Flooded with Visa Requests US Sends Dozens of Temporary Employees to Brazil to Meet Demand

Big line at São Paulo's US Consulate in Brazil The US state has informed that the US Mission to Brazil processed a record number of visa applications – 820,000 – in fiscal year 2011, a 42 percent year-over-year increase. To meet the surging demand for US visas in Brazil, the Department of State is deploying waves of temporary employees to the US Embassy in Brazilian capital Brasília and US Consulates in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Recife.

These employees are helping to process extraordinary numbers of visa applications until permanent staff members arrive. The Department will double consular staffing in Brazil over the course of 2012, adding 50 new officer positions.

With the help of additional personnel, US Mission Brazil has reduced the average wait time for visa interview appointments in Brazil to less than 50 days.

While the Department always puts security first, visitors to the United States make critical contributions to economic growth and job creation.

That is why shortening visa interview wait times is also a priority – to encourage even greater numbers of Brazilians to visit the United States, a premier destination for travelers from around the world.

In a communiqué to the press the Stated Department stated that the United States and Brazil, “the two largest economies and the two largest democracies in the Western Hemisphere, share one of the most important trade and economic relationships in the world.”

According to the American Department of Commerce, more than 1.2 million Brazilians visited the United States in 2010, contributing nearly US$ 6 billion to the U.S. economy. By 2016, the United States could host a record 2.8 million Brazilian visitors.

The United States is also experiencing unprecedented growth in demand for US visas in China, where consular officers processed more than one million applications during fiscal year 2011, a 34 percent increase over 2010.

The average wait for visa interview appointments in China is now less than ten days. The American government is promising that the  US Missions to Brazil and China “will continue to reduce visa interview wait times to the greatest extent possible by adding staff and eliminating inefficiencies wherever possible.”

More information about wait times for visa interviews and processing can be found online at http://travel.state.gov/visa/temp/wait/wait_4638.html  


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  • spiffy

    Jony Corleone?????? Any relation except in your underactive imagination to a movie????
    Godfather or Risoli wannabe? Either way just another loser that can’t read.

    If you can’t read my comments, then read my lips Corleone. I know its costing a lot., I helped spend a bunch of that money killing for I am not sure what on my senior trip, our poor, killing their poor.

    If Brazil can keep up with its progress without having to fight a war, I think that is great, my hat is off to Brazil. Frankly, I think Brazil is going to be even greater, Tem de tudo, mas o povinho que Deus colocou ja e outra coisa, rsrsrsrssss. Isn’t that the way the joke goes? The ability of Brazilians to laugh at everything, even themselves is part of the reason I live here most of the time. thanks Brazil for putting up with my shit and letting me help where I can.

    By the way, get your history down pat, drawing an analogy between the USA and the Roman Empire is like drawing and analogy between Brazil and Paraguay. Adelante.

  • Jony Corleone

    “I am not sure we could have progressed without our army and Brazil doesn’t have much of one” Oh Spiffy, your army, and its size, power, the war it fights, is costing you all US taxpayers an arm and a leg, financially, and those of the soldiers who come home disabled. Remember the fall of the Roman empire? History tends to repeat itself!

  • americanos numero uno

    Yea Right !!! Sure they do.
    and in typical hypocrisy and paradoxial foolishness brazil says its economy is booming yet 862,000 brazilian nationals “so called tourists”with no luggage are so flush with money that they are in long lines at us embassys clamoring over each other for a “tourist visa” to the united states to meet mickey mouse in Orlando florida..

  • Spiffy

    Hello USA
    If you are referring to the same country that I live in then use CAPITAL letters as in USA. I know its difficult for morons, but (lesson #1)first you press the shift key and hold it down at the same time that you type USA and magic happens, the letters come out bigger, those bigger letters are called “capital” letters. Listen up Dumbo 3 same goes for United States…..Capitalized….confused? See lesson #1, listen up Dumbo 3, same goes for America….Capitalized once again….still confused? See lesson #1. When you talk about my country you capitalize it, got that a.s.s.h.o.l.e? See lesson #1. I go where I please when I please and my itinerary doesn’t give a shit what you think or want. As far as I am concerned, you are just one more fart in the wind and your contribution to society is to make the rest of us feel like genius’s when you write your crap according to your gospel of hate. I feel better every time a jerk like you writes me these little “love notes”.

  • usa

    no dual citizenships !!!
    spiffy, do the usa a favor and leave permanently for Brasssilll.your an idiot!!!!.certainly anyone with a dogs name will not be missed in the united states of america the worlds number one economy and superpower.

  • Spiffy

    Correction to my previous statement.
    Not the world’s 6th largest economy, I stand corrected, the world’s 5th largest economy.

  • Double-Dot

    [quote]The corruption thing is being sorted out as the government becomes more prominent, after all, Brazil will shortly become the world’s 6th largest economy.[/quote]

    Even though Ah have never been to Brazil, Ah agree with ya. Their President Christina is doing a great job and ah fully endorse her. The Limeys and the Frogs may not like her, but we love her.

