Chevron Lied and Took 10 Days After Spill Before Doing Anything, Brazil Authorities Say

Chevron gas station Brazil’s National Petroleum Agency (ANP) told reporters this Tuesday, November 22, that the Chevron’s oil leak in the Campos Basin off the coast of Rio has been reduced to about 2 square kilometers.

The spill in the well operated by the American multinational grew as large as 163 square km, but had been reduced to 12 square km by the end of the last week. The reduction of the oil slick was observed in an overflight on Monday.

ANP confirmed it issued two infraction notices against Chevron. The first, at 1 pm, for breach of the Well Abandonment Plan presented by the company to the agency. The second, at 4 pm, for having tampered with information about the monitoring of the seabed. The amount of fines will be set at the end of the administrative process.

IBAMA, Brazil’s Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources, also fined Chevron Monday for 50 million reais, based on the Oil Law (Law No. 9.966/2000). The work of the permanent cementation are well under way, under technical supervision of the ANP that are embedded in the platform.

On Monday Ibama announced it would fine US Chevron 50 million Reais, nearly 28 million dollars, for a continuing oil spill off the coast of Rio de Janeiro and threatened the company with several more similar fines in the coming days.
The agency said through its press office that it would fine the oil company the maximum 50 million Reais allowed under current Brazilian law.

Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira said at a press conference in Brazilian capital Brasília, however, that as an investigation into the leak continues, Chevron could face “five or six” other fines of the same amount if more infractions are found.

Rio de Janeiro state’s environment secretary, Carlos Minc, said the national government will also ask Chevron to pay for damages caused by the Atlantic spill.

“We believe the accident could have been avoided. There was an environmental crime,” Minc told Globo TV and other Brazilian media. “They hid information and their emergency team took almost ten days to start acting.”

Teixeira and other officials said Chevron hid information about the extent of the spill from the Brazilian government, took far too long to begin clean-up operations and didn’t have the proper equipment to contain the leak.

Chevron Corp. officials have accepted responsibility for the spill but reject accusations they did not notify local authorities quickly enough or properly manage the cleanup.

The National Petroleum Agency said more than 110.000 gallons (416.300 liters) of crude oil may have reached the ocean floor since the leak began on November 7.

George Buck, chief operating officer for Chevron’s Brazilian division, said Sunday the spill occurred because Chevron underestimated the pressure in an underwater reservoir.

Chevron was drilling a testing well about 370 kilometers off the northeastern coast of Rio de Janeiro when the leak started as crude rushed upward and eventually escaped into the surrounding seabed.

Eighteen boats work on a rotating basis on the slick, with a varying number of vessels working simultaneously, Buck said.



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  • us observer

    just the facts: the real facts!!..
    your attitude is obvious your a f-ing idiot …everthing you said could and probably was taken out of a anti american anti gringoe communist marxist piece of toilet paper …you prove once again brazil is a little puke country of ignorants who will stay that way because they keep electing corrupt criminals and marxist wannabees .F.U.your a joke and not taken seriously …the united states and americans look upon you as a swamp filled mosquito infested lawless backward country ..brazilian foreign nationals in the usa illegally returning to brazil rather be arrested and jaied for frauds and counterfeit documents is the only thing you said that was good news americans are fed up with illegal alien parasites disrespecting us laws.

  • Luiz Andrade da Silva

    My last comment
    U.S. Observer, I don’t think your comments deserve any answers. They are so irrational and based on nothing! You don’t pay attention to what I say! First, I told you many times that there’s nothing called “petro-brazil”. It’s Petrobrás! Please don’t forget it! Second, you said that Chevron loaned “petro-brazil” some money. I didn’t know Chevron was a bank! I’ve never seen an oil company (or any other non-financial company, for that matter) make loans. Especially, for a company (Petrobrás) almost as big as itself. When you speak about Brazil, you have to remember that you are not talking about a minuscule, banana republic country, but about the sixth (poised to become the fourth, within the next decades) economy in the world. Remember another fact: Brazil is now a creditor nation, whereas the United States is a DEBTOR nation. In fact, Brazil is now one of the most important foreign creditors of the U.S. So, be more respectful when you speak about my country. Stop living from the past. The United States is not what it used to be. The world has changed a lot, and it will certainly continue to change over the next years. You may say that the United States still has a formidable military power. And so what? It doesn’t even have the financial means to keep it going. Did you konw that the last wars fought by the U.S. were totally waged on borrowed money? By the way, have you noticed that your all-powerful country, with its formidable military apparatus, only attacks weak, small countries? Or do you believe that the U.S. will ever attack Russia or China, for example? One more thing: when speaking about Brazil, don’t mention the word “gringo”. I told you before that we don’t have this gringo concept in Brazil. This is a Mexican creation. Mexicans are very close to the United States, but we are not. Many Brazilians have never seen an American in their lives, and don’t care about Americans one way or the other. If you think there are many illegal Brazilians in the United States, you don’t have a clue about the size of our population. As many Brazilians are the United States, they represent a minuscule portion of our population. You know that every country has its own share of crazy people. Or do you think that someone who leaves an expanding and promising country, with plenty of jobs and opportunities, to go to a decadent empire, to suffer discrimination, spend a lot of money, an run all the risks, is not crazy? By the way, many Brazilians are coming back to Brazil, bringing with them many Americans who want to look for an opportunity in Brazil. Get real!

