Back in Brazil Sean Goldman’s Grandmother Asks: Why Is David Hiding the Boy?

Silvana BianchiAfter two weeks in the United States trying to meet her grandson, Sean Goldman – the boy who was kidnapped by his own mother at age 4 and taken to Brazil – Silvana Bianchi is back in Brazil where she arrived Easter night without having a chance to see or talk to the now 10-year-old kid.

“I am deeply disappointed.” she told Brazilian reporters. “It is a great cruelty to Sean and his family,” adding: “My grandmother’s heart is deeply saddened.”

Bianchi lamented the decision of the American justice and stated that she knew that the main responsible for the verdict was Sean’s father, David Goldman. whom se accused of reneging on a promise to her that he would allow her to see the grandson in the United States. “I think this was his personal decision,” she said.

Bianchi, visibly dejected, said she doesn’t intend to go back to the United States until she receives guarantees that she can see her grandson. A new hearing on the case will only happen May 7.

“Once again the human rights of this child are not being respected. I haven’t talked to him for 33 days and I am very concerned about his mental health. Why is he hiding the boy?,” she asked addressing Goldman.

Sean Goldman left Brazil after a prolonged legal battle. Then and now, the grandmother wants the boy to be heard so that he can decide with whom he wishes to stay.

Bianchi says that Goldman has taken away the two cell phones she had given him to keep in touch. She revealed that she talked five times with him but always after the father made the call and put the son on the line. She complains that Goldman has asked her to talk in English with the boy.

“We’re doing everything to see him as soon as possible. I’m dying with longing. I went there to try to hug my grandson and I had to leave with an empty hug. I wasn’t able to see Sean,” unburdened Bianchi.

Brazilian Bruna Bianchi Carneiro left Goldman for a supposed two-week holiday trip with her son to Brazil. They lived in the city of Titon Falls, New Jersey (USA). Arriving in Brazil Bruna decided the marriage was over and called Goldman to tell him she wouldn’t return to the United States.

Bruna remarried lawyer João Paulo Lins e Silva, but she ended up dying while giving birth to a baby daughter in 2008. Since then, David Goldman has been fighting for his son’s custody.

On Saturday, Sergio Tostes lawyer representing the boy’s maternal family, said he believes the New Jersey’s court decision to prevent Bianchi from meeting her grandson should hasten a decision by Brazil’s Supreme Court (STF) on the custody of the child.

“The decision of the court in New Jersey,” said Tostes, “does not comply with the Hague Convention, which says that the child’s interest must prevail over administrative, legislative and judicial actions. And provides for the child to be heard in court, as we have tried with the STF. We now hope that in the face of such an impediment to have contact with the family, the Supreme Court will decide the issue soon.”

Tostes also said that Bianchi received an email, which according to him was secretly sent by Sean who wrote he was living in the United States reluctantly and was very unhappy with the situation.


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  • John the Lawyer

    Exactly! Silvana refused to cooperate with the therapists
    Goldman’s lawyer, Patricia Apy, says the father is willing to give the boy’s maternal grandparents access to the child in time, but he wants a mental health professional involved.

    “We requested from Silvana and her husband in January that there be a process to deal with the ongoing family relationship, which is complex because David is getting to know Sean,” Apy said.

    “That was not a process that they were willing to be involved in.”

  • Joe

    The grandmother refused to see the therapist.
    The child’s welfare comes first. The grandmother, who failed to protect the boy from the media circus in the streets, now has refused to see the therapists and to cooperate with a monitored visit plan.

    She is the problem, not the father.

  • mexico1

    To begin with, several articles on line reference David´s willingness to allow the grandmother to have a role in David´s life. However, that “role” is still to be defined by professionals and David Goldman himself. This makes a lot of sense, and frankly, above and beyond what anyone would expect.

    Regarding the many posts referencing that David could have seen Sean in Brazil, my only response is “wow”. You people are delusional and unwilling to look at facts. Facts that you could easily find in the Brazilian press, but you elect to make uneducated comments. You are making fools of yourselves, period. Best of luck living your lives under a rock.

  • Breederboy

    @ ELMO “Sean go back to Brazil!!! Samba, beautiful girls, soccer, nice weather,..”

    ….Samba??? Jesus christ, is that ALL you lot think about? How about a much better future in a richer, much more technically advanced country? No dear, apart from the fact that the LAW was broken and these Brazilian grandparents are CRIMINALS (no change there then!) and should have been locked up when they entered America, for aiding and abetting a kidnapping, this boy is now with his proper legal guardian.. HIS FATHER. This interfering Brazilian bitch should keep her nose out of it. Giving him TWO mobile phones to keep in touch with her? Well it would be a start if/when Brazil ever gets a DECENT mobile phone service to begin with… with reasonable prices!

    You started to mention some of the ´qualities´ that poor David would miss about Brazil.. (noticed they were all really IMPORTANT things to most Brazilians.. ie trivial rubbish).. You forgot to mention a few of the more important ´qualities´ though…

    How about Bandits, poverty, favelas, frequent power-cuts, a water system that is not even fit to drink so you have to BUY water in bottles, rubbish slow internet services, staff in supermarkets that go so slow thinking you have ALL DAY to do your shopping, government paperwork and tedious stupid rules designed to fleece people out of as much money as possible, after all, why use just ONE form when 3 will do? mostly a piss-poor sanitation system, not to mention totally CORRUPT political and judicial systems, ´police´ (military) who think it is their job to murder poor homeless street kids, or collect bribes from stopping motorists on every street instead of actually upholding the LAW?

    Need more Brazilian ´qualities´??? I could go on… But I think to anyone of even reasonable intelligence, he is far better off in a decent country with his REAL father… than living in a piss-poor country with his Brazilian kidnappers?

  • Breederboy

    Is it any wonder the father is refusing to let her anywhere near him? he suffered pretty much the same thing at THEIR hands for years. Broken promises and lies. Trips to Brazil hoping that this nightmare would be over. The Brazilian ´justice´ system constantly thwarting the rights of his own father. This child was effectively kidnapped and his father missed out on so much of his life. The family in Brazil did everything they could to thwart the due legal process. Expected to feel sorry for this ´grandmother´, sorry no. (and she is still keeping up a legal fight).. Sorry, the rights of a father come before those of a grandmother.. And she says the child should be heard on this? To say what exactly? He is 10 years old. He hardly even KNOWS his father (again thanks to the grandparents exploiting the crooked Brazilian ´justice´ system). So, if someone is kidnapped as a child by a stranger, should the stranger be allowed to keep the child 6 years later because the kidnapper is the ONLY ´parent figure´ he knows? Of course not! If I were this boys father, I also would have sent her back to Brazil empty-handed.

  • jaket kulit

    i agree with We’re doing everything to see him as soon as possible. I’m dying with longing. I went there to try to hug my grandson and I had to leave with an empty hug.

    jaket kulit web master

  • jaket kulit

    i agree with David Goldman was a good father -by Bruna’s own admission- whose son was kidnapped.

    web master jaket kulit

  • Jacqueline Bruner

    To all of you people who say Sean belongs in Brazil: He was born in America. He belongs with whom he was abducted from. I suppose the government should’ive left Jaycee Lee Dugard with her scumbag captors since thats the only life she knew. Sheesh, however did she learn to live anywhere else? God have mercy on your souls. I just hope you dont have a child who is taken away from you and left to bond with the only family he/she knows subsiquently never getting to know you.

  • Olga


  • Olga

    I am Russian living in US. Ive been following the story bc I really feel bad for Sean. I am totally amazed at how narrow minded most americans are. Sorry. 80% of comments on this site mention how great America is, which makes it better for Sean to stay here. Are you guys kidding me? I bet people who said that never traveled. Yes there are lot of immigrants in US but there is also a lot of immigration to other countries. I lived in many countries. Theres nothing that special about America. Anyway, does Sean care about country at 9 years old? He wants his little sister hugs, he wants to be surrounded by love of his family–its unfortunate how, but they have become his family and he sees himself as Brazilian. He doesnt even know David!
    Sad for David, but he should have stayed in Brazil!! David, very sad for you, but it would be better for him. You think about winning your way. Of course you have been hurt, but Sean doesnt have to be. And he is hurting now– he cant be happy. Its such a freaking disruption of everything – he must be going throuhg a huge emotional shock. It must be visible–maybe thats why we dont see many pictures recently?

  • nicolette

    wonder what sean wants
    so david gets payback and sean? poor kid has been a pawn his whole life and continues to be.. she caused sean grief (but he didn’t know it at the time- he just knew @ the time some stranger-dad was trying to take him away from his family), now david is. shame on both of them. she and her family screwed him over first by denying him his dad, now its david’s turn. and yet I wonder if she were to visit him, if she wouldn’t attempt to alienate him from his dad rather than have him come to terms w/ something out of his control. maybe in the beginning it was about sean? in the end it was a winner take all contest. why do I not doubt sean is probably dosed up to the gills with antidepressants.

  • Teflon5

    We Need Connie Chung to do all the interviews
    Connie Chung is the ONLY one who can professionally interviews all of these people, it’s just too bad Connie Chung does NOT speak and undrstand Portuguese, Not Barbara Walter, and NOT Oprah Winfrey, It’s definitely Connie Chung, The ONE and ONLY Professional Journalist…O:-)))

  • Dorothy A.

