Polls Keep Showing Brazil’s Lula Will Make His Successor on October 3

Dilma Rousseff Chances seem dimmer every passing day for the opposition in Brazil. With only three weeks left the ruling Brazilian government Workers Party presidential candidate Dilma Rousseff increased her advantage over the main opposition hopeful, former São Paulo governor José Serra to 23 points, according to the latest opinion polls released by Folha de S. Paulo and Globo network TV. 

The poll from Instituto DataFolha shows president Lula’s former cabinet chief and his personal choice to succeed him with 50% vote intention, while Serra from the Brazilian Social Democracy party figures with 27% and the candidate from the Green Party, Senator and former Environment Minister Marina Silva, counts on 11%.

Compared to a week ago Ms Rousseff retains her 50% plus vote intention, which ensures victory in the first October 3 round, avoiding a run off at the end of that month, on October 31st.

Serra who has a majority support among the business sector dropped from 28% to 27%.

Silva who broke off with Lula on environmental policies differences gained one point from 10% to 11%.

In the event of a run-off Ms Rousseff would garner 55% of the vote and Serra 35%, one point less than a week ago.

The poll was done September 8/9, with 11.660 interviews in 414 municipalities with a margin of error of plus or minus two percentage points.

The last weeks of the campaign have been engulfed by claims that followers of Ms Rousseff have been looking into – and selectively leaking to the press – bank accounts and fiscal reports of Serra family members and other opposition officials.




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