10,000 Brazilian Troops on War Games to Defend Brazil’s Oil and Nukes

Jobim with Brazilian troops Thousands of Brazilian military men have been very active. Brazil is holding military exercises along its Atlantic coast with the deployment of 10.000 troops from the three services to ensure the country can protect its nuclear plants and massive offshore oil industry. 

“The high command of the Atlantic II Operation is elaborating a report to test our capacities to protect the nuclear plant at Angra dos Reis (close to Rio do Janeiro) and the crude reserves”, said Defense minister Nelson Jobim.

However Jobim acknowledged that Brazil’s defense deployment capability is limited and expects to have shortfalls corrected “in the coming months”.

Currently “we can’t be involved in large scale night operations to protect our critical infrastructure” and “we don’t have anti submarine missiles to attack those who threaten our oil rigs along the coast”, added Jobim.

The Defense minister made the statements with some members of the press invited to watch the display of the military exercise along different coastal locations which ends next Friday.

Brazil’s oil and gas production is mainly off-shore with huge deposits running parallel to its coastline. Brazil is currently self-sufficient in oil consumption and is poised to become one of the world’s ten leading exporters once the sub-salt deposits begin to be developed.

With this in mind Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in 2008 launched the new National Defense Strategy which emphasizes a strong military presence for the protection of the Atlantic coast and the Amazon basin.

In related news, minister Jobim also stated that he favored the development of a strong domestic satellite industry to help monitor the country’s vast frontiers and coast line.

During the 62nd annual meeting of the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science, SBPC, held in Rio Grande do Norte Jobim said that the country needs to develop a space industry which is not a single generation challenge.

“The construction and development of satellites and satellite technology is not for a single generation of Brazilians to address, it must be an ongoing commitment”, he emphasized.

Currently Brazil has two satellites in orbit: one shared with China which takes pictures of the Earth’s geography and another for environmental and climate data collection, such as rainfall and the fluvial system capacity.

“For Brazil and its armed forces it has become strategic to have a geo-stationary satellite to control our air space”, said Jobim.

The Defense minister also talked about Brazilian interests in Antarctica.

“Contrary to Argentina and Chile we don’t have territorial aspirations but yes, we are very much interested in continuing with scientific research in Antarctica”.



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  • videogames

    video games

  • mandarino

    can we all get along:
    I haven’t really taken much of an interest in the so-called “global financial crisis” because it’s at a level at which I have no influence whatsoever, so I just let it wash over me.

    However, why do we care or babe China too much? From a bowl of rice to big homes and businesses all over the USA!
    They took our jobs, our enterprenuer ideas and freedom plus our retirements and we are given all to the chinese.
    The Asian came and still coming to the USA “land of opportunity”, learn our ways and laws but refuse to learn our language and customs… plus they can’t drive. How can we call them intelligent if they can figure out a simple math about driving.

    Why Not help our neighbors from Argentine, Brazil, Mexico, Canada the entire Latin America because when Chine, korea, Russia, and Iran united against the USA, the sweatshops all over USA will turn against us!

    We aloud Communist Country teach our Harvard, Yale, Stanford Professors how capitalist economy should be handle :/ wow!!! am I the only one noticing this!!! Wake up USA!!!

    I do have considerably more of an interest in what is going on a bit closer to home, but I am slightly puzzled by what I hear.

    Am I right that this mess as caused by the private sector being greedy, so the govt bailed them out, that in turn has left us with a huge debt and China laughin behind our backs! As a country we have been spending too much anyway and giving it all to the chinese that now own pretty much the Federal Reserve and Boeing too!

    Who do we actually owe this ‘deficit’ to? The banks? The Treasury? Some foreign conglomerate in Abu Dhabi? Iceland? Not really we owe it to China 900billion and Little Japan 800billion wow

    And what is the anticipated effects of the cuts Cameron is talking about? Mass unemployment in the public sector, pay freezes, pension cuts, budget cuts?

    Why is the public sector bailing out the private sector? Or isn’t it quite as clear cut as that? Let’s stop feeding the world and try to taker of ourselves like the fly attendents tell us before departing “in case of emergency put the O2 mask first on ourselves than on our kids!

    How are the cuts likely to effect employment in schools? Less teachers, less teaching assistants, less IT technicians? Or are the cuts aimed more at wasteful ‘bureaucracy’ in Whitehall and local govt?