    The pot calling the kettle “black”
    Silvana, the Drama Queen, tried to erase David Goldman from Sean’s memory…….SHE HAS NO ROOM TO TALK!!!

    I think David is probably giving her more rights of communication than the witch is saying……phone and email.

    She caused him so much grief and suffering! Shame on her!

  • nana

    well the mother started this mess and her family continued it the child has a father and he belongs to him remember he was taken from his father he did not give him this grand ma,is feeling exactly like the father did when he endured five years with out his son. no pity for grandma

  • ag

    They should see this in the point of view of the child, not from the adults. What the Brazilians did was coward and now, the kid is struggling with the same situation. They should think about the child, he doesn’t have a mother, he was kidnapped, he loved his kidnappers and now, he has to forget everything? He is just 10 years old. The adults can find another way of revenge, not using the poor boy. Give the boy a brake!!

  • erica

    OMG all these comments about revenge and payback… IS ANYONE EVEN considering the child’s feelings? Do they realize that this child was practically raised by his grandmother and he may be longing to talk to her and hug her???
    David Goldman is raising a child full of hate and revenge. I hope he doesn’t turn his back on him when he turns 18 and decides to go back to Brazil.

  • ramon

    creepy grandma
    stop making country comparisons….they are irrelevant. The kid ought to be his father, period (even more so, if we consider that the kid’s mom is burning in hell).
    Moreover, the grandma is creepy, brazil is grossly underdeveloped and corrupt, albeit having some nice bitches, lula will always be a truck driver, etc, etc….all that is irrelevant….the kid must be with his father.

  • T

    Happy for Sean…
    I think name calling of the grandmother is not warranted..but you lay in the bed you make…and now she’s complaining about it…had she not put the role of grandmother above the role of father for 5 years, she would not be living under these circumstances…it’s about time she matures, asks for forgiveness (genuinely) and waits for the hurt she cause Mr. Goldman and Sean to welcome her back in.

  • MarieL

    Bruna, family, created this situation
    Many of the pro-grandmother comments talk about Sean’s rights, that he’s been in Brazil for half his life. Why are you so quick to excuse or ignore HOW he ended up in Brazil? Bruna and her family created this mess. David Goldman was a good father -by Bruna’s own admission- whose son was kidnapped. His wealthy, influential kidnappers manipulated the situation to their advantage. They used their wealth and power to keep Sean and his father apart. One of the accessories to his kidnapping wanted to adopt him when his kidnapper/mother died. Why is it in the best interests of this child to stay with those who wrenched his life apart? Why should they be rewarded for immoral, criminal actions? Being his “family” doesn’t excuse their behavior. It is [u][b]more [/b][/u]vile, more selfish, more disgusting, more evil because they are his family, the ones who were supposed to care for him, love him, protect him.

    His grandparents should have been arrested as accessories to child abduction the minute they stepped onto US soil. Sean Goldman had every right to grow up with the love, protection, care and support of both parents. His mother and her family robbed him, and violated his human rights, and they are responsible for the fall-out. It is that simple.

  • nita

    Bianca, payback is a bitch! Agora percebes o que o Pai do Sean sofreu durante Estes anos todos. Sofre agora tu para very como eh. O teu neto esta bem na companhia do Pai aonde nao devia de ter saido. EU se fosse o David nunca maid deixaria a bruna ver o sean

  • anamaeria

    Why manipulate a child like this? And it’s also very interesting to read some, angry and agressive comments, why? I just want to see how this little boy will react when he will be 18, and free to go wherever he wants to go, and free to talk with all members of his family. If he can come over the psychological manipulation, that apparently he has suffered for a long time, since 4. I wish him good luck. Perhaps my comments do not please the owners of the site.

  • WHAT???
    holy ****
    u rich brazilians own computers
    and u’ve never been to favelas have you?
    how can u say brazil is the best when it’s a CRUDDY country
    full of trash and a corrupted government
    the presidents ILLITERATE
    i repeat.. ILLITERATE
    jeez, how can brazilians be so ignorant
    no.. i mean
    voces sao estupidos
    yeah, and that’s not google translation
    u brazilians are either super rich (and dumb)
    or super poor (probably not because your living in favelas and you cant read this)
    what a sad sad sad country

    moral of the story:
    America is better

  • ….@

    Os chineses estão mais felizes do que todos os outros povos. De longe. A satisfação do chinês com seu país bateu em 87%. Em segundo lugar no mapa aparece a Índia, com 53%. Os Estados Unidos estão, compreensivelmente, distantes: 36%. Conseguirá Obama devolver o entusiasmo a um país em profunda crise existencial? Quando olho para trás, a mim parece claro que um lugar em que pessoas acumulam em pouco tempo fortunas inimagináveis como a de Bill Gates não pode se sustentar indefinidamente. É muita disparidade. O bolo é um só. Se uma pequena elite fica com tanto dinheiro, para o resto sobrarão amendoins.

    O americano, no apogeu dos Estados Unidos, não fora exposto a este tipo de situação. Não que fosse um país igualitário, mas a distância entre as pessoas não era tanta que produzisse raiva em quem está no meio da multidão. O ser humano admira e emula quem está à sua frente, mas não a uma distância insuperável. O respeito se converte num sentimento de injustiça. Que é mesmo que aquele cara fez para ter tanto dinheiro?

    A China vem se esforçando, em seu crescimento, para evitar enriquecimentos rápidos, exagerados, suspeitos. Ainda hoje os sites chineses deram destaque à condenação a 18 anos de cadeia de um antigo alto funcionário do governo. Era um mestre nas propinas, apurou-se. Seu dinheiro foi confiscado. O que se vê na China é o oposto do que aconteceu na Rússia depois do fim do comunismo. Homens da KGB, a polícia política, montaram fortunas imensas e obscuras em alta velocidade, num vale-tudo que jogou para as profundezas o moral do cidadão médio. Apenas um quarto dos russos está feliz com seu país, e o presidente Dimitri Medved elegeu na corrupção o principal problema russo.

  • ….@

    Do you know Mertin, this is your fake name, what is your problem, you can not accept that your country is going bad. Also, is losing all positions to China. Don’t forget the BRIC are coming. And, the worst is that your DECADENTE country cannot stop them. We are watching here in Brazil, how bad is doing AMERICA.

  • Mertin

    vOCES NAO SABEM DE NADA: “O advogado do americano David Goldman, pai de Sean Goldman, 9 anos, disse na quinta-feira que o menino só retornará ao Brasil por decisão da Justiça americana… (and later) …Tostes disse que a posição de Zamariola “representa um desrespeito tanto à soberania da Justiça brasileira quanto aos princípios internacionais de respeito a decisões judiciais”.


    yOU LOT DON’T KNOW NOTHING (I know the double negative is ugly but I’m assured it’s correct in Portuguese): The lawyer of American David Goldman, father of Sean Goldman, 9-year-old, said on Thursday that the boy would only return to Brazil on the decision of an American judge… …Tostes said that Zamariola’s position “represents disrespect, not only of Brazilian judicial sovereignty, but also international principles of respect for judicial decisions”.

    The Haig convention o child kidnapping states that judicial decisions be taken in the country of the child’s residence.

    So the Brazilian lawyer’s position is that the USA should respect the Haig convention on child kidnapping, to which both countries are signatories, and, if the Brazilian courts so decide, send the boy back to a country that doesn’t respect the international conventions it signs.

    Brazil ignored the Haig convention, with regard to Sean Goldman, for 5 years and it continues to disrespect the Haig convention in regard to 60 other similar cases, involving American children kidnapped in Brazil, to this day. In fact the only reason that Sean Goldman ever got out of Brazil was because a US Senator convinced the US Senate not to renew a bi-lateral trade agreement worth billions of reais to Brazil until Sean’s release was promised. The other kidnapped American children have not been so lucky.

    Also, Sean Goldman’s residence in Brazil is based on a false birth certificate that the Lins e Silva family procured which states that Sean was born in Brazil and his father is not David Goldman but Mr João Paulo Lins e Silva.

    I’ll go further: neither Americans, nor any other nationality, should not respect Brazilian judicial decisions or the Brazilian legal system until Brazilians do. Brazilian readers know exactly how much faith they have in their legal system.

    Take any day of the year and you can pick out a story in Brazil about how it doesn’t work. What’s todays? How about 10 favelas and a couple of thousand homes on the east side of Rio de Janeiro. Right where they intended to build the Olympic village for the 2016 games they have found that corrupt civil servants and the chief of the Civil Police have falsified ownership documents for state land, cut down Atlantic forest and built on it. Over 8000 people stand to lose their full investment.

    Only in Brazil can 8000 people take residence on public land and the legal system not notice. Brazilians rich and poor go in for stealing public land because the law helps them… it doesn’t work.

    Want another example? Brazilians have a name for this kind of crime because it’s so common… it’s called grilagem. How much do you think you can get away with stealing in Brazil? What’s the biggest theft of public land?

    Obviously it has to be bigger than 10 favelas because I’ve just told you that was done in Rio. 100 hectares perhaps? that’s quite big… it’s 1km by 1km. But Brazil’s a big country… how about a big farm? 1000 hectares… no? 2000? 5000? No? Can’t guess. Let me help… it’s a big number… hard to imagine… think… Germany! 12 million hectares of Para… stolen.

