Today Is Brazil Day in New York

The Brazilian Minister of Development, Industry, and Foreign Trade, Luiz Fernando Furlan, opens Brazil Day 2005 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in New York, today.

The event will include representatives of Brazilian companies and international investors. The objective is to discuss business prospects in Brazil.

Divided into eight sectorial panels, the gathering will count on the participation of the president of Petrobras, Sérgio Gabrielli. This morning, right after the opening ceremony, Gabrielli will give a press conference.

In the afternoon he will make a presentation during a panel on petroleum and the petrochemical industry. During the day other topics will be discussed, such as telecommunications, paper and cellulose, retailing and distribution, banking, electricity, steelmaking, and public services.

After participating in the Brazil Day opening ceremony, Minister Furlan will have two more appointments in New York before returning to São Paulo.

At 3:30 PM he will meet with Lisa Schineller, director of Standard & Poor’s, an international risk classification agency. At 4 PM he has a meeting scheduled with the executive board of the US investment bank, Merrill Lynch.



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