Brazil Spends US$ 30 Million This Year to Become Heavyweight Tourist Destination

Brazilian tourism Brazil has started a new international tourism campaign with the message “Brazil is calling you!” trying to capitalize on the fact that the country will be hosting the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics, two years later.

It consists of television spots, print ads, social media programs and more, with the objective of inviting the world to visit the country before it becomes the host of major world sporting events.

The goal, Brazilian authorities say, is to excite, encourage and motivate travelers to take their business or leisure trips to Brazil. The campaign was prepared by the Tourism Ministry through Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Institute) and will be seen on television and a newly launched YouTube page.

The new campaign is part of the Ministry of Tourism and Embratur’s strategy to increase international tourism in the country. The objective of the Plano Aquarela 2020 – International Tourism Marketing plan, is a 300 percent growth of international tourism by doubling the number of foreign visitors throughout the next decade.

“This campaign is a huge step forward in the global positioning of Brazil as a tourist destination. We’ll show the world what Brazil has better to offer to the tourist, like its diversity, its modernity, and especially the joy and the lifestyle of the Brazilian people,” said Jeanine Pires, president of Embratur.

During the launch of the campaign, which took place at Casa Brasil in Johannesburg, South Africa, the movies “Apito Final” and “Sons do Brasil” – produced by Fernando Meirelles and directed by Rodrigo Meirelles – were presented.

With Brazil as host of the World Cup and of the Olympic Games there is an opportunity for the Ministry of Tourism and Embratur to increase the country’s flow of foreign tourists while also increasing awareness of new Brazilian tourism destinations.

“These are bold actions for Brazil and this campaign represents the flavors and color of this great country,” said Brazilian Minister of Tourism, Luiz Barretto.

The international “Brazil is calling you! Celebrate life here. Brazil. Sensational!”  tourism campaign will reach US$ 30 million by the end of 2010 and includes:

Television – A 30 second commercial will air during the months of July and August by the TV broadcasters authorized by FIFA to transmit the games. The movie “Sons do Brasil” will also be presented by international broadcast stations (sports and news) and via YouTube.

This will begin 10 weeks of media publicity with coverage in more than 100 countries, reaching more than 400 million people worldwide. The reach will include the Americas, Europe and Middle East Countries as well as Africa and Asia.

Foreign Media – Brazilian destinations are featured on panels at airports, in public transportation and outdoor billboards in 12 countries.

Printed Media – Advertisements will appear in newspapers and magazines in 27 countries.

Book “Brasil de todas as cores” (Brazil of all colors) – A brochure featuring the five Brazilian regions and highlighting the 12 World Cup host cities will include illustrations of the top tourism destinations in the country, as well as the images of artists, photographers and representatives of the Brazilian arts community.

YouTube – Since July 12, the video has been part of YouTube’s homepage, as well as YouTube’s Embratur channel ( The channel hosts more than 100 videos of Brazilian tourist destinations, statements given by celebrities and tourists who have visited the country, with content in more than 70 languages.

Web site “Seleção Brasileira das Cidades” (Brazilian Selection of the Cities) – The web site includes the profile, maps, photos and videos of the top tourism locations in the 12 host cities in three languages – Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Mobile Application – Information, maps and tourism tips for Brazilian cities can be accessed via mobile devices.  The application allows quick and easy access to information about the heritage, architecture, cultural attractions, open air attractions, leisure and shopping in Brazil.

Furthermore, the guide provides photos and directions through Google Maps. Visitors can download the tool at home before their trip via mobile device at, via computer at, or at 10 of Brazil’s airports.

Social Networks and Internet – Embratur will have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and Flickr to build relationships and communicate with tourists, tourism operators, travel agents and international journalists.

DVD “Panorama Brasil: Seleção Brasileira das Cidades” (Brazil Scenery: Brazilian Selection of the Cities) – This DVD provides scenery of the 12 cities that will host the World Cup in Brazil. Each one-minute clip includes illustrations of the cities and their main tourist attractions in conjunction with a four minute clip about Brazil.

Foreign Media Circulation in South Africa – During the South African games, billboards were installed with pictures of Brazilian destinations at Johannesburg airports and main streets, as well as in Capetown, beside the Sandton Convention Centre building, headquarters of “Casa Brasil” in Johannesburg.


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  • Ray Adkins

    Ridiculous negative comments!
    Why would any Brazilian care to answer such absurd comments?
    Two retarded freaks who left Brazil and married virgin English ladies? Ha! laughable, but each one live it’s own fantasy.
    But please stay the hell away from Brazil, the country is actually doing wonderful without your presence, eat all the disgusting canned food you want, enjoy the doom and gloom weather and make sure to drink a lot of black English tea, perhaps your teeth will look as bad as the rest of the population and you will blend in.
    Brazil is a gorgeous country, it has problems like everywhere else, but if you waist your time concentrating in the problems, the bad and the ugly, you will certainly miss the beauty, the beautiful and everything enjoyable about the country. That is for every country, not just Brazil.
    Brazil is on a roll, real state in Rio is up 76% in parts of the city due to decrease crime rates, the city is clean, the country is wealthy, there are jobs, there is prosperity, if you want to stay out, stay the hell away, your loss!
    Brazil is not for losers, that is for sure!