    Now that sounds stupid, doesn’t it. You can’t steal Germany! Oh yes you can… in Brazil. In fact you can do it twice! Brazil’s two biggest land owners both stole 12 million hectares each… roughly the size of Germany EACH… the whole, unified Germany… twice.

    All you need is a legal system like Brazil’s. When Sean’s older he’ll learn to recognise what he’s left.

    Final comment: search youtube for “Rio giant waves” or “Rio ondas gigantes” … take a look at the colour of the water… brown… foaming… yes, it’s sewage… yes, it smells. Rich or poor that’s what they swim in… and the Bay of Guanabara is even worse. 8 million inhabitants and no water treatment.

    The 2016 triathletes will not appreciate it. Let’s hope they finally clean up after themselves soon.

  • Mertin

    Was the judge wrong? What does Brazil’s representative to the Haig think?
    Brazil: “The Supremo Tribunal Federal in Brazil refused to allow the little boy to speak and express his wish to stay in Brazil with the father (stepfather) he has known for the past 5 year”

    This point is perhaps best explained by Sean Goldman’s inlaw Grandfather, the lawyer father of the man Sean’s mother married on returning to Brazil with Sean. His name is Dr. Paulo Lins e Silva and he’s one of Brazil’s top lawyers. He actually represented Brazil at the Haig over the accord regarding kidnapped children, to which Brazil is a signatory. So he knows the law and the case intimately.

    Go to Youtube and put the following in the search field: “Parental Alienation Syndrome by Lins e Silva”

    That will take you to a video (in Portuguese, with subtitles in English) in which Dr. Lins e Silva explains how a disreputable parent will emotionally blackmail a child until he no longer accepts, or wishes to see, the other parent. He explains that it is usually, though not always, the mother and he explains that the courts need to be wary of this and not accept the witness of children that have gone through this form of manipulation.

    In short, he explains exactly what he and his family did to Sean Goldsmith, why it is disreputable, and why it was correct not to allow Sean’s opinion/fears about the USA to be heard in court.

    As a little bit of corroborating evidence it is interesting to note that Sean Goldman doesn’t speak English. Yet Brazilians know that all rich Brazilian children are taught English, and often French, too. Many rich Brazilians go so far as to have their children attend what they call “The American School” and be taught purely in English, no Portuguese, so that they become entirely fluent. This family would be expected by Brazilian society to have done something similar, after all they owned property in the USA and they are ALL bi-lingual… all except the child with the American father and the English name, Sean.

  • Mertin

    Is the USA economy ruined?
    Many people claimed: The US economy is ruined!

    Well lets take a look at the basic stats to see if they support that.

    Gross Domestic Product (nominal):
    1st – USA $14,256,275 million
    8th – Brazil $1,574,039 million (nine times smaller)

    GDP per capita (this ignores purchasing power and wealth distribution but both countries have poorly distributed wealth. Brazil has higher sales taxes and much higher prices except with regard to unskilled labour)
    9th – USA $46,381
    60th – Brazil $8,220

    GDP (purchase power parity) per hour worked (This statistic adjusts for differing prices)
    1st – USA $38.00
    47th – Brazil $7.28

    Global Competitiveness Report (2009-2010)
    2nd – USA
    56th – Brazil out of 133 investigated (For comparison Chile is 30th)

    From my experience of Brazil’s bureaucracy, taxation, corruption, lack of legal protection for contracts, and import restrictions that figure really does not do justice to just how hard Brazilians work to keep their businesses alive in Brazil’s economy. Most Brazilian businessmen I know are quite candid in saying that if one is not dishonest about ones taxes in Brazil ones business will fail. Business in Brazil can be quite absurd: for the Americans reading this one example might help. Brazil’s states are in competition. They put up barriers at the borders and check every truck through, checking that invoices match the cargo and that interstate transportation taxes have been paid. One is obliged by state law to set up and staff a branch office in every single state in which one wants to trade. The fine for a single paperwork error at the border, even if all taxes are in order, is usually the full value of the taxes to be paid again… effectively all your profit and more.

    Life Satisfaction Index (2006)
    23rd – USA
    81st – Brazil

    World IQ index (100 is considered average in the Western Hemisphere) (2006)
    25th – USA 98 (shared with France Denmark and Austria)
    74th – Brazil 87 (shared with Myanmar, East Timor and Iraq)

    In my experience of hiring in Brazil this figure really does translate into difficulty hiring staff of sufficient ability. On has to be very careful checking up on qualifications as many are of no value at all. There is insufficient regulation of quality and many private universities are simply qualification mills.

  • Mertin

    An inconsistency
    Brazil: “United States is not the best place to live in the world.”

    The logic here is roughly: because the US isn’t the best place in the world to live Brazil qualifies as acceptable… and the Human Development Index is quoted (only as far as the 10th place) as proof. So, out of interest, where are the USA and Brazil in that list?

    The USA is 13th.
    Brazil is 75th

    This argument isn’t a very strong one because, not only is it not necessary to live in the best city in the world to have a good standard of living but, even if you do accept the premise, Brazil lags even behind Albania and the tiny Caribbean island of Grenada (population 90,000) in terms of HDI. Obviously rich people can mitigate some of the disadvantages of living in a poorly developed country, but as Cariocas & Paulistas know, even those who never touch the ground, flying around in helicopters, fear kidnap and stray bullets from the favelas.

  • ….@

    Americans ended up dividing society between winners and losers, and the criteria one, two and three is money. You have today in the U.S. a society overweight, neurotic and snapped in alternate hours to antidepressants and tranquilizers. The american decline is not by chance.

  • Janell

    LOL @ …
    If Brazil didn’t have a corrupt judicial system where justice is bought, Sean would have been back with his father much sooner. Maybe now, Silvana Bianchi knows how she made David feel when she kept him away from HIS son. She had no right. Sean was just a possession to her. Now that Sean is back where he belongs, maybe Brazilians will think twice before trying to steal someone else’s child. Who cares about who hosts the Olympics? Because Brazil is hosting, is that supposed to mean something? Brazil never leads in the overall medal count anyway.

  • Vai a merda middlegrounder

    You must be dumb! Violence, drugs, gangs and all sorts of crime, you name them. The US has it! Go to Washington DC or to the streets of Atlanta at dusk and you’ll see the scummy society you live in. What a wanker!

  • Vai a merda middlegrounder

    I have to say the same to all racists americans like Middlegrounder, open your eyes. Your country is collapsing. All fudido/a americans like you must think more about your stink country who does not respect any international law, who thinks that US Laws are superior than International Laws, a media very nationalist and imperialist, 10% of unemployment and a class-system super-poor like New Orleans, Florida, Mississippi, etc… Pay your taxes… help the poor people in many states in the U.S. that are in anger. Stop thinking about this man familiar problem and help your country to improve. The “First World” country that lost to host the Olympics Games to Brazil.

  • middlegrounder

    Yet more garbage…..
    I am aghast at this forum, knowing how ignorance spread like wildfire throughout Brazil. How anybody here, Brazilian or American, can think that a child should not be raised by his own father has something seriously wrong them!!

    Coracao de mae, PC, and Be free of Americans – you are either brain dead followers of liars or just malicious dick-breath liars yourselves. You have a court system that allows judges to be bought by the elite, a system that has little to no comprehension of or respect for international law, a media without freedom of speech, and a class-system of super-rich and super-poor. Grab a fucking clue!!!

  • Lauren

    Re: …
    Well, I want to live here. Are my feelings supposed to be hurt if you don’t like America? LOL 😀 Despite it’s problems (and EVERY country has problems), I love America. Like I said before, if you don’t like it here, you don’t have to come here and you don’t have to stay here.

  • PC

    Who wants to live there? A country that is not able to provide free health care for their people. Also, U.S.A. is collapsing. Who wants to stay there or go there. Nobody, honey. Your country is a bad situation.

  • Lauren

    To anyone here who says that they hate America
    Pack your bags and LEAVE. No one is forcing you to stay here, and no one will care when you leave. Can I get a Amen? 😉


    Os EUA não poderá negar a visita da irmã, e por ela ser menor de idade a Sra acompanha, eles que se virem.


    O advogado do americano David Goldman, pai de Sean Goldman, 9 anos, disse na quinta-feira que o menino só retornará ao Brasil por decisão da Justiça americana, independentemente da posição do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF). O ministro Gilmar Mendes, do STF, concedeu liminar que ordena a volta da criança ao País. A medida, entretanto, depende da análise dos demais integrantes do Supremo. Ainda não há data prevista para o julgamento. As informações são do jornal Folha de S.Paulo.
    Segundo o advogado Ricardo Zamariola, a Convenção de Haia sobre sequestro internacional de menores determina que a Justiça do país de residência habitual da criança deve decidir sobre a guarda. Dessa forma, apenas um juiz americano poderia determinar seu retorno ao Brasil. Já Sergio Tostes, que representa a família brasileira de Sean, afirma que “é impensável que a grande democracia do mundo ocidental deixe de cumprir aquilo que a Justiça brasileira decidir”. Tostes disse que a posição de Zamariola “representa um desrespeito tanto à soberania da Justiça brasileira quanto aos princípios internacionais de respeito a decisões judiciais”.