    God bless America.

  • Spiffy

    tourist visas, overstayers, American new yorker, us observer, border patrol, etc, etc, etc.
    I have traveled all over the world during most of my adult life starting with my senior trip to SE Asia. With the exception some confusion in Russia, I have never been poorly received in any country. All countries have their issues to deal with. 20 years ago I visited Brazil for the first time and it made me recall our own (USA) past. We too went through what Brazil is going through now even though we went through this rapid growth quite a bit faster. The concept of value per unit of time seems to be a lot different in Brazil than it was/is in the USA. Not necessarily bad, but different for sure. I have become a permanent resident of Brazil even though I stay home in the USA much of the time. There must be bigotry in Brazil, but I haven’t seen it yet, there must be Brazilian rednecks, haven’t seen them yet either. What I have seen is a welcome and eagerness to know and learn and to do better and the eternal thumbs up. This is what I saw in Brazil many years ago and I think it is bearing fruit now. There is still much to do and Brazil may not follow in our(USA’s)exact footsteps (I am not sure we could have progressed without our army and Brazil doesn’t have much of one). If all that Brazil must contend with are critics like some of the jerks that frequent this site and don’t have to fight a war towards being an economic power, then Brazil’s path may indeed be a more positive one. As Eike Batista said in the 60 minutes interview, instead of sending out troops, send out an invitation to talk things out over a few beers. The corruption thing is being sorted out as the government becomes more prominent, after all, Brazil will shortly become the world’s 6th largest economy. I hope Brazil can keep it up, because the way we are going, we are going to need some loans.

  • american new yorker

    the” tourists” that never leave unless they are arrested and deported..
    the majority of brazilian nationals in the united states are illegal aliens in violation of their “tourist visas” or commonly called “overstayers” .period.now get your facts before making your stupid comments.Brazilians have a high rate of violating us visa laws.allowing more into the usa on tourist visas is surely going to be a way for more brazilians to enter the united states and “overstay”. this is a obama trick to by pass congress which would never have agreed to increase tourist visas to a high offender country like Brazil or India which have many illegals in the usa …this problem of visa abscounders or overstayers is facing definate deportation after obama is defeated in the elections just a year away.

  • Luiz Andrade da Silva

    Border Patrol and US Observer, you are ridiculous!! Will you both ever grow up and face the facts? You’re not even able to read and undestand the news correctly? The article is talking about people going to the United States as tourists! Brazilian economy, unlike that of the US, is booming, and Brazilians have money to travel, not only to the United States but to many other places in the world. There is no interest, unless in the case of people with mental problems, to stay in the United States to work. Please understand once and for all that things have reversed: the United States has no jobs and Brazil has lots of jobs, Brazil’s economy is expanding and the American economy is declining, and this trend will likely go on for decades to come. Many Brazilians who live in the United States are coming back and many Americans and Europeans are coming to Brazil to work. Stop living in the past or you’re bound to have a rude awakening!

  • Simpleton

    Exchange Rate
    Without bilateral agreements we have, as it is called, reciprocity. Well, sort of anyway.

    Although I never once considered doing it, I was told the fine for a US national (not a dual national) to get caught over-staying his / her Brasil visa is something like $8 a day. Figuring that out for one Frenchman I knew about, that’s less than $20,500 for seven years “illegal” time and they still didn’t kick him out of the country. Considering the “new” system for renewing a Brasilian via for another 90 days prior to the initial 90 days after date of entry is up, one has to consider the hassle factor, time, transit costs and whatnot to be 100% ligitimate while in Brasil. Having someone “fix” your entry date (presumably by falsely arranging to show you left Brasil and then returned at a later date – and dangerously requiring you to release physical control over your passport in the process), I’ve been told that is another option.

    On the US side there may inherently be positive incentives for you if you get caught overstaying and don’t have a return ticket, you get a free ride back home and who in the hell is so f’ing stupid that they are ever going to end up having the courts in Brasil (or anywhere else for that matter) exact remumeration from them once they are repatriated?


  • Double-Dot

    [b][i]Border patrol…….wow am I ever impressed, another red white and blue literary wonder.[/i][/b]

    Ah agree with Spiffy.

