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From 18 Congressmen to Be Sacked in Brazil, 7 Are from Ruling PT

The Post Office and Vote Buying Congressional Inquiries (CPIs), in Brazil, approved a joint preliminary report drawn up by their redactors, Osmar Serraglio (PMDB party from Paraná state) and Ibrahim Abi-Ackel (PP – Minas Gerais), respectively.

The report brings charges against 18 deputies, which could result in their expulsion, and former deputy, Valdemar Costa Neto, who has already resigned.

The report now goes to the president of the Chamber, Severino Cavalcanti (PP – Pernambuco) who, it is expected, will forward it to the Ethics Commission where a decision will be made on whether or not to have a floor vote on expulsion.

The deputies are accused of illegal campaign financing practices, placing cronies in strategic positions in state-run enterprises and getting kickbacks from them, as well as receiving cash payments in exchange for voting for the government in Congress.

They are: Carlos Rodrigues (PL – Rio de Janeiro), José Janene (PP – Paraná), Pedro Correia (PP – Pernambuco), Pedro Henry (PP – Mato Grosso do Sul), Sandro Mabel (PL – Goiás), João Magno (PT – Minas Gerais), João Paulo Cunha (PT – São Paulo), José Borba (PMDB – Paraná), Josias Gomes da Silva (PT – Bahia), Paulo Rocha (PT – Bahia), Professor Luizinho (PT – São Paulo ), Romeu Queiroz (PTB – Minas Gerais), Vadão Gomes (PP – São Paulo), Vanderval Santos (PL – São Paulo), José Mentor (PT – São Paulo), Roberto Brant (PFL – Minas Gerais), José Dirceu (PT – São Paulo) and Roberto Jefferson (PTB – Rio de Janeiro).



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