Lula Defends Assange and Advises US: Keep Quiet If You Have Nothing to Say

Julian AssangeLuiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the president of Brazil, defended Julian Assange, founder of the website, which published more than 250,000 of U.S. diplomatic cables sent to or from embassies around the world and asked where are those rabid defenders of freedom of expression. 

Lula, a former union leader, said Assange did less harm than the classified documents’ authors, and offered his “solidarity” with the jailed Australian national.

“I’m surprised they arrested the man and I didn’t see any protest, not a word in defense of freedom of expression or freedom of the press” Lula da Silva said at an event in Brasilia. “The guy was just posting what he read.”

Details of the cables, published in the media by newspapers including the New York Times, UK’s Guardian and Spain’s El Pais, included a directive for U.S. diplomats to gather biometric information and other details of key United Nations officials and offers to countries to accept Guantanamo Bay detainees.

Leaked cables from Brazil shed light on US government attempts to solicit Brazil’s help in isolating Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and showed US diplomats discussing anti-American members of the Lula government.

The Brazilian president said that WikiLeaks “exposed a diplomacy that seemed to be untouchable”.

Assange turned himself into U.K. authorities on December 7 after Sweden released an international arrest warrant for him to face sexual assault charges. The case had previously been dropped by Swedish prosecutors before the cables were published, according to media reports.

Last week, Lula said President Barack Obama should be “very worried” about the release of the cables, as they undermine global diplomacy. U.S. diplomats need to be more careful when sending their reports in the future, he said.

Brazilian diplomats should also be aware of what they write, Lula da Silva said on Thursday. “I’m going to talk it over with (president-elect) Dilma, about our diplomats and what messages the send, but if you don’t have anything to write, don’t write silliness.”



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  • Rafael

    Btw, you’re the one who needs to know better one’s country. All you do is to spout patriotic junk propaganda that the US government and media feed its weirdo, fat, dumbass population.

  • Rafael

    @Forrest Allen Brown

    You’re dellusional, and rather illiterate. You fit well into my stereotype of Americans.

    [quote]look 15 years in brazil past the US ask on brazils behalf to forgive its dept to the world bank.[/quote]

    Never heard of this. You’re lying.

    [quote]20 billion for the US and george soros to help get brazil wells in the campos basin producing oil.[/quote]

    Soros is a financial speculator, he doesn’t aid countries, dumbass. HE INVESTS. And the US loan was of 10 billion, not 20. Be that as it may, what I’ve said before stands still: BRAZIL OWNS 180 BILLION DOLLARS IN US DEBT. IF WE NEEDED 10 OR 20 BILLION, WE KNOW WELL WHERE WE COULD TAKE IT FROM: THE US TREASURY. If you think that Brazil is the one who’s in a dependency situation in its relationship with the US, then you’re dellusional, you ignore the facts. An American at his best!

    [quote]how about the many sex motels you have in all brazilian citys[/quote]

    What about them? You need to talk sense here! Are you just going to sling mud without even explaining what does that have to do with the conversation? Well, if this is so, then what about all American homosexuals who go south of the border to Mexico to have sex with local boys?

    [quote]it will be so nice for the US to set back and watch some other country give billions to others for food and medical help with no need to repay[/quote]

    Yes, like Brazil has done with Africa. Or like Brazil did to US soldiers in the Vietnam War. Brazil sent to them some planes full of medicines while they were fighting – or perhaps slaying innocent peasants – in Vietnam. As for the US, I’ve never of it ever pardoning anyone’s debt. Certainly not Brazil’s. Only in your dillusioned, coherence-challenged head this has ever happened.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    all of what i wrote was what i read on this same site
    YOU choose not to rember?
    or do you only think the US is the grate evil.
    look 15 years in brazil past the US ask on brazils behalf to forgive its dept to the world bank.
    20 billion for the US and george soros to help get brazil wells in the campos basin producing oil.

    how about the many sex motels you have in all brazilian citys

    I am not saying the US is right but it has only been around for 230 years and how long has brazil been around

    it will be so nice for the US to set back and watch some other country give billions to others for food and medical help with no need to repay,
    if the US goes down just then maybe brazil can take all the illagel alains give them foood homes medical and a safe place to live .

