Goldman Hopes do Spend Christmas with Son in Brazil and Complains of Intercepted Letters

David and Sean Goldman Talking to reporters this Friday, outside his hotel in Rio, American David Goldman, the father of Sean, 9, who was kidnapped 5 years ago by his own mother and taken to Brazil, expressed his wish to spend a vacation with Sean and to be able to take him to the movies to eat popcorn.

He commented he gets sad for not being able to do all these little normal things that other fathers enjoy doing with their children. The American stated that this time he would like to stay in Brazil till he is allowed to leave with Sean.

"I hope to spend Christmas with Sean. He is my son and we should be together. I'm very sad and hurt," he added.

Goldman complained that he cannot even communicate with the child because the family of the mother of Sean, with whom he lives, prevents communication between the two.

"I sent him a letter in November, but the family would not let him read it," he revealed.

Sean lives with his stepfather, the rich and influential lawyer João Paulo Lins e Silva, and his maternal grandmother. He was brought from the United States to Brazil by his mother, Bruna Bianchi, under the pretext of going on a two-week holiday.

Bruna never returned to New Jersey, in the United States, where the couple lived, divorced Goldman from Brazil and married Lins e Silva. She ended up dying, however, from complications of childbirth last year. She gave birth to a girl who is alive. Since then, Goldman has been fighting in the Brazilian courts to get his son back.

Goldman, who arrived in Rio, Thursday, certain that he would be able to go back home with his son after a ruling by a Rio Federal Court in his favor, said he still doesn't know when he will return to the United States. He also commented he can't understand all the fuss surrounding the case, calling it just a father wanting custody of his own son.



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