  • us observer

    lets get to the facts and knock off the bullshit from some of these lying arse brazilians
    luis andrade dasilva the idiot!!!!…petro-brazil owns a small partnership in this project and japan owns a small partnership …the americans (chevron own 52% of the project !!!!!!!!!!!!!!…where the f*uck do you get off with your lies ,perhaps from your leftist anti -gringoe media …grow up little one your making intrlligent people laugh …..brazil just can not get around their insecurities and inferiority complexes and of course its jealousys and envy for the united states ….the usa media hasn,t even covered this non-story yet …but if brazil tries and fu*ks with the americans (chevron) then the us media will cover it throughly …america is in ni mood for any monkee business from any latin american gringoe haters…

  • us observer

    the united states is still the most powerfull nation on earth…
    mr dasilva in all respect brazil was given 2 billion us dollars to help petro-brazil in this drilling effort …and i might add this infuriated the majority of americans to be giving a country such as brazil money to help them driil for deep sea oil when usa oil companies which incidentally have the largest oil and gas fields in the world right here in the united states have huge environmental regulations to jump over to get at these fields.. this is the paradox..with the leftist obama administration facing certain defeat as america rejects his leftist agenda there is no doubt the worlds most powerfull country in the history of the world will be shifting right …and that means no more business as usual with radical environmental agendas,and unacceptable illegal immigration to the usa ,narco trafficking from latin america which funds marxists in colombia ,a beligerent venezuela ,and a peanut gallery of bluffing little marxist tin pots banging their gringo hating or anti -american lies and misinformation …the monroe doctrine must allways be as far as the usa is concerned …brazil is very troubling with its dismal record of violating us immigration laws and its refusal to have a extradition agreement with the usa especially in light of the large numbers of illegal brazilian nationals in the usa …in my opinion this is going to be addressed anytime brazil starts begging for more tourist visas to the usa for brazilian nationals which all indications has shown that the majority of brazilian nationals in the usa are illegal tourist visas abscounders or “overstayers” or illegal aliens as in illegal presence ….no more visas !!!…no extradition!!..the united states fought 2 world wars victoriously by encircling its forces completely around the world and did so during difficult and challenging times …todays challenges to the united states will face the same innovative and inventive and determined american way and the world will once again see why we are the worlds richest and most powerfull country in the world with the worlds most powerfull and formidable armed forces the world has ever seen …latin americas future lies in its ability to grow up and get beyond its inferiority complex its insecurities its corruption its inherent criminality and political disfunctionalism .and its obsessive anti american propaganda …..its your call brazil now grow up or go f8ck yourself..

  • Luiz Andrade da Silva

    Answer to US Observer
    You insist on not seing that the world has changed. I don’t know where did you get the information that the U.S. loaned “petro-brazil” (whatever that means) 2 billion dollars from. First, 2 billion dollars is nothing compared to what Petrobrás is investing with its own resources, which are sums in the hundreds of billions. Second, the United States economy is in very bad shape. By the way, did you know tha Brasil is the third or fourth largest foreing creditor of the United States? As far as technology goes, you may do a research and will find that Petrobrás has the best deep sea oil drilling expertise on the planet. For you information, all the fuss about Chevron spilling has nothing to do with anti-americanism, or do you think that we should disregard any wrongdoing perpetrated by American companies just to avoid being called anti-American? One last thing: please don’t use the word “gringo”. This is a Spanish word, not Portuguese. It is impregnated with connotations and feelings of inferiority towards the foreigners. We don’t need that. We don’t think Americans are either superior or inferior relative to us. We are equal. Be careful and pay attention to the role Brazil is increasingly playing in the world, or you will have a bad surprise.