    good luck

    i beleive you need to get out more and see your own country for what it is

  • Rafael

    *never read

  • Rafael

    Never heard so much crap in my life. It’s absurd. The guy can’t answer me, so he just invents things. It’s unbelievable. But then again, inventing things to have an excuse for aggression is something the US – and apparently US citizens too – is well know for. At least Mr Forrest Gump can make one chuckle a little bit. When the US government decides to act hysterical, however, the whole world aches.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    Rafael you write just like LB one in the same ????? no balls
    lula uses drones in attack on rio and SP favalas drug gangs calls in his military to kill any person with a gun 88 people in a week .
    Your jail in brazil place under aged girls in cells with 30 to 40 men for over a month being raped and molested .I have seen young people in clubs in brazil do worse to their friendS when they are drunk.THAN THE MILITARY DID TO THE IRQUE
    Over half the men and boys in brazil prisons are raped by gangs and not one thing is done to stop it
    Have you seen how many people they stick into one cell how civilized is that.
    2006 4750 women killed by their husbands or ex boyfriends in PB state alone
    You call the kids on the streets in brazil veralatas where do they come from.
    You need to crawl out of your walled home and private driver and travel brazil.
    I spent 6 years at one time from Santana to Sp just moving up and down the country riding the busses taking my boat from place to place studying brazil for fun
    Your wage increase did not even keep up with inflation in your country the food box is traded on your stock exchange so its price is not fixed for the poor.
    the US is in the middle of reinventing its self we are fat but brazil is coming into its own in 30 years the people working for the government will start to retire and there is no way it can pay the retirement for its civil servants. than brazil population will be in the same place that the US is in now working to pay off government workers retirement brazil is going to be that way in 25 years to start and it will last for 18 years and then brasil will have to do what the EU is doing now are you ready for that.
    if the US government went out and took over the radio and TV stations like chaves, castro, lula, morlas we would end up being just like you believing any thing the press tells us under the TV and radio stations call name BECAUSE WE SAY SO BRAZIL.

    i am not fighting with you just letting you know dont buy into any thing you read go out and see for yourself the governments are out for themselves screw the people that can’t help them and help the ones whom can.

    Put them where you want

  • asp

    ok, lets open up everyones diplomatic cables and see what is there…
    this wiki leaks things is just anti american bullshit by people who love to sit around and only smell american hemmoroids but no one elses

    lets open up every one elses diplomatic cables and see what they have

    or better yet, if we are going to buy into them, we have to buy into the computor files found on the bombed farc camp illegaly in equador

    there was a whole lot of shit on there that people started screaming “no”

  • Rafael

    @Forrest Allen Brown

    What does being civilized have to do with life quality? So Americans are a civilized people just because they’re richer? They can invade poor countries and cause in there major human rights crises — but they can pose as being of a superior moral order because they have access to sanitized water? What is that? You Mr Forest Gump are morally bankrupt.

    It’s very easy to say Brazilians do the stuff you accuse us of. Now, PROVE IT. Half of Brazilians dump their children at the street, and the other leaves them to their parents? Really? What are your sources? Are you sure you’ve not been manipulated into believing that by some US media machine of denigration? Sir, you might have been! You know, before the US government slights some smaller country, it is customary that it does so after the US media begin to denigrate it. Such denigration prepares the American populace to support whatever their goverment does against said country. You’ve been fooled. Btw, why don’t Americans rebel against the media and government manipulation that has been pulling their strings to support immoral things for so long? Americans don’t do that. Instead they sit idly at home to watch Super Bowl, drink beer, and eat the junk food that has made them the fattest population on Earth. The worse they can do against their government is to throw inane accusations that their president is secretly of another religion or nationality. Why are Americans like that? It’s bizarre. You can no longer afford to be that stupid. You have a major unemployment crisis there right now.

    A proof that you don’t know what you’re talking about – as I said before, Americans are on average a bunch of know-nothings who nonetheless like to give their opinion about everything – is that you say the Brazilian government doesn’t increase the minimum wage because it doesn’t want the richer to pay more. That is untrue. In 2002 the monthly minimum wage was of 200 reais. Right now, it is of 510 reais. That means the nominal value of the minimum wage has increased 155&#xov;er the last 8 years, and the real value has increased 88% during that same period.

