Brazilian Tourists Become Big Business and the US Can’t Get Enough of Them

Visa The business of America is business, goes the saying, and as Brazilians are interested in doing business, bring them on. At least make it easier for them to come.

The number of Brazilians traveling to the US is smaller only than visitors from such traditional frontrunners as Canada, Europe and Japan.

Here are some numbers from 2011: Canadians (21 million) and Mexicans (13 million), United Kingdom |(3.8 million), Japan (3.2 million) and Germany (1.8 million).

Those are the countries that led the list of visitors to the US, but significantly, except for Canada and Germany (both up 5%), the number of visitors was actually down for Mexico, the United Kingdom (both down less than 1%, but down) and Japan (the crisis and the tsunami resulted in a sharp decline of 4% in the number of Japanese visitors to the US in 2011.

Against this background, Brazil is statistically and significantly unique. In sixth place on the list of visitors to the US with 1.5 million, the number of Brazilians traveling to the US was up a whooping 25% in 2011 – in spite of all the crises and tsunamis.

That caught somebody’s eye in Washington. First, the State Department announced it was opening two more consulate offices (Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre). Now comes news that the visa process will be streamlined and less expensive for Brazilians.

Beginning on April 30, the cost of a visa will fall from 360 reais to 280 reais (around US$ 160). And on May 7 new visa facilitation centers (separate from the embassy and consulates) will open in Brasília, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo

Information will be collected in these new places and processed before interviews at the embassy and consulates when they are necessary. The State Department also announced that, although it will take time, work is underway to eliminate the need for Brazilians to get visas.

All these changes were negotiated and are being announced just after the visit of president Dilma Rousseff to Washington at the beginning of April.

In practical terms the most important deal on the diplomatic front as a result of president Dilma Rousseff’s trip to the United States was the news that the US will open two more consulate offices in the country  –  in Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre. Besides the embassy in Brasilia, there are already consulates in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Recife.

There are very practical reasons for the new consulates and a direct order from president Barack Obama to make it easier for Brazilians to travel to the US. 

The number of Brazilians visiting the US has skyrocketed as the local economy has stabilized, there are more jobs and more income, and the real has gotten much stronger against the dollar. As a result, Brazilians are flocking to the US where they spend billions, mostly in Florida.

In 2010, Brazilians spent US$ 16.4 billion abroad. In 2011, they spent US$ 21.2 billion, an increase of 28%. Much of the spending takes place in the US; something Americans understand without a translator.

The American Embassy in Brasília reports that in March this year a record 115,269 visas were issued to Brazilians, an increase of 62%, compared to the same month last year.

And over the last five years (since 2006), the number of visas issued to Brazilians has risen 230%. In 2010, the São Paulo consulate issued 320,000 visas, more than any other US consulate office in the world.



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  • Joshua De Oliveira

    As you can see Buddy, I don’t waist my time to list everything awful US government is doing around the world, you should be ashamed of it; don’t be blind, wake up for the reality; while you try to defend your corrupt country ignoring the very evident facts, US lost already It’s credibility; I am not a Muslism, but now I understand why the Iranians call US the great SATAN”

    I didn’t mention the sabotage Us government did on the Brazilian “SPACE” program. US is largely hated by the evil it promotes and spread around the world, even it’s soldiers don’t want to fight anymore for US; according to what they say, US military has been used in behalf of a corrupt government which has been controlled by the illuminates… if you could imagine what has been prepared to confront such a overwhelming US corruption, you should join the “FORCES ON THE PlAIN” the so called “THE AMERICAN MILITIA” , if you don’t know it, US is been destroyed from within… “US” Already is a republic of “BANANA”!!!!

  • Joshua De Oliveira

    Hey, You know I am not kidding, just browse the internet and see by yourself what specialists are talking about the rising of Brazil and China; there was a time when you could say what you’re saying now, no anymore! America is broken, and this is not me that is saying it, I don’t need to post here the countless reference about this reality, if you ignore it, if you refuse to accept it, then am am the one to say, you must be kidding me!!! You are well informed about the facts! Your knowledge is based on a distant past, you’re still living 30 years ago, in your mind nothing changed! Funny isn’t it!!! Time goes by quickly my friend; it seem you’re still sleeping and didn’t wake up yet to the reality; it is so easy to debate about it denying the facts based on true evidences, we are at a different stage of history buddy, yesterday was US, today is the turn of, Brazil, China, and India! Don’t try debating imposing what you think, this is not what you think, but what the evidences says…

    About corruption, I think you only watch “FOX” news or any other TV; you must know that the media manipulates information, you never will know what is going on in US by watching those kind of crap news, they are masters in the art of misinforming the public…America is the most corrupt nation of the world; you should be ashamed to defend US;I think I know more about corruption in US then you! For example; OBAMA, is not a US citizen, it is a proven fact; how come He was elect the president of US? You tell me!