    What a joke!!!!

  • random brazillian

    dont give a fuck
    alright, see whats happening in iraq ? see their size (population & territory) ? ok, now check the weapons they have avaiable.. hmm mix everthing, do the same with brazil and tell me the result, if you amateurs think a conventional war is going to happen in case US invades brazil, you’re dreaming, you won’t ever see a man in uniform here, whats gonna happen is a big guerilla warfare, IEDs, ambushes, population being hostile to invaders, a lot (but im saying a FUCKING LOT) of little armed groups delivering hell to US military, until it loses as in Vietnam, but here, things would be much worse than there, brazil is bigger in territory than US (if you do not count alaska, no continuous territories etc.), so, if you really believe anyone in the world can control such a big hostile place, you’re totally non-sense, oh and not talking about the outside support (india, china, and specially russia).
    that would literally be shit being threw in a fan..

    hope it never happens since i live here and dont want to pick up a 7,62 FAL to kill my fellow american mates, or die trying.

    Kisses into your nice wives necks, losers.

  • fernando

    Hey Mineirocano..

    I dont take a rocket scientist and even an brain washed American wannabe like yourself, MINEIRO brazilian , to figure you are a Brazilian scum who likes to pretend to be an american becouse you dont feel good enough to be Brazilian. First of all, US has all the reasons in the world to invade Brazil.. It will surely never do it, not in the next 300 years, but it does have reason, and this reason has a name, actually two names. the first name is necessity and the second is jealousy filled with curruption..well actually its 3 names…but may be more!…You should chose better the books you read, and should inform yourself a little bit more about geography, politics, geoeconomy etc..
    |Brazil has by far the largest reserves on anything you can think of great value, from gold to uranium. Brazil would supply itself and your beloved USA when it goes broke and the world enter the NEW ORDER where US wont have anymore grounds to shed blood for money. Brazil is succesfull in alternative energy systems since the 70’s, we control the market for Beef, orange juice, soy, among many other leading markets. While US was on its knees fighting the economical crisis, Brazil was buying new cars and homes, electronics etc.. Brazil with its continental size holds the 4th position in land area..bigger than continental US. 7th largest economy, predicted to be the 4th in another 20 years. You, house of ignorance, should know better than that..even an American wannabe should know that you are not talking about any Country. Brazil now has a major fine crude oil reserve and just recently discovered another reserve of natural gas with the size of Bolivia. I really feel sorry about you, you are such a ignorant person that I bet you wont even get the point.. You are a looser who likes to reflect what you see in yourself on other people..And you know what.besides all these goodies I just mentioned above, we still got the woman asses….

  • Mineiricano

    More Nonsense
    Facinating comments from the usual gang of assholes on this site. ch.c is not even worth responding to. The concept of the Brazilian armed forces conducting exercises to protect its oil fields and a couple of wobbly nuke plants is right out of a Woody Allen movie. The only people who might threaten the nuke plants are the Povo Sem Terra, and if they did so the gov’t would do nothing to stop them, as is current policy whey they invade ranches. As far as submarines attacking the oil rigs? What pinga guzzling Brazilian general came up with that idea?

    All you Brazilians pretending that your armed forced could repel anything bigger than an attack by Paraguay are nuts. If some crazed country with submarines full of oil rig workers (none exist) were to go after Brazil’s rigs, Brazil would do what every bullshit little country on this planet does, call Washington.

    The idea of the US invading Brazil is even more comical. Invade it for what reason? Apart from the great asses on the women in Brazil, there’s really nothing worth invading for. The US has more oil than Brazil. I guess if the US wanted favelas, poverty, astronomical crime, purely corrupt politicians, a non-functional government, lazy workers, a society based on cheating the system, etc., it might invade Brazil. But I don’t see that happening. Anyway, the US already invades Brazil with over 600,000 tourists annually.

    Historical note to the idiots discussing the idea of the US “invading” Brazil. Read a book: The US never “invaded” any country for the sake of taking over or taking things. The US sheds blood for other countries to save them, and even those countries it defeats (WWi, WWII- Germany, Italy, Japan, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc) it leaves them better off than before.