  • Coracao de mae

    Silvana, give an interview to italian television, please!!!!!!

  • Coracao de mae

    David is hiding Sean. Why is he doing this? He must be afraid of something. He does not allow Sean to talk in Portuguese. If the maternal grandparents have a visa to come to America is because the government allowed this and don’t see them as kidnappers.

    This man David Goldman was a bad husband. Never was able to held a full-time job in all his mediocre life. Bruna was working in more than one job to support this Gigolo.

  • Tara

    Hmmm… Why are known kidnappers allowed back into the U.S., instead of arrested and locked up?

    Yes, I guess the U.S. does haves its faults… too forgiving!

  • Coracao de mae

    Vale a pena ler esse texto, muito bom.
    O princípio do “interesse superior da criança”, convalidado nos acordos internacionais (Princípio 2º da Declaração dos Direitos da Criança de 1959 e Artigo 3º da Convenção sobre os Direitos da Criança de 1989), mais do que um preceito geral e abstrato, ratifica todo um conjunto de valores socialmente aceitos – em si mesmos paradigmáticos – que elevam a criança à condição de sujeito autônomo e pleno de direitos. Isso significa dizer que os reais interesses da criança, sob essa nova ótica, não poderão mais ser definidos à revelia de seu principal portador, sem que isso lhe cause evidentes prejuízos pessoais.

    Embora haja um conjunto de interesses que de fato extrapolam a capacidade de discernimento e avaliação da criança – dada a sua condição de “sujeito em desenvolvimento” – não se pode, em última instância, cercear-lhe ao menos o direito de ser consultado quando decisões importantes irão repercutir de forma tão radical sobre sua vida e sua intimidade, ressentindo-se inclusive sobre aspectos psicoafetivos e emocionais. Não é por outra razão que o exercício dessa prerrogativa elementar é parte integrante daquilo que, em Direitos Humanos, se convencionou a chamar de: liberdade e dignidade.

    Quando o STF, no caso Sean, pauta seu julgamento tão-somente pelo legalismo mais estreito, mandando às favas a subjetividade daquela criança, acabou optando por “coisificá-la” ao invés de entendê-la como um sujeito autônomo e singular.

    Sem entrar no mérito da sentença que decidiu o futuro de Sean, mas considerando a forma como suas aspirações e sentimentos foram alijados de todo processo, isso nos faz lembrar o velho drama de Antígona, cujo amor e devoção ao irmão foram covardemente atropelados pelas rígidas leis tebanas e pela intransigência cega da autoridade constituída. Condenada à morte pelo Estado (“o mais frio dos monstros frios”, como disse Nietzsche), pagou com a vida a preservação de sua própria alma…

    Dura Lex Sede Lex, e logo acabaremos todos com o coração duro.

  • Will

    Sean Goldman has experienced some of the biggest traumas a person can experience: a divorce, the death of his mother,and the abandonment of his father. Mr. Goldman never paid any child support all these years. I know that Sean used to go to a good private School in Brazil, now he’s going to a public school in NJ. Also, he changed his social status. Mr. Goldman is not thinking about the kid feelings.

  • CachorroNicolau

    to Bill
    Crying? I didn’t see him crying. They did took pictures of his face at that moment and he wasn’t crying. He looked kinda bored, if you ask me. Of course, deep inside he must have been terrified and stressed of being pushed through the paparazzi and reporters – when the family could park in the front of the Consulate (if you ignore that they offered them to park the car inside, in the garage). You can also see by the pictures AFTER the delivery that they moved the car and parked right in front of the building. They wanted to make Sean go through the worst experience possible. The well-being of the kid really comes last for those people.

  • cchaki

    He was crying and scared because his psyco step parent forced him to walk through swarms of media to “punish” David. The only one punished was Sean. It was cruel and evil to do such a thing.

    His little sister was less than a year old. When she is a little older the grandmother can bring her to the US to see her brother. The only one keeping them apart is the step-father.

  • Bill

    Sean is the only one that can say if he was happy to come to live here and spend his X’mas Day with his americans relatives. Nobody can say that he was 100% happy in that day. I saw on T.V., a little boy scared, crying and forced to come living with us. Lost all his friends in Brazil. Lost his little sister. Lost almost everything.

  • cchaki

    Sean is where he belongs
    I would encourage every single one of you to read US law, the case history and something on child development. David never got paid for Sean and he isn’t out for money. Nothing in any court document, although there have been many allegations, has proven that. In fact, David did everything legally possible from day one to fight for his son.

    This CHILD is 10. He needs rules and guidelines. Do you think a child should be calling or e-mailing without supervision? That is crazy. The fact that David allowed these calls at all is proof he only wants what his son needs.

    This woman helped kidnap him and David’s only request is that they follow the recommendations of his mental health care professional? But she will not do it?!?! That is what I do not understand. Why not comply and see the child.

    NJ courts will back the father and insist that the grandparents follow the recommendations of the professionals working with Sean. They will still have to do as David wishes and as the professionals deem necessary.

    I do have a question for the Jew bashers on here: If David was a Jew, why was there a Christmas tree at his home with presents for Sean? If he is Jewish, what is it to you? His religion has nothing to do with fitness. Jews don’t sacrifice children nor are they more likely to abuse him.

    All evidence says David is a wonderful, loving, generous father who goes above and beyond for his little boy.

    Also, at this time in Sean’s life he needs a lot of stability, not someone undermining it.

    Good luck to SEAN in life and good for you David that you didn’t let Sean’s best interest slip through the cracks.

  • CachorroNicolau

    To Jessie…
    Jessie, get over it. This guy is a f**k*d up illegal low-life loser that scrubs toilets for a living, and comes here to spew hate against the US because he thinks that everyone’s lives are as sh*tty as his. Since he is a miserable sc*mbag which cannot accomplish anything in life by orderly means, he’s desperate to come back to Brazil so he can lie his way out of the problem and thrive – as liars and thieves usually do in that “nation”. Unfortunately he’s stuck in the US, the country he loathes, because by being a complete and utter failure as a person, he cannot even afford an airplane ticket.

    Simply look at his rants, criticizing your Portuguese while both his Portuguese and English are terrible (“um dos subúrbios operários, pobre e violento”, “You are very imperialist person”). Seriously, you cannot even call this guy a moron, since morons are smarter than that.

    So, don’t try to argue with him; we are mentally impaired in this discussion, since we are bound to a pesky thing called “reality”.

  • Be free of americans

    Jessie( O amerileiro)
    You are not brazilian Jessie. First, you are very imperialist person. I am laughing.” Oh, oh, oh, my country America.” Provavelmente, voce vive em um dos suburbios operarios, pobre e violento da America. You are not brazilian. Second, what you wrote in portuguese came from a bad google translation. Last, this website give the reader Freedom of Speech and you are just unhappy person in America who hates the rest of the world because now many countries are doing better than your country. And thank God Brasil is not U.S.A. Bye… Por favor, melhore o seu portugues. Adeus!!!!

  • Jessie

    to BRAZIL
    I don’t understand where you are coming from. I am sorry but having been in the same situation, I think the best thing was to have Sean returned to his father. I am not saying this just because David is American. I think if it was the other way around, the kid should have been returned to his mother. ( if the dad was deceased )

    I still resent my dad to this day for taking me away and not allowing me to see my mom and my sister until I was old enough to leave Brazil without his consent. It is something that haunts me and hits me from time to time.

    My problem with this whole thing is that his grandmother is constantly whining about not being able to see Sean. That is exactly what his dad went through for 4 years! Are you kidding me?

    I don’t understand the whole argument about how the STF wouldn’t allow the kid to have any saying in where he wanted to stay. He obviously doesn’t know his dad very well. Now you ask me why he doesn’t know his dad? HE WAS TAKEN AWAY FROM HIM!!!!!!! So I don’t buy that excuse at all.

    I am happy with the outcome. Sean will eventually get settled in and he will build a life for himself up here. If he ever decides to go back to Brazil when he’s old enough, I am sure his family will be waiting with arms wide open. In the meantime, he needs to focus on rebuilding a relationship with his dad and his side of the family.

  • Jessie

    Ooohh voce acha que eu nao morei no Brasil ne? Hmmmm que pena. Nao sei por que eu iria em um website para mentir sobre uma coisa tao boba.

    ( You think I didn’t live in Brazil, huh? That’s sad. I don’t know why I’d come to this website to lie about something so stupid )

    Nao, a minha familia nao e pobre. Ao contrario, estudei em duas das melhores escolas onde morava ( Colegio Santo Antonio e Colegio Arnaldo em Belo Horizonte ).

    ( No, my family is not poor. Au contraire, I went to 2 of the best schools where I lived )

    Acho que voce e ignorante ao pensar que Sean deveria ter ficado no Brasil com a familia da mae. Voce nao tem filhos nao? Se a sua esposo(a) morresse e a familia dele(a) pegasse seus filhos e nao quizesse que voce fosse parte da vida deles, como voce se sentiria?

    ( I think you’re ignorant to think that Sean should have stayed with his mom’s family in Brazil. You don’t have kids, do you? If your wife ( or husband ) passed away and his ( or her family ) took your kids away and didn’t allow you to be a part of their lives, how would you feel?

