After American Recall Brazil Halts Processed Meat Exports to US

Processed meat Brazil’s Agriculture ministry informed that it will send a team of experts to the US next week to seek clarification on methods used to test processed meat imports for residues, which have suspended export to the United States.

Brazil’s government imposed a ban on exports of processed meat to the US last week after a shipment of meat had to be recalled by meat packer JBS when US authorities said it showed traces of a medicine exceeding the limit.

Nelson Costa, director at the agriculture ministry’s department for the inspection of animal-derived products said the ministry requested details on tests used on that beef but a methodology provided by the US lacked key details.

“We have a meeting for June 7 and 8 in the US to discuss this,” he said, adding that he expected the issue would be resolved there and then and that exports would resume once the meeting ended.

In 2009, Brazilian exports of processed beef to the US summed US$ 223 million, roughly 5% of the more than US$ 4 billion worth of beef shipped from Brazil, the world’s top beef producer to importers around the globe.

US is the main importer of Brazilian processed meat having purchased in the first quarter 9.000 tons worth US$ 48.6 million.

Costa said the test used was initially developed to look for residues in the liver of cattle, and then later approved for tests on muscle tissue. He said there were doubts the test had ever been approved for use on heat-treated, processed meats.

“We want to know if some additive could interfere with the result. (The test) is not validated,” he said, adding chemicals even from condiments could change the tests’ outcome. In theory, it can change the result” he said.

The tests by US authorities on the JBS shipment showed the presence of Ivermectin, a de-wormer medicine used to expel intestinal worms, of between 10.3 and 14 parts per billion. The US limit is 10 parts per billion while Brazilian regulation permits up to 100.

Costa did not expect the ban his ministry imposed to have a severe impact on local meat packers whose main source of revenue is production of fresh meat, rather than processed meat such as canned corned beef with a long conservation period.

“I don’t think it has had a serious impact. They will be able to make up for it by sending their shipments later on,” he said, adding that local companies were confident of a swift resolution to the problem.

Meat packer Marfrig said on Monday it would begin shipping canned meat to the United States from its plants in Uruguay and Argentina so its shipments could continue. Brazilian plants would continue serving other destinations.



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  • ch.c.

    continued for Simple-tone
    Ohhhhh and in America Your Food sanitation is so great….that there is not a month…..WITHOUT….PRODUCTS RECALL !!!!


    Even your pets foods products…ARE RECALLED REGULARLY !

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    An Exterior Sign of W(H)EALTH ….. Americans pretend !!!

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    As to your financial wealth….welllll here is my comparison :
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    Welllll your pants will become the length of Brazilians tangas !

    But….but….but DONT WORRY ! As much textile will be needed.
    WIDTH is replacing more and more the LENGTH !


  • ch.c.

    Simpleton “That problem, to the extent it has been shown NOT to exist”
    SURE….SURE !
    Trust the AMERICANS !

    Was it not the Americans saying there was Noooooo Real Estate Bubble….in AMERICA ?
    NOW….WE KNOW !

    Was it not the Americans Experts saying there was plenty of WMD in Iraq ? And with satellites pictures…..AS PROOFS……of course !

    Were Americans not saying the Afghanistan invasion will be a SHORT ONE ?
    But still there 9 years later….and for a few more years….AT LEAST !


    Was it not the Experts U.S. Rating Agencies that assigned triple A ratings to TOXICS DEBTS ??????
    NOW WE KNOW !!!!!
    Ahhhhh….ahhhhh !

    Simple-tone feel FREE to trust the americans “experts” !

    But….but….but please LET all NON Americans eat what THEY WANT, NOT WHAT THE AMERICANS WANT !

    And a last note….on SWISS CHEESES, namely :

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    And very similar for ITALIANS cheeses.

    Fact being that most U.S. cheeses (even with Your Swiss or Italians APPARENT sources) are not made 100 % from milk….SADLY !

    So in a way….why do americans complain about China or Brazil copies of softwares ??

    Ahhhh…..ahhhhhh !


  • Simpleton

    I think any Swiss Cheese Brained Cow Suckler could do a minimal amount of research to learn about / CH.eck C.ontrols on the usage, applications, and end product testing results for the hormones being used for increasing milk production which the rest of the world disagrees with. That problem, to the extent it has been shown NOT to exist, is in the milk not in the meat. Milk which the public school system will arrange to give to the children either free or at a significantly reduced price, if they for some reason can not afford to buy it daily. Remember this represents the vast majority of children in the EUA (those who are not in private or home schooling) who, by law must attend 180 days of instruction each year for 12 years or the parents may get arrested. Better that they NOT attend school five days a week for nine months just like those I know in Brasil who do not so as to reduce their forced exposure to this?

    Being able to buy raw milk from my local farmer is what is now being threatened but that is due to other issues totally unrelated to what he uses to keep his animals strong, healthy and productive.

  • ch.c.

    Simpleton….on cheating….
    Your are right. But just somewhat !
    After all under what common sense do the Gringos feel they have the right to inject HORMONES GROWTH to their beefs and then try to oblige the world to import U.S. beef meats ??

    How Americans got cunt’s form in their ass and women penis size clitos ?


  • Simpleton

    Testing tests
    So what you really want to know is how to be sure you come up with a means to cheat around the rules by looking at the details of how you are being checked to see that you comply. Not possible / you lack the knowledge, skills and willingness to go back and look at your own practices, processes, step up early phase inspections to see why / or how it is you are creating the problem? Typical ignorant cheaters ploy.

    “said the ministry requested details on tests used on that beef but a methodology provided by the US lacked key details” + “US limit is 10 parts per billion while Brazilian regulation permits up to 100” + “Costa said the test used was initially developed to look for residues in the liver of cattle, and then later approved for tests on muscle tissue. He said there were doubts the test had ever been approved for use on heat-treated, processed meats.” == something is wrong with the test or the limits used and it shouldn’t apply to us because . . . “some additive could interfere with the result. (The test) is not validated.” Squirm, Squirm, Squirm but at least the dead beasts had no worms. Besides, you can just put the product into long term storage and try to sneak it through at a later date when maybe you might get lucky and have it pass as not 100% gets tested at the end of the chain.

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