    In the 1960 movie starring Peter Sellers, who was the king of a tiny European country that went broke, he decided to invade the United States. He did so in a small boat with a few of his officers, landing in New York. Why? Because anyone defeated by the US ends up better off than before.

    Maybe Brazil should think about invading the US, it already has tens of thousands of illegals in the US. Then the US could send some Boy Scouts down to Brazil to defeat the army, and maybe the US could clean up the mess you call a country.

  • jon

    The Yanks will develop their oil shale deposits sooner or later just like the nat. gas in their shale

  • Andrade

    [quote]It will be just as sad if this is allowed to happen in Brazil. [/quote]

    It is being allowed, but not on the armed warfare, but class warfare. Savvy?

  • Andrade

    [quote]I do sincerely believe this idea that Brazil is a military target of the U.S. is being espoused for one reason, and it isn’t national security. It’s profit. Profit is the reason for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Viet Nam War, and actually almost every international war since the French revolution. [/quote]

    Finally it dawned upon you, eh, kid?:D;-) The profit can be in many forms and one of them is political. Just think about it.

    And stop defending the misadventures of your government in other parts of the world and start feeling good about the fine job you are doing in the energy sector in Brazil. I really don’t care if you are from West Virginia or Wyoming. Got it?

  • capnamerca

    Wiseman . . . .
    I understand the difference between the GDP and per capita income. Good point. There are many ways of measuring the wealth of a country of course. For instance, the U.S> governments has by far the largest stockpile of gold. This makes them the richest, yes? LOL . . . or maybe the countries with the largest undeveloped mineral deposits are the richest, huh? I think that would probably put Brazil right at or near the top.

    Brazil is a very rich country in many ways, and I pray always the citizens of Brazil can share in these riches as they are developed, although I have strong doubt this will happen. I do sincerely believe this idea that Brazil is a military target of the U.S. is being espoused for one reason, and it isn’t national security. It’s profit. Profit is the reason for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Viet Nam War, and actually almost every international war since the French revolution.

    I think it’s very sad to see the U.S. citizens lose their life’s work and achievements for the purpose of the war profiteers. It will be just as sad if this is allowed to happen in Brazil.

  • wiseman

    To capnamerca
    You sound like a widely travelled person.

    Switzerland, like the Scandinavian countries, etc. are richer than the US on a per capita income basis, not size of economy basis.

    In 15 years, if it continues on its current trajectory, China will have a larger economy than the US, but the US will still be richer on a per capita income basis.

    I agree with you – all govts. are corrupt. It’s just the scale & level that varies.

  • capnamerca

    [quote]But what happened to the supposed underground bunkers, WMDs, etc:-? Perhaps you could clarify. [/quote]

    All of the underground bunkers were there. This was a known fact to everyone. Thousands of satellite images of them being built. maybe you should try using google.

    I am not from W. Virginia. In fact, I have lived and worked in 4 different countries, and 40 different cities in the U.S., therefor I don’t claim to be from any particular place.

    Sorry you decided you were being attacked just because I am pointing out that the U.S. has no reason to invade Brazil. As far as why I don’t attack someone from Switzerland, I don’t attack people. I just point out the errors in their statements. Sorry you take that as a personal attack.

    As far as Switzerland being so much richer than the U.S., maybe it is, but if so, why is their GDP only a tiny fraction of the U.S.?

    You seem to think I have some affinity for the U.S. government, including GW Bush. You must get these screwy ideas from somewhere other than what I post here. I launched a campaign against the Bush family and their crimes back in 1979 when Bush joined Ronald Raegan for the vice presidency. I am neither a republican nor a democrat, and I neither voted for Obama or McCain.

    In fact, I believe politics is a waste of time. Every political system in the world is totally corrupt. If you can, please name one that isn’t, with the reasons you believe that.

    But, you never addressed my position that the U.S. has no reason to invade Brazil. Why are you so sure they will do this? You don’t believe Brazil’s alliances with China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, etc, etc can protect Brazil from the big bully in the north?

  • Andrade

    [quote]Saddam was not found in one of the fortified hideouts, he was found hiding in a hole.[/quote]

    But what happened to the supposed underground bunkers, WMDs, etc:-? Perhaps you could clarify.

    [quote]Try using your head for something besides a hat rack. [/quote]

    You must be a redneck from WV. I´ll ignore your advice.