    Acho que o seu unico problema nem e o fato de David ter quarda do filho, mas sim por que e Americano e Brasileiros nao gostam desse pais.

    ( I think your only issue here is not the fact that David was awarded custody of his son but the fact that he is American and Brazilians don’t like the US )

    E por que voce esta me atacando? Nao te conheco. Deve ser facil poder falar o que quiser e poder se esconder atras de uma tela de computador, ne?

    ( And why are you attacking me? I don’t know you. It must be easy to say whatever you want and be able to hide behind your computer screen, huh? )

    Have a good day….and grow up. You must really hate MY country…You’re using this thing called Internet that was invented by you know, Americans.

  • Brazil

    Living in a country with High Human Development Index means having better economic, social, cultural and political opportunities.Countries in the world with High Human Development Index are:
    1. Norway
    2. Australia
    3. Iceland
    4. Canada
    5. Ireland
    6. Netherlands
    7. Sweden
    8. France
    9. Switzerland
    10. Japan

    Also, the best educational system in the world is in Finland.

  • Brazil

    The Supremo Tribunal Federal in Brazil refused to allow the little boy to speak and express his wish to stay in Brazil with the father (stepfather) he has known for the past 5 years, his little sister, and his grandparents, all of whom he adored. Sean Goldman, a 9 years old, who speaks Portuguese and very little English, raised as a Christian, was not even allowed to celebrate Christmas with his Brazilian family. Children have vague memories of their first 4 years after birth but remember well what happens in their lives later on. I am sure the boy must be going through a lot of trauma having lost his mom not long ago and now being removed from his family. The American media attacked the Brazilian Justice System, without understanding that the Judges in Brazil had previously decided the issue after various psychologists stated that it would be in the best interest of the child to remain with his Brazilian Family. The Hague Convention states that a kidnapped child should be return immediately to his prior residence EXCEPT when it is not in the best interest of the child. I guess we have a case in point. It is very sad how the American Media and Politics influenced this case to the point of second guessing various judges in Brazil and putting pressure on the Brazilian Government to have the case again heard by another judge. I agree that the father has rights to the child and that the child should have been returned to Brazil immediately when his was 4 years old, but at this point in time, I sincerely believe it would be in the best interest of the child to remain in Brazil, or at least, allow for a reasonable period of transition. I am a dual citizen, American and Brazilian, and my deceased father was in family court for many years. The issue of child custody was always very daring to my father because he himself was separate from his family at a young age and adopted by close relatives. He used to say that in spite of people’s best efforts, the Justice System is made for adults and not for children. I guess he was right. The Justice System enforced the rights of the father but treated the child as “property.” Jessie, you are not brazilian. You are just that kind the person who wants to enforce people to accept the way you think. The United States is not the best place to live in the world. Google and see that countries like Brunei in Asia is better in quality of life than the U.S. Also, Sweden, New Zealand and Switzerland.


    To Jessie
    Jessie, are you coming from a low-class family in Brazil? Sean is different . His family in Brazil is rich. Why the most rich families in the U.S. are sending his kids to a private school. You are an idiot. United States is an awful place to live. Poverty is everywhere in the world. I hate to live here and see how most of people live. Under the poverty guidelines. The government needs to help with food stamps, WIC, housing… Most of americans are very poor. Do you know what is your problem? You are not brazilian. You are a big liar. Sean needs to live where he wants. Now he is living like a white trash in Tinton Falls.

  • Jessie

    Oh Geez
    Wow, you are all crazy I swear.

    I am sorry to say this but I bet Sean is really happy with his dad. Why would I know this? Well, my dad is a Brazilian citizen while my mom is an American citizen like ME. You see, when I was 2, my dad took me to Brazil on vacation and decided to keep me there. I was stuck there for years unable to see my mom, my sister or any of my relatives back in the US.

    I am fortunate enough to be able to live back where I belong – in the good ol USA.

    Brazil is an awful place to live. My family is well off so I can’t say I dealt with poverty. But on the other hand, poverty is everywhere down in Brazil and no matter how much $$$ you have, you will experience it at sooner or later. I was bullied in school for being American, I was robbed so many times. The health care system sucks, the education system is completely messed up and unless you go to a private school you’re screwed.

    Now you guys come here to talk shit about MY country as if Brazil were this paradise. Come on folks, check your facts before you open your mouth and show your stupidity.

    Sean NEEDS to stay with his dad. Take it from me. I’ve been in the same damn situation and I had absolutely NO control over it. He’s lucky he was able to move back in with his father at 9 years old. I didn’t meet my mom til I was 18! ( thanks to changes in the Brazilian laws regarding minors traveling abroad without parental consent ).

    So Sean, I hope you have a very happy life with your dad and I hope you guys can make up for lost time.


    Mr. Goldman is a cruel father. He sold his son’s return for NBC. All that he wants is money. I only care about the boy feelings. Nobody in America cares about the boy feelings. Thank God I don’t live in the U.S. The american society is corrupt, where anyone with a political connection can do whatever he wants.

  • middlegrounder

    Costinha, Laura, and Bella,
    You must be three of the most incomphrehensible idiots on the web. If you are sharing a brain, you should find one that actually WORKS! Suggestion: How about removing Sergio Tostes’ cock from your lying mouths and use them to express an opinion (good or bad) that is actually rooted in FACTS?!!
    To Silvie and I love Brazil: It’s a good thing you are in Brazil… Stay there! If lying words were a crime, this forum alone would provide enough evidence to send you to the gas-chamber!:sad::sad:

  • theman

    written by I love Brazil, April 08, 2010

    “YES, honey. Because, we are not like most of women in the US, at home watching T.V. and getting fat.”

    Now there’s a real laugh. Brazilians are addicted to TV. I’ve never seen people watch as much TV as Brazilians. And obviously you haven’t looked around lately–Brazilians are, on average, a lot fatter than they were a few years ago.

  • theman

    Such ignorance, such childishness, such stupidity
    Were it not so sad I would be laughing about this thread.

    The boy’s father has the right to be his parent. Nobody else has that right, since the mother is dead. The grandmother has no legal or moral right to anything, particularly given the fact that for years she and her family deprived a father of his child.

    Personally, I would not want my son to be exposed further to this lying, manipulative witch. What she is doing is normal in Brazil, but wrong in the eyes of the rest of the world. Lying is practically an art form in Brazil, yet elsewhere it is regarded as immoral, and in many cases illegal.

  • Gringo

    Why are Brazillians so dumb?
    why, why? The negative comments here resemble the ignorance found in a school yard full of 7 yr olds.

    I would prefer to be poor in America than rich in Brazil – this country stinks, full of uneducated monkies and rich people that can only feel superior lording it over aforementioned monkies.


  • CachorroNicolau

    Ah, American haters from Brazil. It’s like a child rapist lecturing a womanizer.

  • I love Brazil

    😉 Beijos!!!!

  • I love Brazil

    Now we understand what Michele Obama is working so hard to improve the image of the american women. Bunch of couch potatoes.

  • I love Brazil

    YES, honey. Because, we are not like most of women in the US, at home watching T.V. and getting fat. Now we understand why Michele Obama is working so hard.


    do fathers in Brazil aboandon their children
    😮 Does a father in Brazil have no say in the upbringing of their children? Are they simply sperm donors? What a strange country.
    It’s kinda like the Amazons.;-)


    Family values

  • I love Brazil


  • I love Brazil

    To all residents in America.
    Let me just tell you all residents of a “First World” country who can not provide free health care and jobs to its people: GO ALL TAKE CARE YOUR OWN LIFE. The United States is falling apart with people in hanger, unemployed and no health care, take as example what Mr. Obama and his wife are doing to improve the image of country aboard and you “guys” in this website ruined.

  • I love Brazil

    This was a nasty divorce and child custody battle that turned out bad. Quit minding other people’s business and respect Sean’s deceased mother and also his family in Brazil.

  • Silvie

    This case shows the world that U.S.A. and mainstream american culture is: a corrupt society where anyone with political and religion connections can do whatever they want.

  • Double-Dot

    Ah sincerely hope Sam Goldstein´s grandma is not one of the victims of the mudslides in Rio.

    God bless America.

  • CachorroNicolau

    Adriane, it’s in the contents of the 82-page sentence ruled by the Brazilian federal judge. Go get some information before spewing bullshit over the Internet.

    I think David, as any father, wants to keep his son away from crazy people. Unfortunately his grandma falls under this category.

  • Adriana

    “three objective Brazilian psychiatrists, at the request of the Brazilian Courts, all stated that Sean was being mentally tortured by the Bianchi family and was in severe emotionaly danger and needed to be returned to his father immediately. These were not psychiatrists hired by Goldman, but were COURT appointed.” hahahahhahaha!!!
    Where did you read this???? C’mom…..mexican soap opera

  • Adriane

    Let’s Sean talks!!
    I only care about the boy feelings!!
    Nobody here lost a mother and 2 years later, lost everything that knows as home,family, friends….. i don’t want to know if Bruna was wrong or if David is rigth, the more important person in this situation is Sean and nobody listen what he has to say about!!! he is just a child but he has rights, doesn’t he???

