The left had a very good showing in major cities.
On the other side of the fence, the governing coalition saw
its combined tally as strong evidence of its
solid leadership position nationwide.
By Brazzil Magazine

I have been a reader of your magazine for about nine months
now… I became totally fascinated with Brazilian people and culture last January and your
website has been very informative in the research process. I am an African-American male
living in Detroit, Michigan in America. I must admit that the reason I became so
interested in Brazil is the fact that the black population in Brazil is two times,
possibly three times bigger than that of America… I have read more than 25 books about
Brazil in general and Afro-Brazilians in particular. I have also printed up maybe 1,000
pages of info from Internet websites such as yours!

I credit your magazine as well as many other sources for
inspiring me to visit Brazil… I recently spent three weeks (September 1-September 22) in
Salvador, Bahia and it was truly a beautiful experience! I made several new friends in
addition to the friends who I met on the Internet… I consider Salvador to be my second
home as I currently live in Michigan, but was born in Georgia… I will in the future
visit other cities in Brazil. I look forward to visiting Vitória, Belo Horizonte,
Campinas, Recife and many other cities.

I am not particularly in a hurry to visit São Paulo or Rio just
yet… They strike me as Brazil’s New York and LA and they may be a little too much for me
right now! The social and economic discrimination of those cities struck me in my flight
to São Paulo when I noticed that in this HUGE airport I only saw two other black faces,
and they worked there! My friend who visited Rio told me the same thing about that city!
She said if I want to see people who look like me, I have to go to the favelas!

Before this letter becomes too political, let me get into why I
am writing to you…

I have read in several books about the "Black Rio/Black
Soul" movement of the 1970s… This movement was influenced by the Black Power and
Soul Music of the black communities of America during that time… I am also a music
fanatic and though I do like the music I have heard from Brazil, I would like more
information about the music from this period… Music with a harder edge than the smooth
sounds Brazil is famous for… I have found two CDs by the group called "Banda Black
Rio" and there are several CDs available by Tim Maia and Jorge Ben, but are you
familiar with groups like Black Soul, Arte Negra, Soul Grande Prix and singers like
Cassiano, Gershon King and actor/singer Tony Tornado?

I recently found one CD featuring the music of King and Cassiano,
but that is the only one and it is an import from Japan! If possible, could you guys do
some research and maybe write an article about this movement and some of these forgotten
artists of Brazil and MPB’s past?

I LOVE your magazine… Keep those informative articles coming!

Detroit, Michigan

Hiding Blackness

Wow, your article about the Brazilian black middle-class and the
racial dynamics in Brazil was really interesting. The amazing fact is that Brazil is the
second largest black country in the world but yet there is so much racial disparity in
everyday life in Brazil. Although people may think that Brazil is a racial haven, they
should realize that its society will be operated along color lines for a long time unless
some airing of "dirty laundry" occurs. Things in the island of Jamaica are much
the same. The upper classes are mostly very light-skinned blacks or white Jamaicans. If
you watch the TV, most of the people in the commercials are always very light skinned or
mixed looking. Most of the Jamaican population is dark skinned and African features

Via Internet

Odd Game

I have just read your piece entitled "Voting Game."
First of all I must say the article is sensational. I am a Cuban/American and have
recently become good friends with a young man who lives in Bahia, Brazil. I am starting to
learn Portuguese, so our way of communication is via the Internet, and occasionally the
telephone. He speaks in Portuguese, and I in Spanish and somehow we understand each other.

The other day he was trying to explain the election process in
Brazil, and I didn’t exactly understand. All I got out of the conversation was that
"every citizen must vote or one must face serious consequences". For instance
you can’t apply for a passport, etcetera.

In order to reinforce what he had told me I began searching
on-line for information about the elections. I searched everywhere including the Federal
Government’s web page. I found nothing. Until I came across a link for an
"interactive magazine" Brazzil. I was appalled when I learned about how
the government controls the media and how most voters are unknowledgeable about the
candidate that they are voting for. My family came to America from Cuba in order to have
such simple rights.