    BTW, I note that you haven’t replied to the negative comments made by Sr.ch.c on America.Probably you don’t want to offend a Swiss whose country is more organized and richer than yours.It is easier to piss on a Brazilian, right?

  • capnamerca

    Oh, and Mandarino . . . .
    Why are you pretending to be a North American? LOL . . . , it isn’t fooling anyone.

  • capnamerca

    Also . . . .
    Most of the oil in Mexico is the light crude. Much greater profit potential. Or, it would be easier to invade Canada and steal their tar sands.

    LOL . . . See, the U.S. has so many options

  • capnamerca

    Andrade . . .
    Saddam was not found in one of the fortified hideouts, he was found hiding in a hole. He knew the U.S. military was coming, they announced their plans months ahead of the invasion, even going to the security council to try to get approval. Many of his military exercises had been bombed over the years, and he was under strict sanctions for 11 years before it happened. Maybe you had some reason to think Bush wouldn’t invade, but I don’t think Saddam was as foolish.

    Hey, maybe you really do believe the U.S. will invade Brazil. Maybe they will, but it won’t be in the next 100 years. Like I said, if the U.S. goes to war in the western hemisphere, it’s the end of time. If the U.S> were going to invade a sovereign state in the western hemisphere for oil, it would more than likely be Mexico. All of their potential soldiers are already in the U.S.

    Try using your head for something besides a hat rack.

  • Andrade

    [quote]why do you think he built all of the extra fortified hideouts between ’91 and the 2002 invasion?

    Like the one where he was found? You must be a disciple of GWB.

    [quote]What would be their reason for doing that? [/quote]

    Don´t you know Brazil has thousands of WMDs and secret “extra fortified” hideouts?

  • capnamerca

    doutor saddame?
    [quote]Doutor Saddame was one of the few who didn’t really believe the U.S. was going to invade his country.[/quote]

    Where would you get this idea? Saddam knew he was going to be invaded. why do you think he built all of the extra fortified hideouts between ’91 and the 2002 invasion?

    You really believe the U.S. has ambitions to invade Brazil? What would be their reason for doing that? If they do have such plans, what do you think will happen?

  • Andrade

    [quote]I’ll never understand why anyone would believe this idea that the U.S. has designs to invade Brazil.[/quote]

    Doutor Saddame was one of the few who didn’t really believe the U.S. was going to invade his country.:D;-)>8)

  • Andrade

    Doutor Nelson Jobim looks good in his Air Force uniform. He can almost be confused with Gen.Galtieri or Gen.Pattone.

  • ch.c.

    capnamerca “I’ll never understand why anyone would believe this idea that the U.S. has designs to invade Brazil.”
    You are sooooo right !
    But….but….but…obsessed people believe in strange things.
    Even the obsessed Lula stated that only God could have done a better job than him.

    And Americans too were 1000000000 % sure than Iraq was full of massive WMD and that Bin Laden was hiding in Afghanistan, justifying their invasions in these 2 countries !
    Thus far after having sopent over a trillion dollars since their invasions, Americans gigolos have not found yet ONE gram of WMD and not even ONE gram of Bin Laden !
    Eventually in the coming years after having spent another half a trillion or a trillion dollars, Americans will eventually found ONE gram of WMD in Iraq, deposited by Americans, and one gram of animal bone pretending this was Bin Laden body shot by one of their precision missiles fired straight from the Pentagon !
    And America, proud as usual, will tell the world “you see, you see…that America was right. We finally rendered justice”

    And then what happens ? Wars over ?
    Yesss wars over in Iraq and Afghanistan !
    But….but…but….americvans loving warssss, will move their army in Pakistan and Iran, under various pretext of terrorists threats !

    Last but not least
    America has harsh critics toward Pakistan, while at the same time giving billionss of dollars YEARLY TO THE PAKISTAN GOVERNMENT !

    Because otherwise Pakistan government would not be able to fund TERRORISTS !

    What a contradiction in first appearance ! NOT AT ALL, NOT AT ALL !
    Reality being that America is quite willing to fund whatever government, and that government fund terrorists.
    So that America can continue having wars here, wars there…for JUST CAUSE when listening to them !

    And why so tricky are americans, in your view ?

    Because reality is that a war is simply an ECONOMIC STIMULUS, creating jobs, paid with borrowed money (debts) !
    And at the same time a measure of divertion from the war initiator, telling its citizens….”look there, look there, not the LOCAL mess !”