    About CIA:
    It’s hard to conceive that the CIA didn’t exist until 1947. I am amazed at how powerful and how corrupt the CIA has become in such a short period of time. However, looking at the history of the CIA one can clearly see that it has always been corrupt.
    “Ground breaking revelation about the drug corruption within the CIA”
    “Former DEA Agent Cele Castillo confirmed the CIA drug smuggling”
    ” He said it was done so blatantly that the CIA had to have known about it. US Military planes would arrive with guns for the rebels and leave filled with cocaine to be taken back to the US. So that’s three witnesses to the CIA drug connection: Gary Webb, Mike Rupert and Cele Castillo. The fourth is Judge Bonner who appeared on 60 minutes: US authorities, took extraordinary steps to protect the the facts based on evidence from public, check out the source…
    “The History of CIA Corruption”

    “Exposing CIA corruption”
    They showed that the US government’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) might be better described as the “Cocaine Importing Agency.”

    Afghan Official at Center of Corruption Trial is on CIA Payroll
    And the list goes on, and on! This is only about “CIA”

    Corruption at White house:
    Bill Clinton in Arkansas-Defrauding America
    “Major drug smugglings in Arkansas involving the CIA during the Contra affair, involving Mena Airport, which Clinton surely knew about and covered up”. and many more cases…

    Presidents Ronald Reagan and
    George H.W. Bush during the 1980s

    President George W. Bush (Jr.)
    Books on History of Corruption of U.S. Government Personnel
    And Resulting Series of Tragedies, Written by and With
    Former Professional Government Insiders”

    During Bush administration, the watch dog organization demanded that Bush and Dick Cheney to step down from the office because corruption
    and RESIGN voluntarily based on the numerous federal and Constitutional violations committed during the course of their administration that have involved massive corruption and countless coverups.

    Obama orders US troops to protect opium fields, wants new tax to pay Taliban in gold to attack US troops:

  • This is a nice Story

    Trust Me I know you are angry
    You are angry that a Brazilian born US citizen is contradicting you. That’s democracy, deal with it, don’t make threats. We can’t all agree on the same issues, if we did it would be like…. mmm communism, do you want that buddy? communism or fascism?? I know you want fascism. In fascism what you say goes, so I know you want to be a tyrant, well here it goes buddy you are nothing, and can’t do anything to anyone. You are just venting because of bullshit that is going on in your life. Deal with it and please go seek a counselor, I’m really not joking I wish you well but you need help from a mental health professional. I may be wrong but I think you should go see someone, before something crazy and out of your control happens and you won’t be able to go back from that. Remember we are all human, there is no race except the Human Race. I feel sorry that you have so much anger man, really.. but well that’s life… Go seek help, go seek God, you really need Him, just like all of us.

  • This is a nice Story

    Come try and arrest me man 🙂 You can’t, why? I’m a law abiding citizen lol
    go seek help buddy, seriously, I beg you. Pay for that mental healthcare that is desperately needed. You are screaming, begging for help man. So go ahead and get help and hopefully forgive whoever fucked you over. Take care buddy.

  • ICE

    the last word !!!
    Your under arrest for the crime of being in the united states of america in violation of u.s. laws on illegal presence ..

  • This is a nice Story

    Trust me, the Suspecting of illegals by cops will be shut down by lawsuits
    Fascist Utopia huh Jim? Police State? Let’s give the Feds more and more powers?? You are an absolute nut man, you see that is exactly what they want people to believe. Fear mongering so that the ignorant and weak minded cave in to laws that further constrict the rights of all Americans. But it’s okay Jim, luckily there are those of us who will fight against it and will not let the Feds get away with these absolute powers they are seeking. Anyway, you haven’t answered the questions I asked in the other post, who fucked you over? and will you seek counseling? Thanks and have a great day buddy.

