Brazil Blasts US and UN Security Council for Making All Decisions for World

UN Security CouncilBrazil’s Foreign minister, Celso Amorim, in rebutting criticism of Brazil and Turkey for the nuclear agreement with Iran, and asking that the emerging powers should be heard in international affairs, accused the United States, China, France, Britain and Russia of thinking they are in charge of the world.

In a direct reference to the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, the Brazilian foreign minister said “it remains the prerogative of a small number of countries to make all the decisions for the world.”

“Global decisions are made by a handful of traditional powers. The permanent members of the Security Council had (and still have) the privilege of giving the letters on issues of international peace and security,” said Celso Amorim.

“It’s time to listen to emerging countries, such as Turkey and Brazil, but also others such as South Africa, Egypt and Indonesia, in the serious questions of peace and war,” stressed the minister.

According to Amorim, including Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, Egypt and Indonesia in the great global debates “will open the doors to a better world.” The Brazilian minister also said that “world decisions cannot continue to be made without hearing more voices.”

Celso Amorim went on to say, “the insistence to adopt sanctions against Iran confirms the perception of analysts who denounce that the traditional centers of power will not share their privileged status.”

The situation contrasts with the changes in recent years on the international scene, such as trade and climate change, which opened to large developing countries.

“The financial crisis has highlighted the emergence of new actors, replacing the Group of Eight (G8) as the primary forum for discussions and decision-making on the world economy,” explained Celso Amorim.

“The discussions on trade, finance, climate change and inclusive global governance began to be open to developing countries,” said the Foreign Minister while concluding that “without the presence of countries like China, India, Brazil, South Africa and Mexico, no tangible results would be reached.”

Antonio Carlos Lacerda writes for Pravda.


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  • Jamesddd


    I have a question for you. I agree with most of what you say, but I have to ask did you go to Brazil and have a bad experience?

  • luca

    I agree with Celso Amorin
    The problem with the so called “first world” powers installed at the UN Security Council is that firstly they depend on selling lots of weapons in order to keep their economies growing (since the middle age). They together sell weapons to both greeks and troyans just to keep them busy killing each other. Please remember Vietnam, Korea, Midle East, Bosnia, Latin America on the time of the dictatorships they imposed there, Africa, etc. The second is that they depend on week countries in order to survive their own. If some of these emerging countries become “first world” powers they will compete with these current “owners of the world” and as everybody know, why divide my food with more people then just among my family ?
    Therefore, they will say NO to third world and emerging countries until the last minute, but this last minute is inexorably nearer than most people realise. Just think about the USA, the UK, and half Europe sinking with their sistematic finantial (greed ?) crises as anyone can see around.
    Sooner or later we will see the axis of power being changing. It is the change of the paradigma that confortable and rich first world countries and citizens do not want to belive.
    That has already happened with the Romans, with the Otomans, with the Napoleon etc. and it will happen again, sooner or later…
    My sugestion to the “first world” is: more fraternity, more equality and more prosperity.
    For the whole planet eart, of course.

  • Luigi Vercotti

    1) Brazil is NOT a world power, so it really can’t even “blast” the US, UN, or anyone, for anything. Brazil is a pretty country which produces good coffee, other commodities, and has oil where it cannot even be reached yet.

    2) Amorim saying the the UN security council can’t make all the decisions is like saying that FIFA can’t rule soccer.

    3) Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey, South Africa? These repressive third world regimes are the gang Lula and Amorim want Brazil associated with. Good lord. Anyone (other than Lual and Amorim) taking Brazil seriously?

    The real countries (US, Russia, China, EU) must just not even read the Brazil memos. Just laugh and say, “Next item?….”

    Hey Amorim: good soccer players and F1 drivers does not make a world power….

  • Simpleton

    Interesting Stats
    Thanks for the historical numeric data Ch.c. If I am seeing the numbers right, there has been effectively zero inflation in Brasil. I know two points make only a straight line and that that may not tell the whole story but $110 in 1995 or 1996 got you exactly what you get at the going rate for the same $110 in 2010.

