Once Again US Says the End of Visas for Brazilians Is Near

Thomas A. Shannon In an interview with Brazil’s leading weekly newsmagazine Veja, Thomas A. Shannon, the American ambassador in Brazil revealed that Washington is very interested in eliminating the need of visas for Brazilians traveling to the United States.

Nowadays Brazilians are submitted to a serious check of their economic background in order to guarantee they won’t try to stay illegally in the US once their visa expires.

They also have to pay a US$ 140 fee to get the document. Brazil in retaliation charges the same amount and gives American citizens similar hard time to grant a Brazilian visa.

300,000 Brazilians apply for a Brazilian visa every year. Only China, India and Mexico have more applications. Ninety five percent of these applicants get their visa approved.

This is not enough, however, to make Brazil exempt of the visa requirement. Shannon says Brazil still have to improve in this area. According to him, the country is still 2% shy of a threshold created by Washington: (He doesn’t mention, however, that the 5% rejected are subject to not-always-objective criteria that might be changed in order to pass this artificial barrier.)

“Reaching 97% approval is a prerequisite for a country to be included in the visa waiver program,” said Shannon. “There is great interest in granting Brazilian such status, especially among Americans connected with the tourism industry.”

The Yankee diplomat stressed that receiving Brazilian travelers in the US creates job for Americans. Last year alone Brazilians spent US$ 785 million in Florida, for example. But he doesn’t know when the new policy might become a reality: “I cannot give dates but I can say that we’re seriously studying the issue.”

In his interview, Shannon also mentioned the new prominent role of Brazil in the world. Questioned about the harm the release of the WikiLeaks could bring to the ties between Brasília and Washington, the ambassador dismissed the whole imbroglio as not serious enough to affect the relation between the two countries.

New WikiLeaks’ revelations just released this Friday show that U.S. diplomats in 2005 wrote their bosses in Washington that the then newly-appointed chief of staff, Dilma Rousseff, had organized three bank robberies.

The same documents also allege that Rousseff planned the legendary theft of Adhemar’s safe. This in reference to a terrorist group that on July of 1969 stole in Rio de Janeiro the vault of former governor of São Paulo, Adhemar de Barros.

Shannon’s reaction: “The U.S. government has no information to confirm these allegations. Au contraire, we have with the president-elect a long and positive relationship, which began in 1992 with an exchange program and continued during her tenures as Minister of Mines and Energy and as chief of staff of the Presidency.”

And he noted that American president Barack Obama has already shown interest in meeting Rousseff as soon as possible.


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  • Markus

    Brazilian American
    LOL All of these bad comments about Brazil are probably done by Argentinians,Mexicans or africans.
    Brazil is the 7th largest economy in the world, read before you say anything. We don’t need visas to Europe and there’s not that many Brazilians in Italy for an example.
    There’s a program called ”bolsa familia” so not even the poor ppl in Brazil will come to the US.
    Grow up and read before you say what you don’t know.
    Go Brazil Go USA.

  • LeoTheLEGALImmigrant

    Point of view of a LEGAL immigrant
    I’m a LEGAL immigrant from Brazil, married to an American, have a son and work at a Fortune 500 company.
    Illegal Immigrants should ALL get kicked out. Go through the right process. LEGAL immigrants are treated like trash because of illegals’ actions.
    Brazil is a major violator and this will never happen. They have been talking about the Visa Waiver for years!
    As for the article saying there’s no criteria, yes there is: no job, no money, no strong ties to Brazil, no visa! Simple criteria!
    Illegal immigrants send their kids to school for free, use wellfare and medicare for free, meanwhile greencard holders like me have to sign a statement saying we understand that if I apply for any type of wellfare, that I can go to jail. I’m against wellfare in general but if the darn thing must exist, it’s for citizens only!
    Also, people should learn to speak English. Want to speak Portuguese or Spanish, stay in Brazil or Mexico but I don’t want to see government forms and signs in Spanish.
    As for Visas acquired in Brazil being counterfit, they are not because the security levels at the US Consulate is high. I’ve seen a Marine, carrying an M-16 just chilling at the one in São Paulo. If visas are dirty, then the consulate employees would have to be in the mix. Close the borders for illegals, let the ones following the process in and let’s save this country!

