Brazil’s Petrobras Gets 8.6% Jump in Oil and Gas Production

Brazilian state-owned oil company Petrobras’ average petroleum and natural gas production rose 8.6% in March, in comparison with March, 2005.

The company informed that of the total 2,282,601 barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) produced, 2,021,357 barrels were produced in Brazil and the rest (261,244), abroad.

Domestic production was up 10%. Among the states where petroleum, liquefied natural gas (LNG), and natural gas are produced, Rio de Janeiro continues to lead, with an average daily volume of 1,588,397 barrels.

The state of Amazonas ranks second, with a daily average of 104,920 BOEs. Among foreign sources of production, the largest volume comes from Argentina, with a daily average of 106,177 BOEs.

Average daily production of petroleum and LNG in Brazil attained 1,746,138 BOEs in March, 0.7% less than in February. In relation to March, 2005, when average daily production totaled 1,735,000 BOEs, there was an increase of 0.64%.

Average daily natural gas production in Brazil in March amounted to 43,757 million cubic meters, 0.9% more than in February and 3.15% more than in March, 2005.



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    The 300000bpd equivalent is the natural gas

  • Guest

    the article says first:
    brazilian production of oil equivalent (oil+gas) was 2’021’357 bpd.
    Then it says :
    Average daily production of petroleum and LNG in Brazil attained 1,746,138 BOEs in March !

    There is a difference of around 300’000 bpd of oil equivalent missing somewhere at someplace.

    disappeared, evaporated, wrong numbers, or stolen ?

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