  • us observer

    brazil has been on a” break” from reality for 300 hundred years !!
    listen dasilva ,,,, in all respect you are wrong !!!!!…chevron invested in this project in the billions ,the united states loaned petro-brazil 2 billion dollars in this effort and japan invested billions so what have you to say about that ?…brazil and venezuela are increasingly becoming a pain in the arse for foreign companies to to business in ie: britain and the united states oil companies…brazil is hoping that these oil deposits which are in very deep waters which brazil has no expertise in or equipment for will give them a huge american market to sell this supposed untapped oil ….brazil can,t even get beyond the first drill hole before it starts acting up and insulting america ….as usual brazil,s leftists/marxists/communists are a big headache and quite frankly brazil,s ridiculous anti gringo propaganda is pathetic …brazil your not worth it .you are indeed as they say a non-country …

  • Luiz Andrade da Silva

    Give me a break
    I should not waste my time trying to give an answer to stupidities like the ones published here, but I can’t help it. It has been said here that Brasil invited Chevron and other foreing companies to to help us drill for oil because we don’t have the capacity to do it on our own. Nothing could be farther from the truth! On the contrary, Petrobrás, our state-controlled oil company is known to be the company with the best technology in the world for deep sea oil drilling. Those foreing companies are here just because we inherited the contracts from our last neoliberal president, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, who wanted to please international capitalism by allowing foreign companies to come in. Since we are a serious country and cannot break these contracts, we have to live with their proven incompetence.

  • us observer

    its the blue eyed people in the world that has caused this economic problem in brazil (quote: ignoranto lula dasilva)siva
    amanda it is idiots like you that keeps you brazilians poor and ignorant and desperate to sneak into other countries like britain ,austrailer and the united is idiots like you that believe all the anti-american leftist/marxist propaganda your politicians and brazilian media feed into your naive heads …your problems are not america,s fault your problems are your own fault for believing the sh*t your given by the politicians you keep electing ….if you like socialism or marxism or communism then you get what you deserve….

  • us observer

    its said these illegal brazilian hores try to marry for a green card and find very few takers….
    @ Amanda .who the fu*k do you think you are ?…you are nothing !!!..a third world cheap peroxide fake blond with your dark roots showing through trying to conceal your identity with your fake documents !!.chevron invested billions to drill in those oceans off rio,s coast …your backward third world dump of a country does not have the knowledge or ability or equipment to drill for deep sea oil .thus : brazil invites american companies to do it .americans gave you ungratefull ignorant rude lttle monkees 2 billion us dollars toward this effort .now go FK yourself you ignorant know nothing hater …if you hate americans so much then get the f*uck out of our country before we deport your ignorant arses..the united states economy and military is the richest and most powerfull nation in the history of the world …and thats why you illegal brazilians go to the usa to clean toilets and paint fences for rich americans until of course you get caught for being illegal aliens with fake documents …stay in brazil your beloved wasteland your brazil of crime corruption and disease and of course huge poverty and illiteracy…ask your petro-brazil why it has partnerships with chevron (american)and the japanese companies …answer: because brazil is incapable of doing such a job like deep sea oil extraction….you are stupidio!!!!!

  • Amanda

    Re: brazil wants to harass chevron
    Stupid american! Why the hell are you angry? You have no reason to be angry, this right belongs to us once you have entered our country to steal what is rightfully ours! This is typical American. When a country is much more than standing out of the U.S., you do everything to bring it down, to humiliate him just as if you were important or special! Fuck you, America! I am pleased that Chevron has been BANNED from entering the country and use our pre-salt. You Americans are so fucked up with the economic crisis than an hour, we see them humiliate to Brazil to ask for our help. WHO IS TURNING THE THIRD WORLD COUNTRY ARE YOU, AMERICANS! The BRAZIL IS GROWING AND BECOMING INCREASINGLY IMPORTANT! WE WILL OVERCOME AND YOU BECOME THE RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! SWALLOWED THIS! ASSHOLE!

  • us observer

    brazil wants to harass chevron
    another american company learns that you just can,t do business with these monkees in latin america …they are nothing but a fucking headache …let them go down using their own devices …for three hundred years !!!..they are still third world donkee cart with the brains of a mule .

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