  • Shon Starr

    This Would Be Beneficial For Both Countries
    First of all some of you need to stop pulling these crazy statistics out of thin air. 80% of Brazilians dream of a job washing dishes in the United States? This is so absurd and insulting it’s actually funny. I’m from the US and spend a lot of time in Brazil and have never heard one Brazilian say they would like to come to The US to work some crappy minimum wage job. Check your egos at the door folks. The dream is over, foreigners know it, and trust me they aren’t trying to rush into this country illegally for crappy jobs that don’t even exist anymore. Immigrants have always been the backbone of this country. The only reason we are complaining now is because our economy is so destroyed that we now have to seriously consider working those crappy minimum wage jobs.

  • peace

    TINHA que ser mineiro mesmo para escrever uma fuck estupidez dessa,sera que vc pode entender que ja estamos na 5 economia do mundo,queira vc ou nao vao ser obrigados a nos suportar estupidos,pra se ter uma ideia qndo comecou a colonizaçao americana ate chegar onde chegou passou por similares problemas como brasil na area de educaçao,segurança e tudo mais,,,,,depois de tudo isso chegou ao que chegou numa grande potencia……….ESTAMOS A CAMINHO GRANDE AMIGO VIVO EM SAO PAULO NAO SOU NENHUMA ESCOLADA ….FALO INGLES NUNCA NEN FUI A ESCOLA(SERIA MELHOR SE FOSSE) MAS ENFIM O QUE QUERO DIZER E QUE SOMOS POTENCIA E VC MINEIRO COMO EU TANBEM SOU VAI TER QUE AGUENTAR DEVERIA TER ORGULHO DE SABER QUE NOSSO PAIZ ESTA DESENVOLVENDO E GANHANDO FORÇAS ESTA CHEIO DE INVESTIDORES DE TODA PARTE DO MUNDO.OS AMERICANOS VAO TER QUE AGUENTAR ABRE SEUS OLHOS ANTES E COMEÇE A ACREDITAR ANTES QUE SEJA TARDE DEMAIS,LEIA MAIS SE ATUALIZE,,,,,,,A CHINA A POUCO ANOS ATRAS ERA UMA MERDA E O MAIOR EXPORTADOR DO MUNDO E TA METENDO O PAU……AQUI NO BRASIL VAI DA TUDO CERTO VC QUERENDO OU NAOOOOO

  • fabricio

    Us have no idea what type of problem they will run into if this becomes law, i im brazilian and for fact brazilians will turn this into a big slum, i know it, i travel every other year for 15 yrs and know very well what will happen, dont be fools, my state minas gerais will be one of record breakers in exporting people… it will be doomsday, bolsa familia helps the mother with kids, not the youth that cant get a decent job, do u want to know about brazilian economy???? Ask the everyday people there if the economy is booming as t he world says, ask o Joao and Maria of everyday life if their money is enough, if they have decent hospitals, decent police force, reliable emergency staff or the road conditions without toll every kilometer… visa a must …

  • Lu

    Will be great dont need visa for go in US more, my husband is US citizen and i didnt want live there, I studied and graduated in Brazil, have a job here, and live there is not in my plans now, and we agree with it, but anyway everything is difficult to us, the process for visa is always annoyed, long… of course have some people want be illegal there but have sooo many other dont want, If someday I live there i will be legal, but now i just wanted go visit my husband frequently and easy like he comes visit me. We wanted just have a relationship more normal, even it never will be so normal since we live in different countries. I really hope the day dont need visa can come fast.