  • wiseman

    To Christ Cartesian (no nome de pai, filho e espirito santo)
    World ranking of best Brasilian cities:


  • wiseman

    To Christ Cartesian (no nome de pai, filho e espirito santo)
    Herr Doktor, You are in good form! Definitely must be the french wine at the swimming pool along with some delightful ‘foreign’ company.

    I read somewhere that about 22% of the Swiss population is foreign born. I would like to know how these foreigners contribute to Swiss society & if most of them are highly educated & with special skills.

    Kindly enlighten me on this subject. Amen!

  • Simpleton

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Can you find that in Brasil as a tourist? Certainly. Can you see Copacabana as nothing but a shit hole filled with soiled streets, soiled minds, bodys and souls? Yeah you can see that too. In the heart of some of the favelas can you find simplicity, tranquility, peace of spirit and the utmost civility (being there are no police)? Yes, but as a routine tourist you certainly won’t get a chance – you simply cannot go there if you value your life. Beautiful girls on the beaches? You mean the occasional decent looking pro or the young foreign visitors?

    We find it an okay place to live for part of the year but I wouldn’t really call our visits tourism – maybe a couple outings each time but those are typically because my lady doesn’t swim so the famous beach is just the open sewer that it is, gets used as such, and elsewhere we can sometimes find clear, calmer, less polluted waters for her to wade (and better looking bitches too!)

  • jose ferreira

    Why are you over sensitive Brasilians not hitting back? Maybe cause you cant blame as usuall the USA but it would be nice to hear some rational defense and bebate. Name me the reason why tourist would dream of going to Brasil? And also what possible strategy can ther be for holding the Olympics, surely funds would have been better spent on even a skeletan infastructure oh yes another corrupt government plot.

  • ch.c.

    jose ferreira, ” Yes its beautifull…..”
    Beautiful ? Welllll may be but only if you like dirt and pollution !

    There is Nooooo need to have 7000 kms of oceanfront…if none of it is cleaned REGULARLY !
    The 7000 kms of oceanfront is great…since you have made it your garbage, sewage and wastewater STORAGE !!!

    Better yet, sooner or later you too will get a BP oil spill !

    BP standing for Brazil Petrobras !


    Ohhh and what is the Worldwide Ranking of the Brazilians Best Cities ?
    Not within the first 70, to my knowledge !
    And this despite your carnavalssssss, Copacabana and Ipanema !!

    Just a myth. Otherwise you would have a better ranking !

    Anyway, Brazil enjoys their 1000 favelas in Rio alone. And they are sure it is a selling point for potential tourists !

    There are not tens but many hundreds of more beautiful areas than Brazil beaches !
    And believe it or not, and wether brazilians like it or not, with just as beautiful girls than in Brazil beaches.

  • jose ferreira

    Obrigda to ch.c for the comments left, at last someone who is sensible. You cannot sell a country by marketing as you say let the tourist speak for themselves as they already have other than carnival its a forgotton country rightly. Yes its beautifull but so are many other countries in the world tciou Brasil.

  • ch.c.

    You better read the comments of the 2 brazilians just above !!

    I said to Joao 2-3 years ago, that I do know many brazilians over here in Switzerland !
    NONE wants to go back in their country. NONE AT ALL !!!!

    And for so many tourists robbed, harmed, cheated, their word of mouth is far superior than the 30 millions dollars in advertising selling the apparent beauty of the country !

    APPARENT BEAUTY ! But dirty and polluted in reality !
    Even dirty and polluted by the local mentalities.

    Suffice to read/listen the tourists comments and even the comments of brazilians who left the country !


  • Ricardo

    With the whole world to see in safety, tell me why come to Brasil. Oh yeah easy girls with faces full of makeup that turn most of Sampa Gay. I am brasilian and left like the above many years ago and now have freedom and an English wife who takes care of my every need and could show all the brasilian girls how to behave, oh by the way not cheap when married like any CLASSY English girl virgin until marriage. Tourism no thanks Brazil good luck with it though.

  • Jose Ferreira

    I am Brasilian by birth so i am allowed to say my thoughts. I left Brasil for Europe 10 years ago the best thing I ever did I now have freedom from corruption and violant crime and the ability to think with with my head and not my heart as we Br tend to do I guess left over from the Portugease. Good luck with your tourism quest as I know no one who wants to go to Brasil for tourism and why should they with the guns? Keep dreaming Brasil with your cheap girls and stay where you belong, inprisoned in your high rise tower blocks in Sampa I have a good life with the class of an english wife boy they are amazing in every way.

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