“The War Is Over,” Says Lawyer for Brazilian Family of Sean Goldman

Lawyer Sérgio Tostes The Brazilian family of Sean Goldman, 9, the American boy who was taken to Brazil by his mother when he was 4, announced today that they will accept the decision of Brazil's Chief Justice Gilmar Mendes, who ordered that the child be handed over to his US father, David Goldman.

Any eventual appeal would have to be heard by the 11 ministers that make up the Brazilian Supreme Court. The family's lawyer, Sérgio Tostes, however, denied that family Bianchi wants to continue the dispute: "The war is over," the lawyer said. "Now we should care about making this delivery transition as smoothly as possible."

Tostes told reporters he is going to talk this afternoon  with representatives of the AGU (Union's Attorney General) to decide when Sean will be turned over to his father. "It's time we all come together to serve the best interest of the boy," added the lawyer.

Just yesterday the Bianchis had promised to use any possible legal avenue to keep the child. They seem to have changed their mind after indications by the Chief Justice that the court had said its last word. Tostes said he saw the writing on the wall and took Mendes ruling as an "indication of the Brazilian Justice on the case."

Minister Gilmar Mendes on Tuesday, restored the decision of the Federal Court (TRF) of the 2nd Region in Rio de Janeiro, which determined that the boy be taken to the American Consulate in Rio in 48 hours. The latest ruling annulled the decision last week by Justice Marco Aurélio Mello, who had ordered the stay of the child.

Sean went to Brazil in 2004 when his mother Bruna Bianchi decided to take what was supposed to be a two-week holiday trip. Bruna, however never returned to the U.S.

She divorced David in Brazil without his consent and later married Brazilian lawyer João Paulo Lins e Silva. She ended up dying last year, in August, during the birth of Chiara, her daughter with Lins e Silva. Since then, Goldman and Lins e Silva have been fighting for custody of the boy.


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  • James from Philly

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  • James from Philly

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    Dont ever doubt im from Philly, Einstein. I was born and raised here.. Now get a frucking life,, you weakling..

    Gob Bless America and God Bless Sean and David Goldman.

  • u.s strike force

    now that you mentioned it…….
    the majority of brazilian nationals in the u.s. are illegal…green card hores troll for naive americans to marry for a green card , brazilian prostitutes, strippers, criminals,counterfeiters,alcoholics,drug addicts,theives, wife beaters, illiterates, patholigical liars, identity theives, tax evaders, fraudsters, tourist visa overstayers, student visa overstayers, border crossers, etc,etc….brazil needs to take down the smugglers/traffickers of its citizens to the u.s operating in minas gerais state,sao paulo, rio, and the northeast….brazil is a high violater of u.s. immigration laws and should be punished ,sanctioned, for its pathetic enforcement on this serious problem…Now that the goldman case has been resolved,,it is now time to return the 62 other u.s. children who were abducted in brazil…..brazil,s disrespect and arrogance on these issues needs to be dealt with…

  • Natalya Barbosa

    Brazilian from Philly
    Why would you waste your time with an idiot like James? I would think anyone could do something better than waste their time, and possibly get shot or worse, by a coward like James. I also have spent some time in Phlliy, and their are plenty of idiots like him there. Given the choice of finding nice, friendly people in either Rio or Philly, I’ll choose Rio any day.

    Merry Christmas

  • Brazilian from philly

    james Philly boy… I am waiting for your answer?
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  • asp

    well said natalya…
    im willing to bet sean will get to be with his brazilian family some of the time also…there is so much underneath that none of us know , so many dumb hateful statements by commentators on here who know nothing about the reasl story….im betting they will start thinking what is best for sean in the long run

  • Natalya Barbosa

    James from Philly
    Regardless of where you are from, you are not very bright. Your vocabulary is terrible, and your manners are worse. For what it’s worth, most of the radical Brazilians who post the anti-american crap on this site are of the same intellect and social level as you are.

    I have spoken to many Brazilians about this case over the past couple of years, (not just the last week, as you seem to have surfaced) and the majority of them have agreed the boy should be with his natural father. Not everyone in the states hates Brazilians, and not everyone in Brazil hates Americans, but with people like you allowed to post vulgar insults, more of them now have reason to hate.

