing to act could mean "condemning millions of people to death" while "suspending" the patents law could save millions of lives, added the Argentine president.

"I hope this won't be misconstrued because I'm not talking about disavowing patent law," underlined Mrs. Kirchner adding that " I'm saying that given this unprecedented pandemic recognized by the WHO, many times some laboratories cannot keep up with world demand for vaccines."

However according to Brazilian news agency reports, the President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, was more direct and proposed that leaders discuss breaking the patents law to help contain the  swine flu pandemic.

The official Brazilian government news agency said Health Minister José Gomes Temporão is negotiating with all vaccine producers to boost the vaccine's availability. "Brazil is willing to defend the health security of its population," the minister was quoted.

Brazil has been successful in recent years in convincing pharmaceutical companies to offer discounts on HIV medication. In 2007 the Brazilian government issued a compulsory license to break the patent on an antiretroviral AIDS drug made by US pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co.

Mrs. Kirchner said Argentina and Brazil both have highly developed pharmaceutical industries and should be able to produce vaccine "that wouldn't be free," Argentina's state news agency, Telam, reported.

"But," Telam quoted the president as saying, "it's beyond question that we're confronting a situation in which the needs of millions of people cannot be subordinated to economic interests."

This week it was announced in Buenos Aires that the local Malbran Institute research laboratory had been successful in discovering the dominant flu strain genome in Argentina, which does not have significant differences with the one detected in other parts of the world, which was described as a "very important revelation" because it will help laboratories to advance in the manufacturing of drugs to fight the disease.



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  • asp

    beleive me , ch c, id love to be wrong about that and the low dollar…
    please tell me im wrong about the low dollar…

    and, nothing would please me more than to know that they had a vacine for this recent flu all prepared…

    ive heard they were close , but, not ready yet, maybe in oct…please tell me im wrong…

    and, knowing that, its hart to swallow we have to wait until next year here in brazil….

    hell yeah, brazil, go ahead and bread the patents…

  • ch.c.
    No doubt the US healthcare system creates a lot of well paid jobs !
    As to its efficiency….certainly not proven.

    Somewhat the same efficiency as the Brazilian system.

    Outside of this and contrary to ASP arguments that there is no such vaccine yet available in developed countries, my answer is…WRONG ! Vaccines exist and are available. And it is because vaccines effectively exist that the filthy Robbing Hook wants to break the patents. Otherwise how could he or anyone break a patent on a vaccine that doesnt exist yet ?

  • forrest allen brown
  • asp

    “where i live 5 months…” i mean that has warm enough weather for beach life for 5 months a year

  • João da Silva

    Glad to know you are still alive and kicking. 😀

  • asp

    oh , ho ho ho , really funny there bo…..
    especialy since its winter down here in the south and its cold as hell….at least you still have great beach time in sergipe…(geese bo, i never said that i havent been through the beauracracy grease in brazil, i have, various times, but, for sure the incredible beach life (where i live only for 5 months or so) and culture (which is weaker where i live than anywhere else in brazil), trumps any disapointments.)

    id be much more worried to go to the usa now because it has more swine flu than anyone…as a matter of fact, i canceled some business trips there for fear of this bug, i just dont want to get it)

    this flu thing is internationial…

    and , “hello everyone”.. they dont have vacinations for this new flu .yet

    i am just frustrated as hell that i have to face this bug. i get my flu shots every year so i dont have to get the will surly kick my living ass to hell.and there has been a lot of mis information about it , and , confusion

    joao, if i get it and have to go afterwards to sus, its all ready too late….but the cute nurses will be at least some kind of compensation if i have to go…

  • forrest allen brown

    go to the US you will get free shots as long as you are there ileagley and the US tak payers will
    pay for it for you .

  • Bo

    Of course….
    [quote]can somebody tell me what the f**k is happening with this shit ?
    written by asp, July 25, 2009 [/quote]

    What is it that you’re always telling me? Relax, go down to the beach and look at the beautiful bundona’s. Go and eat some delicious, traditional, brazilian food. “Relax e gozar!!” 😉

    We’re in the paradise of brazil ASP. “No stress!”

    Don’t forget to buy a box of surgical masks and hope for the best! 😉

  • João da Silva

    [quote]my question is , do you think the private clinics will try to import the vacine in when it is invented in another country ?

    No, I don’t think so. It is not in their interest. That is the reason I am suggesting you go to SUS. They have all sort of vaccines that are given free. The flu vaccine they give depend upon your age .BTW, in the SUS clinics, there are very pretty nurses and a charming fella like your excellent self shouldn’t have any problem in getting the right vaccine!! The weather is cold and wet here in the paradise and just make sure you take care of yourself and the family. We can not afford to see you sick at this crucial moment for our Great Republic and if you need to know which unit of SUS you should go, please do give me an e-mail. 😀

    Lets not forget that “Prevention is better than Cure” 🙁

  • asp

    thanks joao, but ….
    all the reports we see show that where ever this flu enters with force, the medical consulting places get swamped beyond beleif with people coming in with simpotns. it can take 12 hours to get seen , which would be exactly what i dont want if i have flu symptoms and am suffering greatly…

    they also say, because of this , that people shouldnt go to the doctor if they get it unless its really serious….but , that is confusing info.

    my question is , do you think the private clinics will try to import the vacine in when it is invented in another country ?

    im hoping they will…

  • João da Silva

    [quote]i do not want this f**king disease, i got flu shots for the conventional flu because if i get it i wll suffer enormasly…

    Relax, Bro. All you have to do is to go to the nearest SUS clinic and consult a doctor (It takes much less time than fixing up an appointment with a private doctor). Unless, some recent rules have forbidden SUS to attend a scholarly and friendly Gringo such as your excellent self. But…But…, I don’t think that SUS here will pick on ya, because of the fact that you are a Gringo. Fortunately, you are living in a civilized state.

    Cheers. 😉 😀

  • asp

    can somebody tell me what the fuck is happening with this shit ?
    ive been hearing that brazil cant make the vacine until next brazilian winter in april or may….they say something like the other countries will make theirs for their winters in oct but brazil cant make its vacine until next year…

    will they be able to import vacines for private health clinics from europe or the states this year ?

    do we really have to wait until next year ?

    i do not want this fucking disease, i got flu shots for the conventional flu because if i get it i wll suffer enormasly…

    it is a hell just watching and waiting until it arrives here en masse…

    what is the fucking deal on this?

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