Brazil Says It’s Ready to Protect the Country Against Ebola

Nurse being decontaminated in Liberia Faced with increasing global concern about an Ebola epidemic in West Africa which has already left over a thousand people dead according to the World Health Organization (WHO), Brazil’s government is tightening airport and port safety procedures so that potential cases can be identified.

An emergency operations center is also part of the plan to track information on the disease in Brazil and the world.

Health Minister Arthur Chioro has ruled out any concerns around cases in Brazil at this time and said it is “unlikely” that an infected person will enter the country.

“There are no risks of an outbreak of the disease in our country right now,” he said. Any newcomers with symptoms of the disease will be quarantined and taken to referral hospitals.

“Brazil has implemented all of WHO’s recommendations. Now, we must bear in mind that an increase in the number of international emergencies does raise a global alert for maintaining international cooperation to prevent the problem from spreading from countries facing outbreaks of the disease,” Chioro said.

As a precaution, the government activated a Health Emergency Operation Center Level 2. At this level a team is on standby to deal with any concerns that arise.

Jardas Barbosa, Secretary of Health Surveillance, said there are no restrictions on traveling to infected countries, but in the countries facing outbreaks – such as Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia – screenings are carried out to prevent those who have had contact with infected people from exiting.

Despite the low risk of infected people entering Brazil, the Ministry of Health is warning international air travelers who may have symptoms of fever, diarrhea, coughing and bleeding to contact health authorities.


The Health Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro has already put a contingency plan in place. Health facilities are on alert for symptoms potentially associated with the Ebola virus.

Patients with suspected or confirmed infections will be referred by the emergency unit to a reference facility for quarantine and medical care procedures.

Health workers are legally required to promptly report any cases of Ebola at the first patient care using the quickest means available. All suspected cases should be reported immediately to health authorities.


Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Relations reported that “all Brazilian embassies in the African region where the Ebola has been detected were advised to maintain ongoing contact with their local expatriates, including employees of Brazilian and foreign organizations, in order to track their personal situation and provide them with all needed consular assistance.”

Brazil has been monitoring the latest developments through reports sent by its embassies in Conakry (Guinea), Monrovia (Liberia), Freetown (Sierra Leone) and Abuja (Nigeria).

The Ministry said it has not received any requests for assistance and that no Brazilians have been infected so far, but it is ready to deal with any “contingency situations.”

Ebola causes high fever and, in severe cases, internal and external bleeding. It is transmitted through contact with bodily fluids, and people close to patients are at greatest risk of being infected.



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