Roseana is the major star of the Party of the Liberal Front,
the trump card the party is playing in
the race for the presidency.
Furthermore, she is beautiful and elegant, well spoken,
and attractive on
a television screen. And she is
the only woman in the crowd of starched, male politicians.

By Brazzil Magazine

Brazzil is a filthy rag! Please take me off your list. I always knew
Brazzil was a tasteless, low-brow rag. But still I read it, since there are so few online journals devoted to Brazil, a country I’ve long had a deep interest in. Your October issue, however, went beyond the pale. And then no apology in your November issue. 

You must have zero editorial standards. Worse, you must have no moral conscience. Your moral relativism is scary. I don’t want to be associated with Brazzil in any way. Just being on your e-mail list makes me feel dirty.

N. B.
Via Internet

Bad Choice

I am writing in response to a suggestion that someone made on your magazine’s
Webpage forum. How could you possibly justify the publication in your magazine of the odious, hateful anti-American diatribe written by Dione Rocha? Her writing was a web of generalizations, opinion masquerading as fact and conclusions completely unsupported by the facts. When I tried to engage her, diplomatically at first, she
couldn’t afford me the courtesy of a reply or defend her positions. Her response still shows that she is incapable of defending her positions.

Please forgive the sarcasm, but as I said on the forum, if I wrote an article titled "Come Sua Própria Bosta: É Bom Para a
Saúde" ("Eat Your Own Shit: It’s Good for Your Health") in which I actually encouraged people to eat their own excrement, would you print it or be obliged to print it? I don’t think so. Why then did you decide to publish the execrable garbage spewed forth by Ms. Rocha? I would really appreciate
the courtesy of a reply. Thank you. Sincerely,

Randy Paul
Via Internet

Oddballs and All

I want to thank you for publishing all the letters, even some that were pretty rough. Events like this bring out all sorts of people. Perhaps my friends and relatives in Brazil do not represent the majority, but most are sensitive people and concerned about what happened September 11. There are weirdoes in Brazil as in the United States. I recently read a scientific article about the water resources of Brazil and what is

to them. This might make an interesting story as most of Brazil’s energy comes from water. Keep up the good work.

George Pichel
Dana Point, California

A Minute of Silence

As a Brazilian and a sailor I wish to extend to our Kiwi friends our condolences at the murder of Peter Blake in Brazil. Peter Blake was a great yachtsman and competitor and certainly deserved a better fate. I was pleased to read that Peter and his crew had been well treated in the upper reaches (so called uncivilized areas) of the Amazon Basin and only when they reached so called civilization were they assaulted.

Unfortunately Brazilians have come to expect these things; but it drives away tourists and the assaulters when caught, which is rare, get very light sentences. I don’t know if the Brazilian government has apologized for this terrible incident, but I felt it should. Many of us sailors received nothing but great treatment in New Zealand and I know that at least two famous Brazilian sailors, Wilfredo and Heloisa Schurman, who in their two circumnavigations spent a lot of time in New Zealand, came to love the land as did all of us yachties.

George Pichel

A Thorough Response

After reading the responses to the reactions of Brazilians about the attacks of 9-11, I felt compelled to reply. There are many Americans like myself who have been waiting for the time when emotional reactions to the events of 9-11 would decrease so that we could take a better, more rational look at what is REALLY going on. The first thing I want to say is that I DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE and while any
lives lost in such an attack are a shame, let’s look at the whole picture. Below I have included many quotes from the many letters aimed at one Dione Rocha who I admit made the mistake of generalizing about Americans but still made many valid points that I agree with. I will respond to the many quotes that caught my attention…

"we don’t need anymore fair-weather friends, like Mexico has proven to be, and we will long remember our true friends, such as Britain and Germany"

Mexico has been savagely pimped by our American government for many years and if we had to experience the result of American imperialism in Mexico as well as many other Third World countries we would have probably been able to understand why so many countries are "fair-weather friends". As far as England is concerned, I have never been so disgusted after seeing Tony Blair speak about how the
terrorists have no respect or remorse for the human lives lost on 9-11! England has been one of the worst things that has ever happened to Africa!! Doesn’t anyone remember European colonialism in Africa? Many European countries are what they are today because of the pillage and plunder of Africa and countries of the Third World. Where was the remorse for the wide spread poverty caused by European
colonialization, death and
slavery in Africa? People always see the obvious events of tragedies like that of 9-11 but never see the "silent terrorism" caused by the world powers in the form of imperialism and savage destruction of people and their resources!! Someone should read about the Berlin Conference of 1884 and the history of world powers to learn how they became what they are.

"United States is the country that the government and people of Brazil try to imitate as much as they possibly can"

Yes, countries want to imitate America but our government has made the playing field so uneven for other countries by means of economic exploitation that it is nearly impossible. Globalization is going to have tragic results that affects the lives of more than 2 billion people but our government has no concern about that as long as America remains on top while strangling the majority of people in the rest of the world.

"I don’t see the same long lines of Brazilians in Iraqi, Iranian, Libyan, and Saudi Arabian embassies waiting for visas to travel to those countries"

Again, I think that this would all change if the playing fields of world economics were more even. I have heard many Americans complain about many
foreigners coming to America. Has anyone ever thought that if our countries’
foreign policies allowed the development of other countries, there would not be
the need to come to America?

"I can’t see Brazilians surviving and thriving under a Muslim rule such as it exists in Afghanistan today under the Taliban"

I agree, but America is one of the reasons the Taliban is what it is today. In my view, America supports terrorism as long as it doesn’t affect us!! I, as a black man living in America, am familiar with terrorism at the hands of many average Americans and the American government yet, as proven by the behavior of America at the WCAR, many average people and especially our government don’t ever want to face the crimes against humanity perpetuated by America on its black and Native populations both in the past and still today!! How can America speak of retaliation when America has yet to face its own crimes?

"A white American girl would not concern herself with what her neighbors think about who she is dating because she has a sense of personal independence"

I have had experiences with inter-racial dating and I have seen many relationships with American white girls end because of parental or peer pressure. That is not a problem that is special only to America, but indeed anywhere in the world where blacks and whites have lived together!

"Brazilians like to criticize their country without thinking about what they, as individuals, are doing wrong. They hire those poorer than they are and treat them with very little respect"

That’s seems a bit contradictory to me. America is also built on race and class and there have been millions of incidents of people of different classes or races having no respect for people of different classes or races.

"The smugness of the educated minority, as you defined it, comes from the feeling of justice having been done. American arrogance got slapped in the face. 5000 people died? What a shame! We had that many killed during years of a dictatorship the US funded and promoted"

That’s true! America has benefited greatly from the poverty of millions of people in Latin America, Asia and Africa!!

"They brought this on themselves and they’ve got a lot of nerve asking everyone to join in"

This is also true! How can we ask other countries to join in this supposed "war on terrorism" when many of these countries are still "licking the wounds" that America has inflicted upon them? President Cardoso was asked by Bush to join in this "war" and Cardoso’s response was to question America’s concern with easing the poverty of the world that the US is directly causing through its neo-imperialist actions!!

"President Bush wrongly states that countries must be with or against us. The US is constantly invading countries. From Vietnam to Panama to Somalia. How can we expect Brazil to be there every time when we are not there to help Brazil? Yes, I know Britain is always there with us"

That is my point exactly! If Americans knew how many countries America has plundered since only WWII I think we would have to honestly ask whose interests our government’s policies are created for…Not the Third World! Not even the average citizens of America!! England, being our forefathers and a brutal, greedy government does not surprise me with their support of America!! Like father, like son!!

