Brazilian Army Signs US$ 3.5 Billion Deal to Build Over 2,000 War Tanks in Brazil

Guarani tank Brazil's Army and Fiat Iveco signed an agreement for the manufacturing of 2.044 armored vehicles at a cost of US$ 3.5 billion as part of the new National Defense Strategy launched by the administration of Brazilian President Luiz InΓ‘cio Lula da Silva.

The strategy envisions renovation of Brazil's three armed forces with a major input of technology and participation of the Brazilian industry with the purpose of building a strong defense and military research infrastructure establishment.

General Enzo Martins Peri commander in chief of the Army said the new prototype will be an evolution of the armored troop transport vehicle "Urutu" manufactured with Brazilian technology and which was sold extensively among Third World countries in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

The development of the new vehicle with Italian technology should contribute to the "self sufficiency, as much as possible, in the manufacturing of military hardware", as well as creating jobs said the Army commander in chief.

The 20-year agreement for the 2.044 units was signed by General Martins Peri and Iveco president for Latin America Marco Mazzu and Pietro Borgo, head of Iveco Defense Vehicles.

The first batch of armored vehicles is scheduled to be delivered in 2011.

Pietro Borgo said that Brazilian engineers have been visiting Italy regularly to know details of the new design and anticipated Brazil would be exporting them in the near future.

The new design named Guarani weighs 18 tons, can carry 11 soldiers, equipped either with a heavy machine gun or light cannon, and is diesel powered.

Brazilian Army sources also revealed that the government was considering the purchase of anti-aircraft missile batteries, (Russian or Chinese), drones for military use from Israel, (the Federal Police will soon be equipped with a cheaper version to monitor crime in the favelas – shantytowns) and special satellite radar systems for platoons operating in the Amazon.

According to the Sunday edition of daily newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo, the government is prepared to invest more than US$ 10 billion in the re-equipment of the Brazilian Army.



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  • Nicholas usa_male

    Forrest Mexican, shut the fuck up…

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    I do not have to work
    I can spend $50.000 a year for the next 20 years and never hto do a thing but
    go to the bank a retrive my money .

    and no i did not have it given to me i worked for it and sold my business.

    does that not piss your self off

  • Purple Rain

    If you are a native American, I am native from Mars.

    It’d be much better if you came clean and said you’re a revolted Brazilian naturalized American who hasn’t managed to learn English yet as you’re too busy cleaning toilets.

    If you say you’re a native American, like you always do, that is very shameful, you must be a gangster who didn’t go to school in order to trade glue all your life.

    I mean no disrespect to you, but you should get back to school and get a proper education and some skills.

    It’s easy to assume that with your shit spelling, which is very hard to understand, the kind of job you have it must be shit too. You sound like a loser in life.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    if all you have to do is
    complain about the way i write you dont have any thing .

    i only fish when i feel like it !

    i do however think it is funny to pick on people because of your so called love for a
    country that cares very little for its people and so much about its money and showmanship to others

    build your light trucks , sell them to your buddies like chaves ,iran ,morlas ,and the likes

    i would wish a very merry christmass to you but you are going in the way od the koran
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  • Leo Bonneville


    Don’t let Purple Rain rain down your sunny day of bumming around the ocean without a care in the world…

    Your English truly is suspect, but then again, so are your ideologies and comments…

    Stick to fishing small fish bud, because in this pool you’re only catching sharks… And they bite hard!

    Leave Brazil for Brazilians… We got it!

    Leo Bonneville

  • sage

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  • fried chc

    Florist (…..0…..) Brown
    This MEDULA DEFICIENT PATIENT is what it is called À’€œFunctional Illiterate,À’€Â a combination of arrogance, stupidity and unskilled.


  • Purple Rain

    Forrest Allen Brown
    You can’t say much about favelas here because your education is clearly bellow favela level. Even Brazilians here (who a non native English speakers) write English way better than you do, don’t you feel ashamed ? Clearly not.

    What’s your excuse for your appalling spelling? You skipped school in America so you could smell glue ?

    Your English sounds more like Dutch. You are so pathetic that you don’t even feel ashamed of yourself when you come here and try to write wise words, wise words come with correct spelling.

    People take you serious up to certain point here. Even people who reply to you, they are just being very nice to you, because in reality you are a joke.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    10 billion in the re-equipment of the Brazilian Army.
    BUT how about proper training & Maintence ????

    So you build the truck do you have the roads to get them where they need to go ????

    and if you drive them through the favelas they rae to wide to fit the roads but good try any way

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