Brazil Wants US Out of Discussions on Venezuelan-Colombian Dispute

Chavez and Uribe Nestor Kirchner, Argentina’s former president and UNASUR’s (Union of South American Nations) will hold talks early August with the presidents of Venezuela and Colombia in an attempt to mediate an understanding between the two countries.

Following claims before OAS that Venezuela “tolerates” Colombian guerrillas in its territory, President Hugo Chavez cut off diplomatic relations with Bogota.

Kirchner with the support of UNASUR members and in permanent contact with Brazil’s Lula da Silva and Ecuador’s Rafael Correa is scheduled to meet President Chavez in Caracas August 5 and the following day with President Uribe and president-elect Juan Manuel Santos in Bogota.

Mr. Kirchner will also participate in the official swearing in ceremony of President Santos that will take place August 7. Santos is Uribe’s former Defense minister.

Telam said Kirchner has been “in permanent contact with Brazil’s Lula da Silva, Ecuador’s Correa (formally UNASUR pro tempore president) and other regional leaders to coordinate actions that help find a quick solution to the serious situation between the neighboring countries”.

The agency added that Kirchner will collaborate with the mediation efforts to be started by President Correa.

Ecuador, on request from Venezuela has said it is considering convening a UNASUR council meeting to address the diplomatic dispute.

Brazil and other UNASUR members want the issue to be discussed in the framework of the regional organization of which United States is not a member, and thus away from the influence of Washington.

The original Colombian presentation with claims that several FARC leaders (Colombian guerrillas) and 1.500 combatants at some time have taken refuge in camps located inside Venezuela was aired by Bogota at the OAS in Washington.




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