    [quote]the US has been in many wars so not necessary others were in brazil just last week your military was at war in RIO was it not and they are still there and will be through the 2010 games and on just to protect the tourist other than the brazilians killed in ww2 the list of brazilian war heroes could be written on a match book

    Please do some punctuation. It is hard to understand a text such as yours – so parsimonious in using dots, commas and marks. As for being in wars, who cares about that? Do you really take pride in your country’s continuous involvement in wars? What are the latest US war heroes, btw? The ones who unclothed Iraqi male prisoners and made them enact homosexual behavior so the “heroes” could take some pictures of it? The ones who drone attack the Paki civilian population? The ones who slayed hundreds of harmless Vietnamites – among them many women and children – in the My Lai massacre, and still managed to lose the war against that miserable country? Please, such talk of war heroes is nonsense, patriotic junk that the US government feeds its populace just like the Russians and the Chinese manipulate their history so their citizens can be in the future more supportive of the government.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    50% of you people living in homes without running water or real bathrooms.
    Open dumping of unwanted children on the streets like your dogs and the other half living with their grandparents whom are called mom and dad
    The best thing your congress can do you the poor is a box of food
    Never raise the minimum wage so the rich do not have to pay their slaves any more

    As for as the government of the US it is shite but it is better than brazils whom pay themselves 2times as much as the ones in the US do
    And never goes to jail for murder or slavery

    the US has been in many wars so not necessary others were in brazil just last week your military was at war in RIO was it not and they are still there and will be through the 2010 games and on just to protect the tourist other than the brazilians killed in ww2 the list of brazilian war heroes could be written on a match book

    check your own penmanship above

  • Rafael

    [quote]uncivilized bastards[/quote]

    And who are the civilized ones? You, the American people? the American government? the US Army? All three of them, in different ways, have given their support to the invasion of poor countries just for the sake of oil or geopolitical domination. You lack ethics – the foundation of civilization. Therefore, you are uncivilized.

  • Rafael

    [quote]as we all know if it was not for the US 20 billion to help the grate petrobras to sell and produce oil of the caost of brazil the GNP of brazil would be in hookers to the EU EAU US

    What money is that, dumbass? Is that the 10 billion Obama borrowed – and thus will get paid back WITH interest rates – to explore same oil reserves that have as of yet are still burried under the deep sea? And that affects our GDP how, precisely?

    And you know what? If we really needed 10 billions, then we could easily take our 170 billion dollars away from shitty US public bonds in a single move. Would love to see how the markets and other buyers of those bonds yould react to that. Mind you, I would love to see it. You would not.

    There isn’t a reason for Brazil to keep helping to finance the deficits of a war-monger nation full of pretentious know-nothings – you, for example – who can barely write their own language and on average aren’t good for anything but to jerk off and blindly support their government in waging wars against minuscle, miserable countries against whom the US always ends up losing.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    speaks big of brazil but does not live in his own country.

    he lives off the grace of the US and other peoples money to condem the US when ever he can and put brazil on a higer light

    as we all know if it was not for the US 20 billion to help the grate petrobras to sell and produce oil of the caost of brazil the GNP of brazil would be in hookers to the EU EAU US

    so sleep safe in the US

  • Leo B S

    hahaha.. US observer and USA usa usa us ahole… Keep acting as if.. In the end, you are what you eat… And the whole world knows what you guys eat nowadays… hint: smells bad and it involves alot of shit!

  • usa usa usa USA !!!

    the uncivilized bastards of the former empires are still uncivilized bastards after 300 years
    lula shut up you are a little man with a third world dump as your back yard so shut up midget you can samba with your little friends castro,chavez,morales,and that little puke in equador…shut up tin pots ,your a joke…

  • u.s. observer

    lula who? never heard of him ..wheres brazil? is that near castro or chavez in venezuela?
    do those little people way down there still ride donkeys

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    What is he going to say when his name comes up
    The ammount of stuff that is to be let go has not said a thing about Lula and his band of misfits.
    parites in the US with out their wives and rooms full of hookers.

    the brazilian head of the UN that killed himself over his sex with children in Haiti.

    Lulas fight to keep the goldman kid in brazil but sold him for trade with the US.

    the brazilian military wanting the F18 jets but congress wanting the french jets, so the goverment officals could get their kick back on the money saved from not buying the US jets

    and all the other underhanded deals the goverment of brazil has pulled on its citsens and blamed the rest of the world for

    Just hold on till the sale of AIDS drugs to other countries instead of brazils poor

  • Leo B S

    Gay Glenn…
    Your dumbass, sarcastic comments doesn’t have anything to do with the subject, Lula’s last statement without a doubt applies directly to you.. YOU IDIOT!

    If the US fights so strongly for freedom, which includes freedom of speech, then I don’t see how Assange has committed a crime for leaking classified information that a US employee gave him and how is it attempting to extradite Assange without charging him with any crime? Like every other journalist, he has rights and the US Government should no doubt be more careful of how they operate in their daily affairs…

    Now shut up and keep your idiotic statements to yourself!


    POOR LULU, HE THINKS EVERY THING CAN BE SOLVED WITH A BRAZILIAN PIZZA PARTY. Just because lulu and his forty thieves get away with crimes, the real world works differently.

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