  • VitorBSB

    Tenho que rir!!!!
    Vou escrever em português mesmo, quem quiser que traduza. Eu acho engraçado essa discução idiota. Um dia os USA foram pobres, colonizados. Trabalharam e chegaram aonde estão. Portanto, agora é a vez do Brasil crescer e enrriquecer. Aqui em Brasília, tem pequenos apartamentos muito mais caros que grandes apartamentos em Miami. Ou seja, renda aqui cresceu muito nos ultimos anos. Estudem, pesquizem, e tenham certeza antes de falar besteiras. Porque a ignorância do povo americano em relação ao mundo já é famosa, e com esses vários comentários, para mim ficaram comprovados o quanto voces são estúpidos.

  • usa usa usa USA !!!

    deportation is certain …permanently.. bye bye and don,t even think of coming back lest we jail you for 15 years
    illegal aliens in the usa are seeing the noose tightening around them as the “secure communities act” becomes mandatory state by state …the preferred destinations of illegal brazilian nationals are florida , massachusetts, and connecticutt..brazilians there are found with fraudelent counterfeit brazilian passports,fake green cards,false identities,and a fake drivers license.. the secure communities act now insures that when local law enforcement encounters these criminals from brazil eluding u.s. immigration authorities they will be arrested detained and face certain deportation..permanently..

  • Marc

    Deportation of Brazilian Nationals for 2009
    The correct number of deported (removed) Brazilian nationals from the US for Fiscal Year 2009 is 2,106. Source: DHS 2009 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics – http://www.dhs.gov/files/statistics/publications/yearbook.shtm page 97.

  • João da Silva

    Thanks Forrest, for letting me know of your itinerary for Jan/Feb. I haven’t yet finalized my travel schedule. You left your boat in Batam and flew to the U.S.?

    [quote]one would think as smart as us male thinks it is it would know by now i can back up every thing i say unlike him[/quote]

    Probably he doesn’t know you rewrote Sun Tzu´s “Art of War”, either.;-):D

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    fatima is in brazil with her mom & dad i am here in texas till at least feb will send you my phone under email

    or email me

    job in batam is keeping me busy only have 6 months left then to rio for a project in the campos basin will more than likely be their for 4 years.

    one would think as smart as us male thinks it is it would know by now i can back up every thing i say unlike him

  • usa_male

    Opps.correction..Son in law, message for idiot Forrest.

  • usa_male

    Forrest Allen idiot, I doubt you have a sun in law at ICE, why? Because you are full of shit as usual. You’re an idiot who represent the US terrible, and you aren’t even born in the US. Oh and type better English please, it’s terrible, you type like a Mexican.
    usa usa usa male and hubble, two kids who are clueless, has never been to Brazil or even left their county inside their state in their entire life are plain retarded. Again, it’s just sad how those kids, prefer call them retards, act when they envy, yes envy (I can already imagine their thoughs) a nation that is in the right path to grow further, rather than concentrating on or own problems.

    Oh by the way, illegal immigrants don’t have money to shop in fancy Malls here in Miami. Majority in the malls are tourists from Latin America, mainly Brazil, has been proven over and over by newspapers. hate it or not, that is the reality.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]hay joe how are you and yours doing god bless and merry christmas to you[/quote]

    Thanks for asking, Forrest. We are doing fine .Likewise to you and Fatima from us. Might drop by in Houston in January/Feb. You guys are still in Batam?

    You both take care and no more sailing into “troubled waters”. ;-):D

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    your claim is based on what your own stupid ideas?

    my son in law is a ICE agent all my facts are based on real doc from them in texas alone 27.000 brazilians were sent back in 2009 just trying to cross the border with fake mexican doc or mexican school ID

    as far as fatima goes we have been togeather 8 years now and she has done far more traveling around than you ever will and has seen how she is gone over even though she has a green card and her brazilian pasport in order . that is the stigma upper middle class brazilians have left other brazilians trying to come or go to other countries by the acts of others.

