Lula Boasts Brazil’s Trade with South America Is as Big as the One with the US & EU

Brazil-Argentina cooperation Talking to an audience of workers and members of one of Brazil’s biggest labor unions, the Central Única dos Trabalhadores (CUT), in a May Day speech, Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva discussed foreign affairs, pointing out that the main focus of his administration has been South America.

Lula declared that in the past that was not the case. Brazil’s neighbors were not given the necessary importance they deserved, he said.

“We were colonized, so we always looked outward, toward Europe and the United States, we did not see South America because it was always in the background, behind us.”

Lula said that a foreign policy aimed at Brazil’s neighbors resulted in the construction of more equal relations and more advantages for South American countries. Today the relations between the nations of South America are very different from the relations each of those nations had with the United States, said Lula.

“How can you compare a commercial relationship with a superpower like the United States and a commercial relationship with a country like Bolivia?” asked Lula.

The president went to say that proof of the success of the change in focus was that today Brazil’s trade with South America was on the same level as trade with the US and Europe – in size, volume and dollars.

According to Lula, the increased importance in international affairs is a sign that Brazil has stronger sovereignty. The recognition of the country’s importance by the international media shows that Brazil can make the right decisions for its future.

“We have learned to walk with our heads held high,” declared Lula. “Brazil knows where it wants to go and how it wants to get there.”

Lula went on to say that the October general elections will not mean any change in government policy. “I will not let the elections sink the country,” said the president as he promised to maintain control of inflation and public spending.

Lula said that over the last seven years of his administration, the country had progressed in social and economic terms, becoming “an example of financial control.” The improvements, he said, were due to decisions and policies implemented by his government.

In closing. Lula declared that the next administration had an obligation to do more and do it better.



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  • Lula

    Well said.
    Despite all the internal problems, Brazil hypes up its role in the UN and Haiti. When I saw the pictures post quake here in Brazil,all the soldiers were doing was posing for pictures and escorting those GLOBO TV idiots round the city…..while people died beneath the rubble.
    Typical Brazil…..all talk and no balls.

  • Paul Wilson

    everything about Brazil is extraordinary!
    Endless boasting on the part of Lula, the commentators on this blog, the authors to this jingoistic journalism, and the editors of this blog who craft the stories to appear more sensational and anti-American, and yet the major problems of Brazil are unchanged: grinding poverty and inequality of wealth, as well as excessive crime, corruption, bureaucracy, graft, severe environmental damage, to name some of the more obvious problems.
    Reading this trashy journalism, you would think politics is a soccer match in which Brazil needs to defeat its opponents. You would think that the only way Brazil could succeed would be with the failure of other countries. The trend in world politics is away from the dominant model of super powers dominating lesser countries, and more towards a mutualistic model in which cooperation among nations is more important than competition; a model in which nations cooperate on projects that are mutually important of them and other nations. Global warming is one such issue that unites the world. World politics is not a zero-sum game like soccer where one wins the World cup and all others lose. The us vs. them message so common to this page, does not make me think Brazil is the next world super power, but just a regional super power stuck in a traditional model of us vs. them, needing to continuously crow about their success, while pretending that there are no serious problems in the country. If you are an outsider to Brazil who has not visited or seen the country up close, I could only say, take this boasting with a grain of salt. Rather than boasting about something that should be considered a given and quite ordinary, Brazil needs to wake up and smell that coffee as we say up north; that is, take a hard look at the reality of the country as it is experienced by people on the streets, and do something drastically different in regards to its problems.

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