What can I say? I have truly enjoyed reading the various
editorials and articles. Very informative. Continue the good work, and thank you very

Annette M. Estevill, 18 yrs
Student of Psychology at FIU
Miami, Florida

Odd Praise

Starting to read with great interest Ricardo Amaral’s article
about his famous ancestor José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva, I became disappointed about
its low style. To say that some person was the most important statesman in the history of
his country is always very subjective. In the case of Brazil, Amaral says it was José
Bonifácio. Other people would say it was Getúlio Vargas or Juscelino Kubitchek (or even
Fernando Henrique … Imagine!). Declarations of this kind are even more subjective and
exaggerated, if they are made about world history. If José Bonifácio was one of the
greatest statesman in world history, I asked by myself, why few people know his name and
deeds after such a long time? Or is the fact of being his descendant the principal motive
for that fulsome praise?

In his tedious style of amateur historiography without narrative
or analytical rigueur, Amaral repeats on every page that José Bonifácio was SO important
for the existence of post-independence and modern Brazil, but never tells us how his great
forebear managed this. Having a good formal education and exercising important political
functions, taken by itself, doesn’t explain the historical importance attributed to José
Bonifácio by Ricardo Amaral.

Peter Schröder
Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil

Know What?

First of all, I hated your site. I’m Brazilian and Brazil is not
all about sex and stuff, OK? I hated it because you are kind of trying to show that Brazil
is about erotism only. Pathetic! The thing is that sex is not a taboo word for us, and so
what? And, for your information, Brazil is written with only one z


Greek Brazilian

It’s great that there is a magazine out about Brazil, written in
English! I love everything about Brazil, especially the mulheres gostosas, the futebol,
and of course the beautiful music! The only problem is, I don’t speak Portuguese. I’m a
Greek in my blood, with Brazil in my soul!

Xenophon Stamboulis
Duxbury, Massachusetts


Galera! I don’t know what to say! Guys, this magazine is
not just great… it is superb! I just wrote to request your free sample. Now I am writing
again just to let you know how pleased I am with your magazine! I have lived here in
Humble, Texas, for two years already and like all Brazilians who are very far away from
home for a long time, I’m starved of Brazil. Most of what I have seen here got reduced to
Mexican culture.

Guess the happiness I felt when I found your magazine on line.
Gosh! I literally got stuck in front of my computer for hours and hours, reading
EVERYTHING and sending the articles to all my American and Brazilian friends! It is
amazing how you can write in English but feel it in Portuguese! Perfect! It is the
Brazilian world described through a very intelligent American point of view.
Congratulations! Superb job!

Muito obrigada for this magazine, for you love and care
for my homeland! We all certainly feel very happy and honored with it. Um enorme

Katia Sims
Humble, Texas

Portuguese Manual

I have loved Brazzil magazine for four years. Enclosed is
my check to continue my subscription. As an Oklahoman interested in Brazil, I find the
articles very informative. The articles in Portuguese help me with my study of the
language. I especially enjoy the articles that are written in both Portuguese and English
as they assist me even more in learning and understanding the language as the Brazilians
use it. Keep up the good work!

One suggestion: Brazzil is worth much more than $3 a year.
It would be a bargain at double the price. So, why not raise the price to $6 a year and
give yourself a little more capital to work with? I don’t think you would hear even one

Clifford Smith
Big Chief Enterprises
Bristow, Oklahoma

Visa No More

I read Philip Miszewski’s column urging the U.S. and Brazil to
bilaterally end the visa requirements for visitors. I couldn’t agree more with his
well-written piece. Bravo, and may it get as much exposure as possible. We should form a
lobbying committee to scrap the visa regulations. We are a new company in the Miami area
that will be promoting ecotourism and adventure tours in Brazil. Our site should be ready
in about a week and a half. Drop in sometime!

Tom Walls
Miami, Florida

Off With Their Visas

In reference to your opinion piece on visas between the United
States and Brazil, I understand exactly what you are saying and I also believe that you
should not need a visa to go to or from Brazil. Where is the freedom of the people? I was
born in Brazil and only because of my dad I am an American citizen. I feel really bad for
the people in Brazil that work so hard and then, pay a fee to the US consulate for a visa
and then they are denied. I believe that is unjustified and if you visa is denied why are
you paying? Someone needs to take this to Congress so Brazilians do not live like
prisoners any longer.

