US Gives Brazilian Terrorist Visa So He Can Listen to Jazz in New Orleans

Paulo de Tarso Venceslau Brazilian economist and journalist Paulo de Tarso Venceslau, a former Brazilian guerrilla who in 1969 was involved in the abduction of US ambassador Charles Elbrick, has been extended a visa to travel to the United States by the consulate office in São Paulo.

According to Venceslau, the fact the American President Barack Obama administration agreed to extend him a visa marks a complete different attitude from the previous government of former president George Bush.

For three times the economist applied to visit the US and three times had the visa denied for being in a black list as a terrorist.

"I couldn't believe," he stated. "Most of the time I wouldn't get even to the first window. When I got there this time and the guy asked me why I wanted to go, I said: "To listen to a little of jazz in Chicago and New Orleans and walk around New York's cultural centers. He then checked the computer, looked at the papers and told me: "You got it." I thought: "I can't believe it. Are these new times? Has Obama really changed things?."

The news also recalls that current Social Communications minister Franklin Martins and Fernando Gabeira, member of Congress for the Green party were also involved in the kidnapping of Elbrick during Brazil's military regime (1964/1985). When Lula travels to the US he takes Martins's assistant with him since the minister himself was never able to enter the United States.

Congress member Gabeira had requested a visa during the administration of former President Bush but was rejected and impeded from traveling to the US.

Daniel Arão Reis, quoted in the daily O Estado de S. Paulo, and who in the sixties belonged to the organization which planned the abduction of the US ambassador, said that the Obama administration has adopted a more "liberal" position regarding former Brazilian guerrillas.

Reis argued that those who participated in the kidnapping of diplomats "have benefited from a Brazilian government amnesty" and are no longer believers in the armed struggle, so preventing them from traveling to United States "is a kind of punishment that doesn't make sense in our times."

Elbrick was exchanged for the liberation of fifteen political prisoners who were flown to Algeria. The kidnap was re-edited in the 1997 film "Four days in September" with Alan Arkin portraying Elbrick.

Gabeira was later caught, imprisoned, and then freed in another prisoner exchange, this time for the kidnapped West German ambassador. He lived in exile for ten years, returning to Brazil in 1979 taking advantage of a political amnesty.



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  • fareler

    How come that US policy is changing so fast? Just because Obama or?

  • ch.c.

    Wait a second….wait a second…..Augustus and Severino……
    Brazil is doing EXACTLY THE SAME !

    An Italian terrorist of the 1970s or 1980s and who MURDERED people in Italy has also found refuge in Brazil !
    When Italy, in January 2009 asked Brazil for his deportation, Brazil answered Noooooo !
    And guess the Brazilian Justice excuse was ?
    Welllll…read it by yourself :

    And Brazil also said no to Italy because the terrrorist may be PERSECUTED in Italy ! Hmmmmm
    Here it is

    And there even was an article on this site….by the way

    Now in view of Severino statement “Oil Prostitutes -America will do anything for oil.” should I then say….MAFIA PROSTITUTE – BRAZIL WILL DO ANYTHING FOR MAFIA ?
    Half brain Severino is a typical Brazilian…if you see what I mean !
    May be his real father is no one else than Iniacio !


    ASP – Additional info / clarification: TROTSKYISM /// Lenin’s N.E.P.
    Firstly, I would like to explain TROTSKYISM vis-ÀƒÂ -vis the previously described the traditional Communist faction of MARXISM-LENINISM.
    in the first Soviet Politburo, when Lenin was the general secretary, with several other prominent early communists sitting at his side, including STALIN & TROTSKY, there was one KEY difference between two groups, namely: The had to decide between COMMUNISM NOW – in only ONE country (namely the USSR) OR to continue the Revolution, fight all other countries – GLOBAL COMMUNISM.
    – The faction which adhered to the view whereby they should be content (at the early days of the USSR) with COMMUNISM IN ONE COUNTRY NOW – led by Stalin, believed they should concentrate their efforts with the consolidation of their new regime in the Soviet Union, particularly because they had to fight several internal reactionaries for some time – AND THEN worry about spreading their Revolution to other countries – THIS Was the winning faction which persuaded LENIN — MARXISM LENINISM
    – The other faction, Led by TROTSKY, felt that Communism would not be safe until the entire world, or at least the main European powers – especially Germany – had been brought to their side. As such, they felt that there should be no peace and no compromise with the CAPITALIST ENEMIES. Since Lenin died early and Stalin brilliantly took over the post, transforming his role into the most Tyrannical position the world had ever seen, immediately got rid of his main opponent TROTSKY – by first sending him to exile in Mexico City, and then sending his agents to Mexico to “take care of loose ends” and murdering him. Yet, many continued following the slain communist views and were given the name TROTSKYITES.

