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Secret Is Out: Agile Is GM’s 100% Brazilian Car

Brazilian GM General Motors Brazil disclosed the first undisguised image of Chevrolet Agile, a new model by the brand to be released in October. The car, according to GM, was fully developed by the design and engineering areas at the company's Vehicle Development center, located in São Caetano do Sul, in Greater São Paulo.

According to the company, Agile is the first of a new family of vehicles, the Viva family. Investment in the development of the vehicle and in the production lines, in Brazil and Argentina, totaled US$ 400 million. The car is turned to emerging markets.

It is a hatchback, but the GM press department did not disclose any further information about the dimensions of the vehicle. Reporters were told to deduce the size of the vehicle from the photograph. It is hard to make such a deduction without seeing the car live, although it seems to be a compact car. Readers may feel free to come to their own conclusions.

The only information about the vehicle is in the quotes of company executives in a press release. "It is a vehicle that goes beyond a traditional hatchback. Our task was to think up the ideal car for a Brazilian customer, who is demanding. Daring design is fundamental, as is internal space and a crossover aspect. That is, of a vehicle that shows great versatility, attracting several profiles, from the urban to the sporty, or an appearance that appreciates the country," said the Design general director at GM Brazil, Carlos Barba, in a press statement.

According to the president at GM Brazil and Mercosur, Jaime Ardilla, "the Agile, one of the main Chevrolet and market novelties, shows the faith we have in the Brazilian consumer and in the potential of the country."

Also according to the press statement, the vice president at the carmaker, José Carlos Pinheiro Neto, declared that the car is "clear demonstration of the capacity, technology and infrastructure of GM Brazil, which currently dominates the development of a totally new vehicle, from conception to drawing and production at the assembly line, including the main areas, like design, powertrain and manufacturing."

GM has in Brazil one of its five global centers for creation and development of vehicles. Last year, according to a press statement, the company broke its sales records in the country, with 548,941 units traded.



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  • Ted Lemon

    sorry…sorry….but yes, this is GM, but a successful version of GM, one the builds cars that people actually need, doesn’t balloon the number of models a line offers, or focus on cheap materials over quality and the safety of its customers, and one that didn’t shutdown factories all over the country, sell its golden goose off (gmac financing branch) or its “farm” to maintain bloated, unsustainable operations in the US and canada. Also, dont forget, this is a country that by the 1970s was already completely energy independent with every car offering flex fuel. Yes the company is American originally, and yes the tecnhology may be American a s well, but its how you use that technology that counts. How can GM outsell or compete with toyota and other foreign cars in Brazil (and in most places) and not do the same here at home? The company is American…and it is being run like an American (ie: the whole world is doing one thing…so lets do the other thing). And btw, im a ford man.

  • ch.c.

    Agile Is GM’s 100% Brazilian Car
    Sorry sorry but…but…but….. it remains a GM car…not a Brazilian car…..by definition !

    As to the navel caressing of Brazilians, sure they dont give at all the details of who makes the engines, breaks or whatever !

    And sorry sorry….but…but…..even the technology remains to GM and not to Brazil and/or Brazilians !
    TECHNOLOGY ALWAYS BELONGS TO WHOM PAID FOR IT ! And in this case it is GM and no one else !

    It would be the same for Intel chips, for example ! Regardless of where and who developed and build them and regardless of the nationality of the engineers or scientists !

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