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AIDS Help: Brazil Rejects US Demands for Sex Abstinence

The coordination of Brazil’s National Program for Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Aids (STD/Aids) reaffirmed this April 5 for representatives of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the principles of the Brazilian policy for combating HIV transmission.

During the meeting, the Program’s Director, Pedro Chequer, discarded the possibility of cooperation contracts between USAID and Brazilian non-governmental organizations, if these demand promotion of abstinence and prohibit working with sex professionals.

“In no way, Brazil will give up its established policy of allowing access to condoms, syringes, and needles. We will not permit that our NGOs be subject to foreign legislations in this sector,” warned Chequer, right after meeting with USAID representatives.

The group is in Brazil taking care of last details for the financing of Brazilian NGOs projects. “It was a friendly meeting, but our understanding about the subject has prevailed. The issues we opposed will not be kept in the contract.”

In Chequer’s opinion, even though USAID financing is directed to NGOs, the involvement of the Brazilian government is fundamental.

USAID is a traditional partner of Brazilian government and NGOs, and had never before presented any restrictions to projects that differed from US governmental policies for the sector.

This was the first time. USAID financing totals US$ 48 million, which will go to several projects to be developed in the next five years.

Translation: Andréa Alves

Agência Brasil


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    America Just Wants Brazil
    to have no sex like most of America’s population. Americans are getting no “action” so they want Brazil to live the same dull sexless lives that they do.

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