    Where else in the world have real prices not risen for soft goods?
    Where else in the world has there been such a lack of improvement in value added?

    A Swiss lawyer I know there doesn’t really like taking payment in US$ either but neither he nor the working gals are so stupid with respect to the conversion rates anymore. Just smile and tack in an extra R$8 per thousand as a “convenience fee” and everyone is happy.

  • Dimas

    Tudo muda e o brasil mudou
    O brasil mudou e pra melhor o salario minimo foi de $70 em 2003 para $270
    em 2010 trabalho escravo existe mas e pouco e muito combatido pela policia
    A diferença entre ricos e pobres ainda é grande, mas já foi pior.
    Considero os subsidios dados aos produtores de produtos agriculas dos USA pelo governo american mais nefasto ao resto do mundo, e principalmente a Africa.

  • ch.c.

    Ohhhhh yesssss I went there in 1995 or 1996 and stayed there for 2 months with a Swiss-Brazilian residing there.
    This friend became a sugar baron. It is not his companies but his wife family who are the owners.

    And Nooooo we had Noooo problem there. Just good time. Very Good time. Dont forget that I was with a local…and wealthy.
    We constantly laughed when we picked 2 “charming working” girls because in those days they REFUSED to be paid in U.S.dollars. They said the dollar is worth nothing. Remember it was after Brazil pegged its currency to the dollar. Ahhhh….ahhhhh !

    Better yet, what you may not know is that here in Switzerland we have a 1000.- Swiss Francs banknote. And used regularly contrary to the Us$ 1000.- banknote.
    And when for fun I stated to the girls “but….but….but….would you accept a 1000.- Swiss Francs banknote, and telling them the value, they said NOOOOO, my banknotes are faked and have Noooo value. They preferred to be paid 100.- Brl for the whole night.
    In those days the 100.- brl were worth about 110.- dollars (yesss, the rate was over the peg) and the 1000.- Swiss francs banknote….around 800-850 dollars !

    Anyway…we usually hired them for 2 days or a week or two weeks, until we decided to change…the girls !

    So as you can see I have dear and warm memories of my 2 months stay in Brazil.

    What irritated me the most…was the widespread poverty….for which the minority wealthy and even the middle class…..DONT CARE AT ALL !
    Just disgusting and shameful.
    Thus I am not surprised at all that the poors in the favelas are so much involved in petty thefts, robberies, violences, crimes and whatever traffics. The brazilian middle class and minority wealthy deserve such violence.

  • Simpleton

    nail head ddj
    Nothing in the world can cause a hurt worse than a Brasileira. That not withstanding, be sure to read the details inherent in our esteemed ch.c’s posts. Although it feels like there’s a bit of venom to his bite, he’s generally spot on with the stats and what not.

  • fried CHC

    Playing “Spot the Retard”
    Ahhhhh…. I finally spotted the retarded, and the last leetr of his nick is the letter “C” which I know stands for Carrier.

    I think I can now assemble his name together, very descriptive of this mentally challenged citizen.

    I will release his name in the near future. Thanks for all your patience!


  • ch.c.

    Brazil Blasts US and UN Security Council for Making All Decisions for World And

    China and/or Russia rarely agree with the USA, France and Britain.
    And everyone can use its vetoe power…to block decisions taken by the majority.
    Thus increasing the number at the Security Council would/will change next to NOTHING !
    Robbing Hook is just looking for more prestige and recognition.
    But he does very little to reduce the slaves workers and poverty in BRAZIL !
    He is cheating the stats as he always did.
    Fact being that about 40 millions of brazilians earn 72.- Brl per month. Or about 40 U.S. dollars. But they are no longer statitiscally poors because they earn over 70 Brl which is the brazilian thresold.
    Just by increasing the thresold at 75 Brl and Brazil would have 40 millions MORE….POORS…..BY DEFINITION !

    But my question is this : is someone earning less than 100 dollars per month…NOT POOR…in Brazil ?????


    But not in Robbing Hook algorythm.

    Reality being that Robbing Hook takes from the poors to give to the wealthy minority……in opposition to Robin Hood !

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