    Now as for your comment on the communists aversion to Capitalism, specially the HYPOCRITICAL position of the People’s Republic of China which has the audacity to continue calling itself communist whereas its economy is TOTALLY capitalist (ACTUALLY I label such system MARKET-LENINISM – which makes sense, given the previous definitions)À¢€¦
    Anyhow, even LENIN just before dying REALIZED his mistake in attempting to impose a strictly Marxist economy in a country such as Russia, which, in essence remained FEUDAL. Thus, he decided to reform the system, bring back some doses of capitalism (which incidentally might have worked well for Russia) with the implementation of the NEP (New Economic Policy. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately-in the long run) Lenin died shortly thereafter, and Stalin completely dismantled the NEP and replaced it with a BRUTAL forced communist economy, literally moving millions of peasants across the USSR at gun point…
    Given the ODIOUS nature of this MALIGN, unrealistic, IDEALISTIC system, it amazes me that any one (without ulterior motives) honestly believes that such system could work in a society made composed of GREEDY, SELFISH, potentially EVIL Human Beings… WITHOUT the protections of the “checks & balances” which work to protect the Human creature FROM ITSELF!

  • asp

    thanks for the definition , augustus
    and let me clarify, the modern neo commies dont quote from the communist manifesto. they quote from the soviet union propaganda page that had the best minds in the ussr building up this veiw of how the usa is the root cause of all the evils going on now….of course , fidels snot is all over it….boy, his party sure went sour when the soviet union failed….

    here is the thing , all the variations of the marxist theories, marxism, marx lenninism, trotskyism, maoism…they all condemn united states and capatalism , since the usa is the capatalist machine , even though the chinese are playing a capatalist game now and cuba is finding they have to break the marxist rules to make thier economies work…

    the minute i hear a polition in south america starting to rail at the usa and its capatalistic style and they find fault in everything the usa ever did and not find some kind of flaw and responsibility from the soviet union and china and cuba , and , the islamic fundimentalists ( who started reading off this soviet propaganda page and just look like dummies for doing it), i know they arnt looking at the real truth of the whole picture.

    there is plenty to criticise the usa about, but without some kind of balance and acknowledgement that there were plenty of other dirty playing going on by all parties, then it becomes a flawed logic…

    and beleive me i have as little patience for the right wingers who think obama is a socialst and see commies coming out of the wood work….they are equal part bullshit with the neo coms…i hate them both


    END OF PREVIOUS COMMENT – accidentally cut-off
    As such, it was up for an enlightened VANGARD Group, to establish a Communist Party – ON BEHALF OF THE WORKERS – and thereby provide them with the CONCIOUSNESS they could not develop; and that such VANGARD COMMUNIST PARTY would LEAD the workers into a REVOLUTION in order to bring about the COMMUNIST STATE – THIS IS CLASSICAL “LENINISM” — THUS the term MARXIST-LENINIST!!!


    CH-C. Regarding your statement:
    [quote]An Italian terrorist of the 1970s or 1980s and who MURDERED people in Italy has also found refuge in Brazil
    When Italy, in January 2009 asked Brazil for his deportation, Brazil answered Noooooo ! [/quote]
    I could not POSSIBLY AGREE MORE! Brazil was WRONG!
    In fact, I go a STEP way further, completely opposite to the RIDICULOUS OVERLY LENIENT (suicidal AND stupid) European position against DEATH PENALTY.
    [u][i][b]These terrorist animals should be hunted, handled and treated like the VERMIN they truly are – NO HUMAN Rights consideration, NO DUE PROCESS! They should be SHOT on the SPOT wherever found! No Dead or Alive bullsh*t – DEAD ON THE SPOT, PERIOD![/b][/i][/u]

