World Hunger: Blame It on Farm Subsidies and Oil Prices, Says Brazil

Brazilian president Lula During his current visit to Ghana, in Africa, Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, blamed rising oil prices for the current global food crisis, saying that biofuels had nothing to do with the problem, as some have suggested.

He also insisted that escalating oil prices are pushing up freight costs, which in turn affects world food prices.

"Ethanol production has not contributed in any way to the food price crises," Lula told a news conference in Accra, where he was attending a United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD.

However UNCTAD has criticized Brazil for encouraging its farmers to grow biofuels including sugarcane, castor beans and corn, instead of traditional food crops. The UN body says the shift is a factor in the reduction of food production.

Lula said such criticism was unfounded and that there is enough land for production of both food and biofuels, especially in Africa.

To solve the global food crisis, "rich countries should end subsidies to their agricultural production and they should open market access to agricultural produce from the developing world," underlined the Brazilian president.

"It is not fair that more than one billion people consume less than the necessary calories and protein for our survival," the Brazilian president said. He also called on developed countries to transfer their agricultural expertise to the developing world to enable them to produce their required crops

"The success that Brazil has achieved in food production can be done in Africa," he said after a meeting with Ghana's President John Kufuor. "Forty years ago, Brazil's savannah zones were considered wastelands, but technology has changed that" and Africa can do the same.

The two countries signed three agreements to transfer technology to Ghana for the production of biofuels and manioc.



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  • João da Silva

    [quote]let the people vote on there pay not let them just say we want them

    and just then we may go back to a democracy instead of an iditocracy[/quote]

    Not likely to be in the foreseeable future. Please do read the following link:


    At least GWB is leaving by the end of this year!

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    i would like to see it happen in the US
    but also only let them have 6 months to win you over not a year and a half .
    also make them give up there post in congress or senant .
    put a limit on spending and on donations .

    get rid of the electro college ,
    only let them have 8 years in congress

    let the people vote on there pay not let them just say we want them

    and just then we may go back to a democracy instead of an iditocracy

  • João da Silva

    [quote]we all pay for our stupid choices after the elections[/quote]

    We all repeat the stupidity! All the time I commit the stupidity of casting votes for the losers, knowing full well that they would not win.It doesn’t bother me, because the people in my circle of friends and relatives who voted for the “winners” did not get any benefits either from the ones they voted for.I always thought that obligatory voting in Brasil is very good as it encouraged the citizens to exercise their rights. I am no longer sure if it is good. Why waste your time going to the polls, when you know that honest people are not going to win?

    It would be interesting to hear your view points on this.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers.
    why feed the poor they have many breading machines running the streets of brazil

    do you think they would stop all there money to buy houses in the USA and EU

    too Joao you know better than to ask that one

    the US has too pay money to brasil in the same order to import to brasil

    that tax money could be spent on food for brasilians in need
    but no it is squandred by the crooked government in brasil same as in the US .

    we all pay for our stupid choices after the elections

  • João da Silva

    [quote]One way or another, that money could be routed to buy a lot of rice and beans to feed the poor in Brasil.[/quote]

    The money “could be routed”. But my question: WILL it be routed for this purpose or deviated to buy Caviar and Scotch for the lefties?

  • conceicao

    The terms of trade are still so biased against Brasil that Brasilian producers are having to pay about $300 million per year in tariffs to the United States government for the supposed privilege of supplying the U.S.
    market with sugar-based ethanol. One way or another, that money could be routed to buy a lot of rice and beans to feed the poor in Brasil.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]people waste too much , time[/quote]

    trying to determine the sex of the angels!

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    i grow my own food
    people waste too much , time , air , food , water ,

    and place blame on others to cover there own mistakes .

    my land is used to produce food not for export but to feed the people in

    the street markets of the towns around my farm , we dont sell to stores as the middle men

    in brazil mark up the food to high and the fresh veggies spoil on the shelves ,
    and are thrown on the streets for the flies to eat .

    with brazil exporting more food over seas the poor in brazil will be more
    apt to go hungry , as price in brasil will increse while the
    big farmers make huge profits at the hands of there workers whom wont
    share in extra pay .

    and the countries brasil exports to the poor still go hungry as the exported
    food is to expensive for them to eat .

    but yet millions of tons food go uneaten each year as it is spoiled by holding it back
    to raise prices to make better profits

    and then again the poor trying to fed themselves break laws to help feed them

    the take fish to small to breed whitch stops the cycle of life .
    they take fruits to eat and dont replant the seeds so no new trees come up .
    they kill animals for food that should not be eaten but that is all they have

    it is going to get worse too a point where the land will be striped bare of all plants
    look at easter island and see what happened to them when
    population is not kept in check and food is lost

    let the poor glean the fields for the food you cant sell
    feed the rest to the field animails

  • conceicao

    According to a recent Fortune magazine article, 100 % of Brasil’s domestic gasahol needs are met from cultivation of only 1% of Brasil’s arable land.

  • ..

    [quote]Joao, you may see soon CDN polar bears floating by Sugar Loaf….[/quote]

    Send the good ole CDN polar bears further down to the south. We can always use a couple of them as pets. No need to worry about feeding them. Ch.c has promised to send plenty of Swiss tourists to keep the bears well fed and happy.

    Now, talking seriously, please do explain this statement of yours:

    [quote]Do we wait for another LIve Aid concert circa 1985? It really is a complex issue this new reality of ours. [/quote]

    I have been warning since the beginning of 2007 about the oncoming food crisis. The credit also goes to people like Forrest and Ch.c (in all fairness). I repeat,as you said rightly, it is the tip of an iceberg.