"Keep up the good work, someone who is articulate must educate the Brazilians of the facts of life"

One of the main problems with many Brazilians not knowing what’s going on is again little or no education. America has direct influence over this also. How?
Many might ask. America controls the World Bank and the IMF and when other countries can’t meet their foreign debt payments at the incredible interest rates that the G7 countries have set, then these countries (with America leading the way) impose their rule on these countries. In other words, America forces countries to cut their spending on education, health, public services and wages in order to make more payments on a debt that will never be fully paid off! Many of the countries are only paying on the sky-high interest rates without being able to put a dent into the original loan! A country cannot develop when 25
percent of its GNP is going to pay off foreign loans! Then the G7 (America leading the way) begins carving up these countries! They take control of the countries’ state owned facilities! (Does anyone remember the reports of blackouts in São Paulo and Rio a few years ago? Ever wonder why? Then the next step is to totally destroy the countries currency which causes more strife because it’s now more expensive for the country to buy things from other countries that they were getting cheaper before the devaluation of their currency…Also with the devaluation of the currency, the debt it owes is now bigger than it was!!

"Why did you not explain to your readers that the US has spent more money feeding the Afghan than any other nation in the world? How much food has Brazil sent?"

The fact is that America is sending less than 25 percent of what we were sending to
Afghanistan before the "war" started!!

"George Bush has risen to the occasion. Over 250 million think so and I will take their word before yours any day"

250 million? You are generalizing the same way you accuse Rocha of doing! There are many informed Americans who HATE George W. Bush and the senior Bush!! Bush Senior’s record as president and as leader of the CIA is a whole other can of worms! If the average American knew about the acts of Bush Sr. we would understand that Bin Laden and our government have much in common!! The reason I’m
speaking of Bush, Sr. is because "W" seems to want to follow these same paths! There is an underground investigation happening that gives credibility to the fact our intelligence community KNEW about the attacks before they happened but did NOTHING!! "That’s impossible" you might say, but figure this…Our president knew that the Japanese were planning Pearl Harbor because they had intercepted Japanese signals. That’s why
we actually suffered very little in that attack in comparison to what could have happened. Why would we not be informed? For the same reason that is happening now; to rally the American public to support this so-called "war"! Propaganda is power if you believe everything they tell you! Our government made many of our American people rally behind the certain death that would occur in Vietnam, remember? On November 1, "W" signed a bill that basically gives him the right to act under a veil of secrecy without public knowledge! Why would our leader do such a thing unless he had some serious future sins on his agenda
that he doesn’t want the public to be aware of?

"Brazil is a rich country in mineral resources and arable land to grow food. It could be just as rich as the US and offer its people the same opportunities as the US."

That’s true but again, American policy forces Brazil to keeps its workers’ wages low, first to pay more on the foreign debt and also so that America and other countries of the G7 can set up businesses in Brazil while paying dirt cheap wages!!

"You forget that when any nation anywhere in the world needs help the US is the first to come up with aid. We have given more food for Afghans than any other nation, how much have you given?"

Are you speaking of our government or our people? When the nations of the world were called to give AIDS relief and help for medicine to fight AIDS in Africa, America’s contribution as the world’s richest country was comparable to "spit in a bucket"!! Our government NEVER does anything for other countries unless we come out on top! This is the basic pimp/whore mentality of our government! Check the history!

"So the USA is not allowed to defend itself, its citizens, and residents (many of whom are your countrymen). What do you propose we do?"

I don’t agree with war but wonder about the animosity and anti-American sentiment of the rest of the world. Again, why are we so hated? I remember seeing a
restaurant billboard three weeks after the bombing of Afghanistan had began. The "G" on the sign had fallen off so the sign read "GOD LESS AMERICA"…Such irony in how we can sing "God Bless America" and then "let’s bomb the Middle East into
submission!!" We can’t be a TRUE Christian country with a Bible in one hand and a bomb in the other! This is how gang warfare continues…One bombs one, the other bombs back! Can our "gangsters" in office come to a table, set aside their greedy, destructive nature and be a leader of humanity instead of destruction?

"Do you believe that women in Taliban controlled Afghanistan wear burkas as a fashion statement or are denied medical care or the right to work for no reason after years of freedom under prior governments, some of which included women in government ministry positions? Do you think that men who never had any desire to grow beards who are now forced to grow them do not know who made them grow them?"

How many Americans live without health benefits in our GREAT nation? Capitalism will ALWAYS leave someone out in the cold! If we were ALL successful, the system would not work, that’s why there will always be an underclass in capitalist societies! We need to read the writing on the wall! Only 10
percent of our nation’s workers are represented by unions…Soon, none of us will have any security in our
occupations! If American companies continue to globalize and get cheap labor in other countries, what will happen to our jobs? And as far as as appearance is concerned, America has ALWAYS been discriminatory against people labeled as "other"! In most professions in this country, a black man or woman would not be permitted to wear braids in the professional workplace because it’s considered "too ethnic". I won’t begin to speak on America’s crimes in the black community but I guess that doesn’t qualify as oppression, right? Also, last I checked, blacks and women continue
to earn less money than their counterparts for the same work…Is that freedom and equality?

"Do you know this for a fact? If so you should inform the authorities. Failing to do so would make you an accomplice"

I answered the statement earlier…CNN, ABC and CBS will never tell us what our government does because our media is controlled too! America has a habit of gagging people when they speak the truth, would you disagree? Black entertainers after the 1950s were ostracized as Communists when they began to demand equality of roles and exposure. Has anyone ever heard of Hazel Scott? If you don’t, do you
know why? Does anyone remember what our government did to the Black Panthers for the "crime" of wanting equality of opportunity in the ghetto? The truth is not always easy to find, but to be truly informed is a necessity and CNN, ABC and CBS isn’t the way!!

"A fair concern, what is your proposal for self-defense? Do nothing? Bomb bin Laden and the Taliban with hugs and kisses?"

That’s not an easy question to answer but I will say, Bush and bin Laden have many things in common if you look at the comparison!

"Do you think that we all move in lockstep, that none of us have ever been to the Third World and have never worked on behalf of human rights issues in the Third World? Did you know that the US section of Amnesty International is the largest section in the world"

That’s great, but it’ll never get the full support of our government! Anyone followed the Mumia Abu Jamal trial? Do people know that Martin Luther King got killed because he knew that the only way get civil rights is through human rights? Our government didn’t care about him speaking about those "dirty niggers’ civil rights" but when he began to speak of uniting white and black poor people for change of the economic distribution
of wealth, that’s when he got killed.

"How about the residents of Rocinha getting their hands on some artillery and firing shells into the rich residences of São Conrado and Leblon. Indeed, what would stop the entire Zona Norte from attacking the Zona Sul in Rio de Janeiro? What would you think of poorer residents of São Paulo firing stinger missiles at the helicopters of rich businessmen going from their homes in Morumbi to their offices on Avenida Paulista?"

In reality, the struggle between poor and rich will continue to get worse
until one day it will hit a boiling point. When 10-20 percent of world’s population owns more than 80
percent of the wealth, is it considered a crime when the majority of the world has been effectively discluded from enjoying the treasures of a rich society!! I don’t condone violence, but there is no such thing as peaceful revolution either! The riots in the black
communities of the ’60s, ’70s and even ’92 in Los Angeles proved nothing, but when will the rich decide to contribute more to society than the fattening of their own pockets?

"Another fair criticism, but only to a point. When I visit Brazil and see supposedly educated white people refer to Afro-Brazilians as "crioulos" and call their servants "neguinha" to their face, I cannot help but think how I would be ostracized socially if I were to do that here, not that I ever would say such things"

Ostracized? Get real! It took two verdicts to convict the police who beat Rodney King!! The treatment the police gave King that day in 1991 would have been punished severely had it been a dog. That says that black life is worth LESS than that of a dog!! The police who killed African immigrant Diallo in NYC walked SCOTT-FREE! That says NOTHING about ostracism not to mention the everyday racism many blacks live with on an everyday basis!! People in government, in the media and everyday, common folks get away with racial slurs EVERYDAY!! Some don’t even get a slap on the wrist! Do you need proof? America has been practicing the Brazilian style of racism ever since the world realized how contradictory our Constitution really is!

"Did someone force you at gunpoint to learn English?"