    As for ASP questions on Communism
    Firstly, I will explain about the Internationale: while it was indeed a Soviet inspired (possibly also composed) hymn, it was not designed to be restricted to any individual nation, but rather the Internationale was intended to be regarded as the Anthem for International Communism! As such, it was regularly played throughout NOT ONLY the former USSR, but also throughout their former Eastern Bloc, Cuba, China, North Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Angola, and Mozambique – that is, it was applicable to all former COMECOM member (The Socialist Common Market – with the caveat that the USSR and the People’s Rep of China were not formal allies, but adversaries for the leading role of Prime Socialist State)

    As for the ELUSIVE notion of Communism versus what you may have read on the Communist Manifesto, BE CAREFUL with the misuse of terminology!!!!
    Firstly, what was INCORRECTLY labeled as “communism” for the former regime which had “created” AT (and later globally imposed by) the USSR, was MARXIST-LENINISM.
    With that said, you must bear in mind that the Communist Manifesto contains STRICTLY “pure Marxism” – as envisioned by Karl Marx, whereby COMMUNISM would evolve gradually within a process which started with Tribal Primitive Communism ==> Feudalism ==> Capitalism ==> Socialism ==> True Communism. An evolving process whereby the peasants and mainly the Industrial Workers (the members of a Proletariat) would eventually DEVELOP their socialist Consciousness and THEY (they workers ) would demand, and eventually establish a Communist Worker/Peasant Society.
    LENIN, however, a few decades later, objected to the detail that the workers (and surely the peasants) were way too oppressed to EVER be in a position to develop any “socialist consciousness”. As such, it was up for an enlightened VANGARD Group, to establish a Communist Party – ON BEHALF OF THE WORKERS – and thereby provide them with the CONCIOUSNESS they could not develop; and that such VANGARD COMMUNIST PARTY would LEAD the workers into a REVOLUTION in order to bring about the

  • asp

    augustus, that is funny…blaaaaaaahahahahahahahah
    i saw that one too !! what the hell is that song “internationale”…it sounded like a soviet union work song…

    personaly, for me ,its an education, to see the basic points made by people like the moan chumpski brigade and american haters the world wide, cristilised in the basic comunist propaganda speil that basicly came from the flawed , failed soviet union…

    almost word for word , the same words, and mischaractorisations. these american haters around the world just dont know it but the shit came right from the old hammer and cycle

    so its great to see these things to really uinderstand the roots and the flaws…like watching fox news in the states. i like to watch that to see what the idiots are saying , i hate them as much as the amerian haters who rally around the hammer and cycle (even if they dont know it)

    i tell you, before i came down to brazil , i had the most rudimentary knowledge of what communism was , when i got to brazil,i heard so much resentment towards the usa and so many red flaggers i everntualy went out and brought the communist manifesto to really get what the fuck was going on….and there was the straight up bullshit all packed in there ” you cant start a small business…”, “rise up and revolt…”, “everything is for the state”, “the capatalists are all wrong…””the borgouiose are what is wrong with society…” etc

    so,i consider myself lucky to be down here to be educated on the side in the world and is in brazil, that really hates america ( and im not saying all brazilians hate america, i say there are a bunch of people here who do ppliticaly play into that). it makes me educate myself harder on the history of what happened to understand the real truth for both the usa and brazil…….

    but, hey, give that guy a visa and let him hear some jazz, that is totaly cool with me

  • Severino

    Oil Prostitutes
    America will do anything for oil.


    What else can one possibly expect from a government led by radical socialists in disguise? When I was in Brazil (until last week), I nearly had a heart attack when I stared at the TV set, À‚« Bouche bÀƒ©e À‚» (boqueaberto), in a state of shock, a relatively long “propaganda” (part of the campaign for the upcoming presidential elections) by the PCB (Brazilian Communist Party) filled with RED FLAGS, while the melodie of the “INTERNATIONALE” was being played in the background…

    I’m afraid our good friends in the Brazilian Armed forces may have been way to lenient, during their government (1964-1985) since it appears they were unable to ELIMINATE this horrific threath from within the national territory

    As such, I’m not at all surprised by the SHAMELESS insult described in the above editorial!

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