Goldman Happy with Brazil’s Supreme Ruling. Bianchi Family Will Keep Fighting

Goldmans In his first statement after being informed that Brazil's Chief Justice, Gilmar Mendes, had ruled in his favor, letting him take his son with him to the United States, David Goldman told his lawyer Ricardo Zamariola that he was very happy, but also apprehensive because he didn't know the details of the decision.

The custody of his 9-year-old son, Sean Goldman, has been a matter of dispute in the Brazilian courts since Sean's mother, Brazilian Bruna Bianchi, died in 2008 during the birth of her daughter. Her husband, lawyer João Paulo Lins e Silva, adopted the American boy and has been fighting in court to keep him in Brazil with Chiara, his little sister who is 1 year and 3 months old.
Sean's Brazilian family had threatened a war of injunctions in case they lost. Their strategy is to claim that as a Brazilian citizen, the little boy cannot be taken out from Brazil against his will.

Right after the Supreme decision, however, they said through their lawyers, they would only make a statement after going through the whole court papers. Lawyer Fabiana Gomes reiterated that the family intends to do everything within the law, to get custody of the boy.

Last week, Silvana Bianchi, the maternal grandmother of Sean got an injunction preventing Goldman to take his son to the United States. Chief Justice Mendes has ruled against that injunction that had been granted after a Rio Federal Court had given 48 hours for the boy to be handed down to his biological father.

This Tuesday, Bianchi sent an open letter to Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva asking that the boy be heard, since, according to her, he wishes to stay in Brazil.

The letter says in part: "The Judicial decisions that have been taken by determining the handing out of Sean in 48 hours to the American Consulate did not take into account the wishes of my grandson to stay in Brazil. They argued that the Hague Convention requires immediate delivery. I am not a lawyer, but what I know is that the Convention establishes as maximum priority the child's interest. And the child was not heard.

"Mr President, this is not an outburst of a grandmother in agony. It is the cry of a Brazilian fighting with all her forces, the ones she still has, so that the Justice of this country apply the laws with the essential dose of humanity.

"Trying to take a 9-year-old child from his daily life with the family he has continuously lived with for 5 years, and especially from his sister, 1.3-year-old Chiara, which finds great comfort in Sean, just on Christmas Eve, represents an inhumanity. Jesus came to earth to save humankind. May God protect those who believe in the supreme principle of Christianity, the preservation of the family."

On Thursday, the same day David Goldman, arrived in Brazil to get his son, Marco Aurélio Mello, a Supreme Court Justice and rapporteur of the case, granted an injunction to the grandmother keeping the boy in Brazil with his Brazilian family until he could be heard by the Court. This might have taken at least till February since the court is now in recess.

The Attorney General of the Union (AGU) and the boy's father appealed to the Supreme requesting the immediate delivery of Sean. According to a spokesperson from the STF, Mendes took his decision to revoke the injunction based on previous rulings by the Supreme.


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  • Natalya Barbosa

    I cannot believe
    that intelligent people would equate the desire of a father to raise his own natural child with the government’s actions in his country. How can anyone possibly think this is a case of one country against another country? What kind of people would blame Mr. Goldman for the wars his country is involved in?

    Three Brazilian courts have now issued verdicts ordering the kidnappers to return this child to his natural father. Brazilian courts who have ruled according to Brazilian law. Are the brasileiros now saying their court system is screwed up? When the corrupt judge ruled to keep the child in Brazil they all applauded for the corruption, but still the legitimate courts have decided again for the natural father in accordance with the Brazilian law. SO now the brasileiros are complaining. Someone please explain to me this logic.

    The Hague treaty clearly states in the case of a child being removed illegally from his country of residence, the case will be tried in the child’s original country. This was argued not only by the American lawyers, but also by the Brazilian government. What are you complaining about. If the Silva family and the Bianchi family care to pursue this case in American courts, they have the legal right to do so. What’s the problem? After 5 years in the Brazilian courts, with every ruling going in favor of the natural father, please give the U.S. courts a chance to see it differently.

    I know none of the irrational Brazilians here will even bother to consider these points,because of their jealousy and envy of all things American, but neither can they give a decent argument as to why this isn’t right. The facts are clear. The Hague treaty, the Brazil law, and the U.S. law require this boy be returned to his natural father. I, and most other brazilians understand this, but those who post their malicious garbage here, are clearly in the minority. The fact the Brazil courts have 3 times ruled in david Goldman’s favor should be proof enough of this.

    God Bless you Mr. Goldman for your dedication to your child.

  • gringo1

    “Trying to take a 9-year-old child from his daily life with the family he has continuously lived with for 5 years, and especially from his sister, 1.3-year-old Chiara, which finds great comfort in Sean, just on Christmas Eve, represents an inhumanity. Jesus came to earth to save humankind. May God protect those who believe in the supreme principle of Christianity, the preservation of the family.”

    I am so sick of the hypocrisy and arrogance and IGNORANCE of this family of rats. this is the WORST TYPE OF BRAZILIAN, those that think they can buy justice, use influence to peddle agenda and don’t give a second thought to anyone around them. Not only is this decision JUST in having Sean go back to his biological family, but it is just because NOW WE KNOW what a family of charlatans and insensitive thugs Sean was being raised by. Sean was being raised to be the type of Brazilian everyone hates.

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