Via Internet

Carnaval Kudos

I read with interest the story by David Hilster about Unidos do
Mundo. It is great what he was able to accomplish with a group of people who mostly have
never met. Thumbs up to David, Alessandra and everybody else. I am so glad that they were
able to parade in the Sambódromo and also that Jairzinho agreed to sing with David. David
should remember, however: "When in Brazil, do as Brazilians do." The American
way does not work very well there. Congratulations, David, Alessandra and the whole group.

Geoniora G. Oliveira
Fountain Valley, California

Brazilian Beauty

We enjoy reading your magazine as it is full of very interesting
articles and for us who are not Brazilians they teach us the beauty of your country. Thank
you for your time and look forward to continue receiving your excellent magazine.

Armando Sediles
Los Angeles, California

Can’t Get Enough

Besides the three incredible artists (two Jobims and one
Morelenbaum) was I the only one who was completely smitten by the voice of Paula
Morelenbaum singing Tom Jobim tunes throughout an incredible evening in San Francisco a
few weeks ago? Their concert, three encores, the three men singing and playing (piano,
guitar, cello), but Paula’s voice is a tribute to Brazil, Tom Jobim, and nutrient to our
ears, hearts, and souls. Thank you, Paula. Perhaps you will put bossa back in the
front of Brazilian and world music.

This woman must be one of the top bossa (and world) voices
today. How can we hear more of her/them? The four of them were the best Brazilian
entertainment since Gilberto Gil opened my ears to Brazil in 1992 at the Galleria, in San
Francisco also. Their CD (Quarteto) available at the show is a dream in episodes. Muito

J. Trenoche
San Francisco, California

Show Me More

I enjoyed your past online article about Chico Cesar. I am
excited to receive your sample issue.

Daniel Pino
Austin, Texas

Spreading the News

I’m Brazilian, but I actually heard about your magazine from a
big Texan friend, who loves Brazil and our culture. He showed me the magazine and all I
could say is… Wow, I didn’t know they had anything like that here. I wish there would be
some of the events you guys organize or advertise in your magazine also here in Austin, or
somewhere in Texas. Sometimes there are some gatherings in Houston, but that’s about it…
Anyway, now it’s time for me to get my own subscription.

Cristiane Pereira
Austin, Texas

Southerners’ Saga

I have a full length manuscript entitled Window on the Wood,
dealing with Southern émigrés to Brazil just after the Civil War. It is based on a true
story. My book deals with Southern émigrés from Montgomery, Alabama, to Brazil. They
settle there, find love, but as well treachery and betrayal. In my opinion, it would make
a marvelous movie.

The book is now being considered for publication by Black Belt
Press in Montgomery, Alabama. Would you publish excerpts? Do you publish entire books? Can
you tell me some other source where I might send my manuscript if Black Belt decides
negatively? FYI, I have been teaching U.S. history for 43 years, and I have written and
had published 19 books. I am now finishing up the 20th. All the best.

Carlton Jackson
University Distinguished Professor of History

House Hunting

I would like some information on finding apartments and houses. I
have looked at many places on the net and still have a hard time finding anything about
Brazil in English. And when I found your page was very excited. I have lots of questions
but no one to ask. So if possible could you please hook me up with someone I can talk to.
The place I am interested in is Santos. I am a Marine Engineer Consultant and will be
spending some time in Brazil.


Soothing the Longing

I lived for six months in Brazil and estou com saudades…
I’d like to learn where I can keep in contact and shop for things that I miss so dearly.
Um abraço.

Anthony Stiso
Flemington, New Jersey

Techno Search

I am a student at the University of North Texas and I am doing
research on new technology introduced in Brazil from the US. Your article on hot brand
names was very good and I was wondering if you had any more that had to do with technology
being introduced. Any articles or books would help greatly; even advice to point me in a
good direction would help to.


Sounding Good

Dear Bruce Gilman, I am a Brazilian sax player and I have been
doing my master’s degree in jazz performance at University of Miami. I read your article
about chorinho and the interview that you did with Carlos Malta. They were great! I
studied with Malta in 1993.

There is a small group of Brazilian students in the school of
music here at UM, and we are trying to start a Brazilian ensemble. There is a guy from
São Paulo doing his master in jazz writing and studio, a sax-flute player from São Paulo
too (nice to meet you!), and other classical music students. The teacher of percussion is
Ney Rosauro, a well-known Brazilian percussionist, and the guy who is gonna lead this
ensemble. Well, I am writing just to make contact with you and to let you know about our

Marcelo "Bambam" Coelho
Miami, Florida

New Love Affair

Brazil is a new interest of mine so I am pleased that there is a
publication like yours available. Thank you.