  • Marie

    Still Giggling
    Everytime I see the pictures of the poor, pitiful grandma crying her eyes out over not being able to see Sean, I giggle a little bit more. Teeheehee. Every single thing she says is exactly what David Goldman said for almost 6 years. These people had absolutely no regard for Sean when they and Bruna kidnapped him. Last June, three objective Brazilian psychiatrists, at the request of the Brazilian Courts, all stated that Sean was being mentally tortured by the Bianchi family and was in severe emotionaly danger and needed to be returned to his father immediately. These were not psychiatrists hired by Goldman, but were COURT appointed. These Bianchi’s are in league with the devil.

  • Silvie


  • Colie

    It’s About Time
    Erika and Silvie,
    May I clarify? Are you suggesting that it was right for Silvana Bianchi and and the manipulative Lins e silvas to keep Sean from seeing his father for almost 6 years? That to deny a boy his father was healthy for Sean? Is that how you would have wanted to be raised?

  • Silvie

    This father is a loser. Everything that he wants is money to share with his overweight lawyer in New Jersey. Poor Sean, he must go back to Brazil to be free from this monster.

  • Erika

    David Goldman is a bad father. He is keeping Sean away from his little sister, Chiara. Sean will hate him. Also, he is going to a bad public school in Tinton Falls. This man is a idiot.

  • Mira

    Horrible woman who does not have the boy’s interest at heart – not about LOVE for Sean about HATE for Americans and the USA.
    Talking about money, has nothing better to do with her life?

  • Marie

    Costinha – you’re a joke.

  • Marie

    Silvana AND Brazil are a joke
    Not once has David Goldman said he wouldn’t allow Sean to see his Grandmother, simply that it had to be done with the help of mental health professionals. Imagine, David GRACIOUSLY met with the grandparents and a mental health professional in order to determine how best for SEAN to have visits take place. Granny, in all her Brazilian joke glory, didn’t like what was determined, cried her joke crocodile tears and had the audacity to whine about not being able to visit. I hope her insides are in a constant state of panie – can you imagine how terrified she must be that Sean will find out how long his father tried to see him, talk to him and gain custody after the lies they surely told him? They certainly didn’t tell the boy “your dad came down but we refuse to let him see you” or “your dad called, but we’ll be damned if you can talk to him”. No, they told him “your daddy doesn’t love you or want you anymore”. Now he’ll find out differntly and that must terrify them. GOOD!!!!!

  • Sierra

    Sean is not “in hiding”. He is going to school. He is doing everything a typical ten year old does. How dense are some of you? Silvana is once again being a manipulative b*tch and lying to get attention. Again. Even the Brazil press caught her and the attorney in lies. Anyone defending her is as crazy as she is.

    David should NEVER let this woman ever have access to Sean.

  • Erika

    Tinton Falls Police must send a cop to check if Sean is fine.

  • Erika

    This man is very abusive, he is doing with Sean the same he used to do with Bruna. Sean must be so unhealthy and unhappy.:P

  • Ashley

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    I agree Sierra – the trolls are out!! Bottom line, Sean is where he should be and he’s perfectly healthy and happy… and he’s not going anywhere! 😉

  • Erika

    David Goldman made lots of money on this already, also he is asking for more. He now wants his ex-wife’s money too. David never sent any money to Sean all these years. Is he hiding Sean? YES, he is. He doesn’t allow Sean Sean to write e-mails or use the phone. Also, he is trying to keep Sean away from his little sister, Chiara, one little girl that is 1 year old.

  • marisol rodriguez

    sean goldman
    agora voce sente na pele….o que voces fizeram com o pai do teu neto….voce merece …nao ver o garoto….apoio a desicao do david 100%…ele esta agindo certo….de tirar o celular do menino….porque com certeza…vcs iriam torturar o garoto…e manipular a vontade dele…como fizeram durante 5 anos….deixem ele em paz….deixem ele ser feliz… essas atitudes voces estao monstrando….egoismo e falta de amor por esse garoto…porque voces se realmente o amassem…nao o teriam separado do pai

  • Sierra

    Wow the trolls are really out. And ignoring the facts as usual. It was ok for Silvana to do what she is now accusing David of doing? What a piece of work. Just like those defending the actions of a kidnapper.

    Explain to me just why Silvana should have custody? And tell me how you would feel it is were your child?

  • P. DA VIDA

    I never believed in anything that this man said. He is a loser.

  • P. DA VIDA

    David Goldman is a loser. He is a big liar. He is using this poor boy to make money. Wait for the consequences in your life. God is watching you. God knows what you are doing.

  • Mira

    Drama queen grand mother who does nothing buy invent lies.

  • fried chc

    That shady character David Goldman…

    I feel sorry for little Sean…An unfit father we all know he is, love there is none, but the greed is overwhelming!

    Once again, Mr. Goldman is trying to steal from Sean’s Brasilian family, large amounts of money. That f.u.c.k.e.r. has the boy, what else does he want?

    His devilish revengeful side is out…. Even though Sean insists in seeing his grandmother, that loser refuses. Sean has to speak English to his grandma even though, Portuguese is their natural communication. Sean sent his grandma a hidden email message complaining about his environment, and that he wants to return home to Brazil.

    David Goldman you are a loser, unaccomplished model, uneducated lazy greedy f.u.c.k. who never held a fulltime job in your entire insignificant mediocre stinking life. You are the type of Jew that stereotypes your kind and religion in front of us all. You have no shame…. You will burn in hell until the end of time!

    Just count these words…. Once the lights are out and cameras turned-off, Sean will neglected. Fortunately at 18, Sean will call his own shots and return to Brasil where he has always belonged.


  • I love american whores.

    New Jersey police must check if the boy is fine. Why is David hiding the boy?

  • finn

    Wow, Laura, take a chill pill and and get the facts. You sound so stupid.


    The Judicial System in the U.S. is poor.


    The only thing this man wants is revenge. He wasn’t able to save his wedding. He’s bad. Now everybody knows who is the real David.

  • I like Brazilian Whores

    There is no judge in any country in the civilized world that would award a child to his grandparents if there is a loving father or mother.

    These folks are cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

  • Sierra

    This has nothing to do with Brazil vs US. People should stop using this for a political agenda. It has to do with what is right. The Brazil family kidnapped Sean. With the exception of an official who is friends with the family the Brazil government and Supreme Court agreed. There is no way it should have taken all those years for Sean to be returned to his father.

    Comparing the two countries is pointless. Both have good points and bad points. None of which is a factor. It is a kidnapping issue and the victim has been returned home. Home with his father where he belongs.

    I understand that Silvana is still suffering from the loss of her daughter and probably latched on to Sean because of it. That does not mean that she had the right to keep him. He did not belong to her. Why are people ignoring that? I agree with others who have said that David should keep Sean away from her. Judging by her actions she needs serious help.

  • Bella

    Unhappy Sean part deux
    Sean IS unhappy, he was able to write an email to his grandparents hidden from his father (who doesn’t allow him to write e-mails or use the phone). He told them he was being forced to live there and he hated it. Check your facts.
    Is that really surprising, people?
    He had an amazing privileged life in one of the prettiest cities in the world (yes, it would be horrible to be poor in Rio, but that wasn’t Sean’s case AT ALL). Living the proletarian life and going to a public school in Jersey, the armpit of America, is not that sexy in comparison…
    This kid must be so miserable. He will never forgive David for this. And you will be hearing about his troubles soon enough, unless they work out some agreement between the families.

    btw, i’m Italian – have family in US and Brazil, lived in both places. mildly educated, yes, went to prep school and the ivy league. if that’s what americans consider a mild education, makes total sense.


    Laura in Canada, Ashley and L Guido in the US stop supporting this familiar problem. US is not perfect. Canada is not perfect. David is not perfect. The world is not perfect.


    If the US Health Care System is excellent why Obama worked so hard to pass that Health Care Reform. Your comment is pathetic Laura. Also, US education is bad. Poor Obama has to work a lot to improve U.S.

  • Brandom

    Sometimes, I am ashamed of being american. Our country is falling apart and people supporting this man with his familiar problem. Amazing how people can be so blind to our own problems.



    How much David Goldman is paying you for this pathetic comment? Bye, bye, honey.

  • L Guido

    Laura, you impress as a very ignorant person. The US health care system is excellent actually. Different than in Canada, and more expensive. But also more readily available for those with health care insurance. This is why a lot of Canadians who have a hard time receiving health services in Canada come to the US to obtain these services.

    You should try to educate yourself a bit more before posting any other comments… It is quite embarrassing reading your postings.

  • Ashley

    His name is Sean, not Sam. This is not an issue about Brazil vs. USA.

    Be gone.

  • Ashley

    Marcella and Billy
    Obviously, you know nothing about David Goldman except what the Brazilian family has said about him. David Goldman is not unemployed. Considering his relentless fight for his son, he’s not lazy either.

    The Brazilian family used their political connections and wealth to keep Sean away from his biological father. So yes, David Goldman had to use political and media help from the U.S. to fight back! NBC did not pay for all of his expenses. They offered him a flight home from Brazil. Everything is well-documented… unlike the bullsh*t being spread by the Brazilian family.

    David Goldman had to spend a fortune to take back what never should have been taken away from him in the first place. There is no $500K “visitation tax”… but he should sue the Brazilian family to recover all of his expenses.

