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In Brazil, 95% Oppose Black Bloc’s Action

Street protests in BrazilThe Brazilian middle and high classes seem to be the most supportive of the street demonstrations and protests that have turned out in Brazil’s main cities since last June, according to the results of a public opinion poll from Datafolha Institute.

But the supposedly beneficiaries of the protests calling for better public services such as urban transport, housing, healthcare, education and more transparency, the low income classes are not so convinced and show less support for all the street demonstrations that last June convened over a million people in different cities, and have again erupted.


However the opinion poll also shows that 95% of São Paulo residents reject the violent groups identified as the masked “black blocs” that infiltrate the mostly peaceful street protests turning them into violent clashes with a trigger happy police that likes to immediately react with tear gas, stunt bombs and rubber bullets.

The black blocs not only provoke police forces but destroy public property, torch buses and attack banks and other ‘capitalist’ institutions.

The poll also shows that support for the street manifestations which took off last June to protest the billions of funds invested in the stadiums and facilities for the 2014 World Cup, while people travel in public transport like cattle, public healthcare and education are in a collapse situation, has kept growing among those residents with incomes of over US$ 1.500 per month.

In effect 80% of those in that income group support the street protests and only 18% rejected them. However among the group of São Paulo residents making US$ 700 or less per month, support rate drops to 54% (26 percentage points less that the richest), while only 42% of those even more submerged back them.

But all groups express strong rejection to any form of violence during the manifestations, be it from protestors or/and police forces.

Despite poor government services, a dilapidated transport system and rampant political corruption, not one member of congress or political appointees, so far, has finished in jail despite the repeated scandals. In the first year of her administration President Dilma Rousseff sacked or forced the resignation of over six ministers involved in alleged corruption cases. In Congress the impunity situation is even worse because of their privilege status.

Furthermore the June protests impeded the passing of a bill by Congress which was supported by all the arch of parties which make up the ruling coalition that would prevent prosecutors from investigating alleged crimes committed by lawmakers, leaving the job to the federal police.

When the content of the bill was made public through the social networks that helped organize the massive street marches, the Congress almost unanimously threw out the initiative that had been carefully tailored by the political system.

Riots and Vandalism

Brazilian police fired tear gas and have arrested scores of protesters in the country’s main city São Paulo when a march demanding free public transportation for students turned violent. The protest on Friday evening blocked key city streets and disrupted the public transportation system in the city of 11 million. Police reported the arrest of at least 78 people.

A group of ‘vandals’, some wearing black hoods, smashed store windows and bank ATM machines, set a public bus on fire, and destroyed subway and bus ticket machines, while riot police wielding clubs and shields in turn fired tear gas to disperse the mob. São Paulo police blamed the anarchist group “Black Bloc” for the violence.

A group that police described as “criminals disguised as demonstrators” even surrounded and attacked a police colonel.

“Since the start of the demonstration the presence of Black Bloc members, who screamed at police and tried to get them to react violently, was noticed,” city police said in a statement.

The anarchists “attacked Colonel Reynaldo Simoes Rossi in a cowardly fashion, stealing his pistol and his radio. The officer had his collar bone broken and multiple lacerations to his face and head,” the report read.

Broadcast images showed a sole plainclothes officer waving his pistol in an attempt to guard the colonel, who was on the ground being attacked by the masked thugs.

According to police, violence erupted following a three-hour march through the city to protest against the president’s failure to address the ongoing issue of the cost of transport.

Brazil is in the international spotlight as it prepares to host the World Cup next year and the Summer Olympics in 2016.

More than a million Brazilians took to the streets in June, angry at widespread corruption and the millions being spent on the sporting events. Protesters say the money should instead be invested in improved transportation, education and health services.

In a June protest in São Paulo, tens of thousands marched over the poor condition of the public transportation system. Smaller protests have since been taking place in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Those protests are often led by radical groups and usually end up in clashes with police.

Black Bloc members wear black hoods, T-shirts or scarves to cover their faces. They move in groups, and often break windows and attack police at otherwise peaceful demonstrations.

According to police, violence erupted following a three-hour march through the city to protest against the president’s failure to address the ongoing issue of the cost of transport.

Earlier on Friday, President Dilma Rousseff announced a 2.4bn (1,1bn dollars) plan to improve public transport in São Paulo. The money will be invested in urban train lines and subway expansion including a new line to link the city’s airport to São Paulo’s eastern zone.

“The republic and the state government have a common coordinated action to attack the most serious problems that we have in our largest cities, one of which is urban mobility,” said Ms Rousseff.



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  • capnamerca

    Don’t forget . . .
    Stalin. [quote]In his book, “Unnatural Deaths in the U.S.S.R.: 1928-1954,” I.G. Dyadkin estimated that the USSR suffered 56 to 62 million “unnatural deaths” during that period, with 34 to 49 million directly linked to Stalin.[/quote]

  • asp

    jason. that is full of shit..you cant even look at the truth…the cia controlling the famine…what bullshit..i guess it was santa claus in charge of the red revolution…people just want to bullshit themselves

  • Jason

    Deng xouping sorry, rewrote what actually happened.

  • Jason

    Mao did not kill fifty million people. That’s insane. That would have been one sixth of the population. The so called famine was contrived by the CIA and CIA funded journals look it up. Also natural disasters. Chinese people and the Chinese economy were both taken care of better than xou dengs rule. Mao is not hated in china that’s mostly western propaganda. Seriously look it up.

  • asp


    here is a perfect example of the kind of mentality that would go with the black block and the 5 percent in brazil who actualy support this bullshit…

    the inability to actualy look at reality and only tell half truths and lies…

    these fucking black blockers are yelling anti capatalist phrases and anarchist rhetoric with marxism and the workers party is in power and a communist party member is head of the olympic commitee..this is the kind of mind boggling mentality some people are playing now

    just look at the bullshit blog thread im bringing in

    you know what boggles my fucking mind the most about the far left and i consider myslef on the left, straight up and down the mother fuckers never mention that mao killed 50 million people under his marxist regimes

    i think anyone that cant include that in their analysis of the cold war has got mao’s dick up their ass

    its just amazing that as these mother fuckers run the litany of american wrong doing , always starting with the a bombs in japan, then the korean war, vietnam, the shah, allende, guatamala, argentina,iraq afghanistan etc…and they have every goddamned detail and even start atributing every death in those conflicts to americans

    but, as far as mao and killing 50 milling? zip, nada, porra nehuma, squat, how about kiss my ass? mother fuckers..if you cant acknowledge one of the worst disators in my lifetime because of flawed marxist bull crap, then kiss my ass and take the blue pill

    what kind of bullshit is this kind of mentality trying to put out there? because this is some half assed way to look at what happened in the goddamn world out here

    and like mentioning the arab slave trade is something wrong? what the fuck is that bullshit…mother fuckers that run that bullshit would just be running afro descendants over the cliff with missinformation, no fuck that, the arab slave trade was just as destructive and threatening to afro descendants and their culture as the atlantic slave trade…where do people get this bullshit from

    this is truly the same mentality that is with these black blockers, mother fucking anarchists , they dont know their ass from a hole in the ground… little punk ass holes …fuck this mentality up the ass…

  • asp

    you god damn fuking for real the average person thinks the black block sucks

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