Jeffrey Hill
San Francisco, California

On Police and Violence

I am doing a literature search for my geography of Latin America
class, my topic is police brutality in urban Brazil. I was wondering if you knew of any
other print materials such as books or journals besides your publication that would have
reliable and scholarly information on my topic. This project is worth 50 percent of my
grade and is due October 29th, so if you could reply ASAP that would be great! Thanks a

Mary Beth Richardson
Illinois State University

Floating Subway

Would your publication be interested in doing an article about
the difficulties that Subway Restaurants has experienced and is working to overcome while
doing business in Brazil? Many publications, including your own, have been reporting about
our eminent failure there. To the best of my knowledge, these articles have been written
without getting our side of the story. The fact is we are still open and operating in
Brazil and have a story to tell. Please contact me of you are interested. Interviews can
be arranged.

Les Winograd
Subway Public Relations
Via Internet

Tell Me

I have an off-the-wall question for you. I’m the treasurer of an
Hispanic Club on Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, and we are trying to decide if Brazilians
consider themselves as Hispanic. The reason for this question is that we are celebrating
the Hispanic Heritage month and normally we try to put all the Hispanic Flags together.
Some of us think that you consider yourselves Hispanic and some of us think that you
consider yourselves Portuguese. Please correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that even
though you have Spanish influence, you do not consider yourselves Hispanic neither
participate of the Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations.

Jose C. Navarro
Guam, USA

The Reviewers’ Reviewer

Dear Bruce Gilman, I’m a freelance music reviewer (I hate the
word "critic"!) currently working on a feature on choro for a "world
music" (don’t like that term, either) publication. First off, I’d like to say thanks
for all your hard work, and for the many articles and interviews you’ve published in
Brazzil—they’re a terrific resource. And, I’m sure, a lot of work, given the fact
that you’re usually doing translations of texts as well as the research &

I was wondering if it might be possible for me to cite two
sentences from your interview with Egberto Gismonti—specifically, his response to
your question on choro. I’d like to put this quote in bold (along with one or two
others) at the beginning of my article, as a sort of epigraph. Unfortunately, I can’t get
a citation into the text, although I’ve included many of your articles in my
"suggested reading" section—the Gismonti piece is one of them. All the best
on your work, and thanks in advance for your help.

Name Withheld
Via Internet

Show Me More

Was at the annual Brazilian Festival here in New York in late
August. Some of the prettiest women I’ve ever seen in all shapes sizes and colors. Would
like to see more! Maybe a trip down your way could be in store for this middle-aged
African-American man.

Eric Williams
New York, New York

Choro Promoter

I maintain a free e-zine promoting Latin dance in Sydney,
Australia. I would like your permission to reproduce the article "Choro, chorinho,
chorão" by Bruce Gilman https://www.brazzil.com/musfeb96.htm.
Naturally, full acknowledgement to Brazzil magazine and a link back to brazzil.com
will be provided.

Paul F. Clifford
StreetDance Australia

Slum Links

I am doing a research project for the University of Arizona on
the Rocinha favela in Rio. Can you suggest links where I might read articles or
research on favelas in Rio?

Rebecca Drummond
Via Internet

Taste of Brazil

I just would like to say some words about the article
"Stirring Memories" written by Jerine Watson. I feel sorry for her bad
experience in Brazil, more specifically in Presidente Prudente (400 miles west of São
Paulo city). Yes, it can be a horrible place to live, especially to sleep due to noise and
pollution. This is because she was not in São Paulo capital!!! But as it happens in all
the places in this planet, they also have nice spots over there where you can have peace,
silence and nature.

Noise and pollution like that you also find here in America. For
example, Houston is full of these places, noisy ones, especially in the Mexican and black
area of the town as well as in downtown itself where drug dealers are more concentrated to
sell their "products" and fight cops or/and other gangs.

