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Beating Up Gays Has Become Favorite Sport of Bullies in São Paulo, Brazil

Julio's broken leg Another incident involving an attack to homosexuals has occurred at the famous business district of Paulista Avenue, in São Paulo, Brazil, which is also one of the major tourist points of the city. According to Bandeirantes TV news, the couple was kicked and punched several times.

The aggression occurred around 4 am this past Sunday. The two gay men had just left a night club along with a female friend.
Two men attempted to flirt with the gay couple’s female friend, however as she did not show any interest towards them, they followed the three of to a local convenience store and,  upon making   homophobic remarks, initiated a series of brutal attacks. One of the victims, a gay man, had bruises and a broken foot.
“They said we were crazy faggots and that we should die before spreading diseases around,” said Marcos Paulo Villa, one of the victims.

It is not the first time that gays are attacked in this busy district  of São Paulo. Paulista avenue is well known for several attacks against blacks and gays in the past and very little has been done to prevent such violence.
Around Augusta Street, which crosses Paulista, Neo-Nazi groups usually are able to bully and attack minorities and walk around freely without police surveillance.

The attacked couple has been together for four years.  They have now filed a report at the 78th police district. According to them, local police made no attempt  to go after the criminals: “The police officers did not even care. According to them, this was probably a punk or skinhead related crime, and they just left it at that.”

Paulista Avenue has become a center of Neo-Nazi attacks. About 50% of the cases involving violence against homosexuals occur in that area.

According to the Secretariat of Human Rights, which works in tandem with the Federal Government, in 83% of the cases the victims are homosexuals, 10% bisexuals and 4.2% heterosexuals. In 22% of these cases the aggressors  are not identified and 10% are actually friends with the victims.
Last August the Architect Bruno Chiarioni Thomé, 32, and Rafael Ramos, 30, were  also attacked by a group of six men. The aggressors utilized stones and an iron lamp to attack the victims. 

These incidents seem far from being resolved, and security hasn’t improved in the area despite the fact that Paulista avenue is considered a major business and entertainment center in São Paulo city.
Edison Bernardo DeSouza is a journalist, having graduated in Social Communication Studies at Pontifical Catholic University in São Paulo, Brazil . He lived in the US and Canada for close to 12 years and participated in volunteering activities in social works agencies.

DeSouza currently lives in São Paulo where he teaches English as a Second Language for both private English Language Institute and Private High-School. He is  currently  participating  as an actor in two  English Musicals  in Sao Paulo and is pursuing further advancements in his career. He is particularly interested in economics, history, politics and human rights articles.


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  • Jake Mc Crann

    That is you Carlinhos
    I know its you Carlinhos. I know exactly how you speak english you smart ass.

    Alright, well lucky you don’t have a wife.

  • Jake Mc Crann

    Imposter of Jake McCrann
    The weak loser above called “Jake McCaine” is trying to parody me. He is trying to imitate what it is to be an Australian.

    Let me warn you punk, just for pleasure as an Australian, I will hunt you down and fuck your wife in front of you and your children and then I will bury you in a fucking ant hill or throw your corpse down a mine-shaft.

  • Caleb

    It’s so annoying when people use the word ‘Homophobic’. People don’t run, cower, and shake at fear at the site of homosexuals. They scoff in disgust, because, it’s disgusting. Don’t even compare discrimination against homosexuals to discrimination against race. You can’t change your race. You can, however, choose who you fall in love with. While every homosexual is very weak-minded, seeing how that’s the way they’re gay in the first place, they don’t understand their own natural sexuality. Quit being such panseys, ‘Protect the faggots! Stop bullying us candy-asses!’, because it’s not going to stop. It is a fucking disease, it’s a mental disorder. You don’t understand your own natural sexuality, and it’s just pathetic if you’re weak-minded enough to make that choice, so of course your candy ass is gonna get bullied for it.

  • Bretilos

    Homophobes are letting their last gasp of steam out, before they’re banged in jail with racists and other criminals like them.

  • Jake McCain

    [quote]it is absolutely noble and patriotic when a brazilian national bitch slaps a marxist fag ..the free world salutes these brave men and women who kick these deviant communist fruitcakes in the connolli,s…with respect brazil the free world salutes you .. [/quote]

    We accept your salutes, sir and reciprocate the same to you.

  • us observer

    chrissy the sissy
    so what your saying is a marxist fag was trying to sample a patriotic brazilian nationalist … well thats disgusting !!!!…its no wonder the communist fag got bitch slapped !!!!…one can only respect the brazilian citizen who stands up and says no to the marxist fags….

  • us observer

    for love of country one must stand their ground and push back these crazed radical marxist fags
    it is absolutely noble and patriotic when a brazilian national bitch slaps a marxist fag ..the free world salutes these brave men and women who kick these deviant communist fruitcakes in the connolli,s…with respect brazil the free world salutes you ..

  • Jake McCain

    [quote]Please learn English[/quote]

    Listen mate. You first learn to write prim and proper English before trying to give lecture to a doctoral degree holder in Astrophysics from U of Melbourne.

    [quote]You’re not, you’re part of the problem, not part of the solution.[/quote]

    Could you please explain this incomprehensible sentence in Queen´s English? While you are trying to figure out your response, let me take my Kangaroo for a walk.

  • Chris D

    perhaps you should actually read the article?
    You two really need to learn how to read. Issue 1, Neo-Nazi, not Nazi.. was used as an example. Issue 2, the article was about people being beat up, not about Nazi’s. Issue 3, no where in the article are German Nationalists mentioned. Issue 4, there’s nothing related to politics here, this is about a crime being committed when someone is attacked. Issue 5, there was no bitch slapping this was someone hating someone else and hurting them leading to a broken foot. Issue 6, this is not about a woman slapping a “man” when he gets belligerent, this is about bullies picking on a weaker person.. 2 guys and a girl. Issue 7, You’re so ignorant it makes my head spin. Please learn English better before commenting on a hate crime. And, how are you helping ? You’re not, you’re part of the problem, not part of the solution. Please stay quiet.

  • Jake McCain

    [quote]perhaps the article would like to have us believe that (german nationalists)or as the writer puts it nazi,s are attacking non-politically affiliated homosexuals in sao paulo????..[/quote]

    Spot on, mate. The writer of this article doesn’t know the difference between the arse and a hole in the ground. Why would the Brazilian German nationalists attack the gays and blacks when such folks are card carrying members of their party and pay their monthly dues regularly? Bad for business, mate.

  • us observer

    commie fags not welcome
    perhaps the article would like to have us believe that (german nationalists)or as the writer puts it nazi,s are attacking non-politically affiliated homosexuals in sao paulo????…. the question is how is politics equated with someone bitch slapping a rude homosexualwho may have been sexually harassing a straight guy …women slap many rude sexual straight guys for sexual harassment ….the nazi part is an attempt to put a little political spin on a non-political issue .next time try “marxist fag gets bitch slapped by patriotic brazilian nationalist”…

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