"I’m sure you learned English because you wanted to learn it"

English has become vital to people outside of America because of the cultural and economic arrogance that America has used to bully the rest of the world into submission! Brazilian society is bombarded with American culture EVERYDAY and the ONLY way to compete nowadays is to learn English! Brazilians have no choice! Remember when you were little and your rival put a hold on you during a fight
and kept tightening it until you said "uncle"? Same circumstances!!

"Well, we certainly won’t be inclined to fly planes into office buildings to make our point. We will do so on the currency of our ideas and the wisdom of our leaders, present leaders excepted"

Leaders? More like villains!! No, we don’t fly planes into buildings, we promote terrorism in other ways! Bombs, economic sanctions, privatization, debt, poverty…Same effects but not as obvious!

"I concur that America will go to great ends to secure its own interests"

To the detriment of the rest of the world!!

"In many ways America is caught in a backlash from the late 1960’s, constantly seeking ever increasing levels of power and control … over its own people and the world"

Can anyone say "neo-imperialism"?

"But I must tell you that it is not the general populous that does all this; the average person doesn’t know or care. Their real crime is surrendering their freedom to the almighty dollar and anyone who will promise to keep them FAT… in so doing, we have raped and pillaged the greatest single store of natural resources in the world in a mere 200 years of pure greed"

That’s what I’ve been trying to say!!

"Okay, Muslim militants may want their reasons to be heard, but who is going to listen with any sympathy when they perform such cowardly and murderous acts on thousands of civilians?"

That WAS a cowardly act but tell me this…Who in this world has the means to fight American military might? When you were a kid and a bully who was bigger and stronger than you kept beating you up and taking your lunch money, one day you decided you couldn’t beat him in one on one combat but your frustration would lead you
to beat him "by any means necessary"!!

"I know the world is sick of American hegemony and manipulation, but would you prefer to have Bin Laden and his gang as the next imperial enemy?"

True, they are extreme, but in many ways, our government will use this "war on terrorism" to make the US a police state where our rights will be severely repressed…Don’t say it can’t happen!!

"She talks about American being hypocritical but at the same time she talks about learning English to achieve a better position in an "Americanized" world"

Yes, that’s true…An "Americanized" world!! Until we as Americans are able to experience being dominated by a more powerful country, we won’t understand what it means to have to adapt
to a foreign culture in order to survive!! Our government fought for the longest time to keep Spanish from becoming a dominant culture and language in America…What would happen if Brazil and America switched places and the best way for us to earn a living was by speaking Portuguese? Always remember to put the shoe on the other foot!

"Did your rich parents pay your private school so you could learn a language that you do not like but have to learn because you want to belong?"

If America didn’t dominate the world by force and covert manipulation it wouldn’t be necessary!!

"When the towers in NYC and the Pentagon were hit on 11 September, many innocent people died. Are you saying that it was our turn to suffer? Are you saying that we deserve it because we do not care about nobody else?"

Yes, many innocent people died, but that happens in Latin America everyday and America is one of the direct contributors to this misery!

"You are right, violence brings violence, but as President Bush said, "We didn’t ask for it.""

When you continue to drop shit on the rest of the world, in a way, you are asking for it!! Of course the average American cannot control what our so-called leaders do, but they represent us around the world and when you spread hate and war, one day, as Malcolm said many years ago, "the chickens will come home to roost"!! TRUE Christians know that you reap what you sow!!

"Or should we assume that Brazzil considers Ms. Rocha’s views within the bounds of civilized discourse?"

Our media never tells us why countries of the Third World are in the positions they are in…Some parts of the blame goes to these countries themselves but what is America’s role? How can Africa be the RICHEST continent in the world as far as resources are concerned but have such dire poverty at the same time? Do the research, you might be surprised!! This is one voice from a person whom American policy
directly influences…But the the poor voices are always stomped down in a ruthless tirade that benefits few while depriving millions!!

"On 9-11, terrorists murdered thousands of innocent civilians"

OK, we as citizens are innocent, but the people who represent us certainly aren’t and when their crimes are exposed it affects us all!

"America is making every effort to avoid the loss of civilian life in Afghanistan. America is even giving food and humanitarian supplies to Afghans"

That’s another lie that CNN will have you believe…The casualties in Afghanistan are far higher than the media is telling us…An American Red Cross building in
Afghanistan was hit, so you can imagine how many civilians are being mercilessly bombed!!

"Ms. Rocha should remember that no one suffers more under Taliban rule than Afghans themselves"

So why has our government turned their head to this population under a government we helped to create until the terror we have spread around the world for years turned its ugly head towards us? When I last checked, all of the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, but because of our oil
privileges in Saudi, we don’t attack them…Saudi Arabia is going to come to a point where it is stuck between American business
and growing hatred toward Saudi’s dealings with America!!

"This is especially true for Afghan women, who are deprived of even the most fundamental personal or economic freedoms"

True, but then America still refuses to even discuss the most ugly stain of American History that STILL affects 35 million people in this country today: SLAVERY!!

"There comes a time, Ms. Rocha, when evil must be stood up to. Evil doesn’t respect weakness. It only seeks to exploit weakness for its own purposes"

Yes, and if our government doesn’t reform its evil terrorism on the world’s population, the results will be disastrous for the entire world!!

"To say that Americans have no compassion for suffering in underdeveloped nations is ludicrous"

I agree if the word ALL is used but there is also a HUGE American population that doesn’t give a F*** about anything else unless it affects Americans!!

"What nation invests more in the economies of developing nations? The cause of poverty in certain parts of the world is not American foreign policy"

Do you really know the facts? Have you studied what results the American-controlled World Bank/IMF has had on countries of the Third World as recently as the past few years? Do the research and you will be shocked at the arrogant ways America has pimped the world since the end of WWII!!

"The cause of poverty is wrong-headed economic policies. If other nations were to emulate the United States, and adopt democratic capitalism as their political-economic system, they too would prosper"

Again, capitalism is not the answer because it guarantees that there will ALWAYS be an underclass of people who are exiled from the benefits of society…There are corrupt governments EVERYWHERE in the world, all we need to do is look here at home!! We just happen to be the most powerful at this point in time…

"the attacks on America have NOTHING to do with pollution, international conferences on racism, or what have you"

Of course they do!! This anti-American sentiment of the world has been brewing for decades!! American corporations have always polluted society for access to the almighty dollar!! Over the years they have made dump sights out of many places in the US located in the poorest neighborhoods, so you can imagine what’s going on in other countries!! Think of the repercussions if we continue to urge Brazil to destroy the Amazon forest which is considered the "lungs of the world"!! Also, I find it ironic that the attacks in NYC and DC happened a few days after the end of the WCAR…America doesn’t even want to talk about its crimes to humanity!! I was
surprised WHEN the attacks happened but the fact THAT they happened were NOT a
surprise!! The "Attacks on America" are a signal that its time to start talking about it!!

"what happened on 9-11 was pure EVIL"

What America does around the world (but CNN doesn’t show you) is PURE EVIL also!! Get the facts!!

"she hints at the center of her own motivation: the economy of Brazil. Is there not a conflict of ideology here?"

No, there is NOT a conflict there…Brazil is one of the many countries around the world that is at the mercy of America and the American-controlled World Bank and IMF…Have you checked the foreign debt Brazil owes right now? If you knew, you wouldn’t see a conflict in this statement!!

"But as for the need to dismantle terrorist networks like Osama bin Laden’s, I do agree"

True, but killing bin Laden is not the answer for if he dies, there will be an entire new army ready to assume his position!! It is time to start reconsidering which is more important in the global scheme of things; the continued attainment of wealth by the few or to eradicate the poverty of the BILLIONS that those few make their billions off of!!

"slandering the people of America and spitting on the graves of our dead will not evoke change; it will only incite more hatred"

The so-called "war on terrorism" is not the answer either!! Our American "leaders" spit on the graves of millions of people outside US borders every year…Do you think they have any remorse?

"This is why Mr. Cardoso keeps shaping Brazil in the mold of America; and therein lies the power of America. It is not our military, it is in the envy of those who wish they had the same"

I don’t envy things when they are attained through the destruction of another!! Have you ever checked out what WAL-MART does to earn its huge profits?