  • jon

    Again we go around in a vicious circle…food prices are increasing, some food production is falling ,oil is increasing, countries are suspending exports of certain food commodities because of the above, and we witness countries like Haiti that has to import 80% of it’s food
    Do we wait for another LIve Aid concert circa 1985? It really is a complex issue this new reality of ours.

    The Arctic ice is melting and countries such as Canada, US, Russia, Denmark and Norway are rushing to stake their claims to the potential oil deposits underneath the new open waters much to the chagrin of the entrenched interests that are thanking fossil fuel emmisions that helped to melt the ice in the first place

    Joao, you may see soon CDN polar bears floating by Sugar Loaf….

  • ..

    [url][/url] 🙂

  • swiss pride

    hey Ch.c
    Is your daddy still milking the bulls without hands like your sisters? 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

  • swiss pride

    can’t stop lughing!!! Hey Ch.c
    Are them your brothers? Is your mom involved in any sex scandalls with the Bisons!!! 😉 😉 😉 😉

  • swiss pride

    Meanwhile here are two uplifting news from the corrupted and criminal Swiss minds !!!
    Brazil Federal Police: Local Credit Suisse Employee Arrested4-23-08 12:57 PM EDT | SAO PAULO -(Dow Jones)- The Brazilian Federal Police have arrested “a high level employee” of the local branch of Swiss bank Credit Suisse Group (CS) as part of an investigation dating from 2006, the police said Wednesday in a statement.
    According to the statement, the employee, identified only by the initials C.P.W., was arrested in Rio de Janeiro. The arrest was part of an ongoing operation by the police. The operation has resulted in arrests of a number of employees of different banks in Brazil in connection with allegations of money laundering and other financial crimes.Police alleged that C.P.W. was offering certain financial services to local residents without Brazilian central bank authorization.A police spokesman said authorities will offer more details about the investigation later Wednesday.Credit Suisse spokesmen weren’t immediately available for comment.

    “We Swiss” Caut red handed in Subprime fiasco

    UBS blames bonuses and weak controls
    Monday, 21 April 2008 18:17
    Switzerland’s biggest bank UBS has conceded that weak controls and a pay structure that encouraged risky deals were among key factors leading to its massive losses which were linked to risky US mortgages.

    In a 50-page report to shareholders, the bank set out the causes leading to writedowns of more than À¢‚¬23.4 billion. These made UBS the bank worst-hit so far by the US sub-prime home loan crisis.

    UBS cited the failure by its market risk control team to sufficiently ‘challenge’ the desk dealing with collaterallised debt obligations (CDOs) even when its sub-prime holdings were growing significantly.

    In addition, it said its pay structure for employees provided ‘insufficient incentives to protect the UBS franchise long-term’. The report, a summary of findings made to the Federal Banking Commission earlier, was published just two days before shareholders gather at the bank’s annual general meeting.

    In February, UBS posted its first full year loss for 2007. In April, it issued a profit

  • ch.c.

    What an idiot this Robin the Crook !!!!!!!
    “rich countries should end subsidies to their agricultural production”
    Does he believes that by reducing subsidies…..prices will come down ?
    Hmmmm !

    What about the Brazilian subsidies through the BNDES offering long term lending at 8 % below
    the Brazilian Government Bonds rates ?

    Ohhhhh and what about the Brazilian subsidies on coffee ?????
    Tens of poor countries are suffering due to the “low prices” when prices are in fact 10 %
    below a multi years high ????? This doesnt stop His Excellence the Crook… subsidise the Brazilian coffee industry.
    Just read this article, published TODAY :

    Of course Brazilian subsidies are healthy….but not when done by others !

    Robin the Crook should better suck his cock before opening his smelly mouth !!!!

    😀 😉

  • augusto

    the truth
    brazil is a big country we do more than we need ,we export food , we are one of the biggest food exporters in the world the question is not the high prices of the food but the infamous loww prices of our commodities in the international market. even a dog have his day and the days became to be ours.

  • conceicao

    The supposedly “best and brightest” who run these global institutions just have to get past this notion that global economic progress can be enhanced by holding back peoples whose comparative advantage happens to be
    in the production of agricultural commodities. The best way to assure the nutritional needs of the world’s poor is to assure that agricultural producers receive the just profits that a free market affords them. Increased
    investment and production will naturally follow from the profits as we have seen over time in Mato Grosso. And the best way to start in deprived areas like Africa or the Caribbean the virtuous circle of agricultural goods profits begetting increased production
    may well be introduction of the high profit margin sugar-based ethanol industry. Re-investment of ethanol profits doesn’t have to be back into ethanol. Markets adjust and re-investment may go into food crops in the
    same way that you now see American farmers allocating their acreage toward wheat and soybeans to capture market opportunities.

  • forrest allen brown

    but when you turn food baced crop land over to sugar cain
    then you raise the price of food by two

    UN oil for food was run by the same crooks that brought you
    the DARFU mess we are in now .
    the last 3 UN prieadents need to go to jail along with most of the
    senators and congresmen as they are all a bunch of thiefs

    if you made them work for $50.000 a yera none would be in politics

    the world gives tons of food and farming equipment away a year .
    the US military water services board has drilled 3600 water wells in 23 countries
    in 7 years .
    and what happens the war lords move in and take the food , sell the equipment
    and hold the water well as ther own .
    they should be tried for crimes agusent huminity .

    aw screw that just kill them save the money on the trails
    then others would learn by there mistakes

  • conceicao

    It is amazing how in so short a time Brasil has gone from poster child whipping boy for the IMF and World Bank to world intellectual leader and truth teller when it comes to global energy and agricultural markets – and
    from Lula no less. All these corrupt structures impeding free trade in agricultural goods in general and sugar-based ethanol in particular should be torn down like the Berlin wall or abolished like the U.N.’s oil-for-food
    fiasco with Saddam.

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