There are places where it is impossible not only to sleep, but
also to live a "normal" life as well, due to the shots day and night, cops
running here and there with their noisy cars and dogs, trying to arrest criminals. Places
where even during the day is dangerous to walk without be assaulted. Imagine during the
night! My friend never found any drugstore to deliver medications during the night to her
home, as we find it easily in Brazil. So, if it happens that you have to live in a place
like that for a while and need to leave your home during the night to go to the
drugstore… well, you gotta take your chance and pray.

Instead of parents stumbling around to pick up their teenagers in
their parties and bringing them home, you see teenagers stumbling around heavily drugged
or driving while drunk, trying to run away from the cops and the jail as well. This goes
to male and female teenagers.

Here in America, the parents (not all of them), but big part of
them, give almost total freedom to their teenagers, so they can come and go when they want
and do whatever they want to do, including girls. Even when the parents care, it is very
hard for them to control their teenagers here, especially when they can get their driver’s
license when they are 15.

So, rarely you will see a parent stumbling around at 4:00 am to
pick up their teenager son or daughter at the party. But, probably, you will see the same
parent here stumbling around to take them out of jail. About the pollution, Houston-TX has
the highest number of doctors in the United States specialized in treating allergies
because allergies here are terrible.

The rain here is rare, maybe every three months. It rains more in
the Fall, but normally the dust is heavy, the air gets gray, not very different from
downtown São Paulo. Besides that, almost everybody drives here to go to work. Humidity is
absolutely higher than in other places—almost 100% some days—what causes
summertime to be absolutely intolerable. You don’t survive without a good air conditioner
that also brings lots of mould, which causes serious sinus and throat infections, with
high fevers, painful headaches and lots of dollars spent in medication and doctors.

You cannot walk outside, because just opening the door in your
home during the summertime will melt you. Spring and fall are the seasons of the
allergies, because of the pollen and the mould. So, be prepared if you decide to live or
visit Houston for a long period of time. You may have or not develop some allergic

By the way, Brazilian coffee is considered the best coffee in the
world! Oh, yes! We Brazilians sleep well even when we drink lots of it. My family in
Brazil drinks coffee and all of them sleep normally and absolutely no one of them ever had
a paranoid episode! Coffee and guaraná are very good for the heart, so if you can
take it with care, you can have a very healthy heart. Anyway, for some reason, you’ll find
really strong coffees in companies and offices. So, if it happens that you end up working
for or visiting a Brazilian company in Brazil, be sure that the coffee they offer in your
company can be "mud" (really strong, black, almost like the coffee they have in
Louisiana). But you always can choose among "mud" coffee, mineral water, tea and
sometimes natural juices.

Well, like in all countries in the world, I don’t believe that
coffee is what causes paranoid episodes, but stress and in more serious cases, some mental
problems. If the coffee were the "plague", maybe Americans should stop drinking
their own coffee, because even weaker than Brazilian one, it has caused lots of
"paranoid episodes" as well among their citizens!

We may not drink our water in Brazil. Yes, in some places you
must be careful and drink just mineral water. But definitely you’ll find all kinds of
fresh and natural juices in Brazil for a very reasonable price. No, the juices are not
frozen, they are really fresh, natural juices. No, I don’t mean you need to drink only
juices if you go there. You always can buy some mineral water to drink. Yes, we have it

It took me almost one year to get used to American food. I also
had intestine and liver problems with the milk products here due to the fact that they are
extremely greasy and, besides, the food is always rich in oil and sugar. I solved this
problem cooking my own food at home.

We almost don’t find the "normal" spice in food in the
restaurants here. Or it is really sweet, or full of some pepper or full of Cheddar cheese
and lack of salt. By the way, Cheddar cheese is in everything, sometimes even in sweets.

But without doubt, American pies are the best pies I have ever
eaten. They are delicious!(including the famous brownies!) I just love Dr. Pepper and
berry juices! I love the native natural food here as the different cereals, certain fruits
that we don’t have in Brazil as grapefruits and Texan food in general.

The flowers here in Texas are absolutely beautiful, the fields in
spring time are the picture of heaven! It takes your breath away! The place where I live,
one hour away from Houston, is just gorgeous. It is surrounded by woods, farms, lots of
nature, fields, parks, silence, peace and dark nights where you can see the stars very
well. By the way, the sky here is wonderful, with tons of pink, orange, yellow, violet.
Sunset is the time for meditation!