    It’s pathetic how the people supporting the Brazilian family accuse David Goldman of caring only about money but then turn around and brag about how wealthy the Brazilian family is and how Sean would be better off rich and in Brazil.

    Silvana spent years poisoning Sean against his own father. She should back the hell off and let David and Sean rebuild their relationship. David will let her visit when the damage she did has been repaired.



    1 million brazilians living in the US. This is not true. Maybe in better countries than US, like Japan, China, Sweden, Germany. And everything is falling apart in the US. The world saw in 2005 that poverty in New Orleans. What about americans living here in Canada? Because your Health Care System is awful.


    Sam go back home. Your father is a liar. There you are rich.

  • L Guido

    C’mon, guys. There are over 1 million Brazilians living in the US. Your people are immigrating here, not the other way around. I guess samba’s not enough after all…

  • FAB

    awful father
    I never had any sympathy for David Goldman. He is a big liar.


    I don’t have any sympathy for this father. He is bad person. Poor boy. This man is a loser. Everything is money. He is a unemployed model, lazy and now is showing his real face.

  • Billy

    This is an all american story. Meaning that this is all about money. Everything that Mr. Goldman wants is MONEY.And he got with the patriotesque support of american politicians, people and NBC. Mr. Goldman is now charging US$500,000 from Sean’s brazilian relatives as visiting tax, when actually NBC paid all his expenses. Go to work David. What shame.

  • michael

    I have little sympathy for this grandmother. How cruel she and her crew was to the father during the period that the father was trying to lawfully regain custody of his son. This woman SHOULD be able to visit with Sean, when Sean is an adult. Come back in 15 years, woman ! !




    USA = 10% people unemployment.
    Awful Health Care System
    Education 0
    16.000 people living in the streets in San Francisco.
    Economy is collapsing.
    Free country= ha, ha, ha, ha !!!!!!!
    High rate of crimes= go to live in Lowell, Brockton, New Bedford, Holyok, Michigam, Springfield, Lawrence, Los Angeles, ….


    YOU ARE NOT BRAZILIAN. Revele sua verdadeira identidade.

  • Luigi Vercotti

    Bella Dona
    Bella, you must be eating these flowers. A typical mildly educated able to type some English so you probably tasted the first world in the US before returning to your cage in Brazil. Now you’re bitter.

    Hey you stupid git, all those Mom’s you refer to are trying to get their kids INTO the US. You can’t be there, apparently, so you tell yourself and anyone who’ll listen that you don’t WANT to be there. Yes, your cage in some bairro in some crappy city is better than the life you wished for in the States.

    I’m a dual citizenship American, just back to the US after 3 years in Brazil. The honeymoon with Brazil wore off a while ago. Trying to live and work there is a comedy. Have fun with that for the rest of your life. I’m back in the first world and wonder why I ever left.

    The Goldman’s? Never set foot in your banana republic again.

  • Ashley

    And you too, Renata…
    I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that your real name is Silvana Bianchi… or maybe her family pays you to eat their sh*t and spit it back out at everyone on the Internet. Don’t like the U.S.? This is the land of the free, honey… so feel free to leave anytime you’re ready.
    Tchau, b*tch!

  • Ashley

    Hey Bella…
    Since I’m one of the “cold, unloving and blind” Americans (IN TOTAL SUPPORT OF DAVID GOLDMAN, BTW) please enlighten me. How is Sean so “obviously unhappy?” His father has protected him and kept him out of the media spot light while Silvana is dragging the media back into their lives. You make me sick by justifying the kidnapping of Sean by his own mother and the help of Silvana. Keeping a son from his father isn’t cold and unloving?! You call that nuturing strong family ties?! You’re a demented bitch just like Silvana… and YES, this American can REALLY claim to have warm, loving and strong family ties like Latin Americans or Asians. Pull your prejudiced head out of your ignorant ass.

  • yamaniyama

    Silvana Bianchi told Brazil’s Globo TV on Sunday night that “her grandson’s human rights are being violated.”

    “It’s a sad situation; I think it’s a terrible thing for this boy,” Attorney Wolfe said. “You can’t erase that side of his family.”

    Excuse me, but isn’t this exactly what they were doing to Sean in Brazil? Amazing how people can be so blind to their own actions.

  • Bella

    Sean is unhappy, face the reality, ignorant david supporters
    It’s quite obvious Sean is extremely unhappy in New Jersey. David Goldman is a egotistical, horrible father from keeping this boy away from the only family he has ever known!

    He never visited Sean in Brazil when Bruna was alive because it would hinder his “kidnapping” claim – one just can’t visit a “kidnapped” person, right?
    A true father would want to see his child under any costs! The brazilian family always allowed him to visit Sean, and the only reason Bruna took him is because she would never be able to get custody of Sean if they got divorced in America. American judges are just THAT biased!!

    Why are all the foreign moms, like Japanese, Mexicans, etc trying to protect their kids from their cold, unloving American families? And can americans REALLY claim to have warm, loving and strong family ties like Latin Americans or Asians?

    Face the truth, you blind David supporters. You’ve been duped.

  • Barbara

    Yay! I’m glad she was denied access to this boy. He doesn’t need to be brainwashed anymore than he already is. If I were this boy’s father, I’d never allow that hag access to my son. Children belong with their parents. His mother got what she deserved. Karma kidnapped stole her life from this earth and her crazy mother just like she stole her son from his father. God works in mysterious ways.

  • Janie

    Oh Boy!
    The New Jersey court didn’t decide for the father just because he’s Jewish! That is such an ignorant comment! I just hope that Sean can overcome whatever mentality was ingrained in him about being part of the entitled class and damn the rest! Renata, perhaps if you were happy to be with whomever you’re living, you wouldn’t hate hate hate hate the United States so much. Get some family counseling for God’s sake.


    Go to >>>> Voce nao passa de uma pessoa sem informacao.

  • Sondra

    Renata – go back to Brazil then. Your situation is different than the Goldman case. Just because you hate the US does not mean that everyone should or does. BTW – Brazil is not perfect. No place is. But Sean belongs with his father. He was stolen from him and now is back where he belongs.

  • L Guido

    Renata, Sean deserves a chance to be happy. That means he needs to make up his own mind – the way you have made up yours. He’ll live here until he is old enough to make a decision. Then, with a dual citizenship, the world is open to him to go where he pleases.


    And How much is the PPPPPP family paying you to be a >>>>>>>>?


    Carrie, my father is american and my mother is brazilian. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate,….. and hate, hate ,hate hate…. to live in this country. And also, I was forced to come to live here.

  • Sondra

    Let me get this straight. Tostes wants the Brazil Supreme Court to order an American citizen to relinquish custody of another American citizen to a Brazilian? Yeah right. Good luck on that. There is no way Sean should ever have to go to Brazil again. Certainly not to live with insane people who want to twist the law and only obey it when it benefits them.

  • Maire

    How can anyone defend Silvana? Based on her actions she is crazy. She deserves no sympathy at all. She participated in a kidnapping and when she had the chance to make things right did everything wrong. Now she wants sympathy? She is just crazy. She is too obsessed with her grandchild – she needs psychological help. A lot of it. Keep Sean away from her. When he is 18 he can decide to visit her if he wants.

  • Carrie

    Renata-how much is the Brazilian family paying you to comment?

    Silvana is a kidnapper. She tried everything to keep David out of Sean’s life. Now she wants what she denied to David. Silvana should have been arrested when she came to the US. She will do everything she can to keep brainwashing Sean against his father. If I were him there is no way I would let that woman have anything to do with Sean. Never.

  • L Guido

    I notice most people posting comments here don’t address the right of a father to raise his child. Mostly, they address how the person making the comment feels about America. This is actually a really nice country where people are free to raise their kids according to our beliefs. I was not born here but my children are. I’d never take my kids away from their American father and I would not allow the grandparents to mess with my kids. This is the beauty of America – for as long as we follow the laws we are free. It is easy to sympathize with a crying grandma and I am sorry she is in the situation she’s at. But until she takes responsibility for it I don’t know how this can change for her. David Goldman has a kid who is both American and Brazilian. He seems like a nice guy who is trying to bond with his child. Let him be.


    Brainwash is what David Goldman is doing with Sean. Keeping the boy away from the brazilian family and culture. He never will be 100% american.


    What about other kids that american mother/american father took away from brazilians citizen. America give them back to Brasil. Sean has the right to see his brazilian family and friends, because Brasil always will be his home sweet home. He was forced to live here.

  • Caryn

    David has not said that he will never allow Sean to see his grandparents. He and the grandparents met with a MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL who evaluated the best way and timing for Sean to see his grandparents. David needs more time to bond with Sean who was cruelly kept from him for over 5 years and brainwashed by his grandparents and stepfather into thinking his dad was very bad/evil. I can only imagine that the mental health professional (I have been in the field for 32 years) could recognize in the session with the grandparents that they would not support David as a father and would pull on Sean to return to Brazil. They have never been interested in what is best for Sean. Yet, I am sure that EVENTUALLY, under good supervision and when Sean is more deeply rooted in his NJ life and more bonded to David, David will allow visitation if it is determined to be best for Sean, despite David’s own years of pain and feelings about the grandparents. David is not narcissistic, as Sean’s Brazililan family appears to be. To those who are commenting on David’s marriage, no one knows what happened. What IS known is that Bruna ALWAYS said that David was a really good father. (It is on many tapes).