    then you have the low lifes that are drug dealers whores and working scams to stay in the US and other countries around the world

    so think what your infintile mind can hold and beleive

    and if you do not like my penmanship do not read my post

    hay joe how are you and yours doing god bless and merry christmas to you

  • João da Silva

    [quote].americans don,t take to kindly to foreign nationals in their country who are in violation of laws on illegal presence and illegal entry and in addition have a arrogant anti-american attitude .. [/quote]

    Nor the Brasilians.;-):D

  • usa usa usa USA !!!

    the paradox of brazilian nationals illegally in the u.s.a.,,why hate the u.s.a. from brazil when one can hate the usa from inside the usa
    one look at the above posts and one could accurately conclude the article is a complete ridiculous foolish never happen written piece designed to falsely appeal to the hapless illiterate criminals and prostitutes in brazil sneaking/smuggling/trafficking/and clamoring for a tourist visa to the u.s.a. illegal aliens in the u.s.a and that includes brazilian nationals illegally in the usa are facing certain deportation ….americans don,t take to kindly to foreign nationals in their country who are in violation of laws on illegal presence and illegal entry and in addition have a arrogant anti-american attitude ..

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Brazilians are not liked nor welcomed anywhere in Europe as in the States,[/quote]

    I don’t know much about [i][b]continental[/b][/i] Europe, son. But..but…but…. I have no complaints about the States.Very Hospitable folks. Miami is not really the shining example of America, but…but…but… go to the Midwest or the West Coast. Great country just like our interior.

  • wow


    “Brazilians” not a problem in Europe, who told you that?
    Brazilians are not liked nor welcomed anywhere in Europe as in the States,d o your research before you blab your lies.

  • usa usa usa USA !!!

    facts and figures
    shut up usefull idiot if you are so naive to think that brazilian nationals shopping in miami are not mostly illegally in the u.s. ,,,then you are truly stupid or at least a stupid american of which illegals would be open to exploiting possibly a fraudelent green card marriage (which is a felony)with a moron or criminal…or both..statistics on illegal brazilian nationals in the u.s. and the states and citys they are found in is a matter of record.any notion of an amnesty for these illegal aliens who are commiting felonys by remaining and working in the u.s. is unlikely…in fact its definately NO….

  • usa_male

    It’s pathetic to read comments from those so called angry Americans. Oh I see idiot Allen forrest is back here with his nonsense. He just made me laugh hard that he claims to have a Brazilian wife..hahahahahaha. Brazilian women do not date/marry illiterate Europeans (as Forrest claims to be..lol). Here in Miami, when I go to the mall, I hear Portuguese, and they shop. the numbers of illegal Brazilians claimed by some clowns here above is exaggeration and proves how desperate many americans have become that they can’t go on vacation and spend money (what most don’t have)

  • usa usa usa USA !!!

    starr wars
    starr your star is a delusion… up to 90% of brazilian nationals are illegal aliens in the u.s.a. brazil is a high violater of u.s. immigration laws …. perhaps you are under the impression that these illegal brazilians who are smuggled/trafficked or with long expired tourist visas are bankers,english proficient,teachers,doctors,engineers,scientists,or some other educated professionals..your hilariously naive…oh by the way its 80 % of ILLEGAL BRAZILIAN NATIONALS IN THE USA ARE WASHING DISHES AND PAINTING HOUSES OR PROSTITUES ..ILLEGALLY OF COURSE AND WITH COUNTERFEIT DOCUMENTS..

  • A

    You all are so nice and receptive, wow!
    Thanks everyone on this post for how welcoming you are to us Brazilians. Sorry to all of you but we are the new money and you’ll just have to swallow us! This is just the beginning.. the illegal stuff will go away with time. We never needed visas for Europe and that doesn’t mean we are a problem there.
    You all are yet to learn about Brazil and Brazilians.

  • usa usa usa USA !!!

    precision strikes on all key targets
    I am an american !!and you are?..perhaps british ? the same great britain that was brought to its knees in 1941 by a far superior in every way german military …the same great britain who sent a drunkin cigar smokin midget with a worthless title to the u.s.a. to beg, plead ,borrow, from the u.s.a to save its non-existent empire from certain annihlation from the german army ….or possibly some other european trash talking low self esteme punk with a inferior complex …you know the deal little puke…the united states of america is the worlds most powerfull nation in the history of the world …just ask saddam hussein..

