US Called Immoral Polluter by Protesters in Brazil

Representatives of social movements, unions, and environmental organizations protested in front of the American Consulate in São Paulo, Brazil, celebrating the effectuation of the Kyoto Accord and protesting the United States’ rejection of the agreement.

They delivered a letter addressed to President George W. Bush. In a sound wagon imitating Noah’s ark, Greenpeace demonstrators chucked a buoy with the name, Kyoto Protocol, that an actor, dressed like Bush, refused to receive.

According to Rubens Born, director of the Vitae Civilis Institute for Development, Environment, and Peace, which organized the demonstration, the entities regret the United States’ refusal to participate, since the US is responsible for 25% of toxic gas emissions.

“We insist on the fact that both the rich countries and the developing ones must start to protect the planet’s climate, implementing programs of renewable energy and reducing deforestation. We are all responsible.”

For environmental activists, the Kyoto Protocol represents the first, timid step to correct climatic damage, but it’s the only measure that exists, and 141 nations have already signed on. The overall goal prescribes a 5% reduction in toxic gas emissions, even though scientists, according to Born, are in favor of a 60% cut.

“The goal that was approved is already messed up by the United States’ refusal to ratify the Protocol. This represents an immorality and is unjust to other countries obliged to reorganize their economies and transportation systems. The United States will come out of all of this well without lifting a finger,” Born asserted.

The burden will carry over to future generations, according to the organizer of the protest.

“The more the US drags its ass, the more the world will continue to heat up. At some point, when other countries will also have to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, the burden will be greater, since the United States refused to sign on.”

Translation: David Silberstein
Agência Brasil



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