US and Russia Have No Moral Authority to Stop Iran from Building A-Bomb, Says Lula

Angela Merkel and Lula Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, during a press conference in Berlin, this Thursday, December 3, suggested that the US and Russia should first get rid of their nuclear arsenals before trying to prevent Iran from building its own atomic bomb.

Lula also argued that the international community should have patience with Iran and keep negotiating with that country on nuclear matters.

The Brazilian leader made his comments alongside German chancellor, Angela Merkel, soon after she talked about losing patience with Teheran due to the lack of objective results in the negotiations with the country, which have been dragging for four years.
"The best and the cheapest for all of us is to believe in negotiations and have lots of patience," said Lula. "I think that to deal with Iran as if it were an insignificant country, increasing every day the pressure over Iran, might not result in a good thing. As Iran is a country with very strong culture, 80 million inhabitants and very serious domestic problems, we need to increase the patience level in order to increase the conversation level with Iran."

Lula then recalled that in a span of a few days he "had the luck" of meeting the presidents of Israel, the Palestinian authority and Iran: "I talked a lot with every one of them and I think there's always a chance for us to find a way for people to agree that peace is much cheaper and much more effective than war."

The Brazilian leader talked about the need to create a climate of trust among world leaders. "I've already talked about this with my dear friend Angela Merkel today, I talked to president Obama in Pittsburgh, I talked to Sarkozy, I talked to Gordon Brown. It is necessary to establish a new kind of conversation to see if we reduce the widespread mistrust level that exists today. We need to create a condition of trust so that we can dream about the negotiation."

Lula went on: "My position is very clear. My country has something in the constitution – it's not a government's decision, it's  something approved by the 1988 Brazilian Constitution in 1988 – that forbids the use of nuclear weapons. And we in Brazil have uranium enrichment to produce electric power. And that's what we want for Iran. It is the same that Brazil has. The same that Brazil accepted for itself we accept for Iran and I think that only by talking we can reach an agreement to deal with the Middle East."

The president stressed once again the need for dialogue and understanding: "I don't know if I am naí¯ve, I don't know if I am too optimistic, but I believe a lot, a lot, in peoples' capacity to convince and dialogue. And we are trying to offer our contribution and I hope the best will happen.

"So that we don't have nuclear weapons in Iran and that there aren't nuclear weapons in any country in the world. That the United States disables its weapons, that Russia disables theirs. Because the moral authority to ask others to not have them we get by not having them ourselves.

"This is important and I'm from a country, which has inscribed in the Constitution the non proliferation of nuclear weapons. Therefore I am very comfortable when I say that. Now, it is important that those who have them start to dismantle their arsenals so that we have more arguments to convince others."

In a joint communiqué Lula and Merkel, expressed their hope that Iran would answer positively to the international community's offer and they also asked Teheran to cooperate entirely with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) (IAEA) and to comply with UN's resolutions.

The German chancellor made a point to express her frustration over the lack of progress in the negotiations and announced that she is in favor of using new sanctions against Iran. She charged the country with violating international agreements for four years.

The crisis started in 2002 when it was discovered that Iran had kept a secret nuclear program for 18 years. Three months ago, the IAEA obtained proof that Teheran was secretly building another nuclear plant with evidence that it wasn't being built for peaceful purposes. Despite Brazil's opposition these new findings led the Atomic Agency to pass a resolution demanding the program suspension.

Lula's German trip seems also to have boosted the Brazilian president's international popularity. Fascinated more than other publications by the Brazilian leader charisma, the German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung  wrote on its front page the headline:  "The Brazilian president in Germany: Lula superstar". Lula is presented as a star who leads the "Latin American giant," and he is celebrated "as if the rest of the planet had just discovered Brazil."

This Friday Lula and his entourage will be rushed from Berlin to Hamburg aboard a bullet train, courtesy of the German government. This is the same train they are trying to sell Brazil to link its two largest cities: São Paulo and Rio.

But not everybody seems happy with Lula's stardom. The Wall Street Journal published an article this December 2 talking about Lula's behavior and the discomfort he's bringing Washington and American president Barack Obama, who once called Obama "my man."

Says the paper: "Brazil's emergence as the hemispheric powerhouse is turning into a challenge and – in foreign-policy terms – a disappointment for President Barack Obama, who, like George W. Bush, developed a close relationship with charismatic President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

"The world was hoping that it would become a responsible global player and stakeholder, but instead Brazil is behaving like an immature developing country with a chip on its shoulder," says Moisés Naí­m, editor of Foreign Affairs magazine.


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  • João da Silva

    [quote]Mr A is just a jerk looking for 15 minutes of fame down with Bahophomet.[/quote]

    You got me there with this new terminology, Lad. BUT….BUT…thanks to the Internet, I found out who exactly this fella Baphomet is (Not to be confused with Mohamet) 😀

    [i][b]”Baphomet is a pagan deity, revived in the 19th century as a figure of Satanism and worshipped in baphomeries. In the 19th century”[/b][/i]!!!

    BUT…BUT…. why is Fraulein A is so upset with Lula for conducting business with Mr.A? Do you think she is another “Laranja” and the lackey of people who are worried that their business will be hurt?

