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Brazilian Student Expelled for Wearing Miniskirt Sues to Be Reinstated

Brazilian student Geisy Arruda The case of a Brazilian student expelled from school for wearing a miniskirt after being booed and threatened with rape by colleagues seems to have become a matter of national security in Brazil. Local, state, federal government, Bar Association and even Congress have now jumped into the bandwagon of condemnation of Uniban, Bandeirantes University.

On Sunday, November 8, Uniban bought an ad in which it announced it was kicking out tourism student Geisy Arruda, 20, blaming her for the incident and accusing her of indecent exposure and lurid behavior.

It all started October 22, when the girl was harassed by hundreds of her colleagues on campus for wearing a skimpy skirt. Threatened with violence and even rape she only was able to leave the school escorted by the Military Police, after a friend of hers called 190, the Brazilian 911. Scenes of what happened were registered in cell phones and posted on YouTube.

The lawyer for Arruda, intends to file for an injunction at the São Bernardo forum, in the Greater São Paulo, where the university is located, this Tuesday, so she can get back to school immediately.

Nehemias Domingos de Melo's, the lawyer, says that his intention is to be able to get his client back to college before the start of the final exams. Since the school year is about to finish in Brazil, Arruda does not want to lose the whole year, but she has already announced that she intends to look for another college next year.

In ads published Sunday in the main São Paulo newspapers, Uniban announced that it had opened an enquiry to investigate Arruda's story and had concluded that she was guilty of disrespecting the university's ethical principles as well as "academic dignity and morality."

The defense doubts the enquiry was balanced and complains that it wasn't shown the testimonies of those who testified against the student. Uniban interviewed the young woman for about five hours on Thursday.

Arruda says that the had to answer the same questions several times and that they ended distorting her words in the paid note published in the press announcing her expulsion. Moreover she claims that she never received a communication about her ousting and was made aware of it through the press.

 See full story in Brazzil Mag http://www.brazzilmag.com/content/view/11402/1/  


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