First US-Brazil Civil Society Forum to Discuss in Washington Immigration Reform

Bird symbols of US and BrazilLater this month presidents Dilma Rousseff of Brazil and Barack Obama of the United States will meet in Brazil to discuss the state of bilateral relations.  This will be the first trip of President Obama to Brazil and has already raised expectations about the possibility of increasing cooperation between the two largest democracies and economies of the Americas. 

As Peter Hakim, former President of the Inter-American Dialogue,  has noted recently, relations between the U.S. and Brazil soured in recent years as Brazil’s growing global leadership bump ups against the prerogatives and positions held by the U.S. 

Obama’s trip to sit down with Dilma and return bilateral relations to a positive, cooperative trajectory signals both governments’ intentions to mend any disrepair of late and initiate a new round of cooperation, including efforts to deepen trade, tourism, and anti-terrorism cooperation during the ramp up to the 2014 World Cup in Soccer and the 2016 Summer Olympics, both to be held in Brazil.

Just as Dilma and Obama sit down to talk, U.S. citizens and Brazilian residents of the U.S. will gather in Washington, D.C. on March 19th to participate in the first ever United States-Brazil Civil Society Forum.

The purpose of the Forum is to develop a better understanding of this very special and growing community in the U.S, as well as its major public policy interests, including an immigration reform that promotes family visits and reunification. 

The Forum also provides for a discussion of the need and viability of establishing a national association to represent U.S. citizens and Brazilian residents who share a special bond with Brazil, wish to promote Brazilian arts and culture in the U.S., and are working together for greater cooperation between the governments and peoples of Brazil and the U.S.

According to the Executive Co-chair, Mark Langevin of BrazilWorks, “the Forum facilitates a national discussion among those of us with strong ties to Brazil so that we can collectively decide how best to influence government policy to facilitate family reunification, ease travel and business between the U.S. and Brazil, and deepen cooperation between the peoples of the U.S. and Brazil to confront the challenges that both countries face.”

Fernanda Martinez de Oliveira, Forum Co-chair and Communications Coordinator for the Council of Brazilian Citizens associated with Brazil’s General Consulate in San Francisco, believes that, “it is the right time for Brazilians and North Americans to work together to insure that our governments are doing all they can to build bridges between the two largest democracies of the Americas and solve the problems of those of us whose lives, families, work, businesses, and investments are woven across borders in both Brazil and the U.S.”

The Forum is sponsored by BrazilWorks ( and supported by the Brazilian Alliance, the Brazilian Immigrant Center, the Brazilian Womens Group, the International Association of Brazilian Professional Photographers, the Biofuels Racing Alliance, and the Center for the Brazilian Immigrant Worker.

For more information about the Forum or to register for this event visit its website at:


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  • Afonso Verissimo

    there is no respect to the Brazilian people at the american consulate
    around three years ago when l tried to get an american visa to go to USA; l had a bad experience, and bad treatment as well. just because l have been in USA for years working and living illegaly, but, even after live as a vonlunteer, when l went to the american consulate to try to get a visa;
    the american consulate official said in front everyone: YOU HAVE BEEN WORKING AND LIVING ILLEGALY IN MY COUNTRY. I DONT WANT YOU IN MY COUNTRY.
    I DONT WANT PEOPLE LIKE YOU IN MY CONTRY. so l was so disapointed in front everyone. l know the american people, and l know they are so respectfull to everyone. why should an american man working in my country, even inside the american consulate, treat me like that?
    l am sure, the Brazilian people deserve and should be respected everywhere for everyone.
    now and forever. l hope the Brazilian Goverment and Politician should know about that.


  • u.s. observer

    facts on illegals in the usa
    what this so called “civil society forum” is trying to do is aid and abet illegal brazilian nationals in the usa .the illegals want green cards,not citizenship!! .brazilians in the usa are predominately illegal visa violaters who overstayed a tourist visa, or they are illegal border crossers who entered the usa via mexico,canada,the bahamas.the illegal brazilians once they arrive in florida,massachusetts,new jersey, connecticutt ,are then hooked up with counterfeit documents and fake brazilian passports and identities.. illegal brazilians join other illegal brazilians in evading u.s law enforcement by working in self-employed cash only employment as house cleaners,prostitutes,house painters,and rent store fronts and cafes to launder their ill gotten dollars . income tax-evasion and social services frauds are short brazil,s insular illegal communities in pompano,boston,newark,danbury are underground criminal societies un to themselves.they operate much like other illegal aliens from central and south america and europe.what they all have in common is they are criminals violating u.s. laws on illegal presence and illegal employment and are commiting at least 2 felonies by remaining in the usa. the overwhelming majority of americans will never ever accept any amnesty for these illegal aliens and from the us congress to the senate the american people want the apprehension and deportation of any illegal aliens no matter what country they originate from .. illegal brazilian nationals in the usa are nationalistic to brazil their home country and have no desire to become american citizens and swear off their loyalties to brazil .one thing is certain illegal aliens in the usa are a problem,a drain,a net negative to the economy and most of americans want them out of the usa.the “civil society forum”a NGO ,is putting out false numbers on the number of illegal brazilians in the u.s. ,and is advocating that the usa should grant these criminals an “amnesty ” and a free green card .the american people will never allow this to happen .america is fed up with the illegal alien problem and insist on law enforcement to step up and apprehend and deport them ..

  • u.s. observer

    no increase in tourist visas from brazil to the u.s.a. and end the trafficking and smuggling from brazil of its citizens to the usa
    whats this bull sh*t about problems that brazilian nationals are having in the u.s.a. with family re-unification, and travel problems they are having between brazil and the u.s.BRAZIL IS A HIGH VIOLATER OF US IMMIGRATION LAWS.. Brazil has a pathetic record of having its citizens with tourist visas heading to the u.s and then becoming fugitives by overstaying and visa terms and become illegal aliens eluding u.s. law enforcement .brazil has no respect for the u.s.a. with its turning a blind eye to the traffickers/smugglers of brazilian nationals to the u.s.a. via the carribean,mexico,and canada.the overwhelming majority of brazilian nationals in the u.s.a are illegal !!.. As in illegal aliens ..fraudelent documents and fake identities are common with them and they commit multiple felonies by remaining illegally in the u.s. “the american people its congress and senate want no amnesty for these law breakers and insist that u.s. law enforcement and ICE apprehend and deport any illegal aliens” and that includes brazilian nationals illegally in the u.s.a. brazil needs to call their citizens home from the u.s.a. with a free one way plane ticket from the u.s. to brazil where they belong ..

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