"America cannot stand by while terrorists continue to destroy all the freedom and democracy the United States has constructed"

A LIMITED democracy!! The Bush voting fiasco is evidence of this…The powers that be will remain in power at any cost, even freedom and democracy!! Our "leaders" promote freedom and democracy while helping establish brutal dictatorships around the world for American capitalist aggression!! The list of American sponsored "coup d’états" and military support of repressive regimes
around the world is too long to name here (even here if you count
Kennedy)…But, you cannot be a TRUE Christian and support nationalism at the
same time!! That places favor in your country over humanity!! We cannot only
only be concerned with our freedom (limited it may be) without concern of our
fellow man in other countries!! Especially when our "leaders" and their endless
greed is a principal reason for the
lack of freedom of people around the world!! What is the truth about America in Colombia now as I speak?

"You go on to attack the US for the killing of Third World people who live in poverty. Well, I can easily respond to that statement, it has nothing to do with the US. It has been proven that capitalism brings people out of poverty when economic growth is achieved"

I’ve already expressed my opinion on this…Corruption is not the only reason a country like Brazil has the worst distribution of wealth in the world!!

"Look, your idea of American dominance is incorrect because many poor countries still have not strived to open their economies and reform their old ways and that’s the reason they are in poverty"

That’s BULL!! Opening up the economies of the world speed up the process of America’s will to re-colonize the entire Third World!! Many years ago, Brazil’s elite said the same thing, "If we make the economy bigger, poverty will not exist!" Well, guess what…37 years after the beginning of the US backed military dictatorship, poverty is worse now than it was then, affecting 64
percent of all Brazilians!! Capitalism makes the rich richer and the poor poorer!! Have you noticed the distribution of wealth index of the world lately?

"why are you against capitalism? Too much success?"

Too much success? Let’s see…From what I know, statistics prove that less than 30
percent of the Brazilian population contribute to the mainstream economy…That’s not what I call success!! Earning R$180 (right now worth less than US$75) per month doesn’t sound like success to me!!

"First, they risked their own men and women to save Europe from Germany and WWI. Then, they went and saved Europe and the Jews from Hitler in WWII. They did this because they knew it was the right thing to do"

The right thing to do? That’s hypocrisy!! While America was fighting Germany because its treatment of Jews, the system was treating blacks here at home like modern day slaves!! We hated Germany so much, but when we had German prisoners of war, they were treated like white Americans while our black military men were still segregated against, in a war that they helped to defend America!! After WWII,
blacks who had proudly served a country that treated them like THIRD class citizens, went right back to living in misery and American Jim Crow!! Was this the right thing to do?

"Before fast economic growth with low inflation can occur Brazil needs a strong development of a justice system, along with education. Education is essential to improving society. Justice is needed to enforce the laws of the land, and so it takes growth, education, justice to make Brazil a better place for all Brazilians"

I agree…But Americans and Brazilian elite know that an ignorant people is easy to exploit!! This is obviously a reason America has proposed that Brazil continue to invest less in their education system to pay more on a foreign debt that will never be paid off!!

"If we hadn’t been sympathetic, our country would never have supported Israel after WWII"

SUPPORT ISRAEL?!? We gave Israel $6 BILLION this year alone! To do what? Protect our interests for oil while thousands of Palestinians continue to die just like our people in the WTC and the Pentagon!! We want sympathy for our losses but continue to support terrorism!! Why is that? Is American life more valuable that any other life?

"I hope Brazil will support the anti-terrorist effort as their political leaders have stated they will"

What does Brazil get in return for bowing to American wishes AGAIN?

"I ask you this: How many Brazilian reals are given out to charities worldwide? How many American dollars does the Brazilian government take each year?"

If our policies didn’t purposely decrease the value of the REAL and relieve the foreign debts of countries that need it most, maybe other countries COULD be able to help in times of tragedy!! Brazil has watched billions of Brazilian REALS fly into the international accounts of banks and businesses of the G7, REALS that could have been used in other ways!! Do the research!!

"However, the billions of dollars of financial support that the IMF (headed by America) has given to the Brazilian government are testament that someone in Brazil is benefiting from America’s foreign policy, but you can bet that it isn’t the average citizen"

Financial support?!? That’s BULL!! The American-controlled World Bank/IMF forces countries to take these loans in order to be able to keep up payments on foreign debts that will never be paid off, thus creating MORE debt!! American leaders KNOW these countries won’t be able to keep up with these payments but it fattens their pockets!! The same loans have reeked havoc to the point of bankruptcy in many Asian countries and now they are forcing the same thing on Brazil!! The American government doesn’t give out money because it cares about these countries, but because it is a world loan shark that creates its wealth by taking advantage of other countries that don’t have the same power in a globalized economy!!

"Brazil has all the resources it needs to become a world power, yet it falters in that respect. What assumption can one make from that?"

While its true that corruption is rampant in Brazil, I often wonder how countries in Africa would be today without European colonialization and I wonder how Third World countries would be today without America’s constant exploitation!!

"Where’s CNN?"

I don’t know but I would never count on them for the REAL news!!

"Excuse me, but over 4000 people perished at one time, some of whom were her own fellow Brazilians!"

Again, let us ask WHY did they perish? 4000 people can’t compare to the 1.5 million Iraqis who have died in the past 10 years because of US economic sanctions!! I won’t even start on the devastation in Latin America, Africa and Asia!!

"maybe she would feel more comfortable being the second or third wife of a Taliban mullah"

It will be interesting to see what kind of government America "helps"
Afghanistan create after the Taliban. My money says it’s a possibility that things won’t change that much and America will have another puppet to dominate!!

"Brazilians, Go Home!"- article

"One cannot ignore that the United States has not contributed to the reduction of the level of world tension" "BITCH????????""and until you have experienced terror please do not pretend that you understand you foul little brown fag"

"I do not care if all you little brown bastards go home because if you are only here for the taking of the GOOD life and not to give anything back then you do not belong here" "You have a whole country of little brown faggots who are AIDS infested"

After reading the article called "Brazilians, Go Home!" that was filled with racist sentiments, would it be crazy for me to wonder how many Americans still harbor this kind of racially motivated hostility!! Accept it or not, America was built on this type of hatred, racism and war!! Now, let’s imagine for a minute that our leaders represent these same type of people (in the Bush family, I don’t doubt it)…Is there any wonder
how the rest of the world might feel?

"All of this talk about "God Bless America" also is not helping. Shouldn’t we really be saying "God bless everybody?"

My point EXACTLY!!

"As an American I feel that my country is going backwards. Ever since the people were denied their voting rights in the last presidential election, things have been eroding here"

I think that they have always been eroding, it’s just starting to get worse!! Leave it up to "W" and this "war on terrorism" will lead us directly into a police state!!

"It aggravated me to read that Brazilians think that the US, because it is the richest country in the world, should be responsible for taking care of all the poor countries of the world, and their problems. Who takes care of us when we have a problem?"

All of my previous answers respond to this point!!

"Brazil is poor because of the way their government is run, so there is nothing the US can do for them"

Brazil is no doubt corrupt but America still needs to keep their hands off other countries!! If I was going to fail in something, I would feel a lot better knowing that I tried my best and still failed instead of someone else controlling my destiny!!

"So why are we going to send them money? So the government can get richer? The poor people would never see a penny of it"

That’s true in ANY capitalist society!! It doesn’t show as bad (though still very apparent) in America yet because we are the current world power, but things have got to change soon!! The last time I was in Bahia, I saw TV stations interrupt their programming to announce the opening of a new FORD plant near Salvador…I wonder what wages FORD will pay these people in the poorest section of Brazil!!

"they should complain to their own government who is stealing all of their money, not the US"

Do you know how much money American corporations and banks "STOLE" out of Brazil within a short period of 2000 alone? Check the stats, what do you think you could do with $38 BILLION?

