Obama Wants to Visit Favela in Rio During His Trip to Brazil

Rio Favela American president Barack Obama’s agenda for his visit to Brazil on March 19 and 20, is getting filled in with more details by the day. It is reported that the Brazilian embassy in Washington has received requests for a thousand visas.

It is also been reported that 150 journalists have chartered a plane to make the trip. Cabinet members, advisors and business leaders will  accompany Obama.

American authorities are mainly concerned with security for the president, his wife, Michelle, and two children, Natasha (known as Sasha) and Malia Ann, who will accompany him.

In Brasília, Dilma Rousseff and Barack Obama will sign at least ten bilateral agreements. One of the agreements that is still being worked out deals with economic and commercial cooperation and will reduce or eliminate sanitation barriers on fruit and meat.

The US already has a similar agreement with Uruguay. It seems that in the commercial area, it has not been possible to suspend surtaxes on certain goods.

Other partnership agreements in the areas of energy, human rights, climate change and sustainable development are reportedly close to being concluded.

The United States has expressed an interest in participating in Brazil’s ultra-deep pre-salt oil fields and jointly expanding assistance to poor nations, such as Haiti. 

In Rio, Obama will probably go to a slum neighborhood that has been occupied and pacified by the police (known as a UPP). It is also expected that the president of the US will make a public speech in Rio.

The final details of the visit will be ironed out in Washington next week, February 23 and 24, when the Brazilian Foreign Minister, Antonio Patriota will meet with Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, and the National Security Council advisor, Tom Millon.

The most recent signals from Brasília and Washington are that both countries consider it a priority to move ahead on their mutual desire to reach agreements in the areas of renewable resources and clean energy.
Brazil is concerned with what it sees as unilateral measures by the US that weaken the dollar and distort global economic relations

The Americans are concerned with losing business in Brazil to the Chinese who have recently become Brazil’s biggest trade partner.

After Brazil, Obama will visit Chile and El Salvador.



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  • u.s. observer

    illegal brazilians in the u.s.a. need to go back to brazil or face certain arrest and deportation
    brazil is a high violater of u.s. immigration laws and the issuing of tourist visas to countless numbers of brazilian nationals who violate u.s laws on the terms of the length of stay for the purpose of visiting is being rampantly violated by brazilian nationals .illegal brazilians are a big problem in florida ,massachusetts,connecticutt ,and new jersey and new york.the smuggling /trafficking of illegal brazilian nationals from brazil to the u.s.a. via mexico,the bahamas, must be dismantled where it originates and thats in brazil…brazil needs to be held accountable for this serious business of international criminal trafficking of its people to the usa where they are commiting the crimes of illegal presence,illegal employment,tax-evasion,illegal international money transfer,counterfeit documents,fake brazilian passports,fake identities,bank frauds,and social services frauds. the brazilian government and its law enforcement agencies are showing no respect for the united states of america by its turning a blind eye to this serious matter.

  • Capt. Holger

    Telegram to President Obama
    The following is a cry for help by two American sailors who have been held hostage in Brazil for over three years.
    See also: [u]https://www.brazzil.com/articles/223-august-2010/10413-our-ship-sank-off-brazils-coast-in-march-2007-we-are-still-here-held-hostage.html[/u]

    President Barack Obama
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
    Washington DC/USA 20500

    We are a retired Californian couple held for ransom by a Brazilian crook who has detained our sailing yacht in his boatyard for over 3 years. The Brazilian Lower Court ruled against his false claim for damages. The Apellate Court unanimously negated his appeal. Legal procedures are exhausted. He refuses to launch our boat, which is our home. The American Consulate in Rio Janeiro told us they willnot intervene. We have sent letters to Hillary Clinton, Ambassador Shannon and our senators one year ago with no response.

    Because the barbaric tragedy which overcame our fellow sailors (S/V Quest) in the Indian Ocean has disturbingly emphasized the increasing issue of safety of Americans traveling abroad, we are urgently requesting US governmental assistance in terms of applying pressure to Brazil to force this crook to set our vessel free, thereby us personally. LORD JIM is a US Coast Guard documented historic gaffrigged topmast 85foot schooner. We read that President Obama is coming to Rio Janeiro March 20th. Could he please bring our critical situation to the attention of Governor of State of Rio Janeiro, Sergio Cabral. We are in Mangaratiba only 60miles from Rio.

    Respectfully yours, Capt. Holger Kreuzhage
    Email: holger_kreuzhage@yahoo.com
    Tel: (55) 21 8128-9513

    cc: Ambassador Thomas Shannon Jr

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