Goldman Hopes do Spend Christmas with Son in Brazil and Complains of Intercepted Letters

David and Sean Goldman Talking to reporters this Friday, outside his hotel in Rio, American David Goldman, the father of Sean, 9, who was kidnapped 5 years ago by his own mother and taken to Brazil, expressed his wish to spend a vacation with Sean and to be able to take him to the movies to eat popcorn.

He commented he gets sad for not being able to do all these little normal things that other fathers enjoy doing with their children. The American stated that this time he would like to stay in Brazil till he is allowed to leave with Sean.

"I hope to spend Christmas with Sean. He is my son and we should be together. I'm very sad and hurt," he added.

Goldman complained that he cannot even communicate with the child because the family of the mother of Sean, with whom he lives, prevents communication between the two.

"I sent him a letter in November, but the family would not let him read it," he revealed.

Sean lives with his stepfather, the rich and influential lawyer JoΓ£o Paulo Lins e Silva, and his maternal grandmother. He was brought from the United States to Brazil by his mother, Bruna Bianchi, under the pretext of going on a two-week holiday.

Bruna never returned to New Jersey, in the United States, where the couple lived, divorced Goldman from Brazil and married Lins e Silva. She ended up dying, however, from complications of childbirth last year. She gave birth to a girl who is alive. Since then, Goldman has been fighting in the Brazilian courts to get his son back.

Goldman, who arrived in Rio, Thursday, certain that he would be able to go back home with his son after a ruling by a Rio Federal Court in his favor, said he still doesn't know when he will return to the United States. He also commented he can't understand all the fuss surrounding the case, calling it just a father wanting custody of his own son.


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  • dbay125

    stop all travel to Brazil and don’t buy anything from Brazil
    what n injustice this is not only the family its the damn Country and all the courts up till now that have allowed this to happen. I can’t believe this. where is our government when we need them. come on Arnold its been some time since you have played a hero and you have struggled to keep CA finances strait. Its time to get back to action.

  • Twitter Fan

    Purple Rain, By what logic would the step-father be the “real” father? They’ve kept this kid away from his father for five years. Joao Paulo Lins and Silva is essentially a kidnapper. The fact that the child is close to him happens to any kidnap victim, and the law– including so far, several Brazilian court cases– have recognized this. In fact, even the current stay won’t last long. Sean will be sent home, because Joao Paulo Lins and Silva doesn’t have a legal right to keep a kidnapped child.

  • AtALoss

    Purple Rain has lost his mind
    How in the heck can you say an American born child is a Brazilian citizen and that Brazilian stepfather – NOT biological father is his “real dad”. Get a frickin clue man! Put yourself in David Goldman’s shoes, would you want some two bit fluzy kidnapping your child, running off to another country, divorcing you without your knowledge and marrying some unethical, big wig attorney with the whole freaking govt in his pocket then keeps your child and brainwashes him for what purpose???? NONE. I think you’d view things differently if you walked a mile in Mr. Goldman’s shoes.

  • Purple Rain

    Stupid boys and girl
    Stupid Americans here.. Let me give u an example here:

    If you go to a supermarket in American and buy some orange juice, it is very likely that they were made from Brazilian oranges.

    So, Stop buying the orange juice, just because the oranges were from Brazil, means the company that makes it will go burst or make more American people redundant

    πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    Brazil is also a big exporter of iron. That you people have no control over. Construction companies buy Brazilian iron and then what u gonna do? I don’t want my house to be built with iron from Brazil? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


    To the stupid woman here: Sean is a Brazilian citizen also.. Let the boy live with his real father in Brazil.

  • Texan

    [quote]Calling ALL American’s to Boycot Brazil – Don’t travel there, don’t buy their products, don’t go to Carnival. [/quote]

    Like the other blogger said, most buyers from Brazilian products are Companies..Brazilian products dont go direct to the American consumer from Brazil.

    American companies buy them then sell Brazilian products to the end consumer.

    If they suddenly stop buying cheap brazilian products they make a loss, and in a time of trying to escape recession in this country, this is not a good thing for the American economy.

    People have to buy more, to get our country going.

    You stupid DesertSageWoman, have no clue what you’re talking about. Go back to school..

  • DesertSageWoman

    Let the American Boy Go
    Calling ALL American’s to Boycot Brazil – Don’t travel there, don’t buy their products, don’t go to Carnival. What does Sean father have to do, pay a ranson to that high end Lawyer who isn’t his REAL father. Sean is an American Citizen being held againist his will in Brazil by people who don’t give a hoot about the boy’s rights to be with parent. The Brazilizn Government is going againist the Hague Convention Agreement. Just goes to show you they don’t honor what they sign. Are Brailizan so heart less that they will not this American boy to come home. What about his American grandparents when will they get to see their grandchild?

  • Purple Rain

    TO the moron (dbay125)
    [quote]stop all travel to Brazil and don’t buy anything from Brazil[/quote]

    Yeah right, as if the American public were the buyers from Brazilian products.

    American companies are the buyers from Brazilian products like orange, meat, iron, oil, etc and companies are all about one thing: MONEY!

    Buy cheap and sell expensive.. money, money, money.. NOT about a cause of a child living with his real father in Brazil πŸ˜‰

  • Purple Rain

    Finally the Supreme Court did some good here
    I am so glad to hear that the boy is going to stay in Brazil..

    Finally we have justice here!

    I wish all the best for Sean’s real father: Joao Paulo Lins and Silva.

  • wiser time

    Justice? I tink not
    Purple Rain,
    Your boy Joao Paulo is a piece of garbage. Justice? REAL Father? Are you high?
    Where is the humanity in this individual.
    Be real or be gone!

    But not to worry. Sean will a Jersey boy once again. being raised by good people.

  • Purple Rain

    Finally the Supreme Court did some good here
    I am so glad to hear that the boy is going to stay in Brazil..

    Finally we have justice here!

    I wish all the best for Sean’s real father: Joao Paulo Lins and Silva.

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