    [quote]Im ordering extra butter now for my popcorn [/quote]

    I am ordering a 12 pack Skol, along with the popcorn. 😀 😉

  • dnbaiacu

    Anyone that knows anything knows that in Iran at the end of the day it is the CLERGY that has the last says. So Ahnadinejad and Germany and Lula can continue to have their “threesome” exploring all the positions of the kama sutra that they want and still the focus will be what cleric leaders deem is and will be status quo..Some of us AREN”T fooled. Mr “A” is a Bilderberger creation nonetheless. The Zionists , the gays , the blacks, the human rights advocates need to go find something else better to do. Their focus is misplaced.
    What amazes me is they think we are stupid.. Unfortunately though MOST are 😥 I am surprised that most on this site actually take things for face value. But I guess,, what can you do when you take the spiritual element out of the equation. It all goes over your head. 😥
    I am still waiting for Lula to throw up his “bahophomet” sign. :o. Nothing against Brazilians or him in general BUT he could be CLUELESS. 😉 But I don’t think so. At any rate I’d certainly give him an academy award for best supporting role in naivety to the “agenda”. Leaving the ticket holders to this show completely bamboozled.
    To my right , I see Mr A and Lula shaking hands.. Im going to have to make out what kind of hand shake that is… Give me a moment. 😉 They have to know a lot of us have caught on. So I doubt if its that “freemason” shake. But Im going to take a closer look. 🙂 But seriously , I’m not sure if Lula is in on that . Not convinced just yet.
    Mr A is just a jerk looking for 15 minutes of fame down with Bahophomet.(not sure how you spell it , but I could care less. :D)
    This is just as crazy as them thinking we don’t know that they have to know exactly where Osama Bin Laden is. 😮 It is sickening they think we are so dumb. But really ,, so many are. Either they don’t know , OR they simply aren’t looking for him. Either way it just goes to show what they think of the intelligence of the masses.
    Give me a break! 🙁
    Im ordering extra butter now for my popcorn 😀

  • usa_male

    Guest typed: Yeah right. Where was Brzil against the world freaks who wanted to enslave others? Hitler. Stalin, Pinochet, Pol Pot, Kim Jong II, Mussolini, etc. All talk no action. Moises is right. When you grow up and can act like an adult then people will listen”

    Guest, stop typing nonsense about subjects you don’t know anything about. Brazil was the only Latin American nation who sent, around 500.000 or more troops to Italy, where they fought the war against the axes of power, with and without the American forces. If you can’t find it in your history book, look it up on the internet.
    Brazil, just like the US, was a staunch supporter against communism with the Nixon Administration between the 60’s and late 90’s. Both supported the Pinochet regime to get rid of the socialist administration in Santiago de Chile, and fought any Castro propaganda together. Famous name for the so called war against communism/socialism in Latin America is Operation Condor.

  • doug

    Poor Naive Ignorant Lula
    Only a total fool would equate a democratic responsible government, the U.S. , with all its faults with the right of a crazed hollocost denying lunatic repressive regime like Iran. There is NO moral equivalence there and to imply that because the U.S. has nuclear weapons…that any irresponsible dictator…ie North Korea , Iran etc has the equal right to possess such weapons is lunacy. Shame on Lula….and pity on Brasil that the world has to endure such mind numbing stupidity. The election of Mr. Serra an intellegent, educated man to lead Brasil is something I greatly anticipate as one who loves Brasil and the U.S.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Moises is right[/quote]

    MoisÀƒ©s finally found someone who agrees with his views. Thanks for making his weekend a happy one. 😉 😀

  • guest

    Babes All
    Yeah right. Where was Brzil against the world freaks who wanted to enslave others? Hitler. Stalin, Pinochet, Pol Pot, Kim Jong II, Mussolini, etc. All talk no action. Moises is right. When you grow up and can act like an adult then people will listen.

  • Dallas

    I am jealous; perhaps Brazil is led by a wise man. Imagine if every country devoted trillions of dollars to teaching and enabling effective negotiation and diplomacy instead of military resources and personnel. The person who discovers easy profit in the former will advance humankind immeasurably.

  • Breckenfeld

    If Israel can devolop its nukes. then why not Iran or any other country ?

  • dusty

    Yeah Lula you are brilliant. When Iran develops a nuke, gives it to Hezbollah or hell uses it themselves on Israel, what are you going to say then? My guess is he’ll make another soccer analogy. It is one thing to practice good diplomacy but it is another thing entirely to take a stance just to make a name for yourself, regardless of the potential damage done to Brazil’s overall reputation. That is exactly what Lula is risking with this crap. Iran has never negotiated with the IAEA openly or with honor. If they were actually enriching uranium solely for power production, they wouldn’t be so defiant. Iran has no interest in power production, they want nuclear weapons so they can take over the Middle East, wipe out Israel and further their brand of intolerant Islam. Each time Lula stands up for Iran he is endorsing the hate, the violence against the Iranian people, the murder, vote rigging, and every other violation against basic human rights that the Iranian government commits.

    Lula why don’t you climb off your high horse and focus on Brazil? Brazilians need more jobs, schools, education, less crime, a new power grid, less corruption, and most of all, hope for a better future.

  • T Mackiewicz

    As an American, I have watched with regret as we try to command other countries to do as we say and not as we do. The only way we should be able to ask other countries to stop doing something is if we aren’t doing it ourselves first, otherwise we should suffer our own indiscretions.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]”The world was hoping that it would become a responsible global player and stakeholder, but instead Brazil is behaving like an immature developing country with a chip on its shoulder,” says MoisÀƒ©s NaÀƒ­m, editor of Foreign Affairs magazine. [/quote]

    Never mind MoisÀƒ©s. He is a chronic grumbler.

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