    So, go ahead and tell me to do it also, and see where it gets you, and where it gets your country as far respect from the rest of the world. And keep wondering why Americans are respected less and less around the world. It isn’t because of the majority of most Americans, it’s because of dumb bigots like you.

    As far as this article goes, it’s good the fight is over. Sean and his dad won. The boy may be upset initially, as he is facing uncertainty and leaving the only family he really has much knowledge of, but thankfully, he has a loving father who I believe will go the distance to help Sean make the best of his life, and learn to understand the things that have happened to him. David Goldman has proven to be strong, honest, dependable, and loyal to his son, no matter how difficult his task. Congratulations on a job well done.

    You have to feel a bit bad for the grandmother. It’s easy to see her side of the issue, but she did the wrong thing, and now she will suffer her loss. If she had gracefully turned the boy over after her daughter died, she would be much better off for it now, and so would Sean be.

    Merry Christmas to all, especially Sean and David Goldman

  • Sara

    While I understand Serigo’s attempt to keep Sean close to his mother’s family, I have to agree that I doubt Sean will ever return to Brazil as a child. I’m sure if his stepfather and grandparents are willing to see Sean on David’s turf that would be allowed. David Goldman would be stupid if he allowed people who have already shown disagard for international law to take his son out of the US.

  • Brazilian from philly

    james Philly boy
    Jimmy boy since you are sooooooo tough behind your laptop why don’t you print your address or cell phone so we can meet. 😉

  • Andrade

    [quote]Your comments do not promote dialogue. Such comments do not promote the fraternity of all nations that we should all be striving toward.[/quote]

    After reading the comments of that idiot from PA, you still think I am a Brazilian redneck?

  • Double-Dot

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    Jimmy, you are a disgrace to America. No wonder we are hated all over the world.

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  • anonymous

    To “James from Philly”. I am an American, who as lived in Brazil. While I think Brazilians on this weare often jingoistic and blind to the problems of Brazil as well as excessively anti- American, your comments “suck my….” are inappropriate and offensive. Yet, more importantly, I don’t even think you are American. You write GOD BLESS AMERICAN AND GOD BLESS DAVID.

    God bless American???? This looks like English of someone whose first language is not English. Correct English would be: God Bless America. Can you verify that you are really from Philadelphia and not someone posing as an American as it seems to be a popular thing to do at this site? Tell, please, what are the names of the two most famous places in South Philly to buy a steak sandwhich? or tell me the name of another favorite cold sandwich in Philly? or tell me the name of a former Italian American policeman from Philly who became the mayor. or can you tell me the name of a former Black mayor of Philly who was once an advocate for squatters? or who is on the statue that sits on the top of city hall? Well, even if you are from Philly, and I am wrong here, I would still say to you that this kind of talk is wrong. Even if the grandmother is wrong, two wrongs don’t make a right. Mindless jingoism whether American or Brazilian, inhibits peace, dialogue, understanding and cooperation among nations. I am american, but I believe we should work toward fair and respectful dialogue with all nations. Your comments do not promote dialogue. Such comments do not promote the fraternity of all nations that we should all be striving toward.

  • James from Philly

    To Sergio
    you can suck my american cock as well…The kid will never see Brasil again until he is old enough to make
    his own decisions..


  • James from Philly

    To Sergio
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  • Sergio T

    Disgusting and mentally disturbed comments from an American
    To James from Philly

    Very low class, low level comment from an American. I just hope that Sean will not live with someone of your level and learn your stupid and unclassified attitude.

    The most amazing thing is the fact that you don’t even respect God by using such insulting language and ask the Almighty to bless the country. Pathetic!

    Anyway, I am happy that Mr. Goldman is having his kid back, fortunately. However, remember the kid is Brazilian also, has Brazilian blood, and a Brazilian sister and grandparents. .

  • ignacia

    This was no War….it was a Crime…nothing more nothing less…..thank you to the Judge who finally put an end to this madness! 😉

  • James from Philly

    Finally,after exhausting all legal remedies, the brasilian abductors of Sean have given up and waived the white flag.
    Now they want to negotiate,, Well, you can suck my American cock, you friggin criminals,,,


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