  • the end

    secure communities act is passed in us congress !!!
    the secure communities act is mandatory in all us states by the end of 2012 …. all u.s. local and state police depts will be linked with all federal agencies ie: FBI,ICE, INTERPOL,etc. the us supreme court is one month away (june)2012 from ruling on a major issue and that is the state of arizona,s right to “arrest and detain any illegal alien it suspects is in the us illegally”, which is a direct reflection of the existing federal law on the crime of illegal presence in the usa.the us supreme court is about to rule that states have a right to arrest and detain any illegal aliens it suspects are in its is increasingly clear that the immediate future for foreign nationals in the united states in violation of us laws on illegal presence is futile and at a dead end.the us congress and the overwhelming majority of americans are iron clad firm on their position that rewarding illegal aliens with an amnesty for illegal presence ,perjury,fraud,and or illegal entry is out of the question .the american people know their country will have no net benefit from admiting foreign nationals in who have no respect for us laws or america,s citizens .anyone who would intentionally go to another country other than their motherland to purposefully violate that countries laws is an undesirable and criminal and must be arrested detained and deported according to the laws on illegal presence.the end..

  • This is a nice Story

    The noose? are you going to hang some people Jim?
    I love you wacko conservatives with your figurative language, ie. War on Christmas, War on everything. Two words, fear mongering. Jim you have been watching too much Fox News and haven’t been studying or getting educated on the issues we have at hand. It is obvious that you are borderline delusional/brainwashed, but honestly I wonder who in Boston fucked you over that you have such a huge hate for Brazilians. Honestly man, you need to get some counseling, talk to a psychologist, see a priest/pastor and work out these anger issues that you have man. I know Jeb Bush/Rubio aren’t running and that’s why I’m not going to vote republican. That’s one vote republicans aren’t getting 🙂 and there will be millions more not only for the president but also for the teabag retards that took office. By the way, undocumented aren’t foreign nationals, I’m a foreign national because I wasn’t born here but I am a citizen. So don’t write this stuff that only provokes hate/discrimination. I’ll tell you what, if there is ever a time in this country that for some reason people will be sent to relocation camps (ie jail) like what happened to the Japanese Americans in WWII, I will personally get involved and make a difference and get all that overturned, I will run for political office just so that gets rescinded, and trust me I will win. 🙂

  • usa

    the noose is tightening !!!!..
    there is nothing extreme about americans and their law enforcement agencies enforcing existing laws on illegal entry and illegal presence !..what IS extreme is radical leftist foreign nationals illegally in the u.s. breaking us laws on illegal entry and illegal presence and demanding to be amnestied and handed a green card .the american people and its congress will never ever agree to such outrageous arrogance and disrespect from foreign nationals in the us illegally.there is nothing racist about deporting illegall aliens from the usa .the laws on violating the terms of a visa to the usa are as follows: any violation of the terms of this visa will subject the visa holder to arrest, detention,a fine,imprisonment, and immediate deportation…period. jeb bush is not running for anything !!!and marco rubio will not be on the v.p. ticket .rubio,s bull sh*t about amnesty for illegal minors has a snowballs chance in hell.rubio is a greenhorn cuban who has zero experience in anything other than being a cuban from miami who got the miami cuban vote which is about as important as zero on the national has 400,000 illegall aliens and if rubio wants to get some experience he should get those 400,000 illegal aliens in miami and another 450,000 illegal aliens in the state out of florida !!!!. immediately!!..the united states will have a “entry/exit tracking system in place by the end of 2012 according to recommendations by the 911 commission”.the noose is tightening !!

  • This is a nice Story

    US Congress is being reshaped in November by yours truly and many other Americans who have seen the hate
    Cry all you want Jim, the fact is that the extremist right has shown their cards and the American people are not as hateful/ignorant as you put it. The elections will show the real truth and the moderate conservatives are already in fear of losing their majority in November. They are correct, I’d vote for Jeb Bush/Rubio and I wouldn’t vote for Romney even if someone told me I would win a million dollars. So, keep this in mind, in the upcoming elections you will see what Americans really think.

  • usa

    the united states of america and its congress have made it clear no amnesties of any kind
    No Amnesty ..The american people and our congress have made it clear.. we want our illegal population deported!!!!no matter what race,religion, or national origin !!!…period!!!! communities act mandatory 2013.e-verify mandatory 2013.supreme court arizona sb 1070 june end to anchor babies supreme court welfare or medical for illegals mandatory state laws .and more !!!.the noose is tightening!!!..its election time and obama is not going to be re-elected!! majority in senate and congress !! no Amnesty no dream acts !!..the future for illegals is deportation by the end of this year!!!.