Rodeos here are really nice and organized, the products they sell
are absolutely wonderful and the Renaissance Festival is just great, besides the small and
regional events! Cities like San Antonio and Corpus Christi offer lots of fun and
beautiful places to visit and enjoy. Hey! Don’t forget that NASA is here in Houston and
the Astrodome too!

I just love this place, it is my second home. I have lived here
for two years and already have sweet memories! I believe that in all the places where you
go, you’ll find positive and negative things. It depends on you to find what is the best
for you and your family. As my American husband always says to me: "It is easier to
criticize and hard to make it better! What is familiar to us is always easier to be
accepted and get used with". There is no perfect place in this world and at the same
time all the places are perfect by themselves. We are blind to it. All the cultures have
their differences, their wisdom and their reasons to be like that.

I am from the south of Brazil and I love and protect my country
as I love and protect America. If one day Jerine Watson decides to give Brazil a second
chance, I hope she can find a very nice place to visit there and good Brazilian friends to
interact with, so eventually she can have sweet memories to share with us and not only the
negative side of it.

Katia Sims
Humble, Texas

Looking Up

I’m looking for a job in the USA, I’m 46 years old, but I am
vigorous and I can work hard if necessary. I’m married and have a daughter who is 13. Who
can help me? As you see I can speak a little English and German too. Wer kan mir zu

José Dias da S Neto

Where Is Don?

I am desperately looking for a very good friend named Don Jarez.
He is a Brazilian percussionist and singer and I lost him after he moved from Montreal to
New York. If you know him could you please tell me where I can find him? My name is
Nathalie and my husband’s name is Harald (he is German) and we met Don Juarez in Montreal
and went to his Brazilian parties. If anyone has any information about him please contact

Nathalie Boudreau
Montreal, Canada

That Samba Thrill

Olá, David de Hilster, I want to congratulate you on the
fantastic project you did to create Unidos do Mundo. My wife and I spent this afternoon
eating pizza outdoors in a warm October (Indian summer) sun and enjoying immensely the
story of your experience published in Brazzil. I was impressed with how much detail
you could remember as I guess it would have been impossible to keep a journal while
everything was happening. It truly was an impressive endeavor. I believe we are on a path
to be part of your 2001 Carnaval celebration.

I had read an Internet article earlier this year of a couple who
experienced dancing in a samba school by going down early and rehearsing with the school
first. They paid several hundred dollars for this experience and the costumes and it was
fantastic as I remember. But this didn’t match the experience that you provided.

There is a Brazilian computer guy that works at my company,
Northeast Utilities. He took a group of coworkers to Rio this year just after Carnaval and
they saw the Saturday parade that Unidos was in. I’ll have to ask him if he remembers the

I look forward to meeting you and helping in anyway I can. I once
did a Friendship Flight of people from João Pessoa and Recife during our Thanksgiving
here in Connecticut back in the ’70s so I have experienced a little the same intensity
that you did with Unidos do Mundo. Ciao e um abraço.

Jim Platts
Via Internet

Bad Getting Better

I am an American and I am a junior in college majoring in
Brazilian Area Studies. One of a small handful. And one of a small handful that study
Portuguese. I have written term papers and lived in Brazil the past two summers and have
experienced the same negative and positive responses the Belgium journalist did
(Rapidinhas – Work With an Accent October 2000). My ultimate goal is to work and live in
Brazil. It has nothing to do with the mulatto women, although I am dating one who lives in
Salvador, Bahia. My goals and ambitions started before I met her. But I have found it
difficult to try to find even an internship in Brazil where I can use my knowledge and my
experiences abroad. The closest I have gotten is applying for an internship with the
Brazilian Embassy in Washington, DC. That decision has not been reached yet.

I have talked to many Brazilians both in São Paulo and Salvador.
Some speak English and have traveled to the United States, and others who only speak
Portuguese and have not traveled abroad. Some reflect the horrors of Brazil, and some echo
the good. I personally believe the good will overshadow the bad, and the "bad"
will become progressively better. Time is what is needed.

It is my dream to be able to work in Brazil and live there. With
or without my Brazilian girlfriend. I am not blind of the bad that Brazil possesses. The
street children, police brutality, crime, crookedness of political figures and many
others. The United States has the same problems as Brazil. We have corrupted political
officials, police brutality, homeless children, etc. Our problems are better covered up.
But they still exist. We do have social programs to try to help them, but people and
families still fall through the cracks.