    Proven facts and reality even for WWI and WWII ! Or Vietnam !
    Or North Korea !

  • capnamerca

    [quote]In my opinion, 25 fully armed fluffy Gringos should win at every Square kilometer where there is less than 1 Brazilian soldier ! [/quote]

    I’ll never understand why anyone would believe this idea that the U.S. has designs to invade Brazil. If it comes to that, forget about fighting a war. Just tuck your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye, because when the U.S. declares war in the western hemisphere, the world is coming to an end.

    The U.S> did not start the wars in the gulf region for oil. That would seem obvious. It’s for the money. The military/industrial complex is the boss. The defense contractors call the shots. Does anyone not believe that Cheney was Bushes boss? How much do you think Halliburton made in Iraq? Or Blackwater? Or Raytheon? Or Colt? Who needs oil? The world is full of the stuff. Oil is only another form of money, and the flow of it is controlled the same way the flow of money is controlled. And seriously, why would the U.S. want to attack a nuclear power plant? LOL . . . . if they want to do that, they don’t do it with ground troops. they do it with missiles, against which, Brazil has no defense.

    All this talk about defending Brazil from the U.S. is ludicrous. Have another cup of coffee and some more smokes, and dream up something better than that. In my opinion, China is the bigger threat. They are buying up the Amazon faster than it can be cleared off, flooding the country with cheap manufactured goods, and hauling natural resources out of Brazil as fast as they can get them loaded on the boat. Selling off Brazil’s treasures, while protecting the coast from what?

  • ch.c.

    Brazil’s defense deployment capability is limited and expects to have shortfalls corrected “in the coming months”.
    In bet he expects the French nuclear submarines to be delivered in the coming months to have the shortfalls corrected !
    Same for the Rafales and the French helicopters.

    In my view he goofed. He meant in the coming century or millenium !

  • ch.c.

    Furthermore on “10,000 Brazilian Troops on War Games to Defend Brazil’s Oil and Nukes ”
    In view of the potential field size locations, 10’000 troops should be LESS than 1 soldier per Square Kilometer !

    In my opinion, 25 fully armed fluffy Gringos should win at every Square kilometer where there is less than 1 Brazilian soldier !

    And what Nukes the article is reffering to ?
    The ethanol Nukes ????
    Because your uranium Nukes are somewhat like God.
    Many talk about Him, no one has ever met or saw Him.

    Your uranium Nukes are also somewhat like your Angra III or BR 163 to be paved.
    A lot of promises for the last 3 decades, and believe it or not still under actual promises !

    Ohhhh and were your 10’000 troops not excercising to also defend Angra I and II in case of invasion ?

    Grave error….in my view !


  • ch.c.

    Ohhhh yesssss Mandarinio !
    1) The Canucks have no need for the Gringos help ! Guaranteed.

    2) Your “How are the cuts likely to effect employment in schools? Less teachers, less teaching assistants, less IT technicians? “

    Wellll when too many people are OVERPAID with over generous pensions, early retirements, sooner or later you will have to cut the quantity of overpaid people instead of cutting the wages and benefits for all.

    I just remind you that your public servants are paid on average 60 % MORE than on the private sector !!!!
    A stat that is coming on the table quite often recently !

    Keep increasing wages to these public servants, and their benefits too !

    This week a county in California discovered that one official was paid yearly CLOSE to 800’000 dollars yearly, and 2 others around 400’000 !
    Not bad for a 40’000 population county.

    Please have some tears for them. Not for the taxpayers, but for these public servants ! Hmmmmmm….hmmmm !

    When a country is rotten at its roots, rust spread everywhere.

    Keep spending far more than you collect taxes.
    Simple Facts
    Yearly budget spending around 3,7 trillion dollars
    Overall tax collection around 2,1 trillion dollars

    Sorry, sorry but not even a strong multi year economic recovery and a few tax increases here or there is going to ELIMINATE this

    Thus what are you gonna to do ? PRINT MORE DOLLARS and begging the World to buy them !
    But on the other hand America DOES NOT BUY FOREIGN CURRENCIES when you sell your dollars !
    Somewhat funny and strange, but so it is !

    In the decade or two coming, you will have to default.

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