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Brazil Worried About Use of Transgenic Corn

Brazil’s acting Minister of Environment, Cláudio Langone, said this Thursday, December 8, that the use of transgenic corn seeds might bring more severe consequences for the agricultural production than the transgenic soy did.

According to Langone, the Ministry has already warned the Federal Policy and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply for the need of a "rapid and energetic measure" that blocks the illegal importation of these seeds.

"The contamination of corn may be an irreversible process that will bring many difficulties for export strategies, and for the credibility of the country’s agricultural production," he affirmed.

Last month, Via Campesina, an international movement that coordinates organizations of small agriculture producers and indigenous and black communities of Asia, Africa, America and Europe, made allegations about the presence of transgenic corn in Brazilian southern state of Rio Grande do Sul.

A sample was given to the Ministry of Agriculture. The result of the analysis was released earlier this month and confirmed that 93.5% of the sample was transgenic.



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    the same was said…..
    for the GM soya seeds !

    And now most of your soya is GM.

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