  • Steven

    I wonder
    LOL, why in the world would anybody bother going to that dump called the usa anyway? Read some obviously drunk inbred yank called the us the most powerful country in history – shows only the lack of mental treatment facilities in that country is lagging. The only work available in the us is poorly paid manual labour which is more than offset by cost of living.
    I have friends in the US, 2 of them are teachers, they BOTH have to work 2 jobs just to keep their head above water. To any external observer it is obvious that any “greatness” the us may once have possessed is sold, pawned and mortgaged a long time ago

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    YES US
    when my wife and i go to the US and her with her brazilian pasport and her green card she still gets the once over as a brazilian with a visa is just another person on welfare.
    A staycation as the ICE calls it. and it is truly a sad state when brazilian that just want to go and see cant and the new rich and the old get all the F1 visa send their kids to work over the summer and never go home even if they get picked up they cry and get a new hearing date and never show back up for that one.

    The US needs to start treating illeagles in the US the same way they are treated in their home lands rod them jail them and just put them over the border of the next country les us see if mexico and canada would like that

  • u.s. observer

    return to sender,,,the sooner the better
    mr shannon is obviously living in some kind of state of denial perhaps this obama/clinton appointee needs to start looking for other work as he is clearly delusional …the u.s.a will never increase ANY immigration of any kind ,no,not with all the criminal illegal aliens it allready has …mr shannon needs to sober up and do what the american people want ,and that is to stop the illegal alien smugglers in brazil from trafficking brazilian nationals to the u.s.a. and to have a complete moratorium on all visas from this high violater of u.s. immigration laws….enough with the bull sh*t brazil …


    It is a fact, 80% of Brazilians dream of a job washing dishes in America. Such Positions with that salary is out of reach of them in Brazil. Fix Brazil first, not others; Brazil and America need to spend more time and MONEY on its own People.
    FIX yourself; don’t expect others to clean up your mess.

  • u.s. observer

    visas rejected indefinately
    brazilian nationals in florida are predominately illegal by up to 98%..making it easier for more brazilian nationals to enter the u.s.a. in light of the fact that brazil and mexico are the i and 2 highest violaters of us. immigration laws is laughable …the american people will never ever allow any increase in more illegal aliens to the u.s.a. ..brazilians are smuggled /trafficked via mexico,the carribean (st martin),puerto rico,canada,etc,and this is in addition to them entering with questionable tourist visas of which they abuse defy the laws on illegal presence by overstaying their visit…the tourist visas issued in brazil are corrupt and are merely a way for brazilians to enter the u.s. and once there obtain counterfeit documents stolen identitys and on to commit more crimes on the american people..this must stop..

  • hubbel

    I simply…
    never see this happening. Not anytime in the near future. Brazil is the 2nd largest infractor of illegals classified as OTM….”other than mexicans”.

  • u.s. observer

    brazilian nationals in the u.s.a. illegally defy u.s. laws on illegal entry and illegal presence
    ah yes rouseff the marxist wannabee bank robber and el presidente ..again and as allways americans expect lunacy and idiocy not to mention the third world disfunctional immature insecure self concious jealous envious low self esteme bluffing impotent tin pot blowhards from the southern continent to hate america the most powerfull nation both economically and miltarily in the history of the world..loosening up any visas rules for brazilian nationals travelling to the u.s. especially on the much abused and often fraudelent use of tourist visas by brazilian nationals who are on the state departments and ICE lists as high violaters of u.s. immigration laws ..brazilian nationals in the u.s.a. illegally are showing a disrespect for u.s. laws on illegal entry and illegal presence …increasing this by a numbers is outrageous until the illegal brazilian nationals presently in the usa are deported back to their beloved brazil…

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