When people ask me why I find Brazil to be moving in the step of
progress I respond with a key example, that I feel many Brazilians seem to overlook, or
care little about: Brazil moves forward away from political crookedness by having lawyers
(I forget the man’s name. Tall lanky man who is trying to press charges against Judge
Nicolau, etc). Without him trying to arrest and prosecute men like ex Judge Nicolau,
Brazil would be moving backwards. He is only one man, but he wants change.

Without the arrest and prosecution of the Rio de Janeiro police
who executed street children ( some 14 or more) in front of a church, Brazil would be
moving backwards. Without the prosecution and arrest of pedophiles, as well as the help of
NGO’s children are slowly moving off the street.

There are negatives to both. For example, the lawyer asked the
United States to freeze Florida bank accounts of ex judge Nicolau. The United States
government has declined to help. This point is key in fighting crime and to help in
prosecution. Without the help of "the first world," how can anyone expect Brazil
to make significant leads in prosecution. With the freezing of foreign bank accounts would
come the message to stop the stealing.

In a book I am reading, a quote sticks in my head. The woman’s
child is sick, and she said that if Brazil loved her, her child would get better. No
comment about the health care system. But if her country loved her, her son would get

Bryan Lazerow
Via Internet

Time to Be Harsher

I’ve just been introduced to Brazzil and I find your
criminal laws incomprehensible ("Death in the Press Room," October 2000). The
same happens with many cruel laws throughout the world concerning women’s rights.

In the past year, as a growing nineteen year old, I’ve come to
notice that Portuguese and Brazilian males are extremely jealous and controlling. From a
personal note, an ex-boyfriend couldn’t come to terms with our break up and, now, five
months later he still persists.

However, the brutal murder related in your article is horrifying
and a better system should be found for these cases. If a murder is committed the murderer
should feel a hundred times over what was inflicted on the victim be that man or woman.
Everybody should realize that!

Leam O’Seanacaim
Via Internet

Spirit for Exporting

I am searching for a certain brand of cachaça, named
Pitu. A second brand I’m looking for is Nega Fulô (bottle covered in dry leaves). I’d
like to import one of these brands to an Asian country. Is there any chance you could
connect me to those companies producing or marketing the brands?


Black on Black

Very interesting you article on racism in Brazil. I recently read
a book dealing with this topic entitled Coal to Cream. It is written by African-American,
Eugene Robinson. I encourage you to read it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Via Internet

And the Pics?

I am Brazilian and just found your site. Being a good Brazilian I
have to mention that I missed pictures. I might have not reached them yet if they are here
to be found.

Helio Reis
Fresh Meadows, New York

Bird Watching

We have been trying to contact a bird and animal dealer in Brazil
for some time now. There are flights on Varig from Brazil to Thailand and your country has
a lot to offer. We are looking mainly for livestock that has been bred in captivity and
are not hunting endangered species. We would be very grateful for any advice or
introductions that you may be able to arrange for us.

Manat and Ak
Bangkok, Thailand

Don’t Let Them Know

Congratulations for your publication. I know that takes tiresome
journeys to put it together. I am an Argentinean, but everything from Brazil fascinates
me, even the futebol. Don’t tell this to my countrymen. It is a pleasure to send
you my subscription.

Alberto Barroso
Los Angeles, California

Summer Job

I am a student at the University of Michigan. I am extremely
interested in working in South America this summer, specifically in Brazil or Argentina if
opportunities are available. I am interested in working in a creative field, be it fashion
in any way, photography, anything involving the outdoors. I am an extremely hard worker
and I will dedicate myself to any project or job I have. I would be much obliged if you
could send me any information on possibilities!

Christina Fiedler
University of Michigan

Where Is Globo Going?

I was reading your article on Globo TV. I am a student at
Vesalius College, Brussels, Belgium, and one of my assignments is to write a research
paper on Globo. As I read your article, I found a lot of useful information, however, I
was wondering if you could perhaps direct me to a website which talks about the past of
Globo. I really need information such as instruments used, and its future plans. perhaps
even some information of Roberto Marinho himself.

Mathias Kick
Brussels, Belgium

Sounds Good

We’ve just launched the Brazilian Beat, a new section within
laritmo.com. Take a look. Perhaps we can do some exchanges, interviews etc? Feel free to
call me or my wife, Débora. We’d love to help you promote Brazilian music.