    God bless America

  • spiffy

    Border patrol…….wow am I ever impressed, another red white and blue literary wonder.
    What have you done recently about anything except piss and moan? Just another bigmouth that spews shit. Tell me Border-line Patrol, where in what I wrote do you find me writing that illegal immigration is not a major issue? Find that some where for me will you? You can’t, because you made it up to suit your twisted illiterate shit headed point of view. You can google any redneck, baldy, white supremacist literature and find something written to support anything you want. Wake up asshole, the USA has much bigger problems than illegal Brazilian or even Mexicans for that matter, hell, I am writing to one of those problems right now. Let me know where you are and I will pay you a visit so we can talk about it, Let me see what I can google. “Border Patrol”, “Cowardly MotherFucker”, “puny pencil dick reject” “hero wannabe”, “shit for brains” “please don’t hit me again mommy”, “Daddy, look at me, no hands””Please sergeant, don’t make me go into the jungle, I am afraid””Your honor yes, I molested that little girl, but she was asking for it”. Yes, if I google any of those, I will find you shortly. I reckon you have a bunch of cut pipe and marbles and ball bearings and some black powder in your basement, where you mommy can’t find them waiting to get worked up enough to buy enough cheap booze to get the courage to put together a nice little package for somebody. Face it, chickenshit, your contribution to society is called HATE, you need a straight jacket before you blow off what little dick you’ve got left trying to make a pipe bomb. I reckon some cute little Brazilian ass rejected you and you couldn’t take it, yup, thats what it was. I can understand completely, however, going from fucking pigs and sheep to trying to seduce a woman is pretty much different. Glad you joined in Border line Patrol, I was having a shitty day until I read or tried to read what you wrote. Yup, the figures might not be totally correct, why don’t you go take it up with the homeland security people,,,,,oh, wait don’t worry, looks like they are headed to your way right now.

  • border patrol

    just the facts: the real facts!!..
    hey douchebag its a crime to be illegal in the usa ..and another thing your figures are only partly accurate especially in relation to illegal brazilian nationals in the usa. google it moron .up to 85 % are illegal .. .the majority are tourist visa overstayers !!!!…brazil is a high violater of us immigration laws…your 150,000 brazilians in the usa is laughable and that is the only bullshit being slung here arsehole ..brazil is a problem country with tourist visa frauds ,counterfeit documents ,fake passports,and overstayers and illegal border crossers via mexico,puerto rico,aruba ,the bahamas ,and canada..brazil also is very problematic with its refusal to sign any extradition agreement with the united states ..illegal brazilians: ,florida ,massachusetts,connecticutt,new jersey ,california, arizona ,wyoming… get out from that trailer park you moron your way the f**k out there and incredibly naive and stupid .you must be out in some forest somewhere in east bum f**K…if you think that illegal immigration to the usa is not a major issue with the majority of americans and is not mentioned each and every day in the us media then your deaf blind and dumb.americans want them out!!!!..

  • Spiffy

    Illegal immigration, overstays, crime and misleading prejudiced numbers
    According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the countries of origin for the largest numbers of illegal immigrants are as follows (latest of 2009)
    Country of originRaw numberPercent of totalPercent change 2000 to 2009
    El Salvador530,0005%+25%
    The Urban Institute estimates “between 65,000 and 75,000 undocumented
    Canadians currently live in the United States.

    For those of you who have a hard time actually reading with your eyes instead of your prejudices,,,,I also don’t condone illegal immigration, I don’t put up with it. I don’t care where anyone is from, if they are illegal, I will and have turned them in. Likewise when I hear bullshit, I call it bullshit and I don’t give a damn what color you are or what side of the border your from…..BULLSHIT

  • us observer

    this should not be allowed !!!!…it is outrageous and the american people would not agree to this
    the three latest largest violaters of us immigration laws on overstaying or illegal entry are china brazil and india ….

  • us observer

    obama,s us state dept is being stupid on this one ..
    this is a very suspicious story thats not even being covered by major us media outlets ..especially when you consider that brazil is high violater of us immigration laws onillegal entry and illegal tourist visas overstayers .secondly brazil refuses to have an extradition agreement with the usa which means illegal brazilians in the usa of which up to 85% are us immigration law fugitives or illegal aliens can commit other crimes in the usa and then flee to brazil to avoid us authorities …very troubling is this pan to increase the potential for more illegal brazilians in the usa ..this would not fly with the american people if they got more of this story it stinks like this obama administration which is facing a majority of americans who want illegals in the usa out .

  • border patrol

    no more visas for brazil without extradition and a GPS on their ankle..
    here we go again ..with up to 80&#xof; brazilian nationals in the united states being illegal as in illegal aliens this latest ploy to allow brazilian nationals to obtain a tourist visa to the usa will see more frauds ,abuses and visas overstayers of which brazilian nationals seem to have a dismal record of overstaying their tourist visas and becoming us immigration law fugitives or illegal aliens …this is clearly assinine to increase tourist visas to brazilian nationals who have no intention of obeying us laws on illegal presence .secondly ,brazil refuses to have a extradition agreement with the usa thus brazilian nationals commit crimes in the usa and then flee american law enforcement authorities and us courts of law and go back to brazil as fugitives from the usa ….this is another stupid and insulting move by hillary clinton and barrack obama to do this in light of brazil,s pathetic record of brazilian nationals using a tourist visa to enter the usa and not abide by us laws on overstaying…

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