  • This is a nice Story

    Hey USA, I know who you are and I’ve e-mailed you before so you know who I am
    Stop saying BS about Brazil, did you at least read the link I gave you?? A dual citizen like me (Brazi/America) won the second highest honor in the USA. I also was part of the US Army and am now a veteran. Stop trying to get people to be angry with brazilians/latinos because all you are doing is spreading hate/animosity in this world. Trust me, I will defend myself if one of your types tries to do something to me, and it will be very unpleasant. Again, do not spread hate/animosity/discrimination… Read more and try to get the immigration situation taken care of with our political leaders… The best way to do this is to 1 Legalize the ones here who are illegals (why? because you have them pay fines/backtaxes and the ones who aren’t willing to do so will leave) 2 Reinforce the border with Active Duty military personnel and get rid of Homeland security which is bogus and a drain on resources since we have the military manpower. 3 Enhance trade with all Americas, that is.. not just Canada and Mexico.. but all of the Americas because that will provide jobs in both trading countries just as the US/China trade which has helped China lift 300 million people out of poverty and into the middle class…. Will this be difficult? Yes, but it will be worthwhile since our outlook at the moment is not good specially since China is getting involved/influencing Latin America. An area the US dominated before because of trade/political ties. Wake up and deal with the real issues and stop spreading hate!

  • usa

    Hey de-oliviera !!!…you have to be kidding me!!!..if you think the united states of america the worlds most powerfull economy and military industrial complex in the world depends on illegal brazilians and illegal chinese or illegal anyone for that matter then you are a f-ing moron.. the united states is the worlds largest superpower!!!.brazil is a bluffing blowhard lying corrupt third world country of no world significance ..your brazilian nationals pouring into the usa on tourist visas only to overstay as illegal aliens will be sent back to brazil in handcuffs!!!!

  • josue de oliveira

    America, never paid much attention to south hemisphere thinking specially Brazil, when this nation had a huge debt with MFI,; now the winds changed dramatically in favor of south America, specially Brazil that made this great nation already the fifth economy of the world, leaving behind Canada,France and Great Britain; Brazil alone with China are the two nations that are growing with an astonishing speed, and expert says, soon then we can imagine, Brazil will be the world leader…Now it is not Brazil that needs US, but US now, is the one that needs Brazil desperately!!!Right now Brazil is playing important role in the world scenery.At this point of History, Brazilians, no long need to immigrate to US, UNITED STATES is bankruptcy and may never recover from it,Why the Brazilians would need to stay in a country that has nothing to offer anymore, not even to it’s own citizen!!! It is a waist of time for Brazilians to remain in US when life condition is more appealing in their homeland.When you say that Brazilians 85% of Brazilians in the US are illegal, you may blame on your leaders that make huge profits from illegals aliens not only from Brazil, but from all over the world; while Brazil grants permanent resident status to all illegal aliens in the nation to humanize and prevent exploitation; according to US treasure; US profit from it, because illegal aliens in US, don’t claim their taxes return simply by fear for being illegals; where billions of dollars from this people go? You tell me!!! So, all illegal aliens in America are been kept illegals because the huge profit US is making with them! Let me tell you my friend this; why you don’t stop complaining about Brazilians, it is about time to take your hat off your head for this wonderful people that are coming to your shore to help your country to recover from the huge economic impact that brought America to it’s knee!!!

    What do you tell about CHINA? There are many Chinese illegal immigrant in the US;their situation is the same than the illegal Brazilians working in the land, but do you know who is holding US economically; do you know why US did sink yet? Guess what! CHINA is injecting money into US economy; both of these countries, BRAZIL AND CHINA are helping your broken country and you still are talking about illegal aliens? You must be kidding me!!!

  • usa

    the tourist from hell
    now why would these so called “brazilian tourists” spend over 2 thousand “reals” for a round trip plane ticket to go shopping in miami or orlando where their “reals” are going to cost twice as much for a pair of sneakers?..answer: because they ain,t coming back!!!!…the tourist from hell is the tourist that never leaves!!!!those sneakers will come in handy when your running from us law enforcement !!!

  • usa

    85% of brazilian nationals in the usa are illegal aliens
    oh yes I do !!! the future for illegal brazilian nationals in the usa is deportation !!!!..the majority of brazilians illegally in the usa entered on tourist visas and overstayed !!!!!…now google that mr dasilva,demello,goncalves,ribeiro,or what other name you have on your fake documents!!!!..

  • usa

    no tourist visas for brazil until brazil calls home their nationals in the usa illegally
    but of course the article fails to mention that 85% of brazilian nationals in the usa are illegal aliens and that brazil is a very high violater of us immigration laws ..this lousy trick by obama/clinton to increase visas to high offender countries like brazil is insulting to all americans who are poised to vote obama out of office ..illegal brazilians in the usa are facing certain deportation ..

  • JohnTaser

    If you come to Oz, watch out for the Police.
    They like to taser people to death.

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