John Watts
Long Island City, New York

Sounds Brazilian

I am wanting to learn to play and sing música brasileira.
Where can I buy Portuguese sheet music?

Lenny Henderson
Mesa, Arizona


Bonjour, je suis coiffeur français, professeur de coupes. Je
recherche un poste à Rio dans un salon de luxe. Pouriez vous m’aider à me comuniquer des
emails de salons de coiffure de luxe à Rio?

Richard de Paça

Sound and Emotion

David De Hilster, meu marido Jim e eu lemos o seu artigo na Brazzil
hoje sobre sua experiencia na escola de samba Unidos do Mundo, numa mesa ao ar livre numa
pizzaria. Quem estava por perto achou que a gente era louco ou tinha morrido alguém.
Chorávamos de emoção e citávamos os parágrafos lendo um para o outro com a voz cheia
de emoção.

Você é demais! Escreve muito bem e é impressionante como se
lembrou de tantos detalhes do ocorrido. E a Doris é incrível! Estamos loucos para
conhecê-la. Não se esqueça de começar a escrever agora (vai gravando para transcrever
as fitas depois) pra preparar o livro depois do próximo sucesso de 2001.

Alzinete Platts
Via Internet

Looking for Columnist

Queridos amigos, pido desculpa si escribo en español, y espero
que alguien de ustedes lo entienda. Escribo de Italia, Roma, para pedir un favor. Estamos
buscando el periodista Gilberto Dimenstein para invitarlo a una reunion de periodistas
italianos muy importante que se hara en Italia los dias 1-2-3 de diciembre. Es posible que
ustedes puedan nos dar su numero de telefono, de fax y mas bien la direccion e-mail?

Nicola Perrone
Roma, Italia


Sou estudante de Publicidade e Propaganda da PUC-Campinas, estou
no 2º. ano e gostaria da ajuda de vocês. Preciso fazer um trabalho sobre qualquer filme,
ou seja, através do cartaz do filme, preciso contextualizar o filme como um todo. No caso
o filme escolhido por mim foi "A Lenda do Cavaleiro Sem Cabeça".

Gostaria que me passassem a sinopse do filme, o enredo, se
realmente houve esta lenda no EUA, e como ela se propagou, enfim, tudo o que me puderem
fornecer sobre o filme. Ficarei muito grato.

Via Internet


Sou de Rio Claro, meu baterista é de Cordeirópolis, estou
procurando gravações e informações sobre o grande violeiro Arlindo Santana. Gostaria
de linkar sua página na minha. Tudo bem? João Pacífico é eterno.

Newtom Barreto
Rio Claro, Brazil

The Forgotten Town

Depois de horas de procura, estou bastante frustada por não
encontrar nenhuma informação sobre a minha cidade natal, Gravata, que fica a mais ou
menos 90 Km de Recife e que, a caminho de Caruaru está localizada depois de Vitória de
Santo Antão e antes de Bezerros, que vem a ser uma cidade antes de se chegar a Caruaru.
Portanto caminho de todos os turistas que são obrigados a passar por Gravata quando vão
visitar Nova Jerusalém, Garanhuns, etc.

Gravata é uma cidade pequena mas muito bonitinha, de clima
excelente e gente hospitaleira, o que atrai muitos visitantes nos fins de semana. Tenho
certeza de que se incluírem Gravata entre as informações sobre cidades do Estado de
Pernambuco naquela região, vão fazer muita gente feliz. Nós gravatenses e também os
turistas. Esperarei ansiosa por algum resultado nesse sentido.

Jane Oliveira Zevallos
Houston, Texas

Professionals Online

Sou psicoterapeuta em Ft. Lauderdale, Flórida, trabalhando com a
communidade brasileira aqui. Gostaria de colocar meu nome no seu site, e alertá-los sobre
vários outros médicos e dentistas nesta região. O meu telefone é (954)255-5715 e breve
terei meu próprio site: KatjaRegoJohnson.com. Com sua permissão gostaria de acrescentar
o seu site nos meus links.

Katja Rego Johnson
Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Can’t you
find Brazzil at your Brazilian consulate?
Don’t ask us why, ask the consulate.

comments to

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