"I don’t understand why foreigners just live to complain and think that the whole world owes them something. Snap out of it. I wish my letter would get printed in the same newspaper in Brazil that wrote about the US not helping poor countries. That was about the most asinine statement I’ve heard in a long time"

Again, most of my points above have already addressed my opinion of America’s "help" for other countries!! BAD MEDICINE!!

"We must be honest with ourselves. Look at Brazil: there is NO political power, a disgraceful and severely-lacking educational system, racism to dark skin Brazilians and Indians…Brazil does NOTHING to even help its own poor and illiterate adults and children! They have to prostitute themselves and steal to even live! Shameful!"

Damn, in many ways that sounded like the problems in America right now!! Let’s see…Limited political power…When have blacks in this country EVER had TRUE
political power that is respected? We have always been pimped by Democrats and Republicans who take our vote and run!! There has always been a lacking educational system in every ghetto of America which continues to guarantee black
second and third class citizenship! Racism to blacks and Indians? That sounds familiar here at home too! While our illiteracy levels aren’t as high as Brazil’s, it leaves much to be desired in a increasingly technologically-based society that doesn’t provide equal access to opportunity!! Prostitution? So let me get this right…America doesn’t have prostitution? If you go to Vegas it’s legal!! As I’ve said before, capitalism will NEVER
guarantee the success of ALL members of society, thus there will ALWAYS alternative, legal or illegal means of earning money…If we all earned GOOD money, our American corporations would pack up and relocate to find cheaper sources of labor!! If we all earned GOOD money, who would these corporations exploit?"

"Brazilians need to be helpful in a time of crisis and not part of the problem. Are we not a Christian country? Do you not see the arms of Christ open as a symbol of how loving we should be to others? I am shocked and hurt that any Brazilian would think to rejoice at this sad time. Brazil cannot even compete with the US or Europe because it is so far behind, so please do not make all decent Brazilians look as
ignorant as the ones who celebrated the painful bombings in the US"

I didn’t get an idea of celebration from the article, but it WAS a reality check!! America nor Brazil can claim to be a TRUE Christian country with all of the human and civil rights atrocities that occur on a daily basis…History and current events are examples of that!!

Via Internet

Second Thoughts

I was fully prepared to buy substantial property in Fortaleza as a good friend of mine has done, in anticipation of my retirement (not
for 20 years). But I planned to vacation there with family and the gracious Brazilian people until then.
I did not realize, however, that Brazilians disliked Americans so intensely.

Although I am Italian-American and feel more resonance with South Americans
and Europeans than with the typical American "WASP," I think I will make my
economic contribution to Costa Rica or even Florida. I would not want to further upset the Brazilian people.
And by the way, should any terrorists come knocking on your door, please do not bother to call us. We will be unavailable, Miss Rocha.

Gregory A Pistone, MD
Via Internet

An Appeal to Reason

As an American who is married to a Brazilian man I feel compelled to defend the Brazilian people. Since September 11th I have gotten nothing but calls of concern from my Brazilian in-laws and friends. I feel that people cannot judge Brazilian people just because of what a few ignorant people have written. I am pregnant with a child that will learn
two languages and love two countries. One no greater than the other.

Brazilians are warm, friendly, spiritual people. As an American I know that my people can be ignorant as well. There is good and bad in every culture. Brazil is a peaceful country. There are many countries who have not sent troops over to assist. These people who attempt to condemn Brazil and other countries have no idea the amount of immigrants we have in our United States armed forces. Nor, do they care that these men and women are paid peanuts for sacrificing and risking so

Before pointing fingers at other countries we need to look inside our own country and realize the lack of knowledge that Americans have of the world around us. I love my country. I am so proud to be an American. Yet, there are so many Americans that are shielded by ignorance. September 11th was a horrible tragedy. LET’S WAKE UP AMERICA!!! There is a whole world out there beyond our borders that we cannot ignore. Sending money cannot solve all of our problems. It only puts a Band-Aid on a volcano.

Melissa Dias
US Military Wife

Back to the Slums

Wow, I have been reading all the hate mail the Brazilians have been sending in response to the article
on terrorism. I have been to Brazil five times and have a Brazilian girlfriend here in
San Diego. I always thought that the Brazilian people loved America and am I glad
I have this new viewpoint on people from Brazil as I will now question all
Brazilians who I find here in my country and ask that they either go with us or get out and back to the poverty and crime in
Rio and all the other cities in Brazil.

Ali O Manu Man
San Diego, California

Bad Humor

After seeing some of the POOR TASTE cartoons in the O Dia newspaper, I don’t see any humor in this either. ("Terror Doesn’t Grow Here," November 2001). I see the typical Brazilian as very childish.

Tom Brahan
Via Internet


You guys have made my day. I was looking for some info on Jorge Ben and hey presto: I found
Brazzil. I am extremely interested in subscribing and can you please advise me on the best method of going about this since your instructions are not too clear.

Via Internet

Looking for Matty

Your piece on the São Paulo Bienal was funny though tragic. I thought you were a bit hard on the poor curator, had I been in his place, I might have cried as well. I teach a course on Brazilian history at the University of the West Indies (in Barbados), an island where Villa-Lobos once lived for some months (he was pursued here by an inamorata, alas, unrequited love). Excuse my presumption, but do you know of the
existence of a Brazilian artist by the name of Matty? (or a name quite similar?) He painted in the 1970’s and 80’s. Thank you,

Karl Watson –
St Michael, Barbados

Eager Learner

I am an American who has traveled to Brazil and I am returning in March 2002. I was too young, the last time I went, to appreciate and understand where I was. I love the country and have been studying it on my own outside of school. I am also intrigued with the language and the accents. I think Americans are too dull to appreciate your beautiful country. As someone stated earlier, don’t mind us and what we think.
Most of us in the USA are clueless.

I want to meet as many Brasileiras e Brasileiros
as I can. All the Brazilians I know are very kind, (not to sound redundant) open, and interested in me, as an American. I want to live in Rio and spend the rest of my days there (IIha Grande seems suitable for me as well). On another note, a lot of people think education is supposed to get them a very good job, but they all have the wrong mind set. Education enriches
lives. That being said, I will always be a student of Brazil.
Até logo!

Adam Lee
Via Internet

Accentuate the Positive

I read your essay on Brazil and I must say that it fully explains the same way I’ve felt. I’ve visited Brazil six times within the past year and many Brazilians speak of Brazil in such a negative way. It was perplexing to me as a foreigner who looked at the spectacular sites and businesses and thought to myself. This is one awesome country. It has many problems but thankfully I never felt them on my short trips to Brazil.
By the way, it would be a dream if I could move to Brazil particularly São Paulo. Do you have any ideas on what jobs I could search for? I am fairly educated and a hard worker that’s looking for a change. At the present time I am an airline pilot but I’m not sure if this is what I want to call a long term career. If you have any companies that would hire me or if you can give me any information I would really appreciated it. Thanks from

Alex Soto
Miami, Florida

Dori & Memories

Dear Bruce Gilman, many thanks for your "Gal in Caymmi’s Court," which I just read in
Brazzil. It made me cry for joy. I just got the magazine—its delivery is always terribly late. I confess that as a former Brazilian, I am not much of a fan of contemporary
MPB—too rocky for my taste. I was, however, moved to tears by your gentle approach to Caymmi, who attended and participated with his guitar and his silken
voice at my farewell party in Rio, before my departure for London to work at the BBC. Caymmi and a Paraguayan guitarist and singer, Vargas, were there to cheer up my family, my friends, and me too. He was a wonderful guy, sweet, soft spoken, friendly, unassuming. I loved him, but I never saw him again—that is why I write in the past tense.

I have heard "him" many times on a radio jingle that used his song "Meu Limão, Meu Limoeiro, meu Pé de…" to advertise Johnson Waxes. You probably know that Johnson had a plant in Fortaleza, Ceará (or thereabouts) where they processed
carnaúba wax, the base of most Johnson waxes.