  • Sam

    Silvana has NO rights to SEAN–DAVID is his father! There are only 2 people who have rights to any child-their parents. When David wanted to see his son,it took him,wait,how many years? Karma!Got to love it!!Sean is where he should have been since 2004 when his SELFISH mother decided to ROB he and his FATHER of THEIR relationship–may she rot in hell–KARMA! I hope he makes you wait 5 years for your next visit and then supervised. The ONLY people here that hurt Sean was SILVANA and her DUMB dead daughter! Payback is a B**ch,huh? We the Americans are LAUGHING at you pathetic people who think you can hide behind another country-Sean is and has ALWAYS been an AMERICAN!!His hometown is ,New Jersey, not the Kidnapping Capital of Brazil!@ Here’s a thought, let us take away Silvanas’ granddaughter for 5 years, and give him to another man to raise–how would you like it? If I were David ,NOONE from that family would EVER see SEAN again!!KIDNAPPERS!!A bunch of MORONS!!

  • L Guido

    Let the father be the parent
    The father is trying to make a life for himself and his son. He has asked that the grandmother talks to the kid in English and she has refused. She’s been invited to participate in the building of the new family relationship and she has refused. There comes a moment when a parent must make tough decisions on what is best for his kid. The decision has been made. If this selfish woman could for one moment pay attention to anyone else but her own feelings she’d realize she is turning down opportunities. She is making it impossible for the father to let her be involved. Now she can enjoy her loneliness. This is not love, this is greed. She wants the boy as if he is a pet, not a child. Loving a child means sacrifice, not messing him up for fear of losing him.


    Sean please, go back to Brazil.
    Most of us hate to live in this country. We live here because we are forced to stay here with our parents. I am waiting to turn 18 to go back. All my brazilians friends hate to live here. God bless BRASIL.

  • Kazeka

    The POWER
    I say that tears come to the eyes seeing that woman in such despair. In USA the congress and the government all bow to the Lobby of the Jews, it is plain fact.
    They are very powerful people in USA. So when they want something they get it, right or wrong.

    It is a sick place, a place that has no morality.
    Just raw power. This is not good.
    I do pray for the boy that he can be returned to the love of the family in Brasil.
    It is so right to do that to bring him home to Brasil.

  • Luigi Vercotti

    Back to Brazil
    Someone said something about Brazil being the country the boy likes.. he doesn’t know America. The kid’s been there what, 4 months now? Like any other Brazilian in the States, he’d prefer to stay after 10 minutes.

    If I were the boy’s Dad I’d never let that old hag and her family of typical Brazilian scumbags/lawyers see him again.

  • Double-Dot

    Do y’all think old Bianchi woman has a crush on Goldstein?

    God bless America

  • Isabel

    Oh, gosh, what a “big dad” he would be if he thinks the things in the base of retribution! It´s about of the hapiness of his son. No. What I want to know is: why thy don´t think about visitation whith the company of a professional? If what he fears is the boy´s psychological health… It is more than three months!

  • ELMO

    Sean go back to Brazil!!! Samba, beautiful girls, soccer, nice weather,…

  • MWtransplant

    David Goldman should string these leeches along with false promises – the exact same thing they did to him for all of those years. Perhaps, if this “grandmother” had done the right thing from the start, the animosity would be over by now.

    Let her cry to the Brazilian press all she wants – obviously that ass-backwards country has no idea what human rights are in the first place.

  • ELMO

    This father is trying to keep the boy away from his little sister and the culture in which he lived for half of his life. What father!!!!

  • Brasilmagic

    You gotta be kidding right? This woman created a huge problem for everybody by conniving with her daughter to remove a little boy from the father he loved, brainwashed him against his Daddy and his country and continues to do so. She made David and Sean’s life miserable with her manipulations and selfishness (along with her partner in crime Raimundo and jealous former son in law Joao Paulo). If Sean were my son I’d have a restraining order against this gang. The woman is evil!

  • Brasilmagic

    You gotta be kidding right? This woman created a huge problem for everybody by conniving with her daughter to remove a little boy from the father he loved, brainwashed him against his Daddy and his country and continues to do so. She made David and Sean’s life miserable with her manipulations and selfishness (along with her partner in crime Raimundo and jealous former son in law Joao Paulo). If Sean were my son I’d have a restraining order against this gang. The woman is evil!

  • theman

    I do not believe anything the Brasilian family says. Nor should anyone else.

  • mh

    Tough Sh*t B*tch
    Is this b*tch kidding??? After the kid’s mom died that child should have been handed back to his father….who the hell is this woman. She effectively kidnapped this child and kept his dad from even seeing him all this time. The kid’s mother and her family should all have been arrested for international kidnapping long ago. Good for David Goldman for not caving to her demands. He should be able to raise his kid the way he wants to and not have to worry about the kid’s grandmother trying to swipe him again. If this was my kid or your kid I certainly would let that happen. The international laws should be more clear in cases like this and there are plenty of children that are taken by one parent back to their home countrys and never heard from again.

    Good for you David and Sean!! Don’t let that creepy whining grandmother come between you. Learn to be a family together before you let them back in.


    Sean vai ter que viver como a maioria dos brasileiros nos States. Abaixo da linha da pobreza. Vivendo nas piores cidades americanas. Um bom exemplo, e a cidade de Lowell em Massachusetts. Dependendo da ajuda do governo para sobreviver. WIC, FREECARE, HOUSING, etc. Boa sorte Sean.

  • Gringo

    Change the title

    She started it, live with the consequences you wretched kunt.

  • Elise

    This boy is more brazilian than american. Brazil is the country that he loves. He doesn’t like living here. Ask him if he wanted to come to America. He was forced. Nobody is thinking about his feelings. Mr. Goldman is trying to keep Sean away from the brazilian family. LOSER!!!!!

  • a_mother

    The boy only came home last December after 6 years without his father. Maybe the father needs time to get to know him without his Brazilian family offering the possibility of returning to Brazil.

    Where was this family on the boy’s human rights when they denied him the right to live with his father and only surviving parent? The Brazilian supreme court awarded custody to the dad. So they did not win in their own Brazilian court and now they try to win in the press, at the Hague?

    He has been home only three months and the grandmother has spoken to him 5 times on the telephone. She sent him a cell phone, presumably to talk to him more frequently? Did they let him speak to his father more frequently when they had him in Brazil?

    Maybe the father is concerned that they will attempt to kidnap the child again? Maybe he doesn’t want to grant unsupervised visits and phone calls because that would facilitate a kidnapping?

  • Adriane

    Its not fair!
    Who is suffering te most?? Sean!! Who is paying for the parents?? Sean!! Its not fair! Nobody cares about the emotional health of this kid???

  • jakob

    Payback is a bitch
    Payback is a bitch, isn’t it. If Ms. Bianchi hadn’t been such an a**hole in the past, she would probably be able to see her grandson. However, since she behaved like she behaved, Sean’s father is absolutely right in not giving her even one millisecond with his son.

    Oh and for fuck’s sake, please stop with all this drama, crying, lamenting… As if you’re entitled to anything. Nobody gives a flying fuck. You are a proven child kidnapper. If *I* were Sean’s father, I would be seething with anger just by thinking about you.

  • Elise

    Esse senhor e um desclassificado. Pobre garoto. Que vida. Em Tinton Falls, uma cidade operaria, pobre, escola publica, etc… Desgraca total.

  • Adria

    David, quando e que voce vai comecar a trabalhar e agir como um verdadeiro homem. Pare de fazer dinheiro com esse garoto. Ele vai crescer odiando voce. Porque, ele sabe que a familia brasileira o ama verdadeiramente. Sabe quem voce e. Criancas sentem e sabem quando o pai ou a mae sao pessoas perdidas que nem voce.

  • WILL

    Mr. Goldman is a loser. Is he working? Of course not. He does not have any class. He is trying to make money with the kid. Loser.

  • Jim

    The Brazilian family never denied visitation rights to the father. He was always able to see the child. Besides, he never bothered with the child until the mother passed away. I no longer have simpathy for this man and his ability to sell his child’s situation to MSNBC. I thought he had class, now he wants revenge. Loser.

  • Jim

    I honestly don’t know who is more cruel at this point: the brazilian family or his own father. Mr. David Goldman SOLD his son’s return to a major television circus too, exposing the boy even more. And now he is interfering with his love for the grandparents. The child lost his mother, for crying out loud. Respect the feelings he still has for that side of the family. It is still his family and he will always care about them.

  • finn

    Now she knows how it feels to not be able to see the child you love. She did it for years to Sean’s father. She should be ashamed of herself. Karma is a bitch.

  • Victoria

    Put the child first, not revenge!
    Wow. Really disappointing to hear this after all the promises the father made on tv about not keeping Sean from his Brazilian family. They were all he had when his mother died. I can imagine that a boy so young would miss them terribly not even being allowed to speak with them when his life has been changed so much! He’s in a strange country surrounded by strangers and he’s not even allowed to see or call the people he loves? That’s so wrong to do that to a child! Guess the truth is coming out now that the camera’s are off.

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