It is an incredible coup of my good luck that you should pick the old songs you did such as the lamentous "Felicidade" by Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes. I never met Tom, but was a member of the
patota of Vinicius, Paulinho Mendes Campos, Eneida, Carlos Arthur Thiré (then the husband of Tonia Carrero and my colleague—as art director—at Grant Advertising, where I was copywriter), and so many other
lovely guys and gals, most of them now dead. (I cannot last too much longer as I am 84.)

The two other songs you chose to "illustrate" your story are also nostalgic throwbacks for me. "Berimbau"—you know that Baden Powell and Vinicius toured Europe more than 50 years ago!?—and "Conversa de Botequim" by Noel Rosa who
fazia ponto at the Belas-Artes Café on avenida Rio Branco, corner of Bethancourt da Silva. I used to sit at a table nearby and ogle him and eavesdrop, never daring to talk to him.

After Noel’s death, I came to meet, and work with his former companion in Carmen Miranda’s Bando da Lua and of Tangarás, Carlos Alberto Ferreira Braga, Braguinha, whose musical name was "João de Barro" (a little Brazilian bird that builds a clay nest). For many Carnavais, Braguinha was the winner of the first prizes both for samba and
marchinha. He was director of Columbia Records (then turned into
Copacabana Records), under the umbrella of Byington & Company, where I was an advertising copywriter.

I even took part in the launching the P.R. for "Aurora" and "Helena," which were awarded the prizes in 1941 or 42. Braguinha, also a friend of Caymmi’s (everybody in music was his friend), was a well-educated fellow who studied music, could read and write it, and often transcribed songs that were hummed to him by popular musicians, such as Pixinguinha, Príncipe Pretinho, etc. Later on, Braguinha branched into
film dubbing for Disney. As he knew the "voices" of all the characters, he dubbed the Portuguese tracks of Snow White, Pinocchio, Cinderella, as well as many classics.

Dear Bruce, your article reopened my heart to memories of my distant youth. And, if I cry, as I told you (and am still crying over the keyboard) I cry for joy. Many many thanks, brother!
Um abraço do Willie.

Wilson Velloso
Zephyrhills, Florida

Undocumented Brazilians

Ms Dalevi, I enjoyed your article, "Feeling the Pain," in the October issue of
Brazzil. Currently, I am writing a paper for a college class on immigration, and I am very interested in obtaining more details concerning such things as your statements that there are 1 million Brazilians in the U.S., 300,000 in New York, and 70
percent of them are illegal. Would you be able to point me in the right direction to find more data, and more sources? Whatever leads you could furnish would be helpful.

Paul Sekscenski

Fitting  Brazzil

I am a student at the University of Texas at Austin and I am researching
Brazilian media in the United States, especially media in Portuguese. I am
intrigued by your magazine and I would like to have a sample to see how it might
fit in with the rest of my research.

Peter Keller
University of Texas
Austin, Texas

A Correction

I have enjoyed reading about my friend Bidu Sayão, however, please stand corrected. Bidu was naturalized as a United States citizen in the 60’s. This I am certain because I do have a copy of her
naturalization paper of which she was extremely proud.

Hazel Eaton
Via Internet

Sales Approach

Hi, I am a Sheridan College student, from Ontario Canada, currently enrolled in the Post Graduate International Business Program and am currently working on a group project about Brazil. We are bringing a Canadian product into Brazil and marketing it. The reason to why I am contacting you is because I would like to ask you a couple of questions about doing business in Brazil. The economic, political, cultural and social aspects of the Brazilian lifestyle. If you could please take the time and answer the questions below I would greatly appreciate it.

(1) What is the most important element of success in Brazil? (i.e.: salary, power, title, etc)

(2) Is there a strong "task orientation"? (e.g.: is work more important than relationships?

(3) What types of media is used in Brazil to promote products?

(4) Do you know what determines whether you will succeed or fail in business?

(5) When advertising products, what would you suggest to avoid in an advertisement?

Jennifer Lundy
Ontario, Canada

Just Inquiring

I would like to visit Brazil to work as a scientist in the Federal University
of  Sergipe at São Cristóvão and will be staying at Aracaju with my family (one year old daughter and wife). I was in contact with Mr. Phillip Wagner for some hints on Brazil social life. He advised me to take your opinion as you know better. I am sending some questions which I had sent to Phillip. Please do me a favor in answering
the following questions; Your opinion will be of great help to take up the appointment.

Here are the questions;

(1) What is the approximate home (2 rooms) rent?

(2) I am getting a salary around R$2400. Is that sufficient for a moderate living?

(3) If I want to go out in the evening with my family, say for a dinner, is it safe?

(4) Is the transport system safe (train, road)?

(5) After reaching Rio I would like to travel by road to Aracaju, is it safe?

(6) How foreigners especially Indians are treated, if you have any experience?

(7) I have stayed in South Africa for a year. How in your opinion, is Brazil different from that.

(8) How culturally is it different from the East?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Dr. Shiva Hullavarad

Teacher Will Travel

I have been reading your webpage and I find it very informative and entertaining. I have always been fascinated with Brazil, and would like to teach there. I was wondering if you had any resources or contacts that I could use to help me find out the best way to do it.

Kevin Walsh

That Barking Sound

Hi, Daniella, I just surfed by your account of your stay in Santa Teresa at brazzil.com. Having stayed above Largo dos Guimarães last autumn (theirs), I
enjoyed your piece very much. But I envy you because I never did get used to the dogs barking! I had a theory that the mutts on the streets were former visitors turned into dogs.

Tim Moore
Holyoke, Massachusetts


I don’t know if you can help me or not, but I am trying to find a place where I can purchase (on line or otherwise) Brazilian postage to send to my nephew in São Paulo so he can send out Xmas cards. Would appreciate any direction you may have to offer.

Jan Ford
Via Internet

Looking for Pitangui

I am student of medicine in the Peruvian university Cayetano Heredia.
I am in the 5th year and I want to continue the speciality of plastic surgery in
Brazil, bud I don’t know which are the possibilities and requirements. I would
like to be able to contact Dr. Ivo Pitangui, and talk with him. Write me.

Renato Reaz Reategui

Good Ear

I just found your magazine by chance. I am a Brazilian journalist writing in English for more than 10 years. Have never seen
Brazzil. I have a weekly column called "In America" in the Metrowest Daily News
in Framingham, Massachusetts. I often write about the immigrants from Brazil. While I prefer to sell my work, I am considering writing for your magazine. For how long have you been around? Whose idea was it, to have a magazine in English to explain Brazil? Maybe we can start something here. I’m listening,

Miryam Wiley
Wellesley, Massachusetts

Adventures in Brazilland

I continue to enjoy reading Brazzil and was particularly pleased with Peter Rozovsky’s article "Revisiting Two Minstrels" and other items in the September issue. It brought a smile to my face and provided a much-needed foil for some of the very serious, depressing items covering poverty, crime, etc. which, although important issues, quite frankly I have found to be rather heavy-going.

My dream trip to Brazil came to fruition last September, and I attach the Diary of my visit for your interest, and which you may wish to include for publication. You will note that Tom Jobim features in my writings.

Liz Ashton
Great Britain, Via Internet

The South and the North

I am an International Business student at San Diego State University. I am currently working on a marketing research project regarding the acculturation of
Brazilian immigrants in the U.S.. I am looking for 10 Brazilian natives that I can contact to ask some questions about the differences between living in their country and in
the U.S.

The reason I contacted you is because there is a possibility that you or someone you know may be
Brazilian natives that could provide the information I need. I would greatly appreciate any names and contact information (best if e-mail) you could provide, or referring me to someone that could help. Attached is a questionnaire if you prefer to forward it to any
Brazilian that could answer and send it back to me via e-mail. Muito obrigado…

Cristina Roffee – croffee@yahoo.com
San Diego, California

The Right Tree

We are doing a little research on our family tree. Our great grandfather was
a Dr Alexander Paterson. He died in Timaru, New Zealand in 1919, born in Bahia in 1844. Did the Alexander Paterson you refer to in your article have any children
and if so are you able to give me any information about them?

Lynn McKelvie
Via Internet

Thanks, Daniella

That was great, Daniella! ("Rio When It Drizzles") Thank you! Especially for the mention of Sacramento. I loved this wry observation: "Cariocas often get colds." Sounds like a mass inoculation. Or like working with pre-school children.

Bill L
Via Internet

Thanks, Daniella Too

Mais obrigado, Daniella for your Guinga article. So many good quotes, like Hermeto’s: "He’s someone who appears only once in a hundred years." Takes one to know one. (Geeze, so many Brazilian musicians are unique).

I was also blown away to hear Guinga’s appreciation of Getz’s "Focus". (I’m Late, I’m Late!. I’ve had that album since I was a kid.) And in general his roots in jazz, both Brazilian and North American. Time to go back to my Dad’s old stack of 78s and 33 rpm LPs and dig out the Sauter-Finnegan. Betcha he’s into Billy Beyers and Bill Holman. Wonder what his take on Sun Ra would be?

A fantastic, in-depth article. A real gift to those that have an interest. And an expensive gift! After reading I went to Caravan and bought
Cheio de Dedos, Suite Leopoldina and Cine Baronesa (and just maybe I’ve finally found a copy of Hermeto’s
book Calendário do Som). Regards Guinga, your article has gotten me to a place of "can’t wait." Cheers,

Bill L.
Via Internet

Thanks, Daniella III

For those of you who haven’t yet taken a look at Daniella’s Guinga article (Brazzil,
November 2001), it’s great! Plenty to capture the interest of the novice, yet lots of
arroz e feijão for the enthusiast. It will come as no surprise to those of us familiar with Daniella’s work to see the amount of information and meticulous detail. The translations are great and Kimson’s help is graciously acknowledged. Thanks, Daniella, for this excellent piece!

Via Internet

Thanks, Daniella IV

Excellent article, Daniella! Indeed, if the rest of Brazzil employed the dedication to research and meticulous fact-gathering that you have, it would be a much better publication.

Via Internet

Thanks, Daniella V

Hi Daniella, I just finished reading your recent article on Guinga on Brazzil magazine. Fantastic!!!
Just about everything I want to know about this guy I can find here. I tried to digest Guinga’s music from his many different albums, but I have a hard time digesting them except for
"Suite Leopodina", which I have gotten to like very much. His music is very complex yet he breaks all the rules in harmonization and I guess my ears are not trained yet for his stuff.
Well, I just want to let you know that your writings are really incredible!!!

Dani Solichin
Via Internet

Thanks, Daniella, VI

Daniella, I just wanted to let you know that I thought your Guinga article was awesome. So much info and so well written. I’m really impressed.

Velas Records

Thanks, Daniella VII

I just read your wonderful article on Guinga in Brazzil.com and would like to
congratulate you for your painstaking research and your informative writing.

Ronald W. Kenyon
Via Internet

Thanks, Daniella VIII

Your Guinga article was wonderful. Thanks for writing it. You’re the person who turned me on to him in the first place a couple of years ago. He’s so little known and acknowledged when you consider his talent. Very few people in Brazil who I asked knew about him. I read it while in the giant FNAC music store in São Paulo.

Tony Brower
São Paulo, Brazil

Thanks, Daniella IX

Your Guinga article in Brazzil is not an article, it’s an
encyclopedia. Phenomenal job. Thanks.

Louis Jaffe
Via Internet

Thanks, Daniella X

Dear Ms. Thompson, I just wanted to tell how much I enjoyed your article on Guinga! I’m a guitarist, and have been listening to Guinga for several years. It was great to get well written information on one of music’s finest guitarists/composers! You mentioned a songbook that will be released.
Do you know of a release date, or who might carry the book in the US? Any way, keep up the great work!

John Firesheets
Via Internet

Try Capoeira

I love Brazilian music, but there is a type I’m trying to find. The only thing I know is, slaves would dance this type of music—they
look like if they are fighting with each other. The instruments used are rare—a tambourine, something that looks like a bow and arrow thrower, anyways, can you please tell me the name of this type of music and names of bands/groups that play this. I’m interested in buying some. By the way, the guys dancing only wear white pajama type pants and no shirts. Can you help?

Via Internet

Ah, See Him

I have read the text about João Gilberto and I was very surprised. I always thought that he was a "normal" person.
I mean that he had a normal life. The music he makes is absolutely fantastic. I can’t imagine that he had difficulties.
I am a musician too (classical music) from Germany and I love his music. I wanted to ask you if
João Gilberto is giving concerts in Europe too. It would be so nice for me to see and hear him one time in a concert.
I am really thankful for your help! Thank you!

Jean-Sebastien Salm
Germany, Via Internet

A Little PR

Did you hear about Jorge Dissonância? I am the producer of Jorge Dissonância. Jorge is a Brazilian composer whose work has influences from
bossa nova, American Jazz, African sounds and also from Brazilian northeastern music and
pop. We are trying to get in touch with other producers, government agencies,
non-profit organizations, theaters, etc., that could help us introduce Jorge’s work in shows or events in your country.

Could you please help by sending us some names, addresses or e-mails of possible interested people and organizations that we could contact in you country? We will appreciate very much your help in making our intent possible.


The composer Jorge Dissonância has been considered an excellent musician due to the singularity of his dissonances, his interpretations, the poetry and the melody on his songs. During the year 2000 were produced two CDs with his songs: The first, "BEM " is a thematic work where water related issues are presented as food, ways of transportation, as a "super-creature" and also simply as the element water, claiming for preservation.

The other CD, named "CAÍPE", has eleven songs by the composer. Here he mixes rhythms from northeastern Brazil,
African influences, bossa nova and also from American jazz and blues. Here in Brazil he is considered a Jazzman.

News and Critics references about Jorge Dissonância:

" The "CAÍPE" is full of poetry, is an author work, acoustic , and has jazzistic dressing and blues soul. This kind of work is always new. They have the vigor and simplicity that hold them in their intrinsic truth."

(Ronaldson – Cinform newspaper, Aracaju (state of Sergipe), January 0l, 2001)

"… In his songs Jorge Dissonância uses references of the music from the northeastern part of Brazil, but on a subtle and delicate way. His concepts are closer to
pop, crossing with jazz elements."

( Mario Sergio – Estado de Minas newspaper, Belo Horizonte, Minas
Gerais, December 14, 2000)

"Jorge Dissonância’s sound is a mixing of jazz, blues and the Brazilian Popular Music (MPB). The language on his songs is different, special and looks like incomprehensible. However when we start putting together the puzzle’s pieces it’s possible to understand the wonderful universe painted by the composer."

( Samara D’Armada- Diário da Tarde newspaper- Octobrt 18, 2000 ).

Eliane Velozo

No Lobato in English

Should I be writing this in Portuguese? I read Monteiro Lobato when I was a child, and now I have my own child, who is being brought up speaking
English… Have his works been translated into English, and if not, why? I want to get his books (I’ve lost mine…), where can I get them from in England?

Great Britain, Via Internet

The Other Sound

I am a student (MA) writing about Brazilian music. I was wondering if you have, and if you may share with me information about Brazilian Music sales in the world. What countries buy most Brazilian music, in general and especially Manguebeat, if there is any.

José Ricardo Martins

Brazilian or Portuguese

I couldn’t help but to sympathize (and laugh). I have a girlfriend in Manaus, I talk to her daily in broken Portuguese
and understand enough to realize that others say "he’s English, he doesn’t speak Portuguese". You are right, the various books and tapes
I bought in the UK are all Portuguese Portuguese, and it is easy for even me to see it is different. I live in Fort Lauderdale now, perhaps
I’ll do better here!

Fort Laudedale, Florida

Try the Toucan

Do you know what the symbol of Brazil is (as a sign)? I would like to have a tattoo of it, because I was born there. I don’t want a picture (with colors) but a sign. Could you please help me, I’m desperate.

Fanny Jacobs
Via Internet

Try www.submarino.com.br  

Hello. I was wondering if someone could provide me with information on how I can find music I heard on Brazilian soap which was translated to Spanish in the year 1999 or 2000 in Los Angeles, California,
on channel 52. The music in that soap was wonderful! I have been to my local music stores, but cannot find any sound tracks. The music that
I heard was Spanish reggae and instrumental. It from the wonderful soap named Dona Flor e
Seus Dois Maridos. I would really appreciate if you can get me any information to purchase the wonderful music I heard on that wonderful soap.

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Open Beach

I am an American staying in São Paulo. I am 46 and am interested in visiting a nude beach, preferably in Florianópolis or
Camboriú. However, I  have noticed that many of the areas have rules prohibiting single males. In the Estados Unidos, this is not a problem, so I am asking you whether there are any beaches that have open policies. Please let me know as I am only in
Brazil through December 20.

Don Phipps

Knowing Suba

Dear, Bruce Gilman, I enjoyed your article on Suba. Truly, Brazil’s music world has suffered so many losses. I didn’t know much about Suba until I learned of his connection with Bebel Gilberto and Skank. What an artist. My love of Brazilian music was sparked when I lived in Bahia for a year and a half. Just as you quoted Suba saying, "every 500 kilometers there is a new rhythm and musical style, authentic, delightful, and unique." I never fail to discover a new Brazil every time I purchase a new CD.
Again thanks for writing such a great article. Uma grande fã de música brasileira.

Amy Hyde Smith
Via Internet

Leave the Trees alone

Why do you cut trees down? It’s not a good cause, we need trees alive. From a
very worried girl.

mandy loasby
age 13

Putting the Poet to Shame

Nossa, que vergonha. Naum façam isso! Nunca! Um pecadoo…. Eu sei um pouco de ingles, yeas, just a little, mas eu sei. Foi um pecado o que fizeram traduzindo horrivelvente as poesias de Vinicius de Moraes, o maior poeta brasileiro de todos os tempos…… um pecadooo. Vocês me envergonharam. Se era pra traduzir assim melhor que deixassem em português.

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Choosing Priorities

Mr. Claudio de Lyra, I make my own your words as published in the October edition of
Brazzil. Please, accept my greatest respects for your views. This world has too much hate in it already! Every nation has its own share of guilty and blame for what’s going on; some more, some less. Brazilians have greater priorities to deal with, and this armed conflict should certainly not be one of them. If Brazilians can get to eradicate or reduce corruption and poverty, I think Brazilians will be giving an important contribution to the world in preventing new terrorists to rise.

P.S. I think this whole debate got off in the wrong foot. Why not try to find ways to make our world better instead of pointing fingers?

V. Carlos
Via Internet

Daniella, não sei se você é brasileira, mas certamente conhece muito da música brasileira. A reportagem sobre Guinga está excelente. Poucas vezes se vê reportagens tão completas sobre um artista, especialmente se ele ainda é tido como desconhecido do grande público. Mas Guinga, infelizmente não é para o (mau) gosto médio do brasileiro, assim como muitos outros grandes músicos do Brasil, que são mais reconhecidos no exterior do que aqui. Não é surpresa, portanto, que ele já esteja sendo conhecido fora do país como um grande mestre.

Sua incrível sensibilidade melódica e harmônica é para mim, só comparável a de Jobim, nosso maior melodista, com certeza, embora não se possa deixar de reconhecer os fenomenais talentos nesta área de Edu Lobo, Ivan Lins, Chico Buarque e outros. Destaco ainda na sua reportagem o quadro com todas as gravações de Guinga feita por outros artistas. Desconfio que ele mesmo não tenha essas informações tão organizadas.Parabéns, seu trabalho ajuda a divulgar no exterior uma das nossas maiores riquezas culturais: a música.

Sérgio Jatobá

Literary Kudos

Como sempre, excelentes as crônicas de Dário Borim Jr.

Roberto Rodrigues
São Paulo,Brazil

Pleasure and Honor

Primeiro de tudo gostaria lhe dar os parabéns pela revista, trabalho de primeiríssima qualidade!
Moro em Houston,Texas há 11 anos e a mais ou menos três anos estou dando aula de capoeira aqui em
Houston. Tenho um programa com a Universidade de Houston Downtown, trabalho com crianças nas escolas de primário e ginásio e também dou aula em um
estúdio de dança.

Fiquei feliz de ver a informação no site da Brazzil e estou mandando esse e-mail para informar que o nome do meu grupo mudou e o telefone tambem. Eu fazia parte do Grupo Golpe Bonito e meu # era 713 463 6584. A informação atual
é Grupo Capoeira Brasil e o telefone é 713-850-8694 (home) e  713-557-8022
(cellular) gostaria de lhe pedir que por favor atualize essa informação.

Gostaria também de pedir a sua permissão para colocarmos um link de sua revista em nosso
website: www.grupocapoeirabrasil.com Por
favor dê uma olhada no site, gostaria muito de ouvir sua opiniao e colocar o link. Estou mandando o seu endereço a todos meus alunos, eles
adoram saber coisas sobre a vida no Brasil mas é difícil achar esse tipo de informação em inglês.
Fico feliz e orgulhoso de poder mostrar a eles um trabalho desse nivel!!!!

Mauricio Campos (Instrutor Gringo)
Grupo CApoeira Brasil.


Thanks, Daniella XI

Para quem não sabe, o trabalho mais completo escrito sobre Guinga é em inglês, se você gosta de Guinga e não lê em inglês, trate de se matricular em um curso do idioma, o texto de nossa Daniella
Thompson—Guinga Rising—vale o curso. A fonografia é um trabalho perfeito, uma preciosidade, só uma pessoa corretíssima e com muito amor por nossa música se disporia a tal intento. Daniella se dispôs e conseguiu o tento com louvor. Sobre
a trajetória do artista jamais vi em português algo tão bem escrito e tão completo. Dani, parabéns, valeu a espera, que Deus lhe abençoe.

Cesar Miranda
Brazil, Via Internet

Thanks, Daniella XII

Nossa eventual colaboradora, a americana Daniella Thompson, escreveu mais um de seus ótimos, extensos e bem pesquisados artigos sobre música brasileira. Desta vez o alvo é o compositor e violonista Guinga. Ela não só reúne informações sobre sua vida e obra, como faz uma entrevista, ousa traduzindo para inglês letras de suas parcerias com Paulo Cesar Pinheiro, Nei Lopes e Guinga, colhe depoimentos de seus amigos como Paulo Aragão (Quarteto Maogani), Nei Lopes, Mônica Salmaso, e faz uma lista de praticamente todas as gravações que já foram feitas de suas músicas. Ufa!

Se você ainda não percebeu a admiração dela pelo compositor, veja o último parágrafo do artigo: "Guinga é para mim como Caymmi, Chico Buarque e Edu Lobo. Cem por cento do que ele cria é de uma beleza incontestável. É um compositor cuja música me encantou assim que a ouvi. Existem alguns compositores que criam música que não envelhece. Canções que são para toda nossa vida, que chamamos de clássicos. A música de Guinga é assim, eternamente bela e profundamente verdadeira". Na verdade só discordo é quando ela diz que ninguém canta suas músicas melhor do que o próprio.

Agora a má notícia. O artigo está disponível apenas em inglês. Você pode lê-lo no sítio da revista
Brazzil: https://www.brazzil.com/musnov01.htm

Paulo Eduardo Neves
Brazil, Via Internet


Hell Raiser

Por favor, eu farei um depósito de cinco dólares (uau, que fortuna! risos) na conta de
vocês esperando receber os números de Outubro e Novembro, que contêm o artigo e o subseqüente debate sobre a medida da reação/envolvimento do Brasil depois dos atentados de 11/09.

Parabéns pela revista: a importância de uma revista pode ser medida não pelas informações que disponibiliza mas também, e talvez principalmente, pelas reações apaixonadas que suscita. Não queremos consenso, mas a livre circulação de idéias que nos façam pensar!

Claudio de Lyra
Tigard, Oregon

Can’t you
find Brazzil at your Brazilian